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Keith Urban is a 'People' Person

Keith Urban is a 'People' Person

Country music star Keith Urban unloads in the upcoming issue of People magazine, admitting that he “wouldn’t be here without [wife Nicole Kidman].” Find out how his music and Nicole got him through the roughest year of his life.

Keith turned 40 just this past Friday. Nic, also 40, threw him a secret birthday party at their favorite Bondi restaurant, Icebergs.

The dinner reportedly was kept to just 45 family and friends, with a source saying that a home movie was shown, made by Nicole, as a tribute to the rehabilitated country star.

Guests at the party included Hugh Jackman and wife Deborra-Lee Furness and director Baz Luhrmann.

This past Sunday, Keith dedicated his ARIA award to Nicole during his acceptance speech.

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  • http://yahoo Yes

    good for him

  • emma
  • Maxim

    Stephanie you seem to be a very negative and hateful person.

  • RAYG


  • Regina

    Well Nicole Kidman has accomplished more in life than Scanky Conrad who only got famous for being on a reality tv show.

  • Cynthia

    Pics are floating around the internet of this looser,cheating, drinking.
    Never liked this fug faced hack, why is he even famous? ewww..

  • lily

    Love Nicole, don’t know much about Keith although he looks questionable to me. but anyway, I am glad for him and hope they make it as a couple.

  • Nomorenickers

    He’s not a bum…not a drug addict….this skankassed, controlling, famewhore that he made the mistake of “hooking up” with is what drove him to rehab….We can only hope the “terms” of the contract are up soon so that he can go back to making music instead of making headlines….The sooner Nickers goes on to the next “victim” the better off he’ll be…then he can truly find someone that loves him for who HE is and not who SHE want’s him to be….

  • dancer

    Stehanie and Nomorenickers:
    He is not a bum, drug addict etc. He had a problem for a long time, recognized it and sought help. He should be admired. Drug addicts are folks like Lohan, Spears etc., although hopefully Lohan has turned her life around.
    It seems like a love match to me. They have a very adult, caring, loving relationship. Nicole obviously loves him for who he is. Unless you feel she was better off loving him drunk, high and cheating on her constantly. He sought help and both of them feel their relationship is much stronger and more loving.
    Love how judgmental you are when you don’t know these folks.

  • natalie

    I just ate my lunch, and now I am going to throw it back up! Seriously, Mr. Kidman, you can only save yourself – your wife can’t! With that attitude, you’ll be back in rehab in no time!

  • natalie

    I’d also like to add “you wouldn’t be here” – does that mean you overdosed or something?

  • Urban Myths

    If Mr. Kidman continues to spout this crap, he may start believing it. Hopefully this is the fulfillment of his contract. Are you free to go now, Keith?

  • ally

    Awww…I love them!

  • anon

    Like em both…hope they stay together!

  • Paola

    He has a wonderful soul.
    I love Keith and Nicole.

  • Carmen

    No one can save you, you have to do that yourself Keith Kidman. Until you learn that lesson, you’ll just keep repeating the cycles you keep doing over and over. The only thing she saved you from was finding real love that you know your heart and soul can’t live with out. But, now you’ll have to suffer without it. Poor you! Keith and Nikkers can play victims together.

  • Miller

    Ah Keith! Great way to get publicity. Marry it! You married the biggest publicity junkie in Hollywood and now she is using you too.

    I use to think you were a nice enough fellow, but now I just think you’re a dumba$$.

  • Urban Myths

    Paola, he used to have a wonderful soul until he sold it to the famewhore. Hopefully when she is done with him, he’ll be able to salvage what she didn’t destroy.

  • Urban Myths

    Paola, he used to have a wonderful soul until he sold it to the famewhore. Hopefully he’ll be able to salvage a part of it when she’s done with him.

  • Lioness

    Gosh, some of you are so mean and heartless! Keith is a great singer, guitarist, and entertainer. They seemed to be really in love and I hope they have a lifetime of happiness! Keith knew he had a problem and I admire him for getting help! God Bless them!

  • Brad Addict

    keith Rocks

  • julie

    i know who they are(the haters) they’re the scienos placed on every site to praise TOMKAT but pull down everyother celeb including NIC, wonder what dat asshole thinks about his obssessed fans saying nasty things about his wife of 11yrs who has done nothing but be nice even when he went bonkers she didn’t do a JENNIFER ANISTON she just kept her cool and minded her buisness but then he’s a shallow bastard including his fans as long as things work out for them they don’t care about other’s

  • Lady

    I am with you Julie – Kidman is a class act – royal she survived her husband dumping her for that spanish chick….

    I would have killed him!

  • rage

    say wat u like stupid katie/tomkat/tom fans atleast he’s not using his life as a charade to get publicity,wat u see is wat u get both him and NIC are not fake(marraige and relationship wise)
    and when it comes to talent TC is a stinker compared to this guy, we all know how and why the stupid midget got famous it’s a shame it’s crumbled in his life time, some celebs die and their fame dies, but TC he’s still alive and all has gone down the drain for him, the only publicity he gets now is his charade, and he’s fast become ridicle and a joke with it, with his robo made-up corpse of a wife

  • Notbusy

    Keith is 40 years old. He said himself that he married a little late in life because he never found a girl that was really right for him until Nicole came along. He obviously had issues with addictions well before Nicole came along and she has made sure he’s gotten the right help for it and is sticking by his side through it all. Any other woman would have just spent his money and turned her head the other way to his problems.

  • jane

    It must be incredibly difficult to overcome addiction–especially for musicians because drugs and alcohol abuse are so common in their culture.

    People who confront their demons, fight them and win deserve our admiration.

  • twins?

    Just saw the People cover.. Jlo is having twins? For realz?

  • Paola

    Urban Myths,

    Keith is adult, he makes the choices, he chose Nicole.

    Be adult too.
    Respect the people’s choices.

  • agreement

    Urban Myths,

    Keith is adult, he makes the choices, he chose Nicole.

    Be adult too.
    Respect the people’s choices

    Few words but much common sense Paola.

  • Kat

    The Urban Myths people are just a bunch of delusional whack jobs who can’t stand the fact that Keith Urban is married. Who do you think feeds stories to the Lainey’s of the world? I’ve always hated Nicole myself, long before she ever came into Keith’s life, but he loves her and that’s all that matters. I would like to see her start slowing down on the movie making and start putting her family first for a change, instead of going from one movie to the next.

  • rage

    kat she puts family first with all her acting, the fact dat she doesn’t use them as a charade to look good in public doesn’t imply she doesn’t (she han’t done it in the past while the kids where little, so why start now, and i admire the fact dat she stuck to her guns and not follow in the step of her wacky ex she simply acts what she preaches job apart family apart)CATE BLANCHET goes from movie to movie doesn’t mean she also doesn’t put family first but it’s quiet understandable for her she doesn’t have a whacky nutjob for an ex pimping her kids around making her look bad , but if there’s anything to know about NIC is dat she’s not the type to be conformous just because pple are doing certain things she will never do it and it doesn’t change the fact dat she loves her kids dearly and they(her kids)know dat

  • julie

    jeez KAT slow down using the word hate for someone u’ve never met and also she doesn’t know u exist is quiet harsh but i’m sure if she does know u she’ll luv u cos she’s got nothing against u i wonder what u have against her, i mean it’s not her fault she’s living a life (materially/financially)we all dream of, (she just like u is human and has her up’s and downs,dealing with the migdet ex can’t be easy)

  • cricket

    Too bad Keith isn’t on the cover of People because of his amazing talent but because he married the biggest famewhore in Hollywood.Seems like all she has saved him from is having a #1 single.He hasn’t had one since he made the mistake of hooking up with her slutty plastic ass.I’m suprised she didn’t parade in front of him in her see-thru dress while that picture was being taken so she could make sure her naked ass got on the cover.She made sure everyone got a good look at on the red carpet the other night.I bet her 2 kids are really proud of their so called “mother’

  • cindy

    I used to admire his awe shucks personality, he seemed genuine enough but now he’s got Kidman money and fake fame. Its a shame really, he could have made it on his own. Hard to believe the line “Got no money in my pockets” when he sings it these days.

  • Daisy

    It isn’t like he wasn’t an award winner & well known on his own before. He has made it because of his own talent not because of who he is now married to.

  • karen

    Keith Urban is an amazingly talented artist who deserves nothing but the best. He is extremely sweet and plays a guitar like no other. Unlike other celebs, Keith was brave enough to get help right when his album was about to come out and with so much scheduled, took it upon himself to check himself in. He is incredibly brave and honest and deserves to be treated with respect. I can’t believe the rudeness of other posters. Get a life… stop being so negative. If only you had an ounce of the talent Keith has! He’s incredible and commands respect.

  • somebody

    Regarding the negative comments…you are entitled to your free speech and can say how you feel…but you all are acting like an addict or alcoholic are like lepers which couldn’t be further from the truth.. addiction and alcoholism are diseases just like cancer or diabetes. People don’t choose to become an addict and it doesn’t make them a bad person when they choose to go to rehab and get clean and sober…actually, it takes courage to admit that you have a problem and I’m sure that for a celebrity, it’s all the more difficult due to being constantly scrutinized. A person who checks themselves in rehab versus someone who is court orders should be commended and it does take a lot of love and support from family members and friends to break the addition cycle and live life on life’s terms without the use of drugs and by the way….ALCOHOL IS A DRUG. So instead of leaving snide remarks about something that you obviously do not understand, perhaps you need to take a look deep inside your own self instead of being so judgemental about others. I say kudos to anyone who reaches out for help and then becomes willing to follow suggestions in order to have a better life. One final note…if the negative well wishers would take time to listen to MR. URBAN’S lyrics you would probably have to agree that he is currently one of the worlds best songwriters along with being a very talented musician. Just remember to never judge a person until you have walked a mile in their shoes.

  • Not Buying It In Nashville

    Good on ya, Nic – good PR move. Now Keith gets the cover and the entire article is all about YOU and your sainthood.

    Anyone want any Keith Urban albums? I’m selling them cheap.

    Keith’s only aspiration in life was for people to look at him, look at him, look at him. What a WASTE OF TALENT he is.

  • Toni

    All I can say is——It must be so hard for Keith to be married to Saint Nicole.

  • Malia


  • Lovenicolekidman!

    natalie kiss my fuckin ass ok i love nicole face and kieth wish them the best an right stepnie **** you

  • Carole

    I love, love, love, love them. I wish them all the best. Thank you Just Jared for another great Keith post!

  • cricket

    I respect Keith,I think it’s great that he went for help when he needed it,I just don’t think he would have needed the help if he hadn’t married her.He was doing fine ,his career was hot,he was winning awards,then suddenly he hooks up with that PR junkie and all of a sudden the headlines are Nicole Kidman’s druggie husband,Nicole Kidman’s druken husband,Nicole Kidman’s cheating husband.Nothing about his amazing talent,his ETOY award,his platiumn records.It’s all about Kidman.When he went to rehab it was all about how it was affecting her,not him.Everything is about her that’s probably what drove him into drinking enough to need rehab in the first place.Trying to please St Nicole who is never happy with anything anywhay is just going to drive him back to drinking in spite of his efforts to stay sober.I respect Keith and I wish him all the best.And the best thing for him would be to lose that life sucking frozen faced hag who’s using him to try to hang on to her fading fame.

  • Meesha

    Love Keith. Just wish people wouldn’t drag his wife into every article about him. He’s a great talent and NK looks old enough to be his mother anyway.

  • Meesha

    Yes. Hard to have children when you’re never in the same town as your husband.

  • Gladys

    Some negative comments from people on here are not nesessary, if you can say anything good about Keith, don’t say anything.