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Nicole Richie Pops into Petco

Nicole Richie Pops into Petco

Nicole Richie shows off her growing baby bump on Tuesday as she shops for a new pet at Petco in West Hollywood.The mom-to-be picked up a pet goldfish, wrapping paper, fish stuffed animals and paper plates.

Along for the ride was Teen Vogue employee BFF Carlos Lopez (you may have seen him in a recent episode of The Hills while Lauren Conrad was at work for the mag).

Nicole also recently stubbed out rumors that she’s been smoking during her pregnancy.

“It’s really very sad and hurtful that journalists don’t believe in checking facts before writing false and unsubstantiated stories about my health and my pregnancy,” Nicole wrote in a statement released to Access Hollywood. “The healthy birth of my child is my number one priority.”

Nicole, 26, is due sometime in January with her and boyfriend Joel Madden‘s first child.

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Photos: London Entertainment/Splash News Online
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  • pretty mama

    luv you Nicole!

  • stefanie

    What? Her again???? I wish publicists and media whores would stop trying to shove this girl down our throats like she’s someone important or of social value. Another overrated Hollywood brat who having an illegimate baby…~yawn~

    I wish the people who “luv” Nicole would explain why…

    Mr. Jared, more pics of Hugh Jackman…now that’s a STAR!

  • Just Jared

    What do you mean, her again? I haven’t posted about her for 20 days! That’s like a year in blog time! Haha.

  • farran

    stefanie num #2.. um..bits why are you commenting??,,

    ever hear of Skip + Ignore ,,what U don’t like ??

    Back off,,You don’t like her>> fine> fck off,,

    your’e owed nada explanation,,

    Nicole looks lovely> go Nicole!!!!!!!!

  • Cynthia

    There is a pic floating around the internet that this bitch was smoking while very much pregnant! Never liked this witch faced hack, why is she even famous?

  • emma
  • stefanie

    Oh Wow! Mr. Jared just wrote to me on this post!!!! How cool is that?!?!?!

    Thank you, sir. Has it been months since you put Nicole on the site? Then I’m sorry about being so judgemental. There’s just something about that girl that irks me…but please keep posting these great pics and stories about the celebs. Your site rocks!!!

  • JJ is right 5&7

    That’s right JJ busted your azzes-
    now go wash it,ok you 2 bits,,5&7.
    JJ likes Nicole this is a pro Nic site.
    Hit Low life Perez if you want to diss Nic 5& 7.
    Thanks for posting Nic,,JJ.
    Nicole is getting big.Her skin is so smooth.

  • stefanie

    The truth is she is 7 months pregnant and she looks amazing and i’m just a fat loser….it all boils down to jealously i guess.

    i hate my self and my life.

    Nicole is so beautiful…

  • MeMe

    Nicole pictures…finally
    I really missed her.
    Thanks for posting Jared :)
    I know she has been keeping a low profile but jared please post Nicole pictures whenever you can. Love her :)

    Also, Can you put a link for her right under Zac Efron, there is space….please

  • stefanie

    Hey!!!! I am NOT post #8…that’s an imposter. Some lame-$%% loser trying to put words in my mouth. But at least you losers are reading my posts…Flame me if you want, you know I’m right about Nicole. *LOL*

  • stefanie

    Hey!!!! I am NOT post #10… thats an imposter!!!!Some lame-$%% loser trying to put words in my mouth. But at least you losers are reading my posts…Flame me if you want, you know I’m wrong about Nicole. *LOL*

    I’m A BICTH!!*LOL*..I’M CRAZY TOO…bawahhhhhhh!
    I HATE/LOVE Nicole and I have to Post!!!!!!!!!!

  • stephanie

    I’m not post #11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hate nicole because i’m jealous of her life and looks.
    i visit her fan sites and read stories about her on just jared and complain, just because i envy her sooo much.
    she is so pretty but i’m too much of a sad bitch to admit that. :(

    i know….i suck at life :(

  • Regina

    #5. Unless you provide links, I don’t believe this story.

  • Kayla

    I love Nicole Richie. I think it is great she is getting her act together and gaining weight to do what is best for her child. Miss Spears maybe should take lessons from Nicole on how you need to stop being so selfish and change in your life in order to do what is best for the sake of your kid(s).

  • heather

    Number 9 and 13 you go woman- luv it- your’e cracking me up. Nicole looks greatttttttttttttt! ITA, number 14!

  • stefanie

    Hahhahahahahaha, I love it!

  • stefanie

    i am a big jerk and loser thats why i hate nicole. she changed now i know that but i am too jealous…what should i do?please send me to any mental care. i am begging. nicole is a bitch to me coz i am worst. i hate to see people become better. thats so wrong to me and i cant see how beautiful nicole these days…i wish to be like her but i am not so i hate her. that is my major illness.

    i need help!!

  • stefanie

    Hahhahahahahaha, I love it!
    i really love it.
    i like to say nicole is a waste of space but then i spend hours reading comments about her on justjared.
    i guess the moral to the story is i’m the waste of space and Nicole is just plain AWESOME….simple as that!

    ok, i’m off to a Nicole Richie fan site to hate on her some more.
    i love to pst mean comments and drive her fans crazy…. :)
    its one of my hobbies!

    there are lots of them:
    so this could take a while…later b.i.t.c.h.e.s!

  • jamie

    So flippin funny #19. That stefanie is mental. Like the way you handle her. She could have just not read Nicole’s thread. Nicole is taking care of her life and it shows. Thanks for the laughs #19.

  • stefanie

    Yeah, thanks #19. Thanks for showing that so many people have so little going on that they can take the time to try and snap on me.

    Richie fans are LOSERS!

    (I love JustJared!)

  • Confused

    WOW, I guess people truly used to feel sorry for her ass that anything will do these days.

    I can’t believe that people are using the way she looks during pregnancy to determine she’s a fit parent. Kate Moss delivered a healthy child and still had a drug problem afterwards.

    She won’t be pregnant forever and if the child survives at all, that’s
    when the real test begins. I guess my measures of confirmations are radically different.

  • stefanie

    Thanks post#22, Confused…I agree with your post.
    Only the future will tell about significance of Nicole Richie in celebrity-hood.
    You are right about Katie Moss. I didn’t think of that, but you hit it on the head.

  • Fan of Nicole

    Youre ‘Confused’ and you sound like it.

    Can people just like her??
    We were liking her be4 her pregnancy,get real.

    Your’e ‘Confused’ so go be confuse elsewhere.
    I like her cuz I like her,okay.

    As for this immature stefanie broad-you are MENTAL!

  • stefanie

    yup…only future will tell bout her & her condition, so stop talking crap bout her until she becomes a bad mother. as for now, she isnt! and of coz its a good thing to snap on u (the real stefanie) coz stefanie is the real LOSER here. hey, b.i.t.c.h! if you hate her so much stop concerning bout her like her mom! coz u sounded like someone who totaly cares but just wont admit it…nway if u think i’m a jerk by doing this, actually this is how u look like around here. i’m just playing a bit of your lame part!

  • thanks 25

    My hero number_ 25 _you nailed it. Thankyou

  • nicole richee fan

    Yayyyyyyy..”I LOVE NICOLE”..she looks really great here,the young mama,. Her pregnancy is coming along. I wish her and Joel and her baby only the best. Luv ya Nic.

  • patricia night

    it’s nice to see her smile
    wish them all the best

  • Sassy

    This girl is so over rated. I don’t understand her appeal at all. She looks sleazy and has a potty mouth. How ironic that times have changed and we now put on pedestals women who get knocked up out of wedlock.

    Personally I’m tired of these non interesting so called celebrities without real merit or talent taking up space on gossip boards and magazines. Add Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Posh Bechkam, Angelina Jolie and Lindsay Lohan to that BORING list.

    Jared, I understand you wanting to jump on the bandwagon and gossiping about the ones who will attract the attention like moths to flame but I am disappointed in you. I thought you were better than that. Let’s hear about the real stars for a change please?

    Thank you and sorry for the rant.