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Victoria Beckham @ Ellen

Victoria Beckham @ Ellen

This is sacrilege!!!!!!!!!!!

Victoria Beckham… wearing sneakers on The Ellen Show?!? FLAT SNEAKERS?!??! Posh and Ellen Degeneres traded heels and sneakers during their interview, where they discussed new star pals, babies and her three sons.

On making new pals in her Los Angeles neighborhood: “We’ve met some really nice friends. Eva Longoria has been really sweet. When I first moved here, I didn’t know anybody. She went with me to get my nails done, my hair done…” (Ellen then interrupts, “You could have called me; I’ll show you all that stuff. Anytime. Any kind of girly thing.”)

On her kids leading relatively normal lives: “It must be really weird for the kids. They go to a really lovely school on fantastic grounds. They do their thing. They’re normal little boys. I go to work, do what I do, and David does what he does. I think that they think all mommies are Spice Girls and all daddies play soccer. That’s just the way they were taught.”

On her sons’ aspirations: “Brooklyn and Cruz, the oldest and the smallest, want to play soccer. Romeo wants to go on the stage. He thinks he’s the next Justin Timberlake. He sings for everybody; he dances.”

On her love for having a daughter: “It would be great. It would finish the family off to have a little girl, I think, but I have a big tour coming up and I don’t want to get pregnant!”

On not working out and staying fit: “I don’t [work out] because I can’t get my head around what to wear at the gym I don’t do anything. I’m running around after three kids and they play soccer. They just . . . throw footballs at me and I just stand from left to right and that kind of keeps me fit.”

On her son Brooklyn liking RUBBERS: “I took him to school and he met his teacher. His teacher was trying to relax him and said, ‘Brooklyn, you know, what do you like?’ and he said, ‘Soccer!’ She said, ‘Do you collect anything?’ He said, ‘Yes, I collect rubbers.’” (Audience laughs and Posh explains, “In England, a rubber is an eraser.”)

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  • Imko

    cool can’t wait to see a video

  • adfasdfsdfasefasdf


  • Natii


  • emma

    cany wait to see the video :):):)

  • posh-ter

    Nice…Victoria in sneakers!! LMAO
    Cant wait to see it

  • yvrgwm

    her head shape reminds me of a fly

  • noelle

    i love victoria. i like her style. she’s really good in interviews. i didn’t like her before, but after seeing her’s and David’s interview by Ali G., im a changed girl.Ü She’s really hillarious.

  • Regina

    I must see the video!

  • deny

    So now its this strategy, the DRESSING UP didnt work, so now PR goes into overdrive, change image Posh. 1st, be seen with kids 2nd, dress down a bit, 3rd dont be so much up your own arse because remember the TOUR is coming up, 4th DO NOT FLASH THE BREASTS, the Americans dont like that, 5th dont be seen to be doing too much shopping, this way you will win them over and THE BECKHAM BRAND SALES WILL SOAR..She is still skank.

  • BBperfume

    I’d rather listen to interviews by her U.K rival Katie Price a.k.a Jordan .She speaks a little more reality than Vicky a.k.a Posh Spice. What an ignorant way to raise your kids, without telling them what’s going on in the real world besides the Beckham’s wealth. At least the bigger boy Brooklyn is almost 10 to understand.
    ,,,I think that they think all mommies are Spice Girls and all daddies play soccer. That’s just the way they were taught.,,,”
    WHAT AN AIRHEAD,she should go back to blonde!

  • CJ

    I think a lot of Americans don’t get her sense of humour. It’s very different……and very tongue in cheek. She takes the piss out of herself but yanks don’t seem to get that!

    And her comment re “that’s the way they were taught” she probably just means that they just tell their kids that their mum and dad are just normal people! What’s so wrong with that???!

  • depeche

    what an ugly dress.

  • Katrina

    I’m another one of her converts. She is the funniest. Love her wit. Loved her one-episode show.

  • VBrox

    Oh pls #9deny STFU and get a life. You sound really stupid.

  • Jesse


  • me

    katie price is a low rent sl*t , vic is a class act.
    go vic

  • sarah

    awwww…he collects rubbers…thats so adorable…

  • GONX


  • me

    I love her, she is really funny and down to earth. As far as Jordan, she is pure trash and to even compare the two is silly.

  • Bruna Gabriella

    I LOVE Vic! She’s soooo funny! Can’t wait to see the video! She rlx!

  • go back home

    # 9

    You said it all and this is her new strategy. It makes me ill. Please go away, lady.

  • yanina

    hermosa posh tan diva

  • kia

    She’s funnier than expected

  • Marina

    What’s rubber in USA??


    Marina : 10/31/2007 at 11:11 pm
    What’s rubber in USA??


    CONDOMS, I guess… LOL

  • Svelte

    I have never understood why people give her such a hard time. She presents herself well, has a great sense of humour and is completely devoted to her family. Meanwhile the celebrities who are snorting cocaine, neglecting their kids and flashing their genitals seem to have a much easier time of things…

  • ivy

    She’s awesome!
    I absolutely agree with #26!

  • CJ

    #26 – totally agree! And she’s is far from stuck up – she is the first to admit that she’s really not that talented and she got lucky and is just a bloody hard worker!

    I think it’s proof that you can’t please people no matter what you do when you’re in the public eye…….tall poppy syndrome I think they call it!

  • same

    Posh says the same things in all interviews. Seems scripted to me. Is she promoting herself again or the spice girls? She should have told the truth and said “my children always ask why I’m never home”!

  • remember da truth

    Oh please — never home? Do you think all women should be barefoot and in the kitchen? She’s a working mom, like most Americans. Get over it.

    Her image is POSH — get it?!?! Of course she’s always going to be dressed up. That’s what she is supposed to look like, and she happens to carry it off very well and enjoy it. She has fun, and makes fun of her image.

    No one is going around giving Baby Spice a hard time for dressing like a little girl, but Posh is crucified for looking put together at all times. Obviously, you can see which one makes people jealous and aware of how far they are from what they want to be.

    Yep, she’s wealthy, and her kids have two superstars for parents. Guess some people can’t handle that!

  • +greenpeace+

    i didn’t know that they called eraser a rubber in UK and it was the same in my country too! or is it only at the state i lived in??!!LOL!!!

  • Lydia

    Victoria Beckham, the most famous and talked about woman, is always out shopping. She’s always with her gorgeous husband, she’s always on magazine covers. And she always knows the fashion. I like her very much! Recently I found a book online written by her seems very good:
    If you are the funs of her, you can have a look, I think you will learn more about her.

  • Yuck!


  • nando

    Yay, Vicky!!!!!

    LOL! She looks SO late 1990s with those sneakers and that simple dress…Like back when she was Victoria Adams. I love it!!


    She is so full of herself its not even funny. Why would anyone be jealous of an anorexic media hungry woman who would rather go round the world making sure she’s photographed than tuck her kids in bed. As for her husband well didn’t he sleep with another woman, its hardly surprising.

  • dd

    I honestly love Posh. I thought she was such an arrogant bitch, cause in pictures she just keeps looking like everyone around her smells or something, but in interviews, she’s just so adorably funny. True, some of the things she says, I found, are repetitive or unreal, but I don’t care. If she wants to keep her privacy and not tell, fine, it’s her right.

  • H8tr

    Love this b*tch. She is honest. Direct and has a sense of humour. Great style and the bank account to back it up. Unlike other celebs who only pretend to have it all when in reality its all a loaner from some designer…

  • Ellie

    Awesome.. can’t wait for the video!
    Bless Brooklyn!


    They look like girlfriend and boyfriend in that pic

  • RIC


  • hello

    I think Posh is funny. Or at least she tries not to take herself too seriously. The rubber story sounds fake though. It’s such an old joke. I don’t believe it actually happened (or that her son collects them), so she is overdoing the british thing …

  • ramses

    your right #30 some ppl cant just handle it…

  • lEXI sMITH

    Advice to Victoria: Victoria you are a classy woman. The one thing that take’s anything away from you is the way you keeps pushing your hair away from your face. You act like you’re 12 years old. You need to either control that urge, or get a new hair cut!