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Kate Middleton's Witchy Halloween

Kate Middleton's Witchy Halloween

Kate Middleton goes half-way with her costume, dressing up as a witch while partying at London’s Mahiki club on Wednesday for Halloween..

Prince William‘s possibly on-again girlfriend was also joined last night by her younger sister Philippa “Pippa” Middleton.

Kate is apparently one of the few people that celebrate Halloween in the UK! Posh Spice said on the radio yesterday that British people don’t really celebrate Halloween because “they take themselves to seriously.”


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  • suzy

    it’s not that big here. we don’t consider it a holiday.

  • http://justjared paula abdul

    A witch? more like a bat.

  • anoney

    lil’ sis is the hot one!

    how old is she?looks really young

  • Sophs

    Do u guys like, get the day off or anything?
    Cos yeah, here [In England] we dont really celebrate it. Some kids go trick or treating, but we dont really have parties.
    Which sucks cos i think that would be fun!

  • Nessa

    im english and i love halloween, i dressed up as little bo peep yesterday :)

  • Annie

    Don’t you mean “too” seriously?


    That costume isn’t that great

  • Ha!

    I don’t get her appeal. I guess she’s kind of cute, but that’s about it.

  • x.Lisa.x

    Are you kidding me!
    I live in england and all of the party stores are selling halloween stuff.
    It isnt a holiday to us really. but we do celebrate it.
    Everyone goes tirck-or treating and stuff.


  • Lauren

    I’m from the Uk, and I celebrate my ass off at halloween lol! I love it!

  • Mel

    Omg, that’s the funniest and most ironic thing I’ve read in a long time. I take it Posh isn’t thinking of coming back to the UK anytime soon, fingers crossed. I can’t believe she said that. I’ve never seen such a miserable looking creature, oh yeah she’s all laughs.

    The Brits have a great sense of humour, sometimes I think we need to take ourselves MORE seriously, get a bit of that competitive edge like the americans. We’re always taking the taking the p*ss out of ourselves, unlike hollywood….still laughing at that one.

  • Shrugging an atlas

    Yep, no Halloween in my town either…like 5 kids came round in a group trick or treating but we just have all the lights turned off & go hide in the back of the house so we’re not disturbed, Halloween is only cool when you’re 5 & do apple bobbing!

  • jessie

    It isn’t really seen as a holiday here, but alot of people still do something, even if it’s just watching a scary movie. I think Americans seem to make more of most holidays than other people.

    It just isn’t as ingrained into British (or Australian) culture as it is in the US. I don’t think that has anything to do with people taking themselves too seriously though. When people here do get dressed up for Halloween they have a laugh with it. The Halloween I spent in the US seemed to be all about looking sexy in stripper outfits and people trying to out-do each other. It’s alot more care-free here IMO.

  • Jo

    Although we are under British rule we are far from the dull Britain’s on celebrations! Come to Northern Ireland and we are mad for Halloween celebrations! Its the biggest fesitval/carnival of the year ! We celebrate like true Irish people. Live life to the full.

  • debs

    Coming from a woman who refuses to smile because she thinks it looks bad, her musings on British people taking themselves too seriously really mean alot.

    I am so sick off this woman. She hasn’t done anything worth writing about for almost a decade, and yet people just eat up all the vapid interviews and pictures of her looking like a skeleton. Seriously, whats the appeal?

  • emma
  • xena

    Am I the only one who thinks she lacks something??

  • http://justjared paula abdul

    I’m English too and love, love ,love Halloween.

  • bexx

    Posh wouldn’t know halloween if it hit her between the eyes!

    We do celebrate Halloween in England, just not as big as Americans. As for taking ourselves seriously, Posh needs to take a long look in a mirror.

    Looks like someones jumping ship to me! Bye Victoriaaaaa!


  • michelle c

    Halloween is not a big holiday here and I don’t think most people even really know the history behind it. She can’t say we’re too serious, when I was 10 years old I spent most of my time dressing up like a Spice Girl!! Themed and costume parties are a big thing in England

  • herself

    ummmm.. she went as the results> of a woman who smokes in her forties.

    her azz looks rough.

  • liam

    stupid posh spice I hate that woman lol!
    I live in britain!!
    I dressed uppp (as superman…lol!) and went to a halloween party AND we took my friends kid sisters and their friends trick or treating before.
    And we smashed some pumpkins.
    Posh don’t know nothing!!

  • Amy

    I celebrate halloween and i live in the uk. I love it, dressing up and doing the pumpkin, its great fun.

  • katemiddletonfan

    Jared…keep the Kate Middleton pics coming…plssssssssssssssssssss….i’m a big fan…

  • melissa

    I dont think it’s true that we don’t celebrate halloween we do like having parties trick or treating carving pumpkins it’s great fun in the uk

  • Brooke

    I agree with the katemiddletonfan! I love her! I wish there was more we could read about her in the US!

  • Izzie

    Is she for real? did she not live here at all? Halloween is huge over here, I went out last night dressed up as an angel and the line for the club (which was having a Halloween night) was so long, about 200+ people dressed up in every costume imaginable. There is also so much Halloween stuff in the stores as well.

    And obviously she has never heard of fancy dress, there are fancy dress birthday parties, fancy dress pub crawls, fancy dress wednesdays you name it there is a fancy dress for it.

    She needs to her head out her A.S.S asap!

  • sofia

    I don’t want Kate Middleton to be the next queen (she will if she marries William and he becomes king, right?). She seems so ordinary. But then, I guess Diana spoiled us. Like her or hate her, she had that extra something; she was a star. I guess anyone else will pale in comparison.

  • H8tr

    Halloween is NOT a holiday! A holiday is when you actually get time off. Get a clue!
    Stooopid POSH.

  • Margaret

    I love Halloween and i live in England, we had a party at our house last night, the only person i think takes herself to seriously is that horrid posh spice.

  • LLibby

    Kate almost always wears boots, and black color clothing. So who knows if this was a costume or her regular boozy party clothes.

  • Jekka

    I’m normally from Canada but currently live in the UK and halloween is definitely not as big in England as it is North America. They still celebrate it here but its not nearly to the same scale.

  • Jekka

    P.S. Kate is a do nothing free loader and I hope Prince William comes to his senses ASAP

  • jess

    posh spice makes a comment out of her a** and the people on this site make it into a brits vs. americans thing? wtf is up with that? each country has it’s own culture and holidays, and just because one anorexic fame wh*re makes a comment doesn’t mean we should all start insulting each other. As for “JESSIE’S” comment(13), are you for real? Don’t you know any history, both American AND British?? geez

  • jess

    oh, and I think Kate looks fantastic!

  • laus

    It’s not an extreme think in the UK but its pretty big for all the students..well definitely round where I’m at. There’s also a pretty big thing with ”egging” which isn’t that fun!

  • Rae

    If it wasn’t for the cape, I would think this was one of her normal outfits. Diversity is not her strong suit. Pippa is gorgeous.

    I know it’s not for me to see, but I really do not see the allure of this girl. At all. And since I’m going to have to look at her and read about her for the rest of my life if William marries her, I really hope he doesn’t.

  • ash

    It’s not like a bank holiday or anything but it’s a good chance to dress up and get pissed. Clubs in Liverpool do allnighters and that every year for halloween.