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Paris Hilton's Army Halloween Costume

Paris Hilton's Army Halloween Costume

“I’m wearing this for the troops because I know they’re having a hard time right now and don’t really get to celebrate Halloween.” — Paris Hilton at LAX nightclub’s first Halloween party at the Luxor Resort & Casino on Wednesday.

Watch the video of patriotic Paris saying this here.

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paris hilton army halloween outfit 01
paris hilton army halloween outfit 02
paris hilton army halloween outfit 03
paris hilton army halloween outfit 04
paris hilton army halloween outfit 05
paris hilton army halloween outfit 06
paris hilton army halloween outfit 07
paris hilton army halloween outfit 08
paris hilton army halloween outfit 09
paris hilton army halloween outfit 10

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  • http://justjared paula abdul

    Not cute.

  • Natii


  • WTF

    What is up with those hideous contacts? Her face is very chubby too.

  • Val

    Wow the eyes are terrifying

  • heli

    she look scary!!!!!!!!!

  • http://justjared Me


  • http://justjared Me


  • http://justjared Me


  • chameleon in drag

    no one would wear that custome after crab infected her.plex had it on,,,burn it twice.
    she should have dressed as a chameleon hooker hoe,,she has the one traveling eye and the hooker/hoe look down pact.
    plus she lives that lifestyle. ewwwwwwwwwwww!

  • liam

    whoa… yellow eyes are scary!

  • Andrea

    The dress is cute.

  • daisygal

    Seriously? she’s an idiot! WHY do you make her newsworthy? The only thing she has ever done was be born to famous people!

  • LAila

    She is sooo stupid, i Hate her…..but i love her too, omg =(((

  • kat

    she looks OLD and thats not cute on her

  • andy

    she does look horrible, but i gues it’s part of her costume! or not..

  • somebody

    why you write about her she dont do anything value
    she is only rich (and she is ssssssssooooooooo u-g-l-y)

  • Mr. Ed.

    she is a very ugly girl

  • umm

    Yuck yuck yuck.why did she need a wonky eyed hoe custome ?
    this is her every day wear.yuck.

  • Not evil

    Did she just buy the same style outfit in different colors? Sailor, Army, Prisoner. Hmmm…what color would desperate be? I love creative Halloween costumes, and find skimpy for skimpy’s sake to be boring and pathetic. You’d think someone with her resources could do something unique, something clever and attractive. She is proving to be such a waste. (And that is not to say she looks bad in her costumes, because she can obviously pull them off, she has a nice figure. She is just boring and a little desperate in my opinion.Sad.)

  • megs

    Yeah, right “for the troops”. Shut up Paris.

  • nando

    She meant to say “for the troops in the corners of streets during the night.”

  • BBperfume

    Is it just me?, but Paris is looking quite chubby here! Is she over-eating in Canada?


    She looks a Army slut

  • me

    I love all the different contacts she wore this year. I saw a pic of her the other day and her butt was huge (huge for her anyways) It looks like she is only gaining weight in select areas.

  • Mary


  • Mìh


  • emma
  • emma
  • joan


    I fucking hate her! She is only famous because she’s a SLUT! She has no talent, she can’t sing or act, she’s only good at opening her legs!


  • yep

    everyday is oct.31st for this her.plex. ska..nk.

  • Here’s The Deal

    Is she good at embarrassing herself or WHAT??! She’s “doing this for the troops”? Oh, yeah, as if wearing a skimpy, camouflauge dress with the word “Military” on it is going to do any good for the troops. She’s a rich, famous celebrity that could do so many other things “for the troops” that would be more effective. Instead, she dons a slutty “military” outfit and pretends to be supporting her country. GMAFB.

    Oh, and what happened to being a better person after she got out of jail? I detect no change.

  • laser surgery 4 our troops

    I’m wearing this for the troops because I know they’re having a hard time right now and don’t really get to celebrate Halloween.” — Paris Hilton .

    We want the Troops to come back home ALIVE and With SIGHT-
    You dumb @ss SK.,an .k COVER UP! Geez!

  • msgudidedmama

    She and Xtina should start a ‘women -who -like -men -dressed -up like -women’ brigade.

  • Tallchic

    SKANK! She looks ridiculous lately, especially with those stupid contacts.


    The soldiers will only laugh for a second, then they’ll continue to dodge death around every corner, and pray that the whistling RPG misses their location.

    Paris is insignificant. She brings nothing to the table to make any soldier feel better or worse.

  • Angi

    Everytime this woman opens her mouth, a little puppy dies. Wearing a costume for the troops? God, woman. Shut the hell up.

  • roxy


  • blah

    her eyes are terrifying!

  • Jekka

    she looks drunk

  • lol

    She’s so OUT!!!!!!! New talent PLEASE!!!!!!!

  • save da TROOPS

    OMG..its POPEYE!!!!!ewwwwwwww!!

  • yoet

    #29 I agree with u!! she is only good at opening her legs..I f***** hate her!!! She is so stupid by saying that she was wearing that for the troops, yeah right!! well the troops don’t dress that sexy and sluty plus Halloween is supposed to be scary and cute not sluty !!!! EW! she is UGLY as F________!!!

  • distubing and fug parasite

    she is high as he11 with that captain hook long azz nose.

    she’s soooooooooooo over.

    troops dont need/want you u infested liar.

    leave the troops alone..and out of your mouth,,

  • *baby°_*cri°

    hihihhi!!!!she’s nice!!she isn’t ugly, ridiculous, drank…
    she isn’t a B***H..she is just rich!!

  • minks_ko

    ska.nk wonky eye ho. re.

  • matt

    she looks good.

  • clinic

    infestation is looking like the cheap hoo.ker. hoebag she is.ewwwww!

  • Frédéric

    I love Paris, she’s great

  • bad news its her.plex

    parasite is a fugly hor.e she is disgusting….

  • Megan

    If all these people dont like her why are they looking at this anyway?
    Hmmm people are strange.
    Anyways, yeah i think she looks good, a bit too much flesh though but if you got it flaunt it :)
    I realy like her contacts, kinda looks like anime eyes.