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Carrie Underwood - "Ever Ever After" Music Video

Carrie Underwood -

Carrie Underwood‘s “Ever Ever After” music video has been released! The song is for the upcoming comedy-fantasy-musical Disney film Enchanted, which stars Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden, Susan Sarandon and Idina Menzel.

This Roman White-directed video was filmed in the heat in downtown Los Angeles back in August. Paparazzi pictures below!

You can watch the music video and listen to snippets from the Enchanted soundtrack here.

Enchanted, which uses live action, traditional animation, and CGI, is set for a November 21st release.

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carrie underwood so small music video 00
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Photos: Michael Anthony/
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  • zac


  • zac


  • Grace

    4th (:

  • Ash

    It’s good, but it isn’t great.

  • bROOKE

    FIFTH !!! =D


  • purple gem

    So pretty

  • anonymous

    Carrie Underwood is the most beautiful woman alive. Her skin, hair and smile are perfect. She has an adorable personality. Chace Crawford is a lucky boy, he better not screw it up!

  • emma

    i love the music video! so cute :)
    Love u Carrie

  • sb

    That was beautiful… wow :)

  • lenit

    She’s my favorite singer.

  • goodmorning

    She’s beatiful an talented

  • Kamila

    I LOVED this video. It is so sweet. Hopefully, this song will have a chance to be nominated for Best Original Song at the Oscars.

  • Carly

    I practically love Carrie, and troy don’t comment if you think she is ugly.

  • kaylie

    how can anyone say shes ugly. she is one of the most prettiest people on earth lol

  • eyecandy

    Carrie is so cute & lovely!

  • http://none Jen

    hahaha the couple of you that said she is ugly are clearly jealous… it’s too funny! Carrie is the most beautiful girl in the world. She is a great rolemodel unlike Britney Spears and others and lives her life good. She is famous FOR ALLT HE RIGHT reasons and can actually sing! Atleast she writes her own music as well… she co-wrote this song as well. She is sooo beautiful and such a great person with a big heart :) Haters get a life

  • Dods

    She is so adorable! Love the music video, can’t wait to put this on my ipod!!!! Her new cd is amazing!!!

  • veronica

    does anyone know what kind of shoes she’s wearing? ..

  • Brenan

    ok whoever said Carrie is ugly is freakin out of their FREAKIN MIND!!! geez whoever said that must have horrible taste in women…Because Carrie is amazing..I would know because I’ve met her. And she is soo sweet..How could anyone say she’s ugly.

  • deth

    she’s very lucky to be wth chace…

    soo envious of her..>.

  • deth

    she’s very lucky to be with cahce.

    soo envious of her>.

  • anti-poppist

    There is no music in the music business…just business. Anyone who’s come out and said what is really true – thank you…that Carrie Underwood,perhaps even unwittingly, is a product. She is being sold not as a country singer, but as a piece of a** for masterbation material to men, and her latest attempt is a completely uncharacteristic attempt to appeal to women.

    WELCOME TO NEW COUNTRY. Of course, you can’t blame them. If it were about anything other than pretty people singing campy music for people who don’t understand sh*t about music they couldn’t stay in business…and that’s what music business is all about…BUSINESS, NOT MUSIC. GO CLEARCHANNEL!!!

    In short; ALL ARTISTS WHO DO NOT WRITE THEIR OWN MATERIAL ARE NOT MUSIC ARTISTS. JUST SINGERS AND OR IMPOSTERS. I’d rather hear a bad singer with original material than a good singer who doesn’t know how to write about anything but their own self-absorbed existence. I know a lot of good singers, but they don’t get their a** kissed for being good. I know a lot of songwriters (successful ones)…you’d never know them, they’re the most down to earth. It’s a shame that someone can purchase someone else’s heart and soul and get credit for it just because THEY’RE PREEEEEETTTTY. pfffft Grow up you poppist hurd mentality f***tards. Please see this site…LOL

  • invisible

    ^^ well you’re not very nice. just stfu and keep your comments to yourself.

    personally, i like the music video. it’s really cute. and carrie’s such a wonderful singer. i can’t wait to see the movie. it looks awesome.

    people who have been saying carrie’s ugly and such and just showing how jealous they really are. carrie’s beautiful, not just by her looks but by her personality too.

  • annoxiou

    good talent and performer…

  • savannah


  • savannah


  • Lizzie

    Omg i thougt that was by Hayden Pantierre !!!!!!!!!! P.S. I like own the club penguin webstie and if u are caugh cheating ill kick you out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And im using a laptop so its like hard to type that fast and its also my nanas and my username o clubpenguin is girlypen135 but i already have a hundred friends and im usually on altitude or powder puff dont worry i dont kick people outm easily on club penguin

  • Lizzie

    he he i know chewitt too and he is like nice and sweet i luv this song too P.S. Carrie if ur looking at the comments ur my fave singer and i wish i could meet u so just like if u see this write somethin back!!!!!!!he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he h l 8 , k , , k

  • Lizzie

    hey carrie if u look at this comment ur my fave singer and i want u to comment me back and if u must email me at and give me ur email address TTYL !!!!!


    Hey Lizzie I did get your message! Thank-You for letting me be your roll model! I hope you liked my video, it took about a month to shoot so I really hope you like it! And lizzie I will be sure to email you and i’ll give you my email address here it is Remember to email me and i’ll be VERY sure I rememeber to email you! Youve been a good fan and give me your real address so I could give an autographed T-Shirt and cd AND picture. Luv ya! Carrie P.S. All you fans out there if you had the heart and guts to try and contact me use that email address! ;-) Yall are great fans I luv you all!


    Oh sorry my email address is I said it wrong! ;-\


    Oh sorry I said my email wrong it’s Sorry! ;-/


    Ok sorry my email address is Sorry I said it wrong!!! Im so sorry who already tried to email me! Well, I still Luv Ya all!


    Sorry my email is !!!


    Sorry thats not my email the 00 arent capitilized. Luv ya! ;-)


    Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I talk about my email alot! I still Luv ya ;-)


    Thank yall for sayin im pretty!!! Awwww yall are just sweet and I bet if i met you youd be sweet and kind and pretty I Luv you even more now! Thank-You eyecandy and invisible! But Brenan it’s ok if you think im ugly don’t worry people like you are either jealous or ugly. Oops may I should keep my comments to myself!!!! Sorry!!!! But Brenan it’s ok I still Luv Ya all! ;-) :-)! Sorry :-(


    Ok that papparazi needs to give me a break!!!!!!!! OH WELL! Luv Ya! ;-) :-) !!!!!!!! (Luv Ya! ;-) is my signature!)


    Hey I got the 40th mesage!!! Luv ya ;-)


    Hey I got the 40th mesage!!! Luv ya ;-)

  • jen

    i love her! she is so good at singing and is beautiful


    i love you carrie let the lord be with you

  • nustella

    heyy heyy,
    babe u are like the most stunning singer out there.
    i really do think who ever said you were ugly hasnt checked in the mirror or dosnt kno the meaning of ugly! because ohh man u aint ugly!!
    ok enough of that,
    i realllyyy love ur dress that u wore for the video clip, enchanted!u sooo suited it gurl.
    i would really like to kno where u were able to get it from coz i wldnt mind buying it for my ball(formal) next year!!
    and u so can cum if u wanna [[=

    hehe newayzzz hope u have a awesomee dayy


  • Miuh

    love the song, and love the movie.
    love her.