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Spice Girls "Headlines" Music Video -- Watch Now!!!

Spice Girls

Here are some even hotter preview pictures of The Spice Girls‘ new “Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)” music video, which is out now.

The clip will air on the Today Show’s Web site at 4PM EST. Watch the video below!

Check out those abs on Ginger Spice!!!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the comeback music video for The Spice Girls?

Spice Girls “Headlines” Music Video
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headlines music video spice girls 02
headlines music video spice girls 03
headlines music video spice girls 04
headlines music video spice girls 05

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  • nando


  • emma
  • Benji

    Oh good, I can’t wait!

  • nando

    LOL!! You are so funny, Jared…counting it down by increments of 10 minutes.

  • Mia

    There only doing this cause there broke apart from vic

  • zac+v

    Wow i’m the sixth?

  • emma

    10 mins now :

  • Regina

    Just heard it and it was boring. Maybe I’ll get used to it.

  • Eathan
  • Benji

    I looooooooooooooooooooooooove it!

  • Melis

    i don’t get the half naked shots?? why?
    But all that hard work, Geri looks great!ummm really weird kinda
    They all look fab well not all but anywho….Cheers

  • nando

    That was a cute video. I felt like I was back in the late 1990s. WOOTNESS!!

  • Rachel

    oh gawd! such a poor song 4 a comeback! i love the spice girls but im relly disappointed by this! what is with the prancing around half naked half the time?!

  • Sara

    Too much skin..

  • LJ

    Thanks. They all looked great! Song was only ok, but it was typical Spice ballad.

  • kiki

    don’t like the song and the video.. but LOOOVVEEE THEM!!

  • Sarah

    its not working for me!!! :( grrrrrrr keeps loading and loading and loading……

  • bite me

    bad video

  • george

    I was expecting more…
    … they don’t appear together :( … i didn’t like that.

  • Charlene

    not bad could have been better, they all look great though

  • Phoe

    wat was that? that was spice girls!!

  • pink_tulips

    Woot… just finished watching it.. I love geri!

  • george
  • Eathan

    It’s too dark, and there was too much of Victoria and Geri parading their skinny bodies.

    I expected a more classy video with beutiful dresses and gowns, but it looked like some cheap porn but totally unattractive.

  • Pat

    I think they’re half naked because Victoria’s Secret is sponsoring all of the promo and selling their CDs.

  • OMGthatBritneysShameless

    The girls are looking absolutely gorgeus.. Can’t wait to see them on stage again.. !!! OMG !

  • 447

    im not getting the stripped shots, if they were going to show off their fab bods, they should’ve had baby and sporty strip off too!

  • Lady V

    Thats it???!!! That was what all the hype was about, Damn that was a major jip!!!— Sorry “Spice Girl fans”

  • Sayini

    I love Mel C voice in this song.. the others are ok..! didn´t like very much the video.. they like apart from each other and showing so much skin..

  • Kibbell

    They look great! It doesn’t look like a group video though. It is almost like they are doing a photo shoot for some clothing line. People were all about Victoria not featuring in any solo line, but she is and if I am correct, Melanie B. (who looks friggin amazing) has no solo lines, except for some ad libs at the end. It is ok, but I don’t know what to think about it.

  • nando

    That’s awesome how everyone’s saying they’re showing too much skin…and I will also add “VERY hot!!!”…when a lot of people were like “Who’s gonna watch a bunch of old women who have lost it?”

    LOL!! Yeah, I’m starting to think that the reason they’re shoing so much skin is that #1) They’re effing hot and #2) They’re probably promoting some Victoria’s Secret line of stuff. HAHAHAHA!!!!

  • Gabi frones

    omg, just love it. they’re all great, but Mel C looks perfect.
    go girls!

    they could make a concert here in Brazil, my dream!

  • Ha!

    They were better together back when people didn’t know so much about them separately. Now it’s kind of like watching 5 egos competing for camera time by who can be the sexiest.

  • RIC




  • jen

    good, kinda sluty lol but they are spice women now not girls lol, i agree Mel C has the best voice

  • Timan


    Has Victoria Beckham changed her job to Dominatrix?
    Does Geri feel orgasmic because she can use again a mini and her boobs are back to their original place?

  • Timan

    Oh! And I meant to say “a woman who receives money for hitting men for their pleasure” (the word starts by D and ends in ominatrix) in my last comment

  • Rio

    LOVING GERI!!!! well all of them!

  • suzy q

    they should be called the Spice Mom’s as they are hardly girls any more…

  • the_original_nika

    hate it, and why is geri semi naked in a slow song like this?
    I can´t believe I used to like them during my teens, oh how I´ve grown LOL.

  • PoshFan
  • Zanessa Forever

    Too much skin, but great anyway! I love the Spice Girls, and I loved them even when they were kinda gone for some time. I think it should have been up-beat more. . .

  • jing

    fucking hell, this is such crap. Can’t they even learn to pose normally?

  • blackfriday1978

    After reading most of yours respond, I knew that I am not crazy but this video is way to victoria secret lingerie selling 5 minutes, way too distrct for their personality and the song. It is very sad that they things they have to be half-naked to sell themselves. They dress more when they were young?!

  • Mikki

    what the hell kind of video is that????? Where is the concept? If its about them coming back together and being friends and crap, why are they in their underwear??? Could have been done so much better

  • koko

    It seems the roles are reversed in Spice girls this time around!
    Mel B had barely some camera time and barely sang individually, and she used to be the MAJOR front of the band BACK in thethe dayz.
    The less talented Posh Spice seemed to have agreed to sign the contract for the SPICE reunion ONLY if she got more lines to sing and more camera time, and her wishes have been clearly met in this video! The most talented Spice of all-Sporty was also less visible in this come-back video..I think their PR and management are exploiting the fact that Victoria is the most sought after celeb of the bunch.
    I’m rooting for them until I see them on tour, but things need to be back to normal..
    And Geru who obviously has workked soo hard to be in shape, obviously couldn’t wait until the tour to show off. She’s not uniform with the rest of the band mates who are wearing elegant dresses, but she looks like she’s going to the gym!
    I HOPE SHIT DOESN’T HIT THE FAN this time around in the Spice girls, if we recall that Gerry could get on with evrybody.

  • sarsy

    Victoria is trying to be Cindy Crawford in that video she did for George Michael!!! She is totally copying her moves…so sad..

  • kaylin

    Wow…that was extremely sexual..haha…I thought the song was about them getting back together and like relying on each other etc…but this it just looks like they are all trying to seduce each other for one big spicey orgy…hmm…not what I expected…but I love the song…oh well…sex sells I guess, huh?

  • Ellie

    I think the song is AWESOMEE! I know I am going to absolutely LOVE it by the time it is released!


  • Miapocca

    Confirmed..Posh is just ther to fill up space

    Sporty and Baby and Mel have proved they can sing…