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Heidi & Spencer's Wedding Holds Casting Call

Heidi & Spencer's Wedding Holds Casting Call

MTV producers are scripting the wedding of The Hills stars Heidi Montag and Spencrer Pratt, according to E!

The of casting “key roles” for Heidi and Spencer‘s nuptials include Roxy Olin (daughter of Brothers & SistersKen Olin and Patricia Wettig) “cast” as Heidi‘s Maid of Honor.

Here are the options that we can conclude: (a) Speidi have no real friends to take part in the ceremony, (b) producers want to control the look and drama and script of the wedding or (c) more than just the I do’s are gonna be scripted at this wedding.

WHAT DO YOU THINK — A, B, C, or all of the above?

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  • amanda


  • blahblah

    ugh. i’m gonna go with (b). idiots.

  • janetan

    spencer face looks very weird…don know how to describe

  • Yily

    By now, we all know “The Hills” is FAKE! TMZ and Perez Hilton has exposed the so called “reality” show are scripted and fake fake fake. This really disappoint me, but in a way, I did not believe The Hills’ many dramas and conflict moments between Lauren and Heidi. It has to be an act! And many media has now exposed the fake show. Definitely a sad day for the Hills fan. :(

  • john

    WHO GIVES A F*CK!!!!

  • cutiepie

    Umm Im guessing its A: They dont have any friends. I HIGHLY doubt that they are even engaged considering their apartment isnt really theirs and she doesnt even work at bolthouse. How pathetic are they? Whatever, they’re both losers whose 15 minutes are almost over. 14:58 and counting.

  • michelle

    I’m thinking A. They have no friends at all.

  • michelle

    I’m thinking A. They have no friends at all!

  • liz

    the first thing I thought was A. they have no friends.

  • Bella

    A. No friends!

  • baba

    Hi JOHN !!! Message 5 !

    I give ONE !!

    This girl is ugly and super stupid ! She need to make new boobs for people cares of her !

    In French : elle a l’air vraiment d’une crétine

  • fresh

    he’s nasty in every possible way

  • person

    haha i have to say A
    whod want to be their friends?
    elodie new first hand what it was like to be her friend after all the drama and tehn have her backstabe her

  • toni
  • natalie

    seriously? I don’t think they’re getting married in the first place. since mtv is scripting the whole thing, why on earth should we think they’re actually getting married? when it comes to your question then i think c – i think something else is gonna happen.

  • wow

    Isn’t their only friend Jen Bunny? Why is she not in the wedding?!

  • http://youtbe zac efron 4 ever

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ihate spenser also haidie

  • babyblue

    stupid people

  • Jennyfromtheblock

    Wait..doesn’t she have a sister…wouldn’t she be in it??? That whole episode with her parents seemed pretty real…they did not approve at all. Then again it’s probably all fake but it’s still fun to watch!!!

  • V

    why? why? why? why no kissing? this stupid disgusting couple!

  • yoet

    Why are we talking about them?? EWW!!!!! no one like sthem…yeah after the truth of the hills was exposed I stoped watching the fake ass show. I was so dissapointed…so I hope the show looses rating and no longer exists…:)oh and Heidi, Ill give u and advoce: instead of getting fake boobs, you should of got Spencer a face transformation or even that for yourself because those fake boobs don’t make any difference, you still UGLY!!!

  • luves in da air

    scripted or not, you know Heidi will be a beautiful bride,of course tons of fans would luv to be there,i would.

  • Miz Em

    You’re serious. Are you serious?

  • Ha!

    What do I think? I don’t care. Why do you post about these people?

  • sam

    These two make me sick. Ew.

  • blah

    these two make me sick.
    they need to get over themselves!

  • Go Lauren

    Spencer looks like Beavis!!!!!!!!!!

  • hmm.

    I think their engagment will be over before the end of the hills season. In fact I think it already is. She rarely wears her fake looking engagment ring.

  • po

    Lol. A) for sure !

  • Grace


  • ashley


  • maria GAVILANES

    i dont think any of these are the real options, i think the whole wedding is fake they r probably not even getting marry. such a shame !!!

  • laura


  • dean

    Poor Heidi.

  • amanda

    who else is sick of seeing/hearing about spiedi? who even watches the hills anymore??? its scripted, and its not even scripted well! its probably the most boring show on tv, with the worst acting. it’ll be a great day when i don’t hear about spiedi on every celebrity website and entertainment news show.

  • heidi is so sweet

    Probably b. Heidi should get her own shown on primetime ,she is so talented,Spencer is ok too.

  • kelly

    & all of the above

  • NAis


  • KirsTEN


  • Nicole

    Spencer looks just like Beavis.

  • Mikaela

    Definetly A

  • Katherine

    ALL of the above!!!

  • lizzie

    None! They are mean, hateful and really do not deserve to get all the noriety they are receiving. They are riding on Lauren’s coat-tails. Therefore they wouldn’t even be TV celebrities if it weren’t for Lauren. They should be thankful to Lauren and change their attitude towards Lauren.

  • yolanda

    i think that heidi and spencer are gay and have no friends did u all see the show last night hellloooo she had a birthday dinner with her and spencer … they are such lame losers… somebody give them a couple hundred dollars and let them get married in vegas….

  • Me

    Of course this show is fake. How boring it would be just to see them live from day to day. The producers had to add the fake drama to this show.

  • Calvin

    FYI— Roxy Olin is Spencer Pratt’s younger sister’s best friend.

  • Jason bateman

    you are all fags

  • Jason bateman

    You are all f@gs

  • Susanna

    oh my gosh – who cares if these two get married or not.

  • chaza australia rock on

    Oh My goodness what a load of shit a WEDDING ??? You cant put brains in monuments.Heidi needs her head read as sense that tool ass whole came into the show he has pissed alot of people off.Lauren and Heidi’s friendship went down hill fast and why cause spancer wanted to be number one oh poor cry baby boo hoo !!!.