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Orlando Bloom's Antarctica Love

Orlando Bloom's Antarctica Love

Orlando Bloom arrives at the gallery opening for Antarctica: The Global Warning at the Jan Kenser Gallery on Friday in Los Angeles, Calif. The man below with Orly is his cousin Sebastian Copeland, who took the photos in the exhibit and book.

Back in January 2007, Orlando boarded a Norwegian icebreaker bound for Antarctica. The three-week trek offered no luxury to the star, who slept in a tiny bunk and took orders from the crew as he worked the frozen deck.

“It was the real pirate ship,” Orly has said. “The boat was an old Norwegian ice breaker now used for scientific research. I slept in a bunk and did the washing up and shared a toilet and a shower with, like, 27 other guys. It was an amazing experience.”

Orlando Bloom @ the Jan Kenser Gallery

10+ pictures inside of Orlando promoting Antarctica: The Global Warning..

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orlando bloom anarctica the global warming 01
orlando bloom anarctica the global warming 02
orlando bloom anarctica the global warming 03
orlando bloom anarctica the global warming 04
orlando bloom anarctica the global warming 05
orlando bloom anarctica the global warming 06
orlando bloom anarctica the global warming 07
orlando bloom anarctica the global warming 08
orlando bloom anarctica the global warming 09
orlando bloom anarctica the global warming 10

Photos: Michael Buckner/Getty
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  • mimi

    First! Jared! Typo! LOL

  • Ben

    The man with him is his cousin Sebastian Copeland who took the photos in the exhibit and book.

  • hello

    Ummm, spell check your title. It should read Antarctica, not Anarctica. I don’t know who bought this website from Jared, but they’re lousy at spelling. I see errors every time I come here. Need to hire a spellchecker? I’m your gal.

  • the_original_nika

    If it were 27 women he´d be in paradise lol.

  • Just Jared

    Thanks, Ben!

  • emma
  • fat guy in a little coat

    Is it just me, or is he starting to look like a young Dudley Moore?

    Anyway, he’s hot as f— now that the testosterone finally kicked in.

  • heyyy


  • 1234

    Finally some Orlando news! I’m sick of Zanessa/Brangelina overload but hey, your website,your rules. Thanks anyway ♥♥♥

  • Diane

    He used to be so hot not now. That coat looks stupid.

  • Kim

    His girlfriend Miranda Kerr was there too.

  • 4356
  • 123

    Miranda is not his girlfriend. She went so people would talk about her being his girlfriend. Lookee! It worked! People are sooo gullible.

  • 456

    Sure 123 just like he wasn’t really dating Kate Bosworth for 4 years It was all PR. His fans are really nutty.

  • 789

    He’s gay. This is the way it works, darling.

  • 4doube664-thats my number

    To 4356 what was that link suppose to show? I didn’t see anything with Orlando in it.

    The Miranda thing would be a lot easier to believe if we knew for sure or not if she is still dating Brent. Where are all those friends who said they were still together? Didn’t her agent say they were when she denied she and Orlando were anything but friends just a week or so ago?

  • RIC


  • piss pot

    I agree the fans can be nutty but then again considering how one or both of the agents/PR are playing games with denials and then supposed sightings it isn’t just the fans acting strange this time around.

    This girls agent has a track record for this sort of thing.

  • tati

    orlando rules!!

  • Regina

    Terrible actor, but he’s hot so…go figure. lol.

  • which is it?

    okay-let’s put the pieces together. Are they dating or is this more PR?

    If they are dating then her agent just recently lied and said that Miranda was dating her brother-model Brent Tuhtan.

    If they are dating and were together in New York early October then Orlando came stright back to LA and went to a club and tried to pick up another hot girl which can all be seen on the videos from the accident.

    If they are dating then all of those people who are saying they know her and her model boyfriend are still together are mistaken or are being lied to by Miranda when they say she them her and Orlando are just friends.

  • Kayla

    Isn’t it very common for two celebrities who just started dating to act like they aren’t? In any case they’d make a good looking couple although I don’t see any pictures of her here. Was she really at this event with him?

  • verdict

    Why can’t they be friends? OK, the agent is a bit hyper. But she has said they are good friends. Forget the rags and their hype. They had dinner and caught up. Miranda was in LA and hung out with her stated friend at a public event. What’s the crime? Why do we need to dissect all rumors and so forth. Agent stated she is still with her BF. She and Orlando are stated to be friends. Seems simple to me. But of course, we’re all children and men and women can’t be friends.

  • koolio

    It might be best to not get photographed attending events if you don’t want people to know you’re together. But she wanted people to know she was there. And she wasn’t AT the event WITH him. She was at the event. Like Penelope was at events he was at but not WITH him.

  • test??

    why aren’t my post showing up??

  • piss pot

    to be fair we don’t know for sure if she posed just to get people to know she was there. I saw the picture and for all we know someone might have come up to her and took a picture of her with the girl she was talking to.

    They could be just friends and she could be staying at the CM if she is filming some silly sitcom eposide as someone else mentioned. Yes, it is common for people to lie in the beginning and say they aren’t dating when they are but it’s a bit werid when the agent lies and says she is still dating your brother.I too wish there was clairification as to if she is with the model still.

    As for the Orlando and Penny referrence. If they did have a fling in the fall of last year I think that was long over by the time they were seen at the events of early 07 since they had both been linked to several others in between that time.


    If they are just friends then he’s an idiot. Orlando your a rich moviestar her nobody boyfriend is no competition. She should be modeling those Vicky Secret undies for you personally. Have you learned nothing from Mr. DiCaprio?

  • koolio

    She’s posing in that picture. Hand on hip, smile for the camera. Her motives are anyone’s guess. But she could have easily asked that her picture not be taken.

    If you believe the gossip Orlando & Pen were making out and all over each other at all those pre-Oscar events, including his birthday party, right? Gossip, just the same as this. And Orlando’s been linked to several people since the new set of Miranda rumors. Same scenario.

  • Melody Fair

    good point #27Mr. Horny. However, she did just say on TV last night on the TV show extra that as far as looking for a man goes “You don’t have to have a gold record, just a gold heart”. Could she have been referring to her boyfriend who is in a band and unfortunately hasn’t made to the top of the business yet?

  • m

    i bet he loved sharing a shower with so many other men ;)

  • the_original_nika

    Mr. horny? lmao.


    “You don’t have to have a gold record, just a gold heart”.

    VOMIT. I bet she’d happily ride Mr.Bloom’s golden shaft.

  • Melody Fair

    you may be right-time will tell.Just saying what the girl said. However, she isn’t that poor herself -and have you seen boyfriend in question? He is a looker himself-maybe in more so than orlie.

    at least it will put a stop to the silly rumors in last weeks tabs of how he is still trying to get miss bonesworth back.

    wonder how she feels about the new possible miranda hook-up. Iknow she has a new boy model herself but that doesn’t always mean anything.

  • Portland rain

    I hope you are right and at least Orlando is getting some action out of it. This girl and her agent are all kinds of jacked up. She is lying about her age saying she is 22 when she is 24. I’m sure that is to try and prolong her modeling career. Hmm, another great way to do that is to hook up with a famous boyfriend to get you more press and become a household name so you can market your name.They have been playing this little PR game for a while now.

    so is it 22 or 24?:

  • piss pot

    I agree it looks like she is posing but again-this picture really hasn’t been posted anywhere but on a livejournal site that I saw. All the blogs don’t have it -they are just showing Orlando pictures as far as I can tell. I just don’t know if she premeditated that one or not.

    I am not saying that because I am trying to push this or anything -believe me I think she and/or her agent have very questionable character -I am just saying she would have had to plan that and know that the picture would make all the blogs and so far it hasn’t.

  • koolio

    She might have just hoped it would make the blogs. And there are still the weekly rags, the Daily Telegraph. I’ll bet you we’ll get gossip about this and that pic will be used.

  • actionjackson

    She is lying about her age saying she is 22 when she is 24. I’m sure that is to try and prolong her modeling career. Hmm, another great way to do that is to hook up with a famous boyfriend to get you more press and become a household name so you can market your name.They have been playing this little PR game for a while now.

    Exactamundo. It’s PR. Plain and simple.

  • Kelly Ann

    Is it really Miranda that needs the publicity? She became a VS without Orlando’s help same thing for Portman’s and Seafolly. Two big chains in Australia. This PR stuff always comes up with Orlando so has anyone ever considered that it’s his doing and he and his people are playing coy and leaving it up to the person he’s linked to the answer questions? By Hollywood standards he doesn’t seem to doing that great. He has no movies in the works and his name is not being seriously linked to anything. After doing this play in London suddenly he’s back in LA for no particular reason and he’s suddenly back in the tabloids on a weekly basis. Perhaps it’s him that’s looking for some attention keeping his name in the public eye. With so many young handsome actors he’s definitely getting lost in the shuffle.

  • piss pot

    good point Kelly Ann, maybe it is at least both of them.

    The thing with Orlando is-even though he isnt currently working on a movie that we know of-he is/was the most googled man of 2006-07 and the one to get your name attached to.Before the recent accident his reputation was pretty flawless. I agree that maybe he is being at least a willing party since it sure doesn’t hurt his rep. to be dating a VS model and no one is talking about the accident anymore.A win/win for both. I can’t believe it is just him though because her agent has said/done some really weird things since April at least.

    As for her becoming a VS model without his help-indeed she did. However, she is still not a household name and her modeling clock is seriously ticking especially if she is really 24 and not 22. Many VS models have come and gone and I don’t know if all of them are mulitmillionaires just from that alone. If she wants to be set for life she needs to market the name Miranda Kerr asap and doing that means becoming a household name. I think the push is on for her this year to see what happens.

  • Kelly Ann

    Piss Pot linking her name to Orlando isn’t going to make her a household name. It’s just going to get her a couple of mentions in tabloids and blogs and have a bunch of little fangirly’s hating her. That all Kate got out of 4 years of being linked to him.

  • mercy me

    Interesting range he has if they are a couple. He went from Penelope to this? Yes, I do think there was something last year with him and Penelope even though it was never proven. All the signs were there.It was probably a brief fling after the break-up but still a fling. I think she might have been the one to end it. Remember when Orlando gave a recent interview and was talking about his faith and how it helped him to deal with things like “when your girlfriend breaks up with you”? Some people took that to mean he was referring to Kate but it could have been more recent and been Penelope. I mean-it seemed pretty clear that he was the one that ended it with Kate considering the way she looked right after and most believe she was the one pushing for marriage.

    Back to my original point-It is an interesting change from Penelope back to this one. Maybe he tried the older stronger type and realized he needs the more simple type of girl. Sadly, if so it says alot about his character and personality. Maybe he isn’t really that strong and needs someone like a Kate or this model type since he can’t handle anythng else.Maybe thats all he can handle in a relationship. Lets hope not.

  • katefan

    That all Kate got out of 4 years of being linked to him.


    Wow, you’re pretty naive. Have you checked out Kate’s career now? How she’s everyone’s golden girl? You think anyone would remember who she is if she wasn’t his girlfriend for 4 years?

  • piss pot

    Kelly Ann,

    maybe not but this is the most anyone has ever talked about her in mags or blogs. When the story broke most people said “who is Miranda Kerr”.

  • Kelly Ann

    Kate is a golden girl now? Wow I missed that memo. Most people know her as that girl who was terrible as Lois Lane in Superman. The recognition Kate has gotten for her fashion has come recently after her breakup with Orlando courtesy of her new stylist. Miranda was on magazine covers and having interviews and TV specials about her in Australia before her name was linked to Orlando. She wasn’t known much in American and she still isn’t even after being linked to Orlando so the so called PR doesn’t appear to be working. I think he and his celebrity is being given too much credit. He’s not Leonardo DiCaprio who boosted his last girlfriend’s career 100%.

  • katefan

    Kelly Ann, are you Australian? Most people know Kate as Orlando Bloom’s ex. And yes, as that crappy Lois Lane. But have you seen how many movies she’s landed post breakup? You think her profile is due to some stylist? Please. She was a pretend fashionista prior to the breakup. Go ask Kate’s fans. She’s been a ‘fashion icon’ for a while. She is famous for Orlando and for being too thin. I will give her the too thin all on her own though, lol.

    No one in the USA knows Miranda. And you’re right, very few still do. Because she’s not Orlando Bloom’s girlfriend. If she ever is (which I doubt) then you’ll see her profile boosted. You think two weeks of press can accomplish this? How long did it take for Bar Rafaeli to become a known name?

    You’re right on one account. Orlando uses the press too. He has his own reasons, I am sure.

  • Kelly Ann

    I’m pretty sure someone in the US knows Miranda considering she’s been in magazines, ads and commercials there. I see a few men’s sites have started posting her VS pics and drooling over her. If her and Orlando’s relationship becomes more public then I’m guessing her profile will be boosted among fangirls, haters and bloggers and I don’t see that doing any wonders for her career.

    Yes most people know Kate as Orlando Bloom ex and my point is it doesn’t seem to have helped her much. I checked her IMDB page and the movies she has listed seems like they’re having a hard time getting off the ground. She’s the only cast member listed and there are no start dates. I’ll be surprised if the 2 new ones even get made and if they do they most likely won’t go anywhere. The other one that debuted in Toronto didn’t even get picked up there. But if you see her as doing better now then I still don’t see how Orlando gets any credit considering she’s doing better NOW rather than when she was with him.

  • guyana punch

    Does it really work that way? Is their proof that celebs and their agents arrange for fake relationships? or at least the appearance of such?
    The whole thing just seems crazy to me but maybe that is the name of the game in Hollywood.

    I did look at some videos of her on youtube. In the one where she denies being with Orlando in April she made a point of mentioning that becuase of that her name was in the paper. There is another one of her posted way back in June by a professional photog and for the tags it reads ‘Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom, Supermodel.” Someone as far back as June wanted Miranda’s name to come up when you did a youtube search of Orlando. Perhaps someone who knows he is the most searched for male celeb? Why would someone do that if Orlando is not in that video and it has nothing to do with him? Was it her PR team then as well?It is very interesting that her agent did say in April that they weren’t together “at this stage”. Was the agent pushing for this since the April apartment-gate?

  • guyana punch

    oops, meant to say “Is there proof”-not their. Oh well!

  • Sally

    God Orlando fans are so freaking brain dead. This post is about Orlando attending a gallery opening for a very important piece of work yet you are discussing some chick who isn’t even pictured here. I feel sorry for any girl that does date him with all the crazies that come out of the woodwork with their claws sharpened ready to scratch a girl’s eyes out simply for being in his vicinity.

    I’ve seen pictures from Sebastian’s book btw and they are beautiful. I also saw the two guys on Larry King live and they were incredibly well spoken and passionate about Global Warming. Too bad more “fans” don’t take the time to recognize the meaningful things he presents to the public. You’d rather talk out your arse about PR.

  • crazy-maker

    If they are an item this week it probably won’t last long anyway. He isn’t exactly known for treating women that great, is he? Let’s see here.He flirted with other women the whole time he was with Kate. He has already been spotted trying to pull in other chicks during the short time he is suppose to have been with this one. He left 2 women in a car just two weeks ago after an accident because he was ‘dazed’.(whatever)

    If they are just using each other than so be it. I just hope she is not like Kate and will not stand for BS from him. I also hope she didn’t dump the other guy thinking Orlando would be her dream catch because I seriously doubt this one will last long.