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Katie Holmes Running NYC Marathon -- FIRST PICTURES

Katie Holmes Running NYC Marathon -- FIRST PICTURES

Here are the very first pictures of Katie Holmes running the ING New York City Marathon in Staten Island, New York earlier Sunday morning.

Katie wore a navy blue FDNY baseball cap, a purple tank top and blank pants. But seriously, no sports bra?

Tom Cruise can be seen carrying baby Suri on the sidelines, cheering mommy on! Be sure to check out all of the pre- and post-marathon details you may have missed on Katie from earlier today.

Katie‘s final time was 5:29:58. Not too shabby!

Let’s play “Find which runner or passerby is one of Katie‘s many bodyguards!”

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  • anthony

    Not many people look good running…but she looks horrible.. a bra would have helped atleast

  • KarenA

    Go, Katie!! :)

  • nasty girl

    Ewwww… nasty saggy tits

  • Lillianne

    Way to go Katie!!! WOW! A marathon is impressive.

  • Fug Famous

    she looks like my gramma. Yikes!

  • o.O

    she looks like SHIT. she needs a fuuuucking sports bra.



  • http://justjared dina #1

    I think this is wonderful. This not an easy race. I admire her for doing this. Peace

  • From the block

    She loks ninety. Only in her 20′s and she’s heading south already. Ouch.

  • baba

    Oh non excellent !!
    Mais c’est quoi cette tronche !! Enorme !!

  • baba

    En plus elle aurait pu mettre un soutiF berk berk

  • emily santiago

    she is clearly so depressed & mixed up I don’t think she knows what she’s doing. Her outfit is gross, she looks just terrible, she must be so desperate. But I give her lots of credit for running the marathon, I couldn’t even walk it.
    She is unrecognizable from the old Katie, not even 1 yr. ago, what happened. She has options, first one being, take your daughter & get out of there, go back to your parents, start all over, you can do it Katie! It’s better to be on a meager
    paycheck, the money isn’t worth the price you are paying.

  • Cheerios


  • uglyKatie

    oh god your titties are saggy. please wear a bra.

  • baba

    She seems like a COW meuhhhhh!

  • http://justjared paula abdul

    Her breast shouldn’t be that saggy.We all know that Suri didn’t get that much breast milk. Maybe Tom did . He probably swing on them when he want to get something high up in the cabinet.

  • The DQ

    I-pods/personal music players were banned, but OF COURSE that doesn’t apply to Katie Holmes. ::insert rolling eye emoticon here::

    Oh, ya…………..hey, Katie…………..wear a bra!!!!!! Geeeeezzzz!!!!

  • Suz

    Yeah, beside the obvious lack of support for her boobies lets give her credit for running this marathon!

  • [~Famous~]

    so many bishes jealous because they cant do what she did.

  • OMG

    She looks like Britney Spears.

  • Lalyanna

    Have you ever run a marathon ??? Or would you ?? Okay then, when you do, we’ll make nasty comments on your absence of glam !!! At least, SHE did it!

  • AH

    To everyone who’s criticizing her: Run five miles before opening your mouth.

  • lex


    Katie looks HORRIBLE in this pics!! She is 28 but she looks 48 years old!! She looks so OLD and very MANLY!! And those SAGGY boobies are GROSS!! YUCK!!!!!

  • AnisTOXIC

    That is straight nasty.

    Get a bra, you stupid idiot!

  • http://WWW.IHATETOMCRUISE.COM Miapocca

    tmz has more flattering pics..hahahah…and you dont have to run s-h-i-t to criticize any celeb….writing is much easier than running save your slef righteouness for a visit with the Pope…I hear he wears prada so make sure you say something nice about his red prada…ahahahha

  • http://justjared paula abdul


  • ryan

    I’m sure that after Tom seeing Katie in the finish line… he regret that that Scarlett J. and Jessica Alba turn him down!! Yeah, Katie was NOT Tom first choice for a “wife”, because he wanted Scarlett or Jessica, but this girls decline Tom’s offer!!

    So now… TINY Tom is stuck with ugly and manly Katie!!

  • Shrugging an atlas

    Good for her running a marathon…wish I had the motivation to actually train enough to do that! But yeah, someone should have invested in a bra at the very least but a sports bra if you’re doing it properly…oh well, glad it’s not me & my photo everywhere!

  • sebastian

    OH MY F*CKING GOD!!!! This pics are priceless!!!!! Katie looks so old and horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You are the Man; Jared… for posting this pics!!!!! :lol:

  • Cheerios

    Well, I have run a 5 mile marathon with the American Heart Association. You may not believe it but its true. The difference, of course, is that I wore a sports bra by Under Armour. Great support for the girls – if you know what I mean.

  • Tiger

    Obviously all of the people who say she isn’t wearing a bra never workout. Maybe they aren’t aware that tops can have a bra built into it for comfort.

    I say Good for Katie. Way to get out there and accomplish your goal to run in a marathon. Few other celebrity woman would have the guts to do that. She doesn’t have to always look perfect for the cameras all the time like other females in Hollywood. Shows how secure she is within herself.Good for her!

    At least she is real rather then transparent like so many others.

    You Go Katie.

    Thanks Jared for posting them. Love all the varity of topics lately.

  • Elizabeth

    I agree, she needs a sports bra. But come on people. What do you look like when you’re running a marathon??

  • ???????

    So she was able to train for this marathon. Training that usually requires outside distance running and yet no picture of her was ever taken. hmmmm…interesting.

    She goes shopping or to the zoo or to the set and all of a sudden the pics are flowing. Yet there are fans here who actually believe that those were NOT photo ops.

    Now either they lied about her training and she just showed up sometime near the end as another photo op to fuel the desire of their brainless followers to see her goofy a$$ movie and her husband’s attempt at a serious movie. Or the many outings that are “conveniently” caught by the so called hounding paps are indeed nothing more than the GMD’s attempts at trying to stay relevant in the public eye.

    You can’t give the impression that the paps hound your every step but somehow want the folks to believe that your wife trained vigorously for a marathon and never once did the ‘so called hounding’ paps snap one pick of her.

    No matter how you spin it these two are full of B’LLSH’T!!!!

    But i will say that if she did indeed run the ENTIRE marathon, than Congratulations that is an accomplishment.

  • -KIN-

    she’s dirty & ugly. period.

  • sk8er boi

    ugh stupid girl looks HORRIBLE!

  • to 84


  • Cassandra

    she looks bad she is to skinny and she needs to put a bra on

  • http://WWW.IHATETOMCRUISE.COM Miapocca

    such an accomplishment..its a new scietology get talked into running a marathon without triaining…she was listening to teh tom and miscaviage honeymoon tape to get to the finish line…you would be mad too if another dwarf took over your honeymoon and f-u-c-ke-d your alein husband…ahahhaha

  • baly

    I am very impress with Katie. Tom and Suri at the finishing line to greet her what a sight. Suri is really a beautiful baby.

  • bethanne

    All that money and no bra???? Maybe Scientologists don’t believe in bras??

  • Regina

    Is she doing this for a good cause? If so, then she’s getting a lot of hate for something most people here can’t do, mostly obsese people.

  • Efronica


  • http://WWW.IHATETOMCRUISE.COM Miapocca

    yes, thre cult;logists are advertising their support of the NY fire Department detox program….hence the cap FDNY
    The scieno counht every apperance of the cruise family as THEIR air time…you watch this bitch and her midge tdog you fall into sceintology audience…ciao…enjoy the rest of the day

  • good for you

    Instead of criticizing her, why don’t you try and run the marathon yourself.
    Let’s see if Angelina Jolie can run it…
    Good for you, Katie!!!!!!!!

  • Miss Windjammer

    Guaranteed her time would’ve been better if she was wearing a damn sports bra… that must’ve hurt!

  • anna

    are they not suppose to believe in bras?

  • kelly

    Agreed, 26.2 miles without a bra? Wouldn’t that hurt?

  • Maniston

    Who jogs 26.3 miles without a sportsbra. That had to hurt. And what kind of gear is she wearing. Judging by her bib number TommyGirl paid, bribed, someone to let her enter.

  • Susan

    As for the comment about her just showing up at the end for the photo shoot. Apparently you’ve never run a race. At most of the races you wear a chip on your shoe and your time is recorded as you pass points and then at the end. Also since everyone keeps going on about how bad she looks running I guess you have never seen pictures of most people while running. Most of the time everybody looks rough. It looks like she trained well and looks like someone who ran a good comfortable pace for her race. Just like most runners do after their race. Congrats to Katie. My goal is a full marathon I have only done 2 half marathons so far.

  • to 94

    to good for you
    what the hell does KH running a marathon have to do with AJ? you f*ing haters never stop.