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Katie Holmes Running NYC Marathon -- FIRST PICTURES

Katie Holmes Running NYC Marathon -- FIRST PICTURES

Here are the very first pictures of Katie Holmes running the ING New York City Marathon in Staten Island, New York earlier Sunday morning.

Katie wore a navy blue FDNY baseball cap, a purple tank top and blank pants. But seriously, no sports bra?

Tom Cruise can be seen carrying baby Suri on the sidelines, cheering mommy on! Be sure to check out all of the pre- and post-marathon details you may have missed on Katie from earlier today.

Katie‘s final time was 5:29:58. Not too shabby!

Let’s play “Find which runner or passerby is one of Katie‘s many bodyguards!”

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katie holmes running nyc marathon 03
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katie holmes running nyc marathon 05
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katie holmes running nyc marathon 07
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250 Responses to “Katie Holmes Running NYC Marathon -- FIRST PICTURES”

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  1. 151
    Brad Addict Says:

    she look so old and thin and she’s just 28 :(

  2. 152
    Andrea Says:

    Read on the news that many many fans came out just to see Katie and cheer her on and others had a hard time spotting her but we’re happy when they finally did.

    WTG KATIE!!!!!!!!!! KEEP ON ROCKIN!!!!!
    This inspires me to get back on my exercise.

  3. 153
    Miapocca Says:

    tmz outfitted her way better than she did herself

    They did a mock presentation to start comments early before the actual pictures came in..they were way too generous with the body double..ahahha

  4. 154
    lol Says:

    leave it to only a handful of real stars to capture everyone’s attention- get everyone talking and be a headliner.

    That is the inspiration talented and beautiful inside and out Katie Holmes. Tom and Suri are so proud and her parents too.

    Her fans are proud.

  5. 155
    Lena Says:

    TMZ are evil to all celebs and they are going bankrupt according to FOX news and staffers are in a battle among themselves because they dont agree how they treat others.
    Comeuppance anyone? that applies to the devil’s followers on this site too. I pity this troll that bash Katie and other celebs nonstop I heard last month she has brain tumor.
    I didnt make fun of her but prayed for her.

  6. 156
    Ivette Says:

    I heart Katie and Jared.

  7. 157
    Jana Says:

    You pathetic wankers criticisizing Katie for not wearing a sports bra. I bet most of you fat slobs couldn’t even walk a city block let alone thinking of ever running a marathon.. You people make my skin crawl.

  8. 158
    LOLA Says:


  9. 159
    Mad_Hatter Says:

    guess most are in agreement, hunny should have slipped on a bra!

  10. 160
    bra 4 tommie Says:

  11. 161
    Miapocca Says:

    katie holme has A FAN speaking out!!!!!!!!!!!!hilarious…dumb celeb with dumb fans….

  12. 162
    LOLA Says:


  13. 163
    Miapocca Says:

    katie holme doesnt listen , if sh edid she would be married to that midget, becaus eunles sare parents are morond like her they would have known better..I cant imagine what martin holmes and cruis etalk about…

    picture of suri and tom adn katie after the race is on huff po, she got cleaned up and suir looks like th ekid form whitness..the growing of hair to cover her LONG BIG fans we non wogs call ears…

  14. 164
    gizmatage Says:

    I ran a half marathon for the first time in my life this past summer, it was one of the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. In fact, one mother with whom I trained said it was as hard as giving birth (her word, not mine). So, I have a lot of respect for anyone, yes including Katie Holmes, who would do this.

    Having said that — I am sure she could have afford a ******* sports bra!!!

  15. 165
    Dancer Says:

    I can’t believe she ran without a bra and she’d not chaffed, sore, and bleeding. Having done a marathon–this is a big no no–running with a loose top not to mention running with headphones.

  16. 166
    tommie likes katie's shoes too Says:

  17. 167
    u could have bought a bra Says:

    I can’t make myself feel bad for Katie Holmes. She made a deal with the atheist to give him custody of her baby from another lover, and in turn be granted as much spending money at Barneys as she wants. She can’t expect the Scientology crazy Cruise to actually behave like a normal human being – and this dislike is what she gets.
    The only person I feel bad for is Suri. She is kinda a cute 2- 1/2 year old after all, at least her real father thinks so.

  18. 168
    Kat Says:

    ugly body!

  19. 169
    angie Says:

    the comments here are so harsh! okay, so katie should’ve worn a sports bra…she looks pretty nasty without it. but she probably doesn’t look her best because she was running a marathon! at least katie completed it!

  20. 170
    Carla Says:

    Why is she allowed to wear headphones?
    Why is her number different then all of the others?
    Why is she not sweating at the end?
    Why are her long pants not frayed after dragging on the ground for 26.2 miles?
    Why would she run without a bra?
    Why are tommy and suri dressed like it is 30F below zero?
    Why no pics of her parents if they were REALLY at the finish line?

  21. 171
    Lizzie Says:

    This is a distance runner speaking – no sweat? no bra? no pain? a full marathon? NO PRACTICE???? No one sees her? This is a fake. How wierd. Why????

  22. 172
    angelina is a slut Says:



  23. 173
    dean Says:

    This is from the official NYC marathon web page

    34211 F 10422 KATIE HOLMES (30) , NY 5:29:58

    The bib # is different and so is the age and home state.

    Just as I thought FAKE!!!!

  24. 174
    Katies dogs Says:

    Check out Kate’s busted feet.

  25. 175
    renee Says:

    OMG PUT ON A BRA GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!

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