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Angelina Jolie Wigs Out

Angelina Jolie Wigs Out

Angelina Jolie walks to her trailer and rests up on the set of her upcoming police corruption drama The Changeling in Los Angeles on Monday.

Ms. Jolie, 32, wore a wig with a retro hairstyle.

In the film, Angelina plays a mother whose prayer for her kidnapped son to return home is answered, though it doesn’t take long for her to suspect the boy who comes back is not hers.

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  • wanon

    she looks so cute in that do!

  • jolierocks


  • jolierocks

    ok :) i’m close..

  • asdijha

    3rd! is the premere tonight 7:30 l.a. time ?

  • jolierocks

    Angie looks great…but I think she can still use a few more pounds… LOVE her regardless! :D

  • jolierocks

    JJ – more pictures??

  • SandyKB

    Wow–look at her bony legs–she looks like a skeleton. She seems like a nice person but there is just not much to her, body wise.

  • Hiya

    THanks, Jared! I hope we’ll get tonight’s red carpet Beowulf pics, too!

  • please

    Everyone keeps pounding on her left and right and they still want her to be alright. So far, she’s done her best and I hope she gets the much deserved rest after this filming.

  • ©-!

    I love her.

  • Sanjuanpuma

    GOD! I WANT THOSE LEG’S! Skinny leg’s are sexy!

  • jolierocks

    I think this will probably be the only time we see Angelina in a ‘short’ hairdo..

  • 447

    did she lose more weight again? i thought she already gained some.

  • please

    I feel concerned about all the snarky comments about Angie by most bloggers and the made up lies week after week. Keep holding your head up and hopefully you’ll get the deserved rest from your supportive family after filming.

  • berry

    I love that wig on her. She looks so beautiful, skinny legs or not! LOl I have skinny legs too. Nothing wrong with that.

  • Prada

    Ohh my goodness SHE IS DEFINATELY PREGNANT!!!
    Look at the stomach and the boobs.

  • berry

    She is rockin the red lipstick!

  • Mr and Mrs Smith


  • spunky

    Hi BAMPZS fans thank you Jared for the new threads.


    She is soooo beautiful. Is the Beowulf RC today or tommmorow??????

  • tino tonatini


  • Missouri Fan

    Angie, you are the APPLE of my eyes!!

    Thanks Jared!!!

  • love shi and Z

    Angie should have another little girl and name her Haven Marcheline.

  • The Changeling

    Ohh my goodness SHE IS DEFINATELY PREGNANT!!!
    Look at the stomach and the boobs.
    You can’t really see her entire stomach.

  • The Changeling

    Ohh my goodness SHE IS DEFINATELY PREGNANT!!!
    Look at the stomach and the boobs.
    You can’t really see her entire stomach.



  • soopx

    love you angie you are number 1

  • please

    I think filming ends this week or next?

  • lurkersville

    Angelina does look a little thin but she will gain during the holidays. Didn’t someone mention that concractually she can’t really gain any weight while flming this movie? It’s funny but in the past I rarely remember Angelina wearing skirts that show her legs. Even in photoshoots. She’s been showing a lot of leg the past few years.

  • please

    Keep up the spirit Ange!

  • The Changeling

    What time is the premiere in Toronto time??

  • blah

    Her boobs look normal size, stop with the “pregnant” shit

  • berry

    32 Maddy

    You don’t have to have thunder thighs to be beautiful. I have thin legs too, big deal.

    Lots of models have thin legs.

  • sad


    save angie :(

    she’s getting even more thin

  • Lady G

    Thanks for the new thread.

    If someone was small yesterday, that someone will be the same size the following day!

    All I want is for Angie to take care of herself, keep her chin up, and keep living her life the way she sees fit. Afterall that’s all anyone can do when the wolves are constantly trying to eat you alive.

  • please

    She’s taking time off to after filming. Enough already.

  • lia

    she looks really cute with the short hair cut.

    I think it really brings out her eyes more.

  • tabitha

    I think she looks good. Time will tell whether there will be a new little JP.

  • please

    How many people can take all the criticisms she has taken seroiusly?

  • Thank you Brad

    Brad has officially ruined angelina.

  • mel.

    Damn this lady is so beautiful,brad you are so lucky,this lady looks good in what ever she her in the skirts that have a god those gorgeous red lips .

  • 447

    i like angelina, i think she’s amazing, and like her, i have thin legs too, but hers is really bony. she needs to gain weight again. she’s gorgeous but a little more pounds would definitely do her good.

  • tres’hot

    She is looking really preeety!!!! :)

  • kelly

    Angie looks very beautiful in these pics.

  • spunky

    44 tres’hot : 11/05/2007 at 7:19 pm

    Hi tres’ hot how are you?

  • wishing happiness

    Love angelina and brad and family.

  • Missouri Fan

    Old interviews and red carpets I put together in a 8 minute video.

    Hope you like it.

  • think positive!

    Worrying about internet bloggers?? Oh please guys. Angie leaves in REALITTY witch contends her FAMILY. Not in the cyber space and tabloids. Just because we are blogging on a celebrity blog to learn news about their family we admire so much doesn’t mean that they care about all this cr*p. All this is for hits and money. They just want to manipulate the public.

    BTW- Angie looks BEAUTIFUL. The woman had thin legs and arms all of her life. Just because some morons want to use that fact to bash her it doesn’t mean that it happened overnight. The woman is perfectly healthy and she is just enjoying her life.

    She looks quite sexy in the pics. Red lipstick and all. Great!!

  • Lady G

    41 Thank you Brad : 11/05/2007 at 7:18 pm


    Stop trying to pit Angie and Brad fans against each other. Angie is happy with Brad and their children and that’s all that counts!

  • lookwhaticando

    She is so beautiful, I am still reeling over the other movie. Love her to death…