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Jake Gyllenhaal Nailed Jessica Biel

Jake Gyllenhaal Nailed Jessica Biel

Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Biel are set to star in the risque political satire Nailed, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

David O. Russell is attached to direct and co-write the screenplay with Al Gore‘s daughter, Kristin Gore.

Biel, 25, would play Sammy Joyce, a socially awkward small-town receptionist who has a nail accidentally shot into her head by a clumsy workman, eliciting wild sexual urges. The uninsured Joyce goes on a crusade to Washington to fight for the rights of the bizarrely injured. She meets an immoral congressman (Gyllenhaal, 26) who takes advantage of her sex drive and capitalizes on her crusade as Joyce heads into her own career in politics.

Filming for Nailed has a tentative start date of January 2008.

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  • Emalu


  • emma

    are jessica and justin still going out ??

  • SoulHunter


  • ynot

    Jessica and Jake have so much in common. They would make a really good couple.

  • dani

    It doesn’t sound good to me, i hope Jake’s not attached to it!

  • jake rox

    Ah, so let the fake Jake-Jessica rumors start flying!

  • Jenn

    Ugh, Jessica. Really not a fan of her.

  • talula

    This movie will earn a total of $1 million at the box office. Then Jake and Jessica will “fall in love” and the movie still won’t make any extra money. They broke up their epic love story immediately after that. Just heartbreaking.

  • monica

    jake rox and talula: losers!!!!!

  • stupid

    does anyone else think this is possibly the worst sounding movie ever?

  • Lea

    Jake is crazy agreeing to act in a movie with this no talent called Jessica Biel.
    She’s a stiff bore who has doesn’t have one bit of “umph” to her personality. There is nothing that “pops” about her.
    Yea I know her ass is nice…*yawn*
    I guess banging JT has really raised her profile in Hollywood.

    Anyway…who even knows if this is true, or the movie will even be made.
    We will probably never hear about it again…hopefully.

  • +++

    That sound like another boring movie, that’s a big gamble for the producer, these two can’t hardly open a movie.

  • TS

    You sound boring, #12.

    I don’t think this will happen as Jake is about to film Brothers and this is supposed to start filming in January. They even say that Jake and Jessica haven’t signed onto the project. But I would love to see Jake in a comedy and if this is one then cool

  • rawrr

    reese better be onset while jake is nailing jessica!

  • rawrr

    reese better be onset whil jake is nailing jessica!

  • Anon

    It’s real, they are scheduled to work in Nailed together. Yeah. Why not. Go ahead, start the hate now. You need to stay in shape. Hating takes a lot of work and a lot of practice. I think she is a good actress and a very pretty woman. I don’t care about who she dates. I’m surprised Natalie and Jake working together hasn’t started a lot of gossip….but i’s sure it will. My prediction: we will see a lot more pictures of Natalie with Nathan once it gets closer to shooting Brothers, and we will see a lot more of Gyllenspoon, too. Bcz Jake and Natty are involved….just not with each other. And Nailed is waaaay down the road so whonows what will happen btwn JT & JB! Maybe JB doesn’t have the greatest personality, but neither does JT, so they belong together! LOL!!!!!

  • Anon

    Jake has access to a lot of beautiful women all the time. He doesn’t need to be in a movie with someone to meet girls. That’s just stupid.

  • Kim

    Sounds like a flop already.
    Jake is ok. Jessica can’t act for shit.

  • Mike

    Jake and Jessica haven’t even signed a contract yet, so who knows if this will follow through. I hope not. The movie sounds stupid. Jessica is a horrible actress just known for her ass. She has no personality or charm either.

  • sammi

    they both look so much older than they really are. i thought they were in their 30s.

  • alison p

    What a stupid story. Need actors that will help the script. Jake and Jessica are not the answer

  • Meme

    Alison p, Jake is a great actor and would really help a script like this. Don’t even know if this is really happening. Neither Jake or Jessica has signed on based on the article.

  • erica

    At least we get to see David O. Russell slap these two around he is known for his aggression style of direction. ( smile)

  • vicky

    Sounds interesting.They’re both good actors.Can’t wait to see the result

  • Anon

    erica!!! #23. My thoughts exactly!!! I saw the Lily Tomlin incident on YouTube. David O. Russell is a low, vile creature!!! I hope Jake says no to this one, if it isn’t a done deal. Russell hasn’t written anything decent since he got that award at Sundance ten years ago. And he is a rotten director. A clear example of reach exceeding grasp.

    Say nooooo, Jake!!! Say noooo!

  • lana

    Wth? lol Is Jake old enough to be a congressman? And why are people still giving Jessica Biel roles?

    I saw that Huckabees clip on Youtube, that guy is so crazy.

  • Regina

    The plot sounds very funny, but not so sure about Jessica Biel. I could see Anna Faris playing the role.

  • Hi

    Dumbest movie ever. Nail in the head? Lame. However, Ana Faris WOULD totally make this movie campy and hilarious. J. Biel w/ a sex drive? Not buying it. I can only picture her walking dogs. Her voice sounds too manly too be sexy.

  • Tina

    Jakey poo is so gay. Biel cant act.

  • GU

    Tina, you need to grow up.

  • Hal

    Jakeypoop sure needs to play a normal sex-crazed young American for a change and put to rest all the nasty rumors about him recently. If he can demonstrate his abilities and his equipment here he might just revive his career and begin to make some real money for himself. Then he won’t have to marry Reese for hers.

  • Jake Rox

    Being called gay isn’t a “nasty rumor”, Hal. It’s only unfortunate if it’s not true and the guy has been denying it all these years.

  • ???

    Hal seems to have a disturbing obsession with Jake. He doesn’t seem to have his own life. Hal, maybe you should get away from the computer screen and go outside. Let Jake live his life and get your own.

  • the_original_nika

    And why are people still giving Jessica Biel roles? =\
    This sounds stupid.

  • laura

    Jesus, let Jake do a comedy! He did BBM, Zodiac and Rendition and it seems people didn´t like very much (I loved BBM and liked Zodiac, Rendition in my country only the next year and I´ll go to see).
    I don´t know Jessica´job. However, who could say that Michelle Willians shined in BBM? Maybe, Jessica deserve a chance. And, to be honest, a lot of rubbish movie have a big box office.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if Reese will be on the set of Jake’s 2 upcoming movies with Natalie and Jessica. She seems like such the jealous type. I’ll bet she’ll be worried the whole time he is filming those movies!

  • Hal

    ???: But Jake leads, or at least seems to lead, a more interesting life than I do. I am not a movie star, don’t have to evade papas, and no one wonders about my sexuality, darn it. Anyway, are you saying the other posters here are not fixated on Jakeypoop? That’s not the impression I get. However, unlike them, I don’t spend my time pretending to know how he feels about things. I just comment, albeit a bit snarkily, on what he does and on his public persona.

  • mickey

    How will Jessica’s GIGANTIC ego even fit on the screen? For someone with such average acting ability she walks around like she thinks she has the talent of Cate Blanchett.

  • michaka

    I guess it will be Jessica and Jake in a few months instead of Jake and Reese

  • Anonymous

    I would much rather see Jake & Jessica together, than him with Greasy Reesy.

  • slut Tina

    29 Tina : 11/05/2007 at 1:16 pm

    And this crazy bitch is a Sl ut. Did you finish doing America after Jake finished doing your dad?

  • What

    WTF are you talking about, slut Tina? You are talking gibberish.

  • its ME

    just cause it sounds like its gunna suck dont mean that ur not gunna watch im sure most of u will i no i will if it gets made mostly cause i havent seen anything really good latly i mean next was ok but not great, and by the way all u girls that r smack talkin jessica stop being so jelous of the fact that jessica has an awesome body and u dont if u want a body half that sexy get off ur LAZY ass and go to the GYM

  • anonmus

    hi i was actually in the movie it was really fun because i got to hug jessica beil jake gyllinhaal (who didn’t have his shirt on)melinda willams (my middle name is melinda)tacey morgan and marsha it was awsome if the stars r reading this hi it was really fun shooting the movie with you

  • nano X

    Still more nuerotic self-sensitive comfort-zone slop


    bad enough that America is pathologically avoiding
    any quality revelations about its own staggering legacy
    of 45 million exterminations of the unborn —largely
    in the name of ‘convenience’ –

    BUT NOW —our decades stale movie industry is on
    shameless all fours before the direct heirs of the most
    awesome genocidal monsters in history —across the Pacific!

    70 million slaughtered there —in ‘peacetime’.

    70 million you’ll never be hearing so much as a single
    quality allusion to in ANY Hollywood film —EVER!

    Anything for that financing and those vast market favors
    —eh Jake?!