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Katie Holmes Hits the Lottery

Katie Holmes Hits the Lottery

Katie Holmes and costars Queen Latifah and Diane Keaton will appear on a California Lottery Scratcher ticket starting in late November to promote their new film Mad Money (three female employees of the Federal Reserve plot to steal money that is about to be destroyed).

According to Access Hollywood, “Mad Money Scratchers will not only offer players the chance to win cash prizes ranging from $10 to $1,000, but will also offer a slew of exciting second chance prizes. These prizes include: a trip for two to the Los Angeles premiere of Mad Money, a walk-on role in a movie, Mad Money DVDs, and autographed Mad Money posters.”

Mad Money opens in theaters nationwide on Jan. 18, 2008.

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  • Danessa


  • Danessa

    and FIRST

  • lala

    Cool i guess….

  • http://WWW.IHATETOMCRUISE.COM Miapocca

    Lord xenu is desperate sell tickets….next time they cast holmes they will have learnt their lesson….less ticket sales.hahaha

  • Janice

    Tacky I’m sorry.

  • Jennifer

    im so ready and cant wait to see this movie. katie is great and i know the movie when be so good.

  • dean

    That will now be TWO tickets that I will NOT buy.

    NO lottery ticket

    NO movie ticket.

    I REFUSE to knowingly give one penny to that CULT that tommy and katie support.

  • emily santiago

    that’s what it’s all about, showing off in public, parading their daughter around, running (did she really? I think that’s another one of their many lies) to promote their mediocre at best movies. They are so transparent, it’s gross.

  • phoenix

    So cant wait

  • pr person

    How dumb!!!

  • Taylor_Blue

    how silly….even though I posted about it too!! LOL

  • the_original_nika


  • Courtney

    Katie is starting to grow on me. I couldnt stand her once she got married to Tom. They were just SO irritating lol
    But I kind of like her now. The whole running thing kind of made me look at her in a different way. A small thing but does say a lot about her.
    The movie looks good too.
    (click my name to visit my celeb blog)

  • ILovePapaSmurf

    Yes, and a quarter of the proceeds sold from these tickets will benefit the Scientology church.

  • Beth

    Love her!

  • Vi

    Im excited because Im a big Katie fan but Mad Money will be opening the same time as Cloverfield the other film Im nuts about. Katie’s movie really looks like good ole time at the movies with family and friends.

  • Elsa

    I hope we see more of Katie in the bigscreen! TheWB network is not as good anymore when it became CW along with UPN.

    Congrats KH on the marathon.

  • Anonymous

    Katie is a doll just like Suri.

  • Annie

    Im there to support Katie. Yooo Hooooo!!!!!

    Jared — thanks !!!!!

  • Zack

    Im just watching
    to drool over Katie.
    She’s a hottie.

  • Rory

    Kewl because this means more of Katie when she gets to promote her movie. Dying to see her along with Keaton and Latifah.

  • peace

    some lowlives
    are pathetic.

  • beattles


  • ABC

    Katie and Suri are the main reason Im falling in love with Tom again. Tom really has a gem in his life now along with his family as well as Isabella and Conner.

    Bless them all………..

  • Cece

    Katie looks so happy in the trailer that i saw online. I love the fact that she looks so radiant,so happy and healthy.
    I also think this could do even better than Tom’s movie because the public in general like to be in the movies to have fun and not be bombarded with Iraq or Afghanistan. This was a nice pickerupper because Im sad about the writers strike affecting many jobs and affecting many shows we like.

  • Trish


  • AJ

    Tom is one lucky S.O.B to have Katie.

  • ILovePapaSmurf

    AJ, give her millions of dollars and make her sign a contract, and you can have her, too!

  • karema

    Im one happy camper to stumble into Katie news here. Saw on Inside Edition about her marathon win (YAYERS KATIE) and another treat to see Tom on TRL.

    Access Hollywood will show some clips of Valkyrie I think tomorrow. That is one film Im dying to see Tom in and hoping for an Oscar for him.

  • new

    Not a fan of Holmes but I gotta admit
    Im watching this movie out of curiosity
    about her.

  • Gillian

    Katie-Latifah and Diane Keaton = all aboard
    Katie is loveable though.I have no reason to hate
    her. Some that do is so easy to spot their misery
    in life and jealousy eating them alive.

  • teeeheeee

    Its some of the Kidman and Josh Jackson fans throwing grenades at TomKat because they are eating their hearts out.Move on!!!!

  • Nat

    When I was a little girl I had a girl crush on Barbara Eden and Audrey Hepburn but now its all about Katie Holmes,Helen Mirren and Annette Bening.

  • ABBA

    way cooollll; can hardly wait to see this.

  • convert

    to number 13 like you Im warming up FAST to Katie too.

  • Angie

    Im mad for Katie so
    I wont miss this
    for the world.

  • CSI rules

    Thank you Jared. Sweet dreams to all fellow fans.

  • Twist

    So, so horrible

  • poor oprah

    so the tabloids were wrong when they told lies about Katie pregnant and quitting the acting world.Thumbs up,katie.

  • Vicky

    Im already made a date with my girlfriends to see this movie.

    This isnt the only marketing campaign Overture is being creative about.

  • Mark


  • Julie

    I miss Katie so much on the movies so Im happy for her return and I welcome her with open arms. Im also congratulating her on her impressive marathon race. She is a strong woman full of resolve,great spirit and lots of stamina. All grace and class on the outside but one tough woman on the inside. Im just in the minority of my family since everyone think Suri is Katie’s spitting image but for me she’s more of Tom.

  • LCC

    mahal na mahal ko si Katie!

  • Daphne

    Good luck,Katie

  • Whitney

    I rather make out with Christian Bale in Batman than hang out with all this women. For that I give lots of credit to Katie for her willpower and loyalty to Tom.

    You will see me in line for this and I hope she will do a musical movie very soon.

    Cheerios to Jared,

  • Nelly

    love Katie. She is not perfect like the rest of us but all in all she is still a good role model.

  • ???????

    who is her leading man in the movie?

  • charlene

    The more beautiful, successful and most of all happy Katie and her family and the rest of this stars are it pisses off the haters.
    Im entertained by that. lolololol!

  • Marla

    Many people that have seen the advance screening of this movie enjoyed it. Everyone had a blast and were laughing so hard. I have yet to hear a bad comment about this film.

    God bless Katie and her family.

    Have a good week Jared.

  • roar

    Lady classy Katie is a refreshing break from the many trash in Hollywood. And many in Hollywood have bad personalities and to me that is the biggest turn off of all. Talent and beauty are nothing without one’s good soul.