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Shia LaBeouf's Mug Shot

Shia LaBeouf's Mug Shot

How cute is clearly inebriated Shia LaBeouf in his mug shot??

The Transformers star was arrested early Sunday morning after refusing to leave a Walgreens in Chicago.

The Smoking Gun obtained this mug shot of him at the Chicago Police Department.

Shia, 21, is being hit with a misdemeanor criminal trespassing charge and is scheduled to appear in court on November 28.

Who else wants to hear Steven Spielberg‘s opinion on this bust? Or how this will affect box offices sales of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull??

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  • http://justjared $$$

    not really that cute

  • M


  • http://justjared $$$


  • lulu

    OMGm He still look cute in his mug shot.

  • nando

    He looks good!

    If I ever get arrested, I wanna look that good on my mug shot…but my hair will be combed a little more.

  • Anon

    Wow! A mug shot for beng drunk and disorderly!!! How Cool. Gosh, Shia. Now you’re just like the other “guys.” A real grown up thing to do. BTW, JAred. Mugshots of drunks are never “cute.”

  • S.

    I really don’t want to see Shia go down the same path as many of his fellow young Hollywood types. The kid has too much potential to ruin it with being an idiot. That said, it wasn’t a DUI so he was only being an idiot and not actually putting anyone’s life in danger like so many others have done.

    Hopefully this is a lesson learned and the kid can move on.

  • vicky

    I will never get the appeal of this kid!!

  • S.

    Sorry Anon. Must disagree. He’s still cute even with his drunk self and crazy hair. lol

    He’s always talked about not getting into the young Hollywood stuff and not clubbing and not getting into positions to be tabloid fodder but he’s really managed to nix that in one night. ;P

  • honey

    CUTIE!!oh i love him even more hahahh

  • beatrice

    too cute for a mug shot!

  • http://justjared $$$


  • http://justjared &

    ur all mad

  • Janetan

    awww…that poor guy =( but he does look good on this mug shot, better than kid rock or others ..lawls

  • S.

    You’re all just jealous that you weren’t that cute in your mug shots. ;P

  • http://justjared &

    no not really

  • FreakChiq

    Dammit, this is the cutes mug shot I have ever seen! :D

  • Kayla

    Totally remindes me of his movie “Holes”

  • lisa

    He’s 21,cute, rich and works in Hollywood; it was only a matter of time before he would start clubbing and drinking. Hopefully he will grow out of it.

  • http://justjared &

    oooo is that him out of holes

  • http://justjared &

    i can see it in his eyes!

  • Kimmy

    I really hope he pulls his shit together, he has the support from so many big names in Hollywood. Damn he still looks good.

  • Lillianne

    He’s adorable! How could anyone with such a cutie pie mugshot be guilty. I hope I’m on the jury.

  • lana

    Aww, he’s so cute. lol

  • igotyou

    that is 1 cute mug shot and he’s smiling too :D

  • nope

    oh i just want to hug him, i don’t think he did anything wrong he was probably winding up the people that work there and they have no sense of humour. I love him!!!

  • lololololol 696969


  • lololololol 696969


  • M.

    I live in Chicago…wonder what Walgreens he was at.

  • true

    the one on michigan, by water tower place

  • emma

    aww he looks so inocent

    check out this video of wentworth miller in a coffee add lol -

  • blabla

    Shia, Shia why’d you do that

  • cudahy

    still hot at tha

  • connys

    he is cute (L) my baby Shia ;)

  • Cynthia

    He looks drunk as hell in his mugshot! Hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! The new trend is male actors behaving badly for 2008!

  • me

    oh come on , he didn’t nothing wrong.
    he’s a sweetheart , he is a cutie.

  • http://d ee

    i will fuck him, in a heartbeat, drunk or sober.

  • Cheythestar

    ahh Shia, no matter what i still love you!!!!
    im still gunna see ur movie like a million times

  • cm


  • yoet

    ug gosh!! I live in Chicago and I really wishes I would of seen him that night!! Anyway, Im agreeing with the comments posted here. I just hope Shia has learned a lesson and stop going down the wrong path!! I don’t understand why some people think this makes him mature becasue I personally think this makes him irresponsible and not cute at all!!!
    Does anyone know why he is in Chicago???anyone??

  • ks

    Soo sad! He’s got real talent and he’s throwing it away.

  • lol

    lmao he is really cute

  • ames

    he is in chicago filming his new movie eagle eye

  • does anybody else think this is a very strange looking “mugshot” i mean i believe that its probably a picture from that night but i dunno it certainly doesn’t look like your typical mugshot to me

  • does anybody else think this is a very strange looking “mugshot” i mean i believe that its probably a picture from that night but i dunno it certainly doesn’t look like your typical mugshot to me

  • Tim

    stupid drunkard

  • hmm.

    who said he was clubbing?? Just sitting around drinking, thinks hmm i will go to walgreens get some more beer. But wait lets be smart i will walk and not drive… oh crap i got arrested gotta smile cute for the picture i know it will be posted on justjared… Thats the way i think it went down.

  • Thomas

    Whatchu’ talkin’ ’bout Willis? Shia is WAY adorable! Even with his messy hair and his naughty boy grin. Aw so what, he got drunk and wouldn’t leave a drug store. Oooh! Let’s throw him in jail like he’s OJ Simpson! Slow night on the beat in Chicago?…

  • suzy

    oh shia what a boring thing to be arrested for.

  • ver

    haha he’s all smiling