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"The Office" Deposition

Check out new The Office stills from episode “The Deposition.”

In this ep, Michael finds himself between a rock and a hard place when Jan sues Dunder Mifflin and Michael is deposed as a witness. Meanwhile, Kelly trash-talks Pam after Darryl beats Jim at ping-pong.

The Office episode “The Deposition” airs on Thursday, November 15 @ 9PM on NBC.

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the office deposition 01
the office deposition 02
the office deposition 03
the office deposition 04

Photos: Byron Cohen /NBC
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  • http://justjared paula abdul

    Hate this show.

  • http://justjared paula abdul

    He was funny in Evan almighty.

  • melissa krasinski

    and the show hates you too, paula abdul.

    but i love this show. the office is amazing. (:

  • go sox

    LOVE this show….it’s quirky, hysterical, and has such lovable characters!

  • lexie

    lol, melissa kransinski. good one :) anyway, i think it’s hilarious that toby goes with michael to the deposition (i mean, i guess he has to, being th HR rep for DM) given how michael feels about it. they have lunch together? awesome blossom, extra awesome.

  • ACDlite

    I’m sorry, but I just have to speak my mind here, Ms. Abdul…

    First of all, I can understand if someone maybe didn’t love the show (it is hard to admit it, but I’ll admit that The Office isn’t everybody’s cup of tea) , but to say that you HATE it is pretty harsh. How many episodes have you seen, like two? There is no way in hell you can reasonably come to such a conclusion after watching just a few episodes.

    Second of all, the fact that you prefer “Evan Almighty” to “The Office” pretty much tells me that you are incompetent beyond belief. Unless you are five years old, I find it highly unlikely that any sane human being could ever enjoy that disgusting pile of a movie people call “Evan Almighty.” Granted, I won’t say it is Mr. Carell’s fault, for his performance was not bad considering the material he was given (though I question why he took the role in the first place), nonetheless, it is still a VERY terribly made movie.

    I usually accept the opinions of others, but it is people like you (who watch whatever mindless drivel that the networks throw at you) who are making it harder and harder for the rest of us to find quality television shows. The Office is one of those shows, and to hear you insult it in favor of such trash is utterly disgusting.

    There’s my two cents (from a fifteen year old).

  • Phlob

    Is that the same tie Michael wore in “cocktails’?

  • awesome!


    And free moola invites, y’all!
    If you sign up before midnight, you start off on level 6 apparently.

  • http://justjared paula abdul

    Just because i don’t like the DAMN show, doesn’t mean i’m incompetent you pie hole. And NO, it’s people like YOU why other people don’t speak up when they don’t like something.
    I still like Evan almight better, GET OVER IT .

  • oogabooga

    LMAO, Paula! You’re probably the real Paula b/c you’re clearly batshit crazy.

    BTW, Evan totally sucked so, in turn, you do too. ;-)

  • hatepaula

    you’re a retard, ms. abdul. go take some lessons in not sucking. :)

    someone who is not an idiot

    who likes paula abdul anyway?

  • esther

    To ms.abldul and everybody criticizing the show: If you really hate this show as much as you say, then what the heck are you doing ckecking out the pics. when I dont like something I wont even go to their web sites. you might hate it but I know there are many people that absolutely love this show (myself included) so go some where else to trash the show.

  • pinkninjafish

    who hates the office? i mean honestly?

    thanks JJ for these awsome blossom pics!

  • I

    Oh man. Haters just have to hate I guess. Paula, u must be such a negative person…or a 12yr old….to put that you hate the office on some new episode pictures thats obviously posted for fans. I dont go around dissing your pokemon cards or telling you not to vote on American Idol so let us have our excitement.

  • dorothy

    I want to see Pam or Jim slap Kelly!


  • Yankeeswap

    If you dont like the show, then do not comment on it. You just upset people. I honestly hate it when I go on forums and people are bashing one another. STOP!!!!!! Like I said, if you dont like it, dont comment.

  • Future Kim

    “If you don’t think that’s awesome, you need awesome lessons.”

  • Future Kim

    “If you don’t think that’s awesome, you need awesome lessons.”

  • Melanie

    What is the name of the actor next to Carell in that picture at lunch?

  • Carly F

    That’s Paul Lieberstien, aka Toby

  • ed

    Paul Lieberstein, aka Toby.

    Looking forward to this episode!

  • ed

    Oops bit too late :]

  • melissa

    Michael Scott is the best. I love The office and I love steve carell. Just looking at him makes me laugh.

  • me

    This might be our last episode for a while if the strike lingers. Fans better savor it.

  • Sauasge beefy

    paula abdul: that’s because you’re semi-retarded.

  • http://justjared paula abdul

    All this because i said i didn’t like a show?. You people need to GROW THE HELL UP AND GET A LIFE.

  • Sasha

    paula – why are you on an Office fansite? go find a evan almightly fansite already. get a life? what do you call yours? The only enjoyment you get is going to a fansite of a show you “hate” calling it so and then egging on office fans – wow – thats not really a life i want. sad really.

    I heart the Office.

    oh and Dan in real if is GREAT! i heart steve as well

  • office fan

    paula, honey, you are posting repeatedly on a site for fans of the show. if you have a life then why are you wasting time posting and responding to negative comments on a webpage for a show our apparently hate? take your own advice, if you are going to spend your days reading websites and posting comments at least pick something you like. cause you pretty much look like the biggest loser here (oh, i bet you like that show, why don’t you go find a website for that)

  • asdfjkl;

    wtf paula abdul, the office is AMAZING!

  • Julianne

    So sad that The Office has officially shut down for now due to the writer’s strike :(

  • blasie

    The Office is one of the best shows that has ever aired on tv. The characters are all so well written. Each one of them has it’s strengths and vulnerabilities. With the possible exception of Jan, they all have their pride coupled with the fact that they are totally oblivious. The human condition as depicted in the microcosm of an office provides so much hilarious interaction that there is no need for the usual sit-com format. It takes it’s lead from the quasi-reality show device of the aside or personal interview. Not only do we hear what they are saying to each other, but we also hear their innermost thoughts which they would never express openly.
    Paul is one of the writers on the show.

  • spamster

    Dear ‘paula abdul’: Why are you wasting your time commenting if you hate the show?

    This episode looks a-w-e-s-o-m-e. Michael and Toby out to lunch? Hilarious.

  • Amber

    Wow, Paula Abdul, you need some maturity pills or something. I laughed reading the posts, because clearly, you’re probably 12 and just don’t understand the jokes of the show. As others have said, stop commenting on a site for The Office fans like ourselves if you ‘hate’ it so much. That’s called having no life. Also, stop acting like a ‘disrespectful little jerk’, as Michael Scott would say.

  • zippysweetcheeks

    Hey Paula Abdul – keep watching 2 1/2 men or ugly betty.
    The Office is for people who appreciate intelligent humor

  • Janie

    I missed the first half of the office last night and was SO dissapointed!! Can anyone tell me what the deal was with Jim and celebrating birthdays? And were there any JAM moments??
    p.s. paul abdul- if you hate the office- then comment somewhere else!!

  • Hannah

    Janie, apparently this month is supposedly “birthday month” at the Office, and a bunch of employee birthdays are coming up. Instead of celebrating each of these individually, Jim thought it would be better to combine all the birthdays into one huge celebration. Unfortunately, it kinda back-fired.

    Anyway, I really really hope this isn’t the season finale. I was really looking forward to the X-mas episode.

  • Jared Cross

    Hey Y’all I know this is a little off topic but,

    The Denton branch of Dunder Mifflin Infinity is hosting a virtual watch party during this week’s episode. We host one every week but this is the first one open to the public! It is a blast to discuss the show in real time and during commercial breaks I host killer office trivia. Do you have what it takes to be crowned ‘The Office Trivia Master’ at the end of the night, or will you be leave shunned as so many before you?
    Come have fun with us!

    Password: dentonusa
    Time: Beginning right before episode and lasting as long as everyone feels like discussing!

    -AppleO Chairman of the Denton Virtual Party Committee

  • kev

    Hey, Paula.

    There’s a show on ABC called Caveman. I think that’s the type of show you’re going to really like. Enjoy!

  • Bakugan Battle

    Cool stuff, thanks.