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Tom Cruise @ TRL

Tom Cruise @ TRL

Tom Cruise tries to hip it up with his young costar Michael Peña during MTV’s Total Request Live at the MTV Times Square Studios Monday in New York City.

Tom has been in town promoting his new film, Lion for Lambs, which opens in theaters nationwide this Friday, Nov. 9th. He’s expected to make at least one more red carpet appearance for the film with wife Katie Holmes.

30+ pictures inside of a shady Tom Cruise @ TRL

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Photos: Bryan Bedder/Getty
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  • Janice

    Isn’t he a little too old for a TRL appearance? A little creepy.

  • Nanea

    His many appearances won’t help the movie, it’s at best mediocre. TC was never a good actor, but ever since he went crazy, he’s only been hurting his projects. I don’t get how Redford and Streep were willing to put up with Xenu. Are they really so desperate for money and work?

  • Angi

    I’m sorry, but Tom’s weird hair and pretty much all of himself is giving me the creeps

  • kaulitz

    lol he got acne

  • katie

    i dont love him

  • Kelly

    Ha ha ha, you will eat your words, despite being a movie on the war on terror, Tom is a superb actor and it will do well. He is too old to be on TRL but that is the good thing about him, he is flexible and treatrs young people like they have sense unlike many who think they are a nuisance.

  • Lena


  • mezgelina

    he is just wrong in every way!

  • S.

    I can say he’s creepy but I can’t say it’s creepy that he’s on TRL. It wouldn’t be fair since I have no problem with the fact Vince Vaughn will be on TRL this afternoon. ;P

  • lala

    what does katie see in him? oh well they produced one of the cutest kids i’ve ever seen…just hope she doesn’t turn up to be too much like them. they really are creepy, there’s just no way of getting around it. it’s just there in every picture & interview i’ve seen him in. and katies smile has always creeped me out, way back in the dawson days…but she rarely seems to smile nowadays…in pictures atleast. and that’s another thing…she’s become such a posh-wannabe!


  • Pokeman

    he tries to look young but doesn’t do it for me. brad looks so much better than him.

  • WTF

    christ almighty he’s so gay.

  • Natalie

    Ugh. Tommy girl needs to grow the HELL up and understand that he is not 25 anymore. I cannot stand the man and some of the ignorant statements he has made… just, ugh. I will NOT be seeing any of his movies. He is not going to get any of my money.

  • Eli


  • pr person

    Creepy, crazy, freak! Has his nose always been a peen?

  • AJCrazy

    8 mezgelina : 11/06/2007 at 12:35 pm
    he is just wrong in every way!

    Perfectly said!
    HAHAHA LOVE YOU -u are sooo right!!!

  • Eve

    Holy Botox, Batman!!! Oh Tommygirl, just give up, honey…not all botox in the world will make David love you.

  • Youwillmissme

    Tom is the handsomest gentleman ever! Keep it up Tom.

  • Regina

    TC was never a good actor

    You’re so pathetic. Have you even seen Magnolia or Born on the Fourth of July.

  • somebody

    ewwww he’s wearing blush

  • cc

    he looks like a gay perv

  • abracadabra

    I can’t stand this gay midget

  • hope

    This man is embarrassing

  • dont like him no more

    He looks stupid,and sounded as such.,his hairstyle was/is ludicrous and gay,.
    That beak of his is horrid and he has man boobs.
    His thighs weren’t muscular,they were chunky.
    He has such a disappointment.
    I’m no longer a fan.
    He has trully gone over the edge and is full of himself & his won hype..I no longer believe him.

  • kauai girl

    Yuck….wearing that hair that way just makes me shutter! He’s a dog!

  • Brad Addict

    tom look good but brad is better :)

  • dean

    Looks like Tommy is out trolling for his next young victim.
    Katie had better watch out since she is NOT legally married to tommy, he can ditch her rather easily.

  • bella

    i think he is just perfect in every way!!! he is a very successful person, if not, he wouldnt be now one of the most famous celebs.
    he is great….LoVe ToM CrUiSe FoReVeR.

  • ronnie

    Tom isn’t relevant to me anymore as far as star status. Too crazy even for moi. If I ever watch another movie he makes and thats a big will be on my free movie pass at Blockbuster.

    The hair is stale..Beatles anyone.

  • Notbusy

    He can surround himself with Streep and Redford all he wants to try to get people into the theater, but I wouldn’t spend a penny to see this movie. He has showed his true colors after marrying his Robot wife, Katie. She agrees with everything he says so he thought the rest of the world would too. He was wrong. They are creepy.

  • Annabel

    Guyz i’d like to know somethn..whenever there is a brangelina post, it gets like 400 sweet and couraging comments and when it comes to TomKat… we get around 200 laim comments of yours just expressing ur jealousy. u critisise suri and katie too..i mean what the hell is better in maddox and zahara than in suri..maybe its the scientology stuff getting u crazy. TomKat is a great family along with Brangelina.

  • julia

    oh my .

  • d.

    With a quite a large snozz he should wear hair that hides a bit of that thing, what a joke he has become..bawaaaahh TRL, omg. ALL kinds of wrong, I saw the show. He should of skip TRL, people were embarass for him,he doesn’t have the HOT IT factor.

  • ansley

    He is looking more and more like his mother. Rouge and all.

  • becki

    He looks so gay in those tight jeans.

  • loris

    He DOES look like his mom now. Even the hairstyle. weird.

  • From Lainey

    GMD at TRL
    He’s wearing more blush than his wife. And for the last time, would someone please tell him that wearing tight pants and standing with his legs far apart WILL NOT make him look taller???

    But seriously… I’m so glad he did.

    It’s like a superhero caricature just before he lifts one arm into the air and blasts off with hot jets steaming out of his ass. Who in their right mind finds this sexy???

  • positiveForlife

    I think the appearance is smart. Tom is not just an actor, he is a visionary business man. He knows where the tickets are. So don’t overlook his power. He takes the risks and be responsible to them. Good for him!

  • lebanon


  • Yorick

    Are you guys aware that his crazy antics (Scientology drivel, couch jumping) were over two years ago amd he hasn’t done anything since?

  • Milly

    I LOVE YOU, TOM!!!!!!!!!

  • Ines

    jealous much haters?

  • Bess

    I saw this yesterday and enjoyed it.
    My day off was worth seeing Tommy.
    I want Derek Luke though.

  • coyote

    He is hot and looking younger and happier than ever.

  • Paige

    What makes TOM the hottest of all is his love for his fans of all ages.

  • Lindsey

    I admire Tom a lot. He is so handsome.
    Dying to see this movie too especially my brother
    is serving in Kuwait.

  • hey annabel

    31 Annabel : 11/06/2007 at 1:45 pm
    Guyz i’d like to know somethn..whenever there is a brangelina post, it gets like 400 sweet and couraging comments and when it comes to TomKat… we get around 200 laim comments of yours just expressing ur jealousy. u critisise suri and katie too..i mean what the hell is better in maddox and zahara than in suri..maybe its the scientology stuff getting u crazy. TomKat is a great family along with Brangelina.
    Have you seen the brangelina threads?They get more and even meaner hater comments than Tom, Tom Thumb threads.You need to get your eyes checked.Haters love to hate on both of these families for no real reason.

  • red

    Some haters target Tom’s family and Angelina Jolie’s more because this family have it all and these miserable twits are full of envy. Its killing them.

  • thelma

    Im going ape dung over his hunkness.

  • Ingrid

    He looks good like a businessman head of MGM and United Artists but love him more when he is so relaxed and having fun. He looks hot when he’s just Tom to his family
    and fans.