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Tom & Katie Share Sushi

Tom & Katie Share Sushi

Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes share a romantic dinner together at a Japanese restaurant in Midtown Manhattan on Monday.

Katie, 28, wore a black coat over her minidress and just-below-the-knee boots. The Mad Money actress just completed the 26-mile marathon this past Sunday.

It seems like the marathon that is life for Katie is just beginning!

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Photos: Mario Magnani/Bauer-Griffin
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  • me


  • emma
  • stefanie

    Her eyes seem so blank…I kinda feel sorry for her. She used to be such a vibrant person, but something has changed- and not for the better.

    But her outfit is nice.

  • sandrine

    third yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KarenA

    They look very cute. Thanks!

  • sandrine

    I love TOM but I prefere BRAD PIIIITTTTTT. Watch the premiere for Beowulf with ANGIE. THAT’s a really HOT & beautiful couple. VIVA BAMPZS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks JJ 4 the pictures want some more please.

  • nona

    dead eyes.

  • Belinda

    She really does have dead eyes. I just don’t know what it is. She has changed so much. It’s hard to believe that she is happy. I think she is going to wake up sometime fairly soon and the marriage will be over.

  • kat


  • Annabel

    viva tomkat and littttttle SuRi

  • emch

    Katie’s body is there but her soul is somewhere else!!!
    She doesn’t look happy:( …always like being dragggggg…along..

  • Clementines

    Katie went through that extra half inch of endurance and proudly passed her Worthy Scientology woman warrior physical stamina contest and can be allowed in more the secretly-private chambers with Tom now. I think Tom is not so happy ’bout that pass-key trophy win tho..

  • Goody

    I hope Katie is happy. I agree with Stephanie, she always seems to look so vacant (don’t know if that is because of Tom or if she is trying to emulate her bff Victoria Beckham!) Anyway, Tom seems like a very weird dude but if she’s happy then more power to them.

  • Paula

    they look hooottt

  • bella

    ALOT of respect to Tom Cruise!!!!!!!!!! and his family ofcourse

  • Rena

    love her outfit….thanks JJ.

  • gossip girl

    Yeah Baby!
    I miss Suri!

  • happy

    Im tired for Katie’s schedule. She rocks.
    Tom looks delish for his age. He and Brad Pitt are the hottest dad for me in their 40′s. Other young actors look haggard already on their 30′s.

  • macky

    They look really good.

  • gus


  • 90210

    Thanks Jared.

    TomKat are my fave couple in Hollywood.

  • Denise

    I think she looks great. He admitted recently in an interview that they do not get a lot of sleep so maybe that is it. They keep a pretty hectic schedule so I think you guys need to ease up. I love Suri also!

  • Hannah

    looooove them loooooove them

  • ER

    One classy couple

  • kisses

    That’s true some forget Tom is not just any amazing other who loves his family but like what CNN and MSNBC said he runs a studio not just a freakin production A MAJOR STUDIO.

  • lol

    Looks like this is another pic compared to other sites because there was a dinner date when they brought Suri with them and the little princess was walking.


  • Pam


  • Visa Fan

    I’m tired looking at you but (of)

    Holy Kakapoopy! :)

  • Visa Fan

    oop but not (of)

  • Visa Fan

    Try this again!

    I get tired just looking at you, never tired of looking!

    yeah that’s the ticket! :)

  • Visa Fan

    The whole marathon thing!

    H.K. Abbrev. cuz I’m exhausted,…..someone please water.

  • http://d ee

    she is so pertty and has a very nice style. she is a hot mom!

  • pr person

    A romantic dinner? With 10 of their closest minders/friends? Please!!!

  • ex-fan

    Give this a few more years when the older kids and eventually Suri,come out with the real truth about their lives with Tom.

    Hopefully Katie will not let Tom harm Suri mentally, as she is Katie’s bio child,like he has brainwashed/alledgely the older 2,
    we never see, but the other 2 kids may be playing along,
    til they can leave.
    I say the oldest girl will spring first,she strikes me as somewhat of a rebel.

    I have my doubts about Katie helping Suri though,after she let Tom throw Suri into that deep water.But Tom is transparent. I was a fan 4 years despite his cult affiliate. Not anymore.
    I hope Katie gets out be4 he does to her what he did to Nicole and his other wives.
    Tom’s mom is a tough pill to swallow. If not 4 the kids I wouldn’t bother.

  • Mae

    Tom and Katie are gorgeous. More pic? PLEASE..

  • Donna

    I love this family. I love the look of Katie.

  • Michigan

    on my local radio station they voted that tomKat is their beloved Hollywood couple they wonna hang out with. YEEESSSSSSS

  • Krista

    I was wrong about them.

    Congraats to her on the marathon.

  • bangles

    Both look superb. Is that the Redskins owner with them?

  • Todd

    Katie is soooooo hot Im campaigning for her to do
    some sexy movies.

  • dean

    Katie said she ran the marathon in hopes of making tommy proud. From the sad, vacant looks on her face since the marathon photo-op, she obviously failed, again.

    So sad.

  • Miapocca

    This was the night before the marathon…there is a video of the outing with suri walking into the hotel with a whole bunch of scinetology security

  • dean

    OH Mia, You are SO right…That is the video where as Suri is walking Tom touches her head and that poor liitle child flinches and ducks her away in fear.
    I did see that video.
    Either way I am thinking that Katie will soon be looking to get out.
    When tomkat are together in public and she looks at tommy, I am reminded of Charles and Diana before they announced their separation. The cold distant stares and glares.

  • Lolo

    It’s not ‘sushi’. It’s ‘SURI’ !!

  • thats_right

    Katie looks younger than Suri lol whats going on :)

  • go sox

    I agree with those saying Katie’s eyes look vacant and that her soul is gone. I used to love both of these two. Stopped liking Tom long ago when he became obsessed with scientology and trying to drag everyone around him into it. Sorry, but all that stuff is just not normal. I loved Katie earlier in her career, but lost respect when she hooked up with Tom. I think she was in love with the idea of being with the early Tom Cruise. I have a feeling she had no idea what she was getting into. They may be happy, but she has lost herself in all this…….

  • bebe

    Can’t wait to hear “it all” from Nicole about her marriage to Tom. I read she was under gag order for some yrs to keep mum.
    I agree -Katie has dead eyes.

  • western

    Hotter than ever……

  • Faye

    Katie looks so adorable.

  • bataglio

    he musta’ loaded release 1.3 on her or something, she’s out of it