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Jolie's Cup of Joe

Jolie's Cup of Joe

Angelina Jolie warms herself up with a cup of joe Wednesday on the set of The Changeling currently filming in Padasena, Calif.

The mother-of-four was seen having a laugh with director Clint Eastwood.

Yesterday, Angie received a special visit from 4-year-old son Pax.

25+ pictures inside of Jolie‘s cup of joe…

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01 angelina jolie cup of joe
02 angelina jolie cup of joe
03 angelina jolie cup of joe
04 angelina jolie cup of joe
05 angelina jolie cup of joe
06 angelina jolie cup of joe
07 angelina jolie cup of joe
08 angelina jolie cup of joe
09 angelina jolie cup of joe
10 angelina jolie cup of joe
11 angelina jolie cup of joe
12 angelina jolie cup of joe
13 angelina jolie cup of joe
14 angelina jolie cup of joe
15 angelina jolie cup of joe
16 angelina jolie cup of joe
17 angelina jolie cup of joe
18 angelina jolie cup of joe
19 angelina jolie cup of joe
20 angelina jolie cup of joe
21 angelina jolie cup of joe
22 angelina jolie cup of joe
angelina jolie cup of joe 01
angelina jolie cup of joe 02
angelina jolie cup of joe 03
angelina jolie cup of joe 04

Photos: Karl Larsen/, Scott/Shinn/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Lady G

    aww Angie is hard at work once again. Saw some pics of Pax on the set visiting mommy.

    Thanks for the new thread Jared!

  • faith

    Beautiful and good day everyone.

  • Flisbeth

    nice hat

  • mimi


  • regm

    I have post a comment in a Jolie´s new and it one of the top ten! I can´t believe it!

  • regm

    I have posted a comment in a Jolie´s new and it one of the top ten! I can´t believe it!

    I don´t like her hair

  • http://justjared &

    zanessa r like conpltly p***ed of wid da pap, cuz dey r like getin too fed up wid it, da pap need ta chill, they ned a private life

  • angel

    hard working woman,enough respect,the hair is a wig

  • guli

    Thanks Jared!!!!

    Hello BAMPZS Fans!!! She looks gorgeous as usual :-)

  • lora

    She looks beautiful and very happy.

  • Youwillmissme

    She looks… old.

  • bruhaha

    i really DONT LIKE HER… nothing personal…but i just don’t

  • FFSSS!!!!


  • me

    Where are the pictures of her with Pax??

  • angel

    the movie is not affected by the strike,is angie getting the award for her humanitarian work today?

  • the_original_nika

    she looks somewhat sick. isnt pax 6 y.o ?

  • C

    She is head to toe a biggest stupid…

  • bruhaha

    she may be a MAN EATER. IS. she always need attention.

  • C

    always the false disgusting smile on her stupid big face…fuck off

  • angie is great

    How can someone not like her? She is so beautiful and nice and sweet and funny and talented, not to mention kindhearted, generous and KICK AS S!!!

  • nicole

    Angie is back to work again. She is very beautiful in these pics.
    I watched Extra interview over and over. I love Jerry’s questions and love Angie’s answers. Brad and Angie want more biological and adopted children and they are working on it. They are working on the baby-making. sweet. Even if she is not pregnant now, she will be pregnant very soon. I cannot believe Angie from don’t want any biological kid to one bio kid to more bio kids. Brad really changes her a lot.

  • angie is great

    16 the_original_nika :

    she doesnt look sick and pax is 3, he will be 4 on the 29th.

  • Natasha

    The pictures of Pax is on And she is not looking for attention she is doing her movie, the paparazzi is the one who’s always following her. She is fabulous. Stop hating people you don’t even know her.

  • angel

    12 and 12,leave ,no one forces you to comment,STFU

  • tino tonatini

    what a beautifull woman! everyone envy her but no body can be her …so stop your comment haters….just stop it……… safe I hope we ill see tonight getting her award …..Ny is one hour flight no big deal

  • soopx

    she looks so beautiful in this color.

  • ilaria


    You people are so fast.

  • guli

    Here are pics of Pax!!!!!! I am sure you have already seen them, but OK :-)

  • angel

    c,name changing is not helping,that face is the face the whole world wants,yuppie

  • ilaria

    Can’t belive I’m on first page

  • angel

    hi guli,thanks for the adorable pax pics

  • Dima bilan

    Анджелина Прекрасна, я люблю её.
    Angelina Jolie, welcome to Russia.

  • open mouth kiss just gives tabloids ammuntion
  • Pam

    She looks GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hiya

    Angie always looks gorgeous! Looks like a happy set, too!

  • stfu

    Wednesday, November 07, 2007
    ‘Beowulf’ battles and Angelina Jolie approval
    From CNN Entertainment Producer Douglas Hyde in Los Angeles:

    Monday night’s red-carpet premiere of “Beowulf” turned out to be interesting for a number of reasons.

    “Beowulf,” as you might have read, is an animated version of the classic tale that some of us were forced to read in school. And if you think the story was full of histrionics, you should have seen the premiere in L.A.’s Westwood neighborhood.

    First off, the “Beowulf” people went all out. They closed off an entire block. They built a big, rocky, spooky papier-mache edifice that said “Beowulf” and had dry-ice fog swirling around it. It was exactly as the studio desired: very dramatic.

    Meanwhile, there was also some drama going on in the penned-in area where the media has set up, waiting for the stars to come by.

    At red-carpet events, there’s a pecking order to media locations – first spot goes to “Entertainment Tonight,” then “Access Hollywood,” and on down the line – and one of the down-the-line names wasn’t happy with their spot. They left in protest. Then another media firm got into an argument with a TV network, siccing security on an employee. The employee wasn’t happy: “What goes around, comes around. I won’t forget this!” he said.

    After that, the stars were almost an anticlimax. Almost.

    Ray Winstone arrived first. In reality, Winstone is 50 and, if in decent shape (he’s a former boxer), he’s not Mr. Olympia. But in the movie, he’s a 20-something animated hero with six-pack abs. He told CNN that his wife said that’s what he looked like 30 years ago, but he thinks she’s just being kind.

    And you might be interested in one of Winstone’s next films: “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.” He said Harrison Ford still has it, and when Ford cracks that whip for the first time, you’ll get a chill down your spine.

    Then it was on to Crispin Glover, who voices the monster Grendel in the movie. Glover, as you recall, is known for playing George McFly in “Back to the Future” … and for being rather, uh, eccentric. He arrived with a jacked-up Tiny Tim hairdo, starlet on his arm, and chatted away as we heard all this commotion in the background. The reason for the noise? Brad Pitt and “Beowulf” star Angelina Jolie, of course. They’d arrived, and the media trembled.

    After short interviews with Anthony Hopkins and John Malkovich – the latter acknowledging my greeting with “Hello, Doug from CNN” in that breathless creepy assassin voice from “In the Line of Fire” – we met Jolie. She couldn’t have been nicer. She took one look at my Steve McQueen jacket and exclaimed, “Nice jacket!” Which of course, totally made my week. When one of the world’s most beautiful women digs your wardrobe, you must be doing something right.

    Look out, ladies: I am now officially Angelina Jolie-approved!

    All just another day at the office, of course.

  • guli

    Hiya angel, isn’t he cute, but all four of the JP kids are adorable, just like their mommy and daddy :-)

  • angel

    33,what do you mean?,that is from wanted,is for a jobe,please donot be lame

  • angel

    i mean job

  • angie is great
  • estelle

    Thanks JJ for another wonderful thread. She looks great and beautiful.

    25 tino tonatini- I don’t think she will be at the award, may be they will have the VIA satellite of her speech for the award, because to fly from Los Angeles to NY is 5-6 hours plane ride and NY is also 3 hours ahead of Los Angeles.

  • hahahahhahahahahahaha

    open mouth kiss just gives tabloids ammuntion : 11/07/2007 at 2:32 pm

    LMAO @ aniston’s pic

  • angie is great

    I know this will sound weird but..Pax reminds me of Brad in some pics.

  • alicet

    Here is a link on Angie’s possible nomination for the Academy Awards. Even JustJared’s site was mentioned. It is interesting to read what the readers comments, who I supposed are film enthusiasts, with regards to her possible nomination. I wish there is a way we could drum beat Angie and especially Brad’s excellent work for AMH and TAOJJ for the oncoming awards.
    Jolie is still a strong contender for Best Actress and a lot of that has to do with her magnetic quality as a person. Both Brad Pitt and Angelina will be Golden Globe nominees, take it to the bank. As far as Oscar goes, it will depend on whether or not their very public lives splashed all over magazines will overshadow their work. That is something we won’t know until the season goes further along. There is no other reason I can think of that Angelina would be counted out.

  • angel

    guli, do you know anyhing about angie’s humanitarian Award

  • Hiya

    34 Pam: Haha, we both used the word gorgeous –if I’d seen your post first I would’ve said beautiful –didn’t mean to copy.

  • just breathing gives tabloids ammunition

    33 open mouth kiss just gives tabloids ammuntion


    It’s from a movie, idiot. Are you a child? Who cares what lies a tabloid writes?

  • Dima bilan

    Angelina Jolie, приезжай в Россию!

  • guli

    angel—come on, the troll is trying to bait you to ruin a new thread. Please stop reacting to the cr@p the TABLOID lies make up every week…They have been doing this for three years and they will continue since there are idiots out there who throw their money away to buy lies instead of giving to charity or something worth while…………..

  • showers of Blessings