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Britney Spears Has a Mental Illness

Britney Spears Has a Mental Illness
  • Brit‘s friends say she has a mental illness
  • Dominic Monaghan and Evangeline Lilly call it quits.
  • Mandy Moore is dating Friends star Matthew Perry.
  • Hilary Duff will lap dance her way into your heart
  • Reese & Jake avoid the paparazzi
  • Megan Fox looks off-the-wall on the wall
  • Beyonce‘s got THUNDER
  • Hulk Hogan‘s son, Nick, gets arrested
  • New York City in animation
  • Nicole Scherzinger‘s magenta trench — love it or hate it?
  • Arden B: Runway looks for dep’t store prices
  • Rihanna seems like a lot of fun
  • The Eagles beat Britney Spears for the top spot on the Billboard 200 Top Albums chart this week. The band’s first album in 28 years, “Long Road Out of Eden,” sold 711,000 copies during its first week of release, reported Tuesday. Brit‘s album “Blackout” sold 290,000 copies. /
  • “For everything that’s gone wrong with Britney, I blame myself,” Lynne Spears tells this week’s Life & Style weekly. “I didn’t raise my children to have Hollywood careers. This all just exploded in my face, and big dreams became big headaches.” As for her relationship with Britney, Lynne says, “we’ve reunited. We’re friends.”
  • Britney Spears has been ordered to pay $120,000 in legal fees to ex Kevin Federline, who was awarded temporary custody of their young sons. Meanwhile, K-Fed‘s $20,000 per month spousal support from Britney is to end Nov. 15.
  • George Clooney and Fabio got into a shoving match at Madeo in L.A. after Clooney got upset because he thought someone in Fabio‘s group was snapping pictures of him. Clooney told the person to stop- prompting Fabio to explain the shots were of his group and tell Clooney, “stop being a diva,” a witness told In Touch.
  • The Office stars John Krasinski and Rashida Jones, who once dated, were seen canoodling at Bon Appetit Supper Club for last week’s SNL after-party.
  • Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams are planning to build two identical bedrooms for their daughter in the homes they’ve been living in since they broke up this past summer so the girl will not feel displaced when she wakes up.
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  • http://WWW.IHATETOMCRUISE.COM Miapocca

    Mandy More just keeps datinG hardeend bachelors..her dreams of here comes the bride are going kaput with each one she selects…poor child at least they have somethign in common, they are both FAT

  • http://justjared paula abdul

    Nick arrested?.Hope the friend will be ok.

  • http://justjared &

    really sick
    as in horrid
    not kwl

  • stefanie

    I knew Britney’s album wouldn’t have legs after the inital release. I know record company hype when I see it and they were really hoping that Britney’s freak show/train wreck would translate into big record sales.

    The Eagles album (which by the way sounds really good) sold 3x more albums that Britney AND in only one store, Wal-Mart (wow, the deal the Eagles musta made with Wal-Mart).

    Britney’s career as a singer and entertainer is over. Next stop for her…the asylum.

  • stefanie

    Oh and about Heath and Michelle…I never though their relationship would last. I always felt that Heath got involved with Michelle during “Brokeback Mountain” because he was feeling the need to be with a woman during filming such an intense movie.

    They took it as far as they could, but once the movie was long and done, Heath reverted back to his old self… and that ain’t a family man. I am impressed with the mature matter they are dealing wtih the break up.

  • grace

    if feel for her!!!

    brit im 110% behind ya!!!!!!!!!!

  • rachael

    - Hilary the lapdancer? I don’t believe it
    - Dom always has my shoulder to cry on anytime he wants. No more Evie :)
    - Poor Brit’s bank account is being squeezed dry, but she brought it onto herself. Hopefully she’ll straighten up and wake up soon so we don’t have to read about her anymore. Seriously.

  • PJ

    Why do all the sealed documents end up on TMZ?

    Why does Kaplan refer to TMZ regularly in court for his evidence?

    Why does TMZ only show pictures of Britney in a negative light?

    Why doesn’t TMZ ever show pictures of Britney taking her boys for walks? (yes they DO exist)

    Why did TMZ start saying Britney loves the paparazzi and then suddenly the Judge said the same thing? (Is this Judge a TMZ fan? Between Harvey, Kaplan and the judge it sure seems like the boys club)

    This case stinks and YES Britney is too mentally ill to even understand what is happening. How many drug tests is this Judge going to make her take before he wakes up and sees it’s not drugs.

  • http://justjared &

    still no newz
    i am dissapointed

  • http://justjared $$$

    i need more newzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • angelina is a slut


  • Edo

    Us weekly, you’re sick!

  • awesome!

    Poor Britney. She does seem unstable but this just seems in poor taste. But what do I expect from trashy magazines?

    * Play games and do searches for real money! Free Moola invites: *

  • Helena

    #1, if you think both Moore and Perry are fat then you have some serious issues. Either you’re jealous of Moore’s great figure or you’re some anorexic scánk.

  • Lillianne

    Lovin the magenta trench. Stacy and Clinton say you should have a signature coat and that’s a good one. Unfortunately I would look like a giant road flare if I wore it.

  • Cuckoonest

    Identical bedrooms????…lol!!!! I see both stayed in good term for the sake of their daughter…but sorry the idendtical bedrooms thing cracks me up! LMAO XD XD XD

  • bdj

    Damn* first they took away Brit Brit’s number 1 Billboard postition. Now US Weakly is saying the girl has a mental problem. Brit just can’t win.

  • kim

    It looked like they cropped Britney’s head on that body. I dont think that is really her…

  • bataglio

    re dominic – good. that was way too much ugly going on at once. thank God for brad’n'ange doing their part to counterbalance s_hit like that



  • http://WWW.IHATETOMCRUISE.COM Miapocca

    Kevins aliminy ends nov 15th, he jus tfiled another suit to get britney in court before that…Boy is getting desperate…thing is , if he never paid alimony or child support to shar, then he shouldnt expect anything from Britney.,…this really suck bigtime for the one has their best interests at heart…no thier parents not the lawyers and not the judge!!

  • pinkninjafish

    awww, john krasinski and rashida jones?!

  • cherries

    she probaly does have a mental illness. i mean i was a huge brit fan when i was younger. but now she is just trying to come back to something she can’t be. i mean no offense. she is still kinda pretty and everything and her kids are beautiful, but 1. she is too old 2. she has too many problems and 3. she ruined herself by shaving her head! but i mean its cool she’s trying i just don’t think she will make it.

  • http://WWW.IHATETOMCRUISE.COM Miapocca

    THEY ARE FAT..FAT is subjective and not always negative..MANDY keeps bloating up thats what she hides in thos ebaggy dark clothes..ARE YOU ALSO MAKING EXCUSES FOR YOUT WEIGHT BY SAYING YOUR ARE CURVY..LOOK IN THE MIRROR AND BE TRUTHFUL WITH YOURSELF

  • mactank
  • yana gumbatyan


  • Marie

    Britney is suffering from a psychiatric illness and she needs help like with any other illness such as cancer or diabetes – she will need medication and therapy. Too many people are uninformed about mental illness and just see her as a spoiled, famous, rich girl who is just acting out. This hopefully will bring it out of the dark and into the light that anyone can suffer this illness so many people have died from including famous actors and musicians. Hopefully, Britney will not have to follow that path. She shouldn’t have been released from that hospital until she was better, stabilized and understood her situation. The problem is too many of those mental health workers are underpaid about 11 -12 dollars an hour, have no knowledge or understanding of mental illness, are disgruntled and probably saw Britney as some spoiled rich girl who doesn’t deserve any help since she has so much money and fame but mental illness is an illness that is a chemical inbalance which can be balanced with the right combination of medication. Too many people are happy to see Britney fail.

  • http://MillonaireRomance Mike

    Britney is my faqvourite pop star. I am sorry to hear she is fell in bad cancer The news are reported in millonaire dating site” W e a l t h y L o v i n g .c o m”.Is that true? Is she really has a new baby?