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Rumer Willis @ LAX Airport

Rumer Willis @ LAX Airport

Rumer Willis keeps her latest hairstyle under wraps with a beanie as checks herself and her numerous bags in at LAX airport on Tuesday in Los Angeles. The eldest daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore flew first class Delta.

Rumer, 19, joked to People last week, saying, “I feel like I’m really famous now.”

She added, “Before I started working, I would have said, ‘You know, it’s not really fair, because I didn’t choose this.’ But when you decide to be a part of this profession and put yourself out there, then you kind of have to accept what it is. [But] I think they know that I’ve had great role models. It’s a 24-hour job. It doesn’t matter if you are going out to a restaurant – you have to be aware of what you are doing and how you look and how you are presenting yourself, because most of the time people never get to know you… Being famous isn’t going to parties … it’s about being able to use the power that we all have to kind of give back.”

15+ pictures inside of Rumer Willis @ LAX Airport…

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rumer willis lax airport 02
rumer willis lax airport 03
rumer willis lax airport 04
rumer willis lax airport 05
rumer willis lax airport 06
rumer willis lax airport 07
rumer willis lax airport 08
rumer willis lax airport 09
rumer willis lax airport 10
rumer willis lax airport 11
rumer willis lax airport 12
rumer willis lax airport 13
rumer willis lax airport 14
rumer willis lax airport 15

Photos: Dean/Gabo/Bm/Jsm/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Kourtney

    first! ha even though im sure no one really cares about her and thats why theres not already and comments

  • http://justjared paula abdul

    She looks really cute here.

  • http://justjared paula abdul

    She looks better with dark hair.

  • savannah

    Poor unfortunate looking child.

  • Sarah

    she is very ugly. no offence to her or her fans, though. Just my opinion.

  • HL

    She is really ugly.

  • baba

    Oh no again her. Brrrrrr *0*
    You’re killing me.
    Black, blond, Gold, Diamond Hair this girl will stay awful !

  • Val

    Finally someone with their head screwed on right – go Rumor. And one day she’ll be winning Oscar’s/Emmy’s – ROCK ON!

  • http://justjared $$$

    watch this

  • ohmy

    Wait, what’s her job? Is she an actress?

  • http://justjared $$$

    ok fine then the link didnt come through

  • Al

    Uh, she’s NOT famous. We only know who she is because of her parents. What has this girl really done in terms of work which people have actually seen and would credit her as famous? Besides partying with other people who are famous this chick hasn’t really done very much to date! Her child roles in movies which only happened because her parents were in them doesn’t count. GET A LIFE, DO SOME GOOD WORK & THEN AND ONLY THEN WILL WE CONSIDER YOU FAMOUS – FOOL!

  • Milli

    She is about as famous as MR T or not even.

  • baba

    Response 9)
    Yeah In a perfect world where live muchos simpled-mind and sightless people !!

  • baba

    Go GO GO GO AL (message

  • ALLI

    Ah it’s not fame it’s called NEPOTISM

  • stefanie

    if she wasn’t the child of two famous actors, no one would even notice her.
    And she’s not a pretty girl. Not at all.

  • Alli M

    Notoriety and fame are 2 different things. She paries with the young Hollywood loser pack (Lilo, Richie etc) and her parents are famous. She’s probably ecstatic that her Mum married Ashton Kutcher – that union has given them all a few more photo ops and air play.

  • Natalie

    Weird… she actually looks OK here

  • baba

    fashion kamouflage

  • melissa

    she got all the wrong features from her parents.

  • Itis

    Let us not forget this genius dropped out of college. It shocks me when these losers have all the money for the best education yet choose to do nothing. Please, these hollywood brats have no clue what it means to work for something and simply don’t have the disapline to complete something as rigorous as college. Golly gee, why should they bother to work or educate themselves when they already have money and fame!? Losers! And their parents more so.

  • Natalie

    #12, I agree.
    I don’t get what this girl has done to make her feel like she’s *really* famous now? She hasn’t earned any of it, she was just lucky enough to be born Bruce & Demi’s kid. I have no problem if she wants to be in the business and she works her a.s.s. off just like everyone else does, but seriously what has she DONE? Has anyone seen a movie with her in it? I have only seen her at events, leaving clubs or whatever.

  • Maxim

    This poor, poor girl.Why does Demi spend all that money on cosmetic surgery and not do anything for this girl?

  • kyl

    Well she looks plain ugly as usual, why is she that ugly? is there any scientific explanation to explain that? I mean Demi looks ok and Bruce is alright so whyyyyyyyyyy? I really want to know

  • scott

    worst of both sides

  • kali

    four letters.


  • kali

    four letters.


  • the_original_nika

    LOl #24.

  • alicelikesboisss

    she is fckin ugly ewww i hate herrrr

  • uh uh


  • tia

    famous? like sure. i feel bad for her because shes one of the ugliest chicks that i have ever seen!

  • sally

    why is she wearing a wedding ring?

  • Amanda

    wow u people are mean u hate someone becasue u think there ugly?? do u realize how ridiculous that is?? wow

    whatever shes porb cuter then ur ass anywayz!

  • Amanda

    wow u people are mean u hate someone becasue u think there ugly?? do u realize how ridiculous that is?? wow

    whatever shes porb cuter then ur ass anywayz!

  • vicki

    Poor unfortunate looking child. Go to college, get an education. With looks like that she will need all the education she can get.

  • clinic

    all kinds of wrong with misses potato head jr…

    i didn’t think she could look any worse. my bad.

  • blueangel

    She says, “you have to be aware of how you look.” Uh, I wonder if she is aware that she looks serious fug? In fact, she is so fug that I don’t think any amount of plastic surgery could fix it.

  • Cindy

    Can you guys find something more outrageous to hate about her other than her looks.

    She looks fine, I just don’t like what she said. A bit full of ourselves…someone needs to take a step back and do some self-examining.

  • Jen

    All I can say is Dam* she’s fugly…….

  • xena

    I never quite understood all this hate for this girl.. She is far from be ugly. Is just because she is an actor with both parents actors? but there are so many out there.. so I quite dont get it.

  • whatever

    I think all the ugly talk started when Perez hilton said she llooked like the guy from that cher movie “mask”. After that everyone has been saying the girl is ugly. She is not even that bad looking.

  • gansito

    Don’t get me wrong … ok if you do whatever but damn this girl is ulgy! .. she gives the name ‘ ugly betty’ a meaning!!

    wow … who would have thought that a kid from Demi Moore would look like this …. but then again the dad is Bruce Willis soooo there you go .. not all ‘beatuiful and handsome ‘ couples can have cute kids jajaaa

  • dita

    Ugly, ugly, ugly!

  • say la-la-la

    I’m impressed though, that she KNOWS she has to give back the privilege she has (and was given at birth). Young people do not realize this very often, especially those who are very rich and doesn’t really know the value of the dollar. Now I see her differently and even though she doesn’t meet the standard for beauty, I think she’s unique. At one point she was having a bit of rough time- going to the clubs and hanging out with LL and stuff, but I guess she’s realizing about life and the true meaning of it. Hope she does charity work soon!

  • baba

    Every one
    I think We need to define a “method of ban”. If a morning I have to see her face, my day begins bad !

    Like the guy form n sync (or garbage face …)! Sorry but I do not his name beacause I am french and this band is not famous here.

    See U later ++

  • baba

    Who did you know at this moment
    that Demi Moore will mother an alien ?!!!

  • your psychiatrist

    i felt bad about making fun of her looks until she got all conceited…now, i could care less…she’s hard to look at.

  • someone

    Just like I assumed, she DOES look better without makeup.

  • djodjo

    ugly, but hot!!!