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Behind-the-Scenes of 'Valkyrie'

Behind-the-Scenes of 'Valkyrie'

Peep this new behind-the-scenes featurette on Valkyrie, the historical thriller directed by Bryan Singer (Superman Returns, X-Men).

Valkyrie is based on the true story of the German officers’ plot to assassinate Hitler in 1944. An eyepatch-wearing Cruise plays a Nazi German, Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg. The film is set for a June 28th, 2008 release.

Watch the featurette with Quicktime in regular resolution or high-definition.

20+ HD screencaps inside of the Valkyrie featurette…

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valkyrie behind the scenes 01
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valkyrie behind the scenes 03
valkyrie behind the scenes 04
valkyrie behind the scenes 05
valkyrie behind the scenes 06
valkyrie behind the scenes 07
valkyrie behind the scenes 08
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valkyrie behind the scenes 11
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95 Responses to “Behind-the-Scenes of 'Valkyrie'”

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  1. 1
    shazam! Says:

    I refuse to say FIRST. Wait….damn!

  2. 2
    pr person Says:

    Wait…. this movie doesn’t come out until June ’08? So what exactly is the point of this behind-the-scenes featurette? Ugggghhhh! Make it stop!

  3. 3
    Hello Says:

    GO TOM

  4. 4
    Love Says:

    so many films are out 2008 but this is one film Im dying to see. I saw this on History channel and Discovery channel and my heart is beating from the suspense.

  5. 5
    dvd Says:

    hes so fat -fat -fat -
    wheres that booger that’s normally on his left cheek?

  6. 6
    ho-hum Says:

    Tom will butcher this movie,with the old same o same o, like his new movie,I was told was zzzzzzz..yawn..he’s so yesterday..his acting is always the same.

  7. 7
    Tom c Says:

    He looks a bit ridiculous with the wavy hair.

  8. 8
    BOOM.SHAKA.LAKA.boom Says:

    while tom cruise is a great actor who was once a spunk, i now find him slightly freaky with erratic behaviour

  9. 9
    Actually Says:

    So Tom will have an accent in this movie. This will be a first I think.

  10. 10
    Actually Says:

    Oh I’m wrong he did that movie with Nicole K. Nevermind.

  11. 11
    thatgirlxo Says:

    okay is it just me or has tom cruise been trying to act as an older zac efron? first the hair, then TRL. wanna come out with a musical too? stick to being tom cruise. thank you.

    the management.

  12. 12
    TR Says:

    I am over this guy… too weird, too eccentric, sorta creepy. I wouldn’t spend money on a Tom Cruise film. His “my way or the highway” mentality is a major turn off.

  13. 13
    ILovePapaSmurf Says:

    Wow, he looks really good. Like really, really good. Dang it! I can’t believe I said that!

  14. 14
    MMM Says:

    #13 I agree. He can manage to look good in movies, but I think he is not looking so good in pictures lately.

  15. 15
    Manel Says:

    MUST SEE MOVIE. I hope he gets the Oscars for good.

  16. 16
    wow Says:

    Looks really good. Thanks JJ.

  17. 17
    NBC Says:

    The reports are that it too will bomb.

  18. 18
    haha Says:

    shut up fake NBC getting relocated from Burbank to Universal.
    Tom is a winner, NBC is the loser of all networks with their Must see Thursdays gone since Friends said au revoir.

  19. 19
    mac Says:

    An actor who has it all. Love my Tom too bad we have to wait long for this film to come out………….

  20. 20
    Marie Says:

    such an intriguing story to watch. Wont miss
    this and Tom’s movies rarely disappoint.


  21. 21
    Q Says:

    Go away trolls. Take your meds asap.

  22. 22
    mitchy Says:

    TV news and many fanboys have this behind the scenes long time ago but thanks anyway Jared. Better late than never.
    Im no expert but I think this movie will be more bigger than Lions for Lambs because the Hitler arc is very deep and interesting. While Lions is excellent the theme hits too close to home and many of the public are so depress about the war and are in denial about it. Very sad actually. Many Americans are not even aware of the domestic and international events but know the celebs and stupid things. You watch the night shows and average Americans are ask who the leader of Russia is and they are still in the USSR time.

  23. 23
    chessa Says:


  24. 24
    thumbs up Says:

    Im confuse why till this day Tom and so many actors get robbed by the Academy? GRRRRRR.

    Im jealous that Tom keeps on shining and looks hot despite his crazy schedule.

  25. 25
    jordie Says:

    He will be directing too once he finds the right script he told Extra. WTG our Tommy and he added he has no political aspirations when reporters ask him.All Tom said he’s just an actor.

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