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Apple Martin is a Ballerina

Apple Martin is a Ballerina

Grandma Blythe Danner takes Apple, 3, and a friend to a ballet lessons in New York City’s West Village on Thursday. Apple seemed excited for the lesson, practicing her dance moves inside the parking garage.

Mommy Gwyneth Paltrow has been busy a foodie road trip with chef Mario Batali and New York Times food columnist Mark Bittman. The TV show they have been filming is titled Spain… On the Road Again.

10+ pictures inside of ballerina Apple Martin

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Photos: Gardiner Anderson/Bauer-Griffin
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  • rie

    mini-mini Gwyneth!

  • jambajamba

    she’ so cute! makes me wonder though.. are gwyn and chris still together? he’s been MIA a lot lately… hope not…they seem so good together…

  • becky

    aww she’s so gorgeous. =]

  • Frenchy

    Aww too cute. I started that young too as a ballerina. I hope to be a ballet mom one day.

  • Colleen

    She’s cute!

  • liza

    By far the cutest little girl ever!

  • maddy

    cutest little girl ever!

  • eli

    thats a strippers name if i ever heard one! Apple Martini

  • KarenA

    She really does look like Gwenyth. Mini!Gwen. Adorable.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Too old to be sucking her thumb.

  • Zombiezgrl

    She’s not too old to suck her thumb! And while she’s cute, I wonder if something can be done about her eye; it wanders….

  • me

    Mini-Gwyn indeed!!!! Sooooooooooo cute :D

  • delilah

    even though i dislike both of her parents apple is a gorgeous little girl

  • P o’q

    Tell me that’s not fur.

  • valentina

    This girl is simply, impossibly, unbelievably cute! I don’t think she takes after Gwyneth only – it seems that Gwyneth’s ethereal quality has been helped by more genes. Power to the little girl!

  • The narcissist

    Suri’s cuter~~!!!

  • jilly

    She looks like her grandmother!

  • +++

    Cute ! she look like her mom. while her baby bother look like her dad.

  • kc

    Such a cutie!!! She is such a mini-Gwyneth.

  • AH

    Should we be focusing so much attention on the children?

  • Eslam

    god! she’s so cute! love her always .,
    and yeaaaa she’s such a mini-gwyneth .. adorable kid!
    moses also is growin up soooo cute!
    love u Gwyneth and love ur kids

  • Dan

    Cute but she does have a wandering eye.

  • lol

    She is looking less like her FUG mom as she gets older.

  • tbear

    I would have never guessed this was Gwyn’s daughter. She looks just like Chris.

  • justme

    She’s Daddy’s mini-me!!

  • justme

    She’s Daddy’s mini-me!!

  • Borat

    Don’t think she looks like her mommy but would Chris make a pretty girl?

  • joycat

    LOVE Apple! LOVE Blythe! Gwyneth still SUCKS!

  • my2cents

    Adorable little girl! Her eye will be ok – they can fix that when she gets older.

  • Anna

    Apple looks just like Chris.

  • tatum

    Oh how cute its a mini Gwen!!!

  • http://justjared paula abdul

    AWWWWWWW. She’s so cute.

  • kit

    Eww, she’s sucking her thumg. She’s way too old to be doing this. It’s a sign of really bad parenting. Btw, what’s she doing in NY? Gwynnie is so vocal about how much she hates America. I love how she tried to lie her way out of those damning statements only to have it revealed that she’d said them before!But, how could she let her precious little spawn spend time in the US, given how much she hates it? Oh right, because she’s a hypocrite.

  • Maniston dumb slut

    Way cuter than Suri.

  • YoYo

    What a “special” looking child.

  • francesca

    it’s strange to see posts saying…”love the grandmother (blythe)”, “love apple”, “can’t stand gwyneth”….b/c i feel the exact same way. gywneth sure did start rubbing people the wrong somewhere along the way…i USED to like her alot. however, she started behaving as though she was sooo wise, talented and entitled. it made her seem so pompous and irritating…..nothing humble and endearing about her.

  • Rogue


  • tatum

    she is 3 how is that too old to suck her thumb????

  • Regina

    Does that mean Gwyneth’s in Spain? Because that’s terrible just going off and leaving your children.

  • Jana

    What a “special” looking child
    ^So true. kind of real odd but no wonder with a hyporite for a mom.
    I really feel sorry for this child. I think Mr. and Mrs Paltrow are not together any more and trying to hide it.

  • Kate

    Gwyneth is using her children to improve her snotty image. Do not work for me.

  • katherine


    She doesn’t look cute, she looks scared and nervous.

  • anon

    Looks like she’s doing the warrior pose, pretty funny!!!

  • just wondering

    How much money does it take to really raise a kid. I often question the motives of these filthy rich ppl who have kids and keep working. It seems as if working is an outlet for the parents even if it’s a selfish narcissistic outlet. How many of you moms would take the time to just stop working-move to small town USA and give your kids all of you. What is it about “fame” that makes ppl continue to work when they don’t have to. It’s greedy. selfish and inconsiderate not to give your kids as much time with you as possible and also coach them along in life-Ivanka Trump is a great example. What a wonderful kid she and her other siblings turned out to be. Why? Because someone, some loving mother took the time to ensure that they would have a chance and that they would be emotional and educationally prepared

  • Yorick

    I think Paltrow is being a good mom by continuing to work even though she has the money. She’s taeching her children the value of good work.

    Also, she usually stars in little indies that don’t take long to film and much to make.

  • just wondering

    kids don’t understand the value of anything but time with mommy (family)at that age-wait untuil they get older then work

  • peace

    Gwyneth is also in New York shooting a movie with Joaquin Phoneix not in spain, there are pictures of her arriving in jfk with her kids.

  • lisa

    I love her lazy eye.

  • excuse me?

    kit? how is thumb-sucking a sign of bad parenting? your nuts! my children suck their thumbs, and they are both excelling in school, have wondeful personalities and are gorgeous besides. thumb -sucking is a habit that some children get into. parenting skills have nothing to do with it.

  • B.

    Aren’t both parents vegans ? Even IF that’s not real fur… Ugghh.
    Lovely little girl, though.