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Jake Gyllenhaal: Ice, Ice Baby

Jake Gyllenhaal: Ice, Ice Baby

Jake Gyllenhaal strolls down Camden Drive in Beverly Hills holding an ice coffee on Thursday. He eventually hopped into a car where a female friend was waiting for him.

Just last night, Mr. Reese Witherspoon and Pirates of the Caribbean star Orlando Bloom dined at Japanese restaurant Ita Cho in Hollywood.

Bigger pictures inside of Jake, 26, and his iced coffee…

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jake gyllenhaal iced coffee 01
jake gyllenhaal iced coffee 02

Photos: Mike/Fame Pictures
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  • Kourtney

    i love jake gyllenhaal

  • Taylor_Blue

    second…Jake is hot….love him

  • Ss

    Why does he look so fat?

  • blah

    i LOVE him!!

  • posh-ter

    Hi Jared, pls post on Victoria Beckham appearance in Ugly Betty episode. Is she good? Hoping to get a video…arrrgh can’t wait!

  • person

    umm.. does anyone think that hes dressing like brad pitt??

  • lexi

    Nice moobs Jake.

  • the_original_nika

    i still love you jake.


    I love Jake Gyllenhaal, but as of late, I’ve have seen nothing but disappointing pics of him…he does look on the chunky side…

  • Anonymous

    I think he has put on some weight, but I bet its for his upcoming movie Brothers. Im sure he will shed it once he is done filming. Jake is very athletic.

  • Anonymous

    Im surprised Reese was not with him again this time. I wonder who the female friend was. How come no pics of him getting into the car with the female friend?

  • TS

    Jake looks fine. The weight gain may be for his upcoming movie Brothers. He plays a down on his luck guy. This may be part of it. Anyway, Jake is still the best! And Jared, he is not Mr. Reese Witherspoon.

  • moi

    Haha I thought he was Simon Cowell for a second

  • Anon

    Jake hasn’t gained weight. It really depends on what he is wearing and the angle he’s photo’d from that makes him look heavier in some pictures than others. And no. No way you could call him Mr. Reese Witherspoon. Not even close. Sorrrreeee! Don’t go there Jared. It doesn’t become you. It is SO Perez.

  • jake

    more more more JAKE IS GREAT!!

  • Sassy

    Hmm interesting that he and gay Orlando had dinner last night. These two pretty boys should just come out of the closet already!

    The female in the car was probably his sister or wait, Orlando’s beard haha..

  • euughhh

    very gay.Why do some fancy him in their bedroom?
    he’s not good looking at all but ofcourse better
    to look at than his sister.

  • Sassy

    LOL so true. She is a homely one. A good actress though but there’s something about her that’s unappealing to me.

    I find Jake rather effeminate. I’m surprised more people don’t pick up on that. He even sounds like a girl. A whiney sissy girl LOL.

  • Sassy

    Come to think of it, Ryan strikes me as a sissy boy as well. Guess Reese likes her men girlie LOL. She’s a domme bitch that one. I don’t like her. She’ll nag Jake to death just like she nagged her ex.

  • koko

    Looking at jake,I can’t forget that scene in the tent where he was humping the other guy from the rear in Brokeback Mountain!

  • mila

    LMAO At Mr. Reese Witherspoon. Already Jared? Really?

  • emma
  • The narcissist

    Jared, did he and Orlando dine together? Pics?

  • Nick

    Wow he is really packing on the weight and it seems to have gotten worse since Rome.

  • IMO

    Who and the hell is Mr. Reese Witherspoon??? :sad:

  • ring around the collar

    Big Daddy!

  • Maniston dumb slut

    Gay Gyllenhaal!

  • dave

    Mr. Witherspoon is a fattie. At least the last one was hot.

  • Anon

    Wow, Jared. I see the really smart people have invaded the thread. Or did I take a wrong turn and stumble into IMDB??? LOL!!! Jake looks hot. On his worst day he is the hottest guy around. I’m not sure he gained weight. Tho his gut looks bigger. His face does too, but that might be bcz he shaved and also shorter hair can make your face look fatter. I wish his hair could be a tiny bit longer. To think. Reese witherspoon gets to tap that anytime she wants it. Sheesh. Why her!!!

  • jenny

    Come on, don’t call him Mr. Witherspoon.

  • just me

    #23 X17online has pics of them at the same restuarant the same time. It isn’t clear if they were having dinner together. Orlando was with his agent as well.

  • LOL

    “Reese gets to “tap” that?” I don’t think people understand the definition of “tap” or maybe they do…

  • NO

    So many immature comments here. Jake is fantastic and an amazing actor, period. He may have gained weight but that could be for his movie Brothers. So what, he is still totally hot!

  • devilgirl

    Geez you guys, lighten up. Jake’s in love. Haven’t any of you ever gained weight when you’re dating somebody? He’s not working out like he used to b’c he doesn’t want to get out of bed with Reese. :))))

    And #20 Koko, he wasn’t the humper, he was the humpee. Either way it was hot!

  • Taylor_Blue

    chunky??? OMG you must be blind!

  • Jakeisnothot

    The Oasis eyebrows, the giant muppet head and the muscle turned flab do not equal “hot”. If you like him call him attractive or handsome or something after all beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Hot is a fact that cannot be debated. He is seriously not hot.

  • Jake Rox

    Give me a break. A few blousy shirts does make someone fat. I dare any of you using the word “fat” to lift your shirt up next to Jake. That guy is not letting himself go at his young age and in his line of work. Dude is still r-i-p-p-e-d.

  • vicky

    He looks great.You must be crazy to think he looks fat in these pics!!

  • Anon

    If he were twenty pounds heavier he would still be hot. Jake is gorgeous. Totally. I agree. Lucky Reese. And she can have him anytime, anywhere. I know you hate it LOL!!!!!

  • Meme

    Come on Jared! There is no way Jake is “Mr. Reese Witherspon”. He is a great actor and person in his own right.

  • Jakeisnothot

    That is not a “blousy” shirt. It is skin tight on his man boobs and gut. He is out of shape. No matter how many times you post that he is ripped, hot, gorgeous it will not make it so.

  • dani

    Jake’s not fat! He’s very attractive to me. I’d be glad to find a guy like him!

  • Ana

    where are the pics of him and Orlando? two of my favs in one sitting is too good to be true!!!

  • Hal

    Looks to me as if he is getting a little thick around the middle. Maybe he needs to ditch all that pasta that he favors and go for more sushi.

  • Hal

    Well financially he would be Mr. Reese Witherspoon if they got married since she has the dough and he has the flab. They say he loves to cook (a bit gay that, no?) and might make her a perfect “house husband”, as long as he didn’t snack too much. LOL.

  • Anon

    Hal my husband and sons love to cook, I hardly ever cook as they are always happy to do it, and no none of them are gay. Aren’t most chefs men. Also I think Jake is probably very well off in his own right. Anyway I bet you wish you looked like him (have problems geting somone do you).

  • val

    Don’t call him Mr. Witherspoon.

    Well, he is Jake Gyllenhaal.
    I love him.

  • Hal

    If your husband and sons like to cook, maybe you should keep more careful watch on whom they spend their time with, if you get my meaning. Jake lives in a house estimated to be worth 1.75 million, so he is not poor. But he is poor relative to La Witherspoon who gets 20 million a movie. (I think she lives in a bigger house than his, but I have not located exactly where it is, other than somewhere in Brentwood). Look like him? Why? I am happy with my own looks and the fact that I don’t have a tire around my belly.

  • Jake Rox

    Wow. You people calling him fat based on a handful of pictures despite the fact he is famously in shape (biking, running, basketball – with tons of shirtless pics to demonstrate it all) had all better be adonises. “Man boobs”? “Spare tire”? Clearly you have no idea what people in good shape look like under clothes. Put down the fried Oreos and meth pipe, you red-state morons, and gaze upon what it means to be, you know, athletic.

  • devilgirl

    You scare me a lot. You say you”have not located exactly where” Reese’s house is. Do you spend a lot of your obviously free time stalking celebrities? I know you have a lot of time to post here, usually slagging Jake and the other male celebrities you wish were gay and after your obviously-hot ass. Don’t be quite so quick to judge others. My ex is a fabulous cook, as is his father, and they are both decidedly heterosexual. And for a gay man, you sure like to stereotype (most men who like to cook are gay??? WTF????)

    Glass houses and stones, honey.