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Jennifer Lopez Announces Pregnancy

Jennifer Lopez Announces Pregnancy

Jennifer Lopez finally confirmed her pregnancy Wednesday night during her final concert stop in Miami of her El Cantante Tour.

Marc and I are expecting a baby!” the glowing singer announced. “We didn’t want to say anything before because we didn’t want to take away from the tour. This is a special time in our lives. And we waited until the last show to tell you.”

After much applause and before leaving the stage, Jennifer announced, “We are happy, too. Now we will go away for awhile.”

Watch the crowd go absolutely WILD over the J.Lo pregnancy announcement in the video below! Lots and lots of screaming…

Jennifer Lopez announces pregnancy at Miami concert stop
Just Jared on Facebook
Photos: Kevin Mazur/Wireimage
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  • lop


  • http://justjared paula abdul

    Good for her.

  • Regina

    “… Now we will go away for awhile.”

    Thank heavens.

  • stefanie

    It was really classy, I have to say (and I’m no fan).
    I think announcing to her fans was the best way and she probably waited until she was in her 4-5 month.

    Best wishes for her. I hope she will finally find the happiness she’s been seeking for a long time.

  • Sj

    well done j lo, hope the baby is a healthy one.

  • Hannah


  • news

    oh sweet,that is one nice photo,congratulation to them,best wishes to her and baby.

  • lara croft


  • J.LO is a WH*re


    Couldnt come soon enough. THANK YOU JESUS. GO AWAY FOREVER.

    Cant stand that f*cking fake b*tch.

    Hope she’ll go away. Karma is gonna hit her in that big billboard a$$ of hers.

    NOBODY gives a shit about her. Except stupid bloggers. Her music DOESNT make money, her movies DONT make money, and shes got nothing on the horizon. Thank god. Spares us from watching or hearing about her.

    And i NEVER f*cking comment on her or other celebs that are so frequently posted on here, to the point of nausea, but i had to say something cuz i was getting sick and tired of seeing posts on her.

    Now, i’m done.

    Go away WH*RE. Leaves us be, the world is a better place when ur not in it.

  • Sanjuanpuma

    We’ll, it’s about time and, DUH! I think it is pretty obvious J LO is expecting! Oh well. Celebrities can be so weird. Congratulations are in order I suppose!

  • LADY T

    I’ve always liked her and I am so happy for her and her family…


  • Sasha

    Angelina and J Lo are my kind of women. I have so much respect for them. NO one absolutely no would make them rush on their decisions.
    They make their decisions when they are good and ready not because the media wants them too. In some way I am exactly like them no rush all in my time and stride.

    Unlike some fog face person we all know here at JJ appearing for appearance sack especially when Mama Angelina has important projects to promote.
    Take that appearance the other day on an orange top looking like the bitch and homeless she is. I mean homeless cause a house is not a home unless you have family, FAMILY HUSBAND, KIDS ETC living in it.

  • mel

    What a lame plan, I bet the fans were thinking about it the whole time waiting for when her dress flies up or outlines her burgeoning bump so they can take a picture. “I’m pregnant!” Sorry J.Lo that’s old news and you are the last one to know!

  • lula29

    You haters are hilarious. This woman is living her life. She didn’t ask you to pay attention.

    I think she has tons of class, despite all that has been said about her.

    Congrats J.LO.

  • sarah

    congratss…but didnt the mags say tht she was expecting twins????

  • Miapocca

    HAHAHA…jho is hilarious…

  • angel

    congrats,i respect her,she waited util she was ready

  • Brad Addict

    Congratulations i lov her

  • roberta

    feel sad for her, the daddy’s so ugly, she could have found a much better hubby, sexy as she is!

  • Natalie

    Is anyone really that surprised? And does anybody CARE?

    Ok, so she didn’t want to “take away from the tour”… doesn’t hiding your pregnancy and keeping hush hush about it just create more buzz about it, and as a result distract from your tour?

    These celebs LOVE the attention, no matter what they say. Anyways, congrats to Jennifer & Marc.

  • rena

    congrats! she’s the best.

  • salma


  • Simone

    She’s a Big frog!!!!

  • Kamila

    Tell me something new!!! LOL

    Anyway, congratulations to J-Lo and Marc Anthony!

  • elyy

    I think that was classy.. Saying it in a concert is a classy thing..

  • marianna

    I am sooo happy for her! an announcement finally! wishes for all the best cause she deserves it!

    haters you are talking about her! you use your time to read news about her..that means a lot!

  • purple gem

    Congrats Jennifer Lopez. The above photo is real cute.


    Ok, so she didn’t want to “take away from the tour”… doesn’t hiding your pregnancy and keeping hush hush about it just create more buzz about it, and as a result distract from your tour?
    Exactly! .Please everything Jlo does is calculated.She announing now because she doesn’t need the publicity anymore .She’s ended the tour. It ended abrubtly because “she wants to take some time off”….RIGHT !THE REAL REASON IS BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE SICK OF YOU JLO AND YOUR LOSER HUSBAND GO AWAY AND NEVER COME BACK.

  • Visa Fan

    Didn’t see that coming!

    Holy Kakapoopy! :)

  • mina

    Jlo, did it her way and I love her for it…that is why some people hate her so much because she does what she pleases!!!all women should be that srong and liberated!!!!!!She’s gotta be one strong healthy person because that was a grueling concert and she showed why she is worth a gazzillion dollars!!!!!

  • Here’s The Deal

    *Gasp* OhmygawdlikenoWAY!

    Lol, JP. Congrats to them both. I know she’s wanted a baby for so long, I’m glad she finally got her wish.

  • JHo

    self-obsorb, attention seeker, media ho, fake, low class, and ugly fug. i hope her ass get bigger and bigger and bigger and stay bigger after the birth.


    Congrats to them. I love them both and I am very happy for them.

  • mina

    32, maybe your mouth will get bigger and bigger and bite your a#s. What’s with the Ho crap…you need to grow up or get outta the ghetto!!!!!! home girl or homie.

  • crystal

    AWWWWWW……I’m So Happy For Them..They Deserves The Best. They Are A Perfect Match..Congrats JLO You Have Come A Long Way.

  • MIss SASHA

    Now we will go away for a while

  • jane

    Watching the video was a little scary of the crowd reaction. At least one person screamed so loud and long, it was liked they were being murdered. I’ve never heard anyone scream like that.

    Anyway I think the fans kind of lost it. I wonder how they would react to some significant world event, like the war in Iraq being over?


    WHAT…Iam shocked! I thought she was eating to0 much junk food.

  • AnOldieButaGoodie

    At the end of the day no one was hurt by her decision to make the announcement when she wanted to make it. They have a right in their family to do what they feel is best for them

  • daisy

    The crowd was overwhelmed, they love Marc and Jlo so much, Marc is an amazing performer and so is Jlo.

  • ok

    he CHEATED on his WIFE with JLO& he also had a young
    woman pregnant when he left his WIFE ang HOOKED UP with JL…

    Skeletor’s 19th child and 8th BABY MAMA…..zzzzzzzzz..


  • palvasha

    o wow im soooo surprised i thought she just had developed a huge ulcer on ur belly. wellll fuking duhhhhhhhhhhh we can kinda tel ur pregnent u dumb ass…lol. i dont hate the woman just think thats abit stupid….and that mark anthony saying “i didnt think she wud say anything” is such a lier…u can tel they practiced the whole thing hundred times like ass holes

  • sally

    yay! they are going away!

  • the_original_nika

    omg omg she´s pregnant? rotfl.
    those are some crazy fans.

  • lopez-girl

    I’m so happy!
    Jennifer will be most sexy mam!!

    my tears not stop…..
    Jen,happy for you!!

    and how month,now?

  • xioneida

    41. Get your facts right. He cheated on his wife (not with JLO), but with a waitress that said she had his baby, but after the DNA test they prove it wasn’t his.

    This will be his 4th baby. His daughter from a previous relationship and two boys with his ex-wife, Dayanara.

    I’m so happy for them, he’s been in love with Jennifer since 1999. A true love story.

  • license

    She’s having a BOY and a GIRL!!!!!! She must’ve done something right for God to bless her like that.

  • ITA#41

    41 ITA with you,I read that too + he is disgusting and so is that fame hoe Lopez, who is desperate to be relevate again. That baby will be fug if it looks like Marc!

  • lexi

    too many ridiculous celebrity babies already .. . .. geez you would think they are the only important ones in the world….

    I prefer Ophra’s kids in Africa . . . she provides for hundreds of kids, not only 1 or 2.

  • Kayla

    “I prefer Ophra’s kids in Africa . . . she provides for hundreds of kids, not only 1 or 2.”

    How can you blame a woman for having a baby the old-fashioned way? I know I will never be able to provide for hundreds of kids, but I hope no one hates me if I decide to have one naturally.

    And congratulations to JLo. She’s gorgeous and hopefully her baby gets a lot of her genes :)