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Lauren & Heidi: Friends Again?

Lauren & Heidi: Friends Again?

Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag had a secret meeting together the weekend before Halloween, reports Star.

Heidi got into Lauren‘s black Mercedes convertible, which was parked in the garage of Lauren‘s building.

“They were laughing, hugging and being very affectionate with one another,” says their source. “There were no MTV cameras around. This seemed like the real deal. I saw Heidi coming to visit Lauren at her apartment without her fiancé Spencer Pratt. I think Lauren and Heidi made a secret pact not to tell anyone.”

A preview of Monday’s episode show Lauren and Heidi meeting face-to-face. “I want to forgive you,” Lauren tells Heidi. “And I want to forget you.”

FYI: The picture here is Heidi pre-plastic surgery from early February.

DO YOU THINK Lauren & Heidi are the new Paris & Nicole?

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  • Roger

    It does seem like Lauren would be forgiving since she is kind hearted. Heidi might have gotten a backbone “job” and told Spencer to let her be friends with who she wants to be friends with.

  • Vesper

    Of course! That not so cleverly planned feud à la Paris and Nicole worked out perfectly. It made for good TV and gullible fans bought it. The show’s writers didn’t even try to hide the fact that they were doing the Paris vs Nicole fight, part II. On the Hills, Lauren uses the exact same words Paris did on The Simple Life: “You know what you did!” How perfectly ambiguous is that?

  • Natii


    I think that they are thee


  • April

    ick and icky !

  • Regina

    I never agree with that cúnt over at Dlisted, but he (or she?) is right. The show is FAKE FAKE FAKE. They are probably not friends. Just hanging on to their last 5 minutes of fame.

  • sandie

    So Nicole & Paris!
    We are not surprised………

  • KC

    I think the show is fake and they’ve always been friends. Same for Brody and Spencer. All the silly drama on the show was probably created by some ambitious MTV Producer. Think about it the ratings sky rocketed last season with the little Spencer/Lauren, Jen/Lauren feud so MTV were wise to try and create more for ratings sake.

  • Cookie

    The guy onver at dlisted rules!!!!!! He has the best blog.

  • kovas


  • Kourtney

    this show makes me so angry since it was revealed that it was fake

    i bet they have been friends the whole time.

  • caittt (L)


    not that i dont want them to be friends,
    i like heidi ever since the episode where she told spencer to get a job, cause the old heidi that we love is backkk

    so its kinda good theyre friends but its just upsetting show-wise :)

  • Jennie

    i’m not sure till i see them out together again, star magazine was the one also to report that lo was jealous of how close audrina and lauren were. that she wanted to breakup their friendship, so she could be lauren’s roommate. star has report a lot of ridiculous things.

  • crystal

    This Is Hollywood..It’s All Set Up..They Probaly Have Been Meeting Up Secretly Ever Since They Were “Broken Up”, But This Time Someone Caught Them In Action. It Is All Fake They Were Friends All Along.

    BTW: Paris&Nicole Were Not The 1st.

  • Olga

    i agree! dlisted has the best blog!

  • Joanna

    It’s bullshit!! You know this show is a fake, I bet they have always been friends and everything was all drama for the show. They prolly always secretly talked and planned everything out to make them more “famous” promote their show and so son. TOTAL BS!

  • cherries

    first things first: i love lauren (LC) seriously she is beautiful. and second: HEIDI is a bitch. seriously, like maybe she is trying to apologize. but its too late to apologize. (haha one republic) anyways, this should have never ever happened to begin with. not that it even matters, in a few days spencer with find out and he will be pissed and make heidi like not be friends with her. whatever. BUT I LOVE LAUREN!!!

  • Paul

    these ugly trolls both look like they have no neck!

  • micheal

    whatever. I hope LC parents get her some help. Why go back to being a friend who talks bad about you?

  • Katie

    Star Magazine is not known for accurate reporting. Sounds like just another “story” to fill the stupid magazine. Of course there are not pictures to go with this story!

  • Jovie

    ohhemmgee! that is very shocking, never
    in a million years would i believe
    that Heidi and lauren are
    friends again.

    the show is like
    really fake, like it’s making
    people hate Heidi and Spencer, they’re an okay couple and they’re really in love, it’s true, it’s not fake.

    ha, i kind of wanted Lauren and Heidi to be friends again and not friends again. lol.

  • Tasha

    If you ask me, I know Heidi needs to kick punk-ass Spencer to the curb and get engaged to Lauren.

  • lo

    lauren and heidi rock there both pretty and secure.*(at times)
    and yes they r the 2nd paris and nicole. and yes hopefully they r reunited?? guess ya’ll are just gonna have to find out.?? =)
    bff’s always make up becuz at 1 time if ur bestfriends then u’ll always be best friends.

  • Anna

    omgomgomgomgomgomogmg!!! that would be sooooooooooooooo awesome if heidi and lauren became friends again and heidi DUMPED spencer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hannah

    I agree with the other posters in that they were likely friends all along. So fake the show is, but so entertaining!!

  • adriana

    i think that if people dont like the hills dont watch it!!! get over yourself and stop all the complaining no ones forcing them to watch it. i love the hills fake or real i support them

  • aly

    i always thought it was scripted. when i didnt watch it, i thought it was & now that i do watch it, i still think it is. but i enjoy it. i just dont think of it as reality tv anymore. just a tv show. i know a lot of the reality shows are scripted. like that rev run show.

  • kayla

    well i love the hills but lauran and heidy should get back together. lauran should give her another change b/c nothing beats friendship/

  • kayla

    well i think spencer made those rummers on purpose. so lauran and heidi would get into another fight and not be friends again. that way spencer gets heidi all to himself.

  • debra young

    lauren your are very beautiful and need to get as far away from heidi as you can trust me she will not change her stripes what a coniving b@@@h.

  • heather dunn

    That picture has been edited, that’s not Heidi’s body.. you can tell by her neck, or lack there of. Her head is in closer shot that her body was taken in..

    To answer the question, no they’re not the new paris and nicole…they’re Lauren and Heidi…gosh!

  • stafanie

    I love the show and i do think heidi is a dumbass for taking spencer back everytime…..and by the way so what the show is fake its good tv!!!!! ITS NOT THAT SERIOUS PEOPLE GET A LIFE!!!!!

  • lashay

    Who out there think that spencer is wierd??

  • http://yahoo Katelyn:)

    After the sex tape and everything your going to take her back?

  • monteiro

    ohh plssss, this is another heidi invasion of trying to sell her own tape and then stole lauren’s money, becoz she’s wanted to make another tape of her body that full of plastic surgery.




  • http://Heya Sarah :)

    Spencers middle name should be is a.