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Vanessa Hudgens' Dad Goes Buckwild

Vanessa Hudgens' Dad Goes Buckwild

Vanessa Hudgens scopes out a few $2 millon dollar homes in the Hollywood Hills on Wednesday afternoon.

The 18-year-old High School Musical star spent several hours house hunting with an agent. Vanessa looked at five houses, one of which was listed for $1.6 million.

Later in the day, Vanessa headed to the gym with her father, Greg, who angrily swung his water bottle at photographers as he left the gym with his daughter.

Vanessa, slightly embarrassed, yelled “Daaaaad!” during the bottle swinging. Watch the video here!

35+ pictures inside of Vanessa and protective dad Greg

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vanessa hudgens dad 01
vanessa hudgens dad 02
vanessa hudgens dad 03
vanessa hudgens dad 04
vanessa hudgens dad 05
vanessa hudgens dad 06
vanessa hudgens dad 07
vanessa hudgens dad 08
vanessa hudgens dad 09
vanessa hudgens dad 10
vanessa hudgens dad 11
vanessa hudgens dad 12
vanessa hudgens dad 13
vanessa hudgens dad 14
vanessa hudgens dad 15
vanessa hudgens dad 16
vanessa hudgens dad 17
vanessa hudgens dad 18
vanessa hudgens dad 19
vanessa hudgens dad 20
vanessa hudgens dad 21
vanessa hudgens dad 22
vanessa hudgens dad 23
vanessa hudgens dad 24
vanessa hudgens dad 25
vanessa hudgens dad 26
vanessa hudgens dad 27
vanessa hudgens dad 28
vanessa hudgens dad 29
vanessa hudgens dad 30
vanessa hudgens dad 31
vanessa hudgens dad 32
vanessa hudgens dad 33
vanessa hudgens dad 34
vanessa hudgens dad 35

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  • jane


  • Lana

    first ? I LOVE VANESSA

  • deeana

    OMG! i LOVE HER!!

  • dannie

    Do you blame him…

  • Fan_From_Italy

    beautiful vanessa!!! :*

  • Júlia

    cuute moment xD


  • dk

    wow good for her!

  • Júlia

    post more pictures of them Jared

  • evan

    sexyy vanessa
    and um wow.
    her dad should like calm down..

  • Carol;)

    Love Bbaby V;)

  • dk

    I guess he’s not used to the paps like mom is

  • Carol;)

    Opss…I’m not the first;)..
    I’m brazilian!

  • daze

    yeahhhhhhh thats cool of her dad

  • Carol;)

    Hi!…I’m brazilian;)

  • nickolodeon

    Her dad must be sick of the paps following her daughter, cannot blame him, hes trying to protect her =)
    Tats wut father for!

  • yuyi



    pasen por mi flog si quieren ver pik de vanessa mi flog es_: nessa_ashley4 o sino stylo_hudgens

    los espero



  • deeana

    AWWWW, she’s such a cutie!! daaaaddd!! awww hahaha she didnt even want to hurt the paps! sweet, gawjuss, honest and almost perfect!

  • ta

    Hi! I’m brazilian to!

    Oooops; sou brasileira tambéém haushaushusah

    but hey, her dad is scaryy!

  • alyssa

    HAHA!!! i love v

  • jupiter

    i wonder if she will bring her family to the new crib

  • http://myspace/muffymutt zanessafan-

    hey i’m on the first page haha

  • denise and rocio


  • jupiter

    maybe zacy will move in! he wants a bigger place!

  • Spirit

    Even in workout clothes she is stunning! Love her! lol…

    Loved dad for showing the paps who’s boss! :lol:

  • Yoet

    hey Im wondering hwy is her dad mad? Anyway is Vanessa wearing hair extensions?? her hair looks a lot longer.hum(?) but beautiful!

  • deeana

    seriously, she look good in EVERYTHING!!! in sweats, and even a gown! mamamiaaa!! haha lol i just luv her never been so addicted to someone like this. lol

  • nickolodeon

    hahaha, he’s really the boss!

  • ccc

    i want to see zac

    we havent seen him for a while

    what has he been up to..


  • erica

    I love parents that are protective of their children, that’s what their supposed to be, and believe me, my dad would probably have done the same thing.

    And it was really nice and sweet of her to stop her dad from hurting the papz, really shows that she is a kind hearted person, even towards those who practically stalks her.

  • sweet nessa

    i love nessinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    you are the best star in the wordl!!by

  • http://yahoo z

    I LOVE BBV! HAHAHA thats cool maybe ZAC is so behave when vanessa brought him home!Seems that her dad is protective too! Thats why ZAC is very protective to V aswell!

  • melina

    who cares?
    he’s ugly, just like his daughter…ouuuuut!

  • nickolodeon

    Baby so pretty =) i very care for her. heeee

  • vLOVE

    I Love Vanessa

  • Maria

    Why are there so many pictures of this girl in here? She is so boring, and I doubt most of us are 14 years old, and care.

  • sam

    Ah, Greg Hudgens. Love this, hahahaha. And how Vanessa was all, “daaad!”

    V looks adorable, as always.

  • nickolodeon

    my college friends supporting her always =)

  • ck

    What an exciting time for Vanessa. I’m happy for her! Its good to see her possibly investing some of her hard-earned dollars in real estate. Several days ago, some of the supporters wrote that they thought V was house hunting. Looks like you were right on target!!

    Have fun Vanessa!

  • Clarrisa

    me and my kids lurve tis girl

  • zane

    Wow, house hunting! Good for her. That’s a good investment!!

    She’s simply beautiful!!!!!!!!

  • Carolyn

    Nessaa u are the best!!!Your dad rock!!!!!hahaha Zac I love U too!!!

  • Zanessa_forever

    Ohhh, she’s so cuuuttee! “Daaaaad!” Cool. Vanessa find it normal, but it looks like that her dad is angry about the papz. Lol

  • Clarrisa

    i don understand why? if they think this thread is boring, why they even bother to come inside?

  • http://yahoo z


  • zane

    It seems like this is Vanessa’s week. Jj had followed her everyday. Last week, it was Zac’s. They’re taking turns being posted here. LOL!

  • Florencia

    Q grandote es el papi de nessa… se nota q se matiene bien en forma !!!


    Grax x las pics !!!

  • Clarrisa

    alot of ppl do care abt her, and hell no not only 14 yrs old…the adult love her too

  • jayanah

    hehehe i’m so happy this happened to her cuz i really really hte her….hahahahah

    and isn’t there anyvideo please jared post it

  • Stacy

    I think its funny that her dad did that but you dont want to be to mean to the paps because that could cause bad press for the paps. Basically the paps have control over the pictures they take and you dont want them trying to take neg. photos of you. Vanessa does look good in everything though. How come when I go to the gym I dont come out looking beautiful. hahaha I wonder if Vanessa is thinking of moving out on her own? If she is, she should also maybe learn to drive. lol

  • Steph

    I’m proud of her Dad actually protecting Vanessa. People don’t usually react that way unless provoked.

    Vanessa looks great as always!!!

    BTW, it’s really sad that people have to resort to calling someone “ugly”. It really shows true attribute in a person. Usually attritubes are a good thing. This one is not. Whether it’s in text or not. It’s a shame, actually, how cruel one’s mindset can be. I’d hate to think that people are around people like that everday. They’d have to deal with the cruelty. And eventually people like that will find themselves alone, because they’ve pushed everyone away from them.

    Vanessa Hudgens is gorgeous and she gets her beauty from both her dad and her mom :)