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Brad & Angelina @ Luton Aiport

Brad & Angelina @ Luton Aiport

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (with bodyguards in tow) arrive at Luton Airport in London, England on Saturday. The couple hopped into their waiting Audi and were driven to their hotel.

Angie is in town to promote her latest animated feature, Beowulf. And naturally, Brad is around to support his leading lady.

Expect some red carpet pictures of the pretty pair this weekend!

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brad angelina luton airport 01
brad angelina luton airport 02
brad angelina luton airport 03

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  • sharon

    I am first, they are in London.

  • kay


  • Fan_From_Italy

    I want them in Italy!!!

  • LadyS

    First? Looking forward to more pix from the red carpet!

  • anustin

    darn u sha,ur 1.

  • bdj

    Thanks for the thread. I am looking forward to seeing the new pictures as well as the movie “Beowulf”, in its 3D glory. Thanks for all the updates Just Jared or alias.

  • pink_tulips

    will wait for the pictures

  • phantom

    Brad is a sweetheart. Love him.

  • anustin

    hehe lovin sum papa pitt with his babies momma.luv u jared.

  • OT

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  • Ameena

    Whoohoo, I am looking forward to the RC pics this weekend, They will have some alone time since the children seemed to have remained in LA. Can we expect a repeat of Toronto AKA Pitt porn:lol:

  • guli

    Thanks JARED ;-) ;-) You are the best!!!!

    Whooop!!!! Are we ready for another gorgeous round of redcapet pics :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • Lady G

    Thanks for the new thread Jared.

    We get more beautiful RC pictures and I can’t wait!

  • sharon

    More pics of this most gorgeous couple on Sunday.

  • http://justjared alysia

    Wow! First page. Ich Liebe Die Jolie-Pitt’s Family.

  • asdijha


  • Me Again!

    JJ…were the kids with them?

    Can’t wait for more pics…no rush JJ…I’m just talking. I know you will supply if you can…

    Thanks again.

    BTW…she looks so happy…don’t she?

    Love both of them.

    OT…a little. I just rec’d my “Life or Something Like It” DVD and Shi looks soooo much like her mom…it’s crazy. Some of those facial expressions were OTC. This child (Shi) has both mommie/daddy all over her face. I can see why daddy says…he sees angie and angie says she sees brad…

    can’t wait for tonight…

  • nicole

    I would love to see some red carpet Pitt por*n.

  • anustin

    who is that fatzo kinky hair with them?thats not shitzy.lolz

  • Mzslil

    Thanks JJ for the new thread!!!!!

    Brad is so supportive of his chick.

  • bataglio

    were it not for the cap, i would’ve missed brad
    love her glasses

  • SaRaH


  • Alexanderina

    Thanks Jared for the new thread and picture.It should be a awesome premiere in England. I am still on cloud 9 from the premiere on Monday in LA

  • mandy brockie

    Hey missouri fan there finaly back in the uk can,t believe i,m going to miss them as i,m workind damm or i would go as my brother and sister live in London.
    Can,t wait for the rc picture,s tommorow night so near yet so far away what a bummer.
    your friend from Scotland


  • NY Lurker

    Great to see the Jolie-Pitt family travelling again – As always, Angelina and Brad are looking good…

    Looking forward to see Beowulf – great epic – hopefully this movie will help people learn to appreciate classic great books….

    Hello to all the JP fans!

    Guli – glad you are feeling better now…
    MF (Missouri Fan) – sending you today what I promised…
    Curly – owe you a long response….


  • [~Famous~]

    fcuking circus. promote that flop, those numbers are gonna be real funny.

  • sara

    gotta love this couple who keep supporting each other in every way. :)

  • Ameena

    Brad is in London supporting his leading lady, How can you not love this couple.

  • thanks :)

    The kids did not go or we would see them in this pic Jared posted.
    Probably just a quick trip to be at the opening. Have a little alone time and then back to LA. Just like they did at TIFF.

  • kelly

    Love Brad, Love Angie, Love their family. They are the best. God bless jolie-pitts.

  • anustin

    hehe luton airport…..remember,blond papa pitt avec mad and mommy.tehehe.

  • Barrenston

    Brad never leaves Angie’s side. Now that’s a man!

  • Mzslil

    Famous….Tommy’s movie only made 2 million yesterday in wide release. Can we say it’s a flop?

  • Lady G

    ahhh I believe Angie did the same when Brad was promoting his movie. That is what couples do, IMO.

  • sara

    baby making is on the work. :lol: according to Angie,they have plenty of time for making baby specially tonight :lol:

  • bonnie

    Gawd some of you are so corny & horny. They are just people and they are together. The haters know this and the fans know this. Another red carpet and another round of ooohh fill in the blank.

  • Barrenston

    PS Can’t wait for more pictures! The hottest couple alive!

  • Brad who?

    Why did Brad have to go? He always looks like he’s the star of zoolander all squinty eyed and bored on the red carpet and Angelina always smiles like actors on the RC should. get lost brad. I guess he didn’t want to let her run off to London with that bodyguard guy.

  • Jill

    41 angelina is a slut : 11/10/2007 at 1:31 pm

    That’s okay, honey, we know your momma was so revolted when she saw what came out of her in the delivery room, she grabbed you from the doctor and threw you down on your head.

  • love them

    Wait for the hottness tomorrow.

  • sara


    Who asked you to stand by them?BTW You can`t live without Angelina,see you carry her name everywhere,this called obsession honey. :lol: :lol:

  • Aniston takes male hormones

    41 angelina is a **** : 11/10/2007 at 1:31 pm

    That’s okay, honey, we know your momma was so revolted when she saw what came out of her in the delivery room, she grabbed you from the doctor and threw you down on your head.


  • Jill

    42 Brad who? : 11/10/2007 at 1:33 pm
    Why did Brad have to go?… I guess he didn’t want to let her run off to London with that bodyguard guy.

    Damn, if you’re stupid enough to parrot every piece of trash you read in the tabloids, I wonder if you have enough brains to walk and breathe at the same time.

  • anon

    Don’t repsond to haters they are getting “report Abuse”. If you include them in your post, it will get “report Abuse” as well.

  • incredible

    These two are incredible. They love each other so much and support each other in every way. They are both beautiful in and out. God must be very happy when he created them. These two are perfect and perfect for each other.

  • sara

    42 Brad who?

    :lol: :lol: I like it when some haters lose it. :lol: :lol: calm down they just arrived maybe for your health`s sake Brad won`t show himself in premiere. :lol: :lol:

  • Jen the Man’s #1 fan

    I am obsessed with Angelina and Brad. I pretend I hate them but I watch for any new threads on JJ about them. I zoom in on their beauty wishing I was them. I wish my idol Chinny would get her chin shaved down and a face transplant so she could be beautiful too.

  • keko

    i want them on the moon

  • Lmao

    Famous is mad because Tommy girl’s movie was SAVAGED by the critics and audience.

    Reviews of Lions for Lamb, funniest Sh*t