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Brad & Angelina: Loved Up in London

Brad & Angelina: Loved Up in London

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie enjoy a date night out at Japanese Restaurant Roka in London on Saturday.

Here’s a description of Roka: “The restaurant seats eighty people inside and twenty people out, with a Robata grill being the central feature of the dining room. Robata means ‘with open flames’ and that’s what most of Roka’s menu focuses on. Dishes such as tempura, sashimi, maki, kushiage, and robata niku are on the menu. The restaurant is positioned on a corner and has floor to ceiling windows, allowing those eating a view of people walking by.”

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  • juju

    195 angie : 11/11/2007 at 5:07 am
    It’s just 9 hours? I thought it was more.

  • angie

    November 11, 2007 — ‘I HONOR ‘real journalism,’ which doesn’t get clouded by false stories whether they’re about me or any body else,” said Angelina Jolie at the Courage in Journalism Awards in Beverly Hills.

    I found this in NYP.

  • angie

    198 juju

    I think it is 9 or 10 hours,I don`t know the exact hours,but for sure something around 9 to 11. :)

  • juju

    187 angie : 11/11/2007 at 4:17 am

    I’m suprised that they (the british tabs) haven’t started yet. They probably where caught suprise… Isn’t it funny, eveyone has “insiders” but no one ever knows anything about them.

    We should also espect a story from one of ritzy many personalities, that will be at the premiere. I love those :lol::lol:

  • suzana

    They are beautiful together.

  • lylian

    200 angie : 11/11/2007 at 5:15 am
    198 juju

    I think it is 9 or 10 hours,I don`t know the exact hours,but for sure something around 9 to 11.


    hi angie and juju, I think I can answer this question.

    LA to NY would be about 5 hours on a big boeing. NY to London is another 6 hours. However, if they flew in by private jet (may be that’s why they landed in Luton and not heathrow??), it would take a little longer. But 11 to 12 hours sounds about right.

    Also, there’s probably an 7- 8 hours time difference between LA and London. So, hopefully, they both got some sleep on the plane and didn’t spend all their time reaffirming their membership in the mile high club.

    Love Angelina’s RED lipstick with the RED poppy. I wonder if it was intentional? She was probably given the red poppy at the hotel.

    Someone mentioned that the hotel that Angelina and Brad are staying in is all art deco. Which hotel is it?

    As for Brad’s looks – yes, he looked prettier in the pringles ad then he does now but I was never a fan of his then, or even later through the Paltrow and x years. I like the way his face has aged. Less pretty, more beautiful. Like Angelina, I like age on a face.

    Finally, a thought just occurred to me. Looking at the effort these Brad and Angelina make to fly around together, to support each other at the RC and also to just be together for their own alone time with each other, makes me think more and more that the months of separation during the filming of Troy was really, intentional. Really, the difference in the effort that Brad makes to be with Angelina and vice versa is just so huge. It makes me think that Brad and x weren’t just lazy and couldn’t be bothered. They really didn’t want to be together during that time when Brad was filming Troy – until the media attention on their separation got so big that x had to fly in – just like she did with Vince in london. because of course, even x has admitted, she cared a lot for what people think. So sad for x.

  • LOndon0Girl

    ohh Angie is wear the ‘poppy’ (the flower).

    Thank you!! :)

    I wish u best :)

  • angie

    203 lylian

    Thanks lylian,oh they must be so tired but they really look good after that much flight,I`m in awe of them.

    201 juju

    yeah I`m making myself ready for those tabs.They are even worst than outtatouch,at least outtatouch doesn`t make fake interview with them,but they made and are making and will make.they have a long time habit in it. :)

  • LOndon0Girl

    lylian –

    haha :)

  • angie

    206 LOndon0Girl

    Excuse me,what was so funny in Lylian`s post?

    Lylian-ITA :)

  • Annabel

    angelina looks weird and abit tired

  • Brad Addict

    poor brad he look so tired , angelina look so hot

  • angie

    209 Brad Addict

    hey brad`s so called fan!!!JJ pics don`t even show Brad`s full face,how do you know he is tired?and another things from when being tired is poor thing? :roll:

    and go and look at WENN pics,they look great and brad doesn`t look tired at all.

  • 20

    The poppy is for rememberance sunday on the 11th of Novemeber, to remember all thise who have lost their lives or fought for Britain in any of the wars.

  • les

    What is with that hat? Is it permanently stuck on his head?

  • Cory

    What happened to them? They do look strange especially Angie, Brad lost his good looks a while back.

  • angie

    hehehe,again all haters came at the same time,what a coincidens!!! :lol:

    Les we know you are X`s fans,and cory they just look strange to you,maybe your eyes are strange. :lol:

  • angie
  • Regina

    Angie, you’re coming off as a very disturbing Brangelina fangirl.

  • delilah

    We love you Angelina!

  • bella

    no 215 angie

    do u have anything else than sitting on ur computer waiting to comment back on haters in a brangelina post. get a life

  • bella

    plus..there is always haters…Like ir or Not. but i am not a hater

  • SS

    Really respectful of her to wear a poppy whilst in the uk this weekend.

  • angie

    219 bella

    hehehe my little stalker!!!It is around evening in my land,and don`t worry I have more life than you have.BTW you were here yesterday all the time and now again so seems you are the person who doesn`t have any life!!! :lol: :lol:

  • angie

    217 Regina

    and you are coming off as a very disturbing Tomkat fangirl.

    like you always say me,me I didn`t say anything bad.hahahahahaha :lol:


    210 angie : 11/11/2007 at 6:14 am


    I agree angie, Jared site does not show good pictures of Angelina and Brad. I wonder why?

  • angie

    224 ALISTER

    I find out that recently JJ some times puts a very bad pics of them in his blog,which he for sure knows will bring more hates out.he did the same with brad and angie`s dinner pics in Chicago.

    or it may be because he just could buy these pics not other ones.


    angie, but even the same pictures from the other sites. Jared’s pictures always does not come out the same.

  • SERA

    What is with the JJ bashing. If it weren’t for JJ you would get practically no pictures. Thanks JJ. Love Brad and Angie and wish them nothing but good things. They are a loving family and deserve the best. The haters know it too. That’s why the go crazy at every positive thing that they do. So they are pretty much nuts right now.
    Brad and Angie forever.

  • angie

    I said that probably he just could buy these pics,he can`t pick up pics without buying them.and seems some times he can`t get good ones.

    BTW I like JJ blog,he is good to jp`s fans.

  • angie

    he added one new pic,seems brad closed his eyes because of flashes.BTW THANKS JJ FOR THIS THREAD.

  • angie

    BTW I should leave and cook dinner,bye jp`s fans.hey my stalkers bye. :lol: :lol:

  • Karen

    I think i know what happened to make Angie look a little different. Her eyebrows are a totally different shape than she normally wears them. They are thinner and more arched which gives her a totally different look. I have seen this happen on myself and my daughters. Anyway, I think she looks just beautiful and Brad looks pretty darn fine himself.

  • d.j

    heheheheheh,Brangelina`s fans smile now that you are looking at these pics but be ready for today`s shock,I bet once again Brad will put another sad face in RC and you all will say he is tired.hahahahaha

    today we will have our laugh at brangelina`s fans.they won`t even look at each other or smile at each other in this RC,wanna bet?hehehe suck to be jp`s fans today.

    By the way You all try to make fun of STYLE poster,but she was the only one who said It is confirmed that she will go to maybe she knows something more than you do.Now that Style is telling they will break up by the next year,I`m so happy because of my bet.I got a feeling that she knows something.and I will win my bet.

    today your life will become more miserable.hehehehe be ready for shock.

  • Jess0
  • Regina

    and you are coming off as a very disturbing Tomkat fangirl.

    I don’t even like Tomkat, you weirdo.

  • haters

    They live for haters here,it wasn’t for haters this thread would be maybe 1 -2

  • haters

    these brageloonies get hateful and defensivive over stuff they shouldn’t even care about, silly stuff.. tHAT IS CALLED CHILDISH AND hateful like you braloonies r.are

  • sarah from asia

    hey jolie-pitt`s fans hiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    they look so beautiful,her red lipstick just makes her more beautiful.I really like these two as couple.hope they will last for a long time.

    today we will have another RC,good.I`m waiting for those pics.peace to all

  • julia

    Very cool…
    Angelina looks serenly beautiful lovin the red lips and red poppy.. Brad looks very dashing, in His leather jacket and derby hat.. Sexy!

    cheers Jared for the pics

  • Jess0

    234 haters : 11/11/2007 at 7:31 am
    They live for haters here,it wasn’t for haters this thread would be maybe 1 -2

    All the older / regular fans post when the haters are gone and the conversation is more interesting. Haters don’t bring value because they don’t have much to back up their argument and leave once they are shut down. Haters have only one objective and you can’t engage in converstaion with narrow minded people.

  • Brad Addict

    213 angie

    hi angie i see brad pic in perez hilton :)

    but still you can see his eyes in jared

  • please now

    wtf? he is wearing gloves!!

  • siany


  • julia

    good god you trolls are petty,Brad’s gloves, no poppy disgust you, Wow.. Get a life.

  • http://Justjaredbradandangelinalovedupinlondon Felinelilly

    Good morning bampzs fans! It’s red carpet picture day. It’s gonna be fun!!! D.j., stop talking to and about yourself, you schyzo. We know your name stands for ‘ demented jackass ‘ but please, don’ t advertize it! Maybe you should stick with ‘style’. have a great day everyone. Can’t wait for the pics!

  • julia

    89 piper, with a low : 11/10/2007 at 10:25 pm

    Seems to me that if a particular celebrity is promoting a particular project, the focus of articles and interviews about the particular celebrity and project should remain on the particular celebrity and project.

    Seems to me that the foreign press has grasped that concept. Haters should too.

    Thank You Piper, so true.

  • Tiger

    They look exausted. Can’t imagine being woke up to flasing cameras going off in my face. Maybe they got some sleep on the plane and had just woke up when getting off the plane. One thing is for certain, sooner or later, the body will get the best of you and force you to “stop” and rest.Can’t imagine being constanstly on the go. But, their life style demands it. I personally hope they take a step back before adding more children to their family and take care of themselves first or the children they do have will be orphans again.

    I am not bashing them, but sooner or later they are going to have to slow down, whether they want to or not, their bodies will demand it.

  • lavagirl

    For all you fans who can’t be in London today. Check out this webcam and see the madness unfold. I can see some fans are already lining up already.

  • quentin carmicheal

    still together i see…