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Gisele Bundchen Loves Cirque Du Soleil

Gisele Bundchen Loves Cirque Du Soleil

Gisele Bundchen stops backstage at “Wintuk,” the new Cirque du Soleil at Madison Square Garden on Friday in New York City.

The Brazilian supermodel posed with the characters Snob Lady, Wimpy and the Thief.

That is one lucky thief to be humping Gisele‘s leg… but Tom Brady is luckier for being able to do that every night!

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  • Marina duarte

    oh for God’s sake, weren’t we done with that brazilian/german discution? gisele is brazilian, geez. stop with the dumbness, people.

  • Kelsea

    Isn’t she dating tom brady?

  • Stef


  • Jessica

    She’s so pretty!

  • Shiko

    she’s not a german supermodel
    she’s a brazillian supermodel…

  • carolina

    gisele is brazilian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not german

  • Babii

    she is brazilian JJ !

  • Efronica
  • Michell

    not german model shes brazilian i mean u posted so many things about her and u dont know shes brazilian

  • madmax

    What is Cirque de soleil?

  • madmax

    What is Cirque de soleil?

  • ana banana

    Gisele, such a beauty. She has something that makes you love her, her smiles, everything. There is one thing that I dont understand, how can people like morons like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton and don’t like Gisele. I am a Gisele Fan, for sure. If you want to comment on Paris and Gisele then you can . I love please dont detele my comment. I don’t spam, I just discuss about your topic guys. justjared fan.

  • SaRaH

    she’s not german baby , she’s brazilian !
    & by the way i love her

  • Becky

    OMG, she’s BRAZILIAN.. just like me! hahaha
    and i loove her!

  • nathalia

    SHE IS BRAZILIAN!!!!!!!!!!! arrrrrrrrrr


    Hey ‘xará’I'm Becky too hihihi

    ‘n we’re BRAZILIAN like her \o/

    who’s nonsense wrote that absurd?!?!?!


    I’m soooooo proud of her

    Go Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    Brazil ‘n the world luv U, babe

  • Marcella

    German super who??? She could look a little “German” but all UNIVERSE know that she’s BRAZILIAN. DUDE!

  • Rose

    Cirque du Soleil means in french Circus of the Sun. It is a circus act which comes from Quebec, Canada. They are known worlwide for their acrobatics performances. I have seen them live, and they are fantastic.
    Gisele is Brazilian with German heritage.

  • Laura

    Gisele is BRAZILIAN duuuuuude!

  • egg


    I was going to say that she’s brazilian, not german. But I think, I think, that some people have aLready said that.

    Brazilian, not german!

  • Gisele Bundchen is a BRASILIAN supermodel!!
    Not a german…

  • beatrice

    She has german genes…but she is absolutely from BRAZIL!
    Please correct that!

  • haily


  • chloe

    i know it’s hard for some people to understand that BRAZIL is a good place, and you say she is german!
    but she is brazilia, from brazil,, which by the way it’s a beautiful plce

  • Giannina

    She is super hot!!! she is braziliand !

  • brazilian

    man, how dumb are you?? a lot apparently, because everyone knows that gisele is from brazil! people don´t seem to give credit to brazil, but most of the supermodels from today are from brazil, which is a much better place then the fuckin usa.

  • me!!!

    STUPID PPL!!!! she is HAAAAAAAAAALF brazillian!!!! she is also GERMAN!!!!!!!!! her last name is german for FUCK SAKE!!!!

    and also, damn jared, you’re getting DIRRTY!!! lol

  • ihavenolife

    hot stuff!

  • Here’s The Deal

    Why is it so important what country she’s from? You people are getting all worked up over nothing.

  • Milly

    Gisele is BRAZILIAN!!!

  • Sebastian

    next time say she is Icelandic.

  • Miapocca

    Hiel Hit—..OPPS is a tall person , and a women..Wilkommen Giselle…Her parents are both fluent , I best she understand the language of her ancestors who run off after their disgusting deeds in Germany…poor South Americans just opened up and took them in and they live to boss around the people of that continent….

  • jefferson

    “The German supermode”…so funny…
    with that we can see the level of the site.. hahaha

  • joe

    SHE’S BRAZILIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LAis

    She’s Brazilian dude!
    ela eh brasiseira entende?
    just like me

  • Alison

    She is of German descent but grew up in Brazil. And her family hasn’t been in Brazil that long… I believe they came over during World War II.

  • Jane

    Not only is she of German ancestry from many generations back, but… have you seen the pictures of her before she had her nose job ? She looked just like Steffi Graf the tennis player !

  • cant say

    zanessa sighting please jared~

  • Jamie

    She says she’s Brazilian so she sounds more exotic and gets more modeling contracts.

  • gus

    nose job?? come on!! lol

  • tha

    heyy JJ wake up!

    she is brazilian, like mee!

    hey, and brazil is a good place!

  • http://WWW.IHATETOMCRUISE.COM Miapocca

    Dont you all realise Jared is just having fun ..brazilian, german whatever..depends on your perspective and who cares waht she says…those nazi decided to interbreed NOT cross breed in thier new paradise …afterall they dont conside the south american they share the land with with pure or white enough to mix with..and thus we have Miss Giselle, hoepfull she didnt grow up with any Nazi ideologies ….she does look like steffi graf…she is NOT UGLY and she does look manly at times, but she is toned…hope sh ei senjoying her time with baby daddy…why didnt she take the baby aww..that would hav ebene so cute..giselle and pictures of JOhn MOynahan…Mama Bridget will probably choke on her spit..ahahhahhahhaha

  • http://WWW.IHATETOMCRUISE.COM Miapocca

    Boers and Kruts are hard to love!!!

  • angelina isnt a slut,but Im all Butt&jealuz,of her,so im hating

    I swear I thought Giselle was a guy with long hair,til I look closely.
    But I’m all manly looking so Id know.Here I am.

  • m

    no, it don’t depend on your perspective.
    she’s brazilian, she was born in brazil.
    and brazil received many, many german, italian, lot of people from europe, to colonize.
    my last name is italian and that doesn’t make me italian, for god’s sake

  • brazilian

    dumb ass, she is from brazil, her parents are from brazil and like almost ALL brazilians, her ancestors emigrated!! her family emigrated from germany to brazil, but that does not meen that she is german!!! man, how dumb are you? geez, i knew americans had low IQ, but not that much! lol

  • maria

    she is braziliaaAAn JJ like me!!BRASILLLLLLLLLLL

  • vitoria

    you meant BRAZILIAN model, right? ¬¬

  • JLS

    I’m not sure but I heard that Brady can’t do it every night anyway and that he only can hold on for 1 minute and then he’s done. Doesn’t sound too interesting on the bedtime front. Thank goodness he’s pretty. Maybe G sound hold onto this guy instead. Just a thought!

  • TheLostGirl

    Gosh, I’ve always wanted to go. Looks cool