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Jake Gyllenhaal Embraces Being Hottest Bachelor

Jake Gyllenhaal Embraces Being Hottest Bachelor

A shady (and solo) Jake Gyllenhaal hops into his car Friday afternoon in Beverly Hills.

Earlier this week, Jake joked with Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show Wednesday about his dating status since the October issue of Interview gave him hottest-bachelor status.

“I’m the hottest bachelor in America!” the 26-year-old actor said. “And I’m shedding light on the CIA (referring to his movie Rendition).”

Jake added, “It’s starting to feel good. It was uncomfortable at first, you know, for a little while. But now I’m embracing it.”

Bigger pictures inside of Jake Gyllenhaal looking super fine on Friday…

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Photos: Mike/Fame Pictures
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  • athena

    Even though he’s sportin’ those shades…I think he looks hot there…thanks for the great pics Jared…Now, Jake, can we get some great pics of you without those sunglasses? ; )

  • Anonymous

    This is the same shirt he wore later on that evening to dinner with Reese at Madeaos. Looks pretty tacky to me if your going out on a date.

  • Anon

    They just went out to eat. Sheesh. They aren’t fifteen. I think Jake is beautiful. And he talks with those baby blue eyes. Sends allll kinds of messages. He is a very sexy man. And he has a killer body. I just adore him. Reese is a very lucky girl…to find that in her bed…most nights. LOL!!!!BTW: When does he start the new movie with Natalie Portman???? Wonder if Reese will visit the set?

  • Jim

    Jake’s fans should realize that he is grammar-challenged. That is to say he constantly makes grammatical errors when he speaks. He says, for example, “…between Heath and I…” when it should be “…between Heath and ME…”; or “…paparazzi followed Kirsten and I down the street…” when it should be “…followed Kirsten and ME down….” In short he can’t tell an object from a subject pronoun, grammatically speaking. If he were some uneducated actor who never finished grade school this would not be remarkable. But Jakey went to the best private high school in LA and then on to Columbia University and his mother is a writer and his father is a poet. So it is very strange (and it should be embarrassing to him) that he keeps making low-class errors of speech when he talks.

  • please

    Jim, you are the grammar police?

  • Jim

    Yeah, I am. Wanna make something of it?
    I would be curious to know how much Jakey makes per movie. There is a good story (find it on Drudge) about how movie making has become not very profitable except for the overpaid stars. Of course Jakey can’t pull in the viewers very well as his recent bombs have shown. His last movie to do “well” at all was Brokeback and that was not all his doing. So I can’t imagine a studio paying him very much. Unless they just want to give money to him for nuttin’. His sister, as far as I know, makes peanuts per movie. She isn’t much of a draw at all. He’s a bit better than she is. And of course he gets money from modeling and showing his face and body in magazines for sexually frustrated women.

  • Jim

    Just checked on Maggie, the sister, and her film career. Her last starring role was in “Sherrybaby”, a movie that took in a paltry, incredibly small amount of $623,000 world wide.
    Earlier on her turn as a sadomasochist secretary in “Secretary” took in 9.3 million, a tolerable amount. But since then, very little. She was paid only half a million for her part in the 2006 World Trade Center and she apparently has nothing coming up after her subordinate part in The Dark Knight. Little wonder she decided to model for that outfit that makes semi-pornographic underwear for women.

  • Jim

    I notice that he is wearing sweat shirts that are much looser than they are in the previous stories about him. There his tummy was showing through. These looser shirts tend to cover up his protruding tummy better. Maybe if he diets a bit he can go back to wearing tighter shirts. LOL.

  • syl c.

    Hottest bachelor in the gay community. Unless, of course, you don’t count his dear friend “John from Cincinnati” then he wouldn’t be a bachelor after all. Dating the ice princess Reese Witherspoon perfect. Ready made family and lover on the side….perfect.

  • anom.

    Well, well … Whatever,I am a sexually frustrated woman. I would love to have him in my bed.
    P.S. Itsn´t necessary diet! Come on fat boy! LOL

  • Nono

    Lots of scary people posting here.

  • Sour grapes

    Jim sure sounds like sour grapes to me. What’s the matter jim boy, did Jakey turn your ass down? HAHA..

    Don’t knock his sister. She is one talented girl. She was nominated for her role in Sherry baby. Who gives a fuck how much money it made. Still a good movie and she was good enough in it apparently to get nominated for her role. It also says a lot about her as a person that she is into acting and making good movies, not being a commercial money making machine whore. Don’t be such a superficial person!

  • Jim

    Hey Sour Grapes, producers don’t give a rat’s ass for “nominations”; they want money. Hollywood, in spite of your delusional fantasies, is about money, money, money. She doesn’t make much (the take from Sherrybaby was so little as to be unbelievable). That would be why she has no future projects after the Dark Knight, according to IMDB. In short I would say she is a “drug” on the market. If movies don’t make money or if actors don’t make money for movie makers, they soon are unemployed. Get real, buddy, and stop living in lala land.

  • Jim

    For sour grapes:

    From a NY newspaper story:

    Last week, Ms. Gyllenhaal shut the door on eight months of work for director Christopher Nolan’s newest contribution to the Batman franchise, The Dark Knight. In the film, she plays assistant D.A. Rachel Dawes (a role vacated by Katie Holmes, who wore the stainless character’s shoes in Batman Begins.) Laughing loudly, Ms. Gyllenhaal admitted that she has nothing else in her professional hopper at the moment. “I’m hoping to find something that I like and where they like me.

    “nothing else in her professional hopper…” meaning she hasn’t any offers to be in any movies. Box office….is poison the right word?

  • anom.

    61. Nono, you are wellcome !

  • Jim

    I think Jake would make a wonderful house husband for Reese. He would probably love to stay home, do the cooking, and take care of her kids when they are there. I bet he’d even bake cookies for them all if they asked him nicely. (And while she was out making the money, he could have some of his boyfriends over…you know…for tea or something…..LOL)

  • Lori

    Jake IZ HOT!
    Listen Regina, get it together,
    Jake’s statement on Jon Stewart was made in a joking fashion in reference to her character in Rendition. Have you ever read that she was pissed about what he said? NOT!
    Meryl did mention in an interview, that she has known Jake all his life, and that he played with her children, all the time when they were growing up together.

  • Nemia

    Jim, are you really Hal? You sound as crazy and obsessed.

  • Jim

    Why is it crazy to think Jake would make a great house husband? Seems perfectly logical to me. Loves to cook; loves to frolic with her kids; loves to stay home and be good; wants only a few nights out a month with the “boys”. Perfect for her; if she doesn’t want to marry him she could pay him handsomely to be her butler, etc. She has the wherewithall to do so. [Now why is this crazier than all the silly fools who can't say anything but "he's so hot" or "he's not so hot" know the fans whose vocabulary it limited to "hot" and similar trashy expressions?] At least I say something instead of just drooling like that slob Homer.

  • Jim

    Another little thought. Jake is being ingenuous when he says the publicity was “uncomfortable at first.” Publicity is never never “uncomfortable” in Hollywood. Even the worst publicity is better than none. Ask his sister: next to no publicity, next to no jobs. Jake is no star so magnetic that he draws millions into his films, but he keeps himself in the public eye (sure he does) very zealously and at least gets some stash from that for modeling and posing and giving silly little girls the “hots” via magazine spreads. So when he pretends to be modest or embarrassed about his “hotness” you can suspect…he is toying with the truth.

  • Anon

    Jim/Hal now that is 1st class jealousy you have going on.

  • Sandra
  • -aek

    he was insanely hot in Donnie Darko. REALLY REALLY HOT.

  • -aek

    Oh yeah and Jim can i just say you are wrong, Jake Gyllenhaal is not gramatically incorrect, “Kirsten and I” is wat ur actually supposed to say. everyone thinks that its meant to be “Kirsten and me” but it isnt.
    Stop thinkng ur such a smart arse, cos u r WRONG.
    Like have u heard of the play “The King and I”
    Yes, thats wat its supposed to be.