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Orlando Bloom @ AFI FEST 2007

Orlando Bloom @ AFI FEST 2007

Orlando Bloom attends the AFI FEST 2007 (American Film Institute) presented by Audi held at the Rooftop Village at ArcLight Cinemas on Friday in Hollywood, Calif.

The 30-year-old Pirates of the Caribbean actor paid tribute to actress Laura Linney and attended the advanced screening of The Savages, which stars Linney and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

The Savages is slated to have a limited release on Nov. 28.

20+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom @ the 2007 AFI FEST…

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Photos: Mark Mainz/Michael Buckner/Getty
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  • ~*Leah*~

    Jeez for a guy that’s been linked to like 60+ women in the past year, it doesn’t look like he’s getting laid very often. Where’s Miranda when you need a booty call?

    And yeah, it’s totally HIS fault for looking miserable for the last few months…though you know, he knows there’ll be paps around every corner, so he should suck it up and be the carefree Brit boy, cuz really he was asking for it when they hit his car and stalked him outside a supermarket…It’s Hollywood. Look how happy Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan are! He should take lessons from them on how to stay unstressed.

    *gasp* Orlando f*cking Bloom ages? And here I thought he’d look 15 all his life. Frown lines just ruined his entire career! ;)


  • nO oLD aCTORS ever!

    What the fack is wrong with him? YOU CAN’T AGE IN HOLLYWOOD.

  • Jess

    He is just the hottest!!

  • to Katefan

    you have a point but there were also pictures of kate and Orlando from the get go-if I remember correctly.You did see them out and about even if the lied and said they weren’t together.Orlando has been photographed like three times a week just doing things like going food shopping or whatever. But no shots of him with her only other female friends out and about.

    I don’t know if it is true yet about Miranda but it sure seems very odd. Her name has been attached to his since April all the while she was still with the guy in the band. She may have broken up with her boyfriend but if she did it was very very recent. There were people on another site who swore they knew her and knew she wasn’t dating Orlando but the other guy still. Of course, people lie and she could have lied to her friends.

  • fat guy in a little coat

    Oh for Pete’s sake, can we not have one Orlando Bloom post where someone can resist the temptation to mention Bony Bosmess? She’s ancient history.

  • julia

    ORLANDO is actually the hottest man out there, that miranda kerr is lucky if it’s true indeed. i wish i could f%%%% with him every single day.

  • liz

    ahhh! i love Orlando!!!
    he looks so hot!

  • ….O

    when i see those lips “swoon” i just want to kiss him with great passion.

  • what’s sup

    I like Orlando but going strickly by looks her boyfriend(orexboyfriend) is really hot. Orlando has money and fame -so it could be that-but this other guy was a real looker.

  • charm

    what a charming and lovely man. Is he with somebody at the moment or is still single since the break up witk kate “bubble head” bosworth?

  • cool

    he doesn’t know how to shave?

  • in bloom

    I can help him to shave…..after a steamy night of course *lol*

  • btw

    btw, why is he posing in that stupid chair like that? It isn’t his event so other than red carpet entries I don’t see why he would be photographed so I am not sure why is is posing in that chair.

  • mel

    can’t you read he was there to pay tribute to laura linney so he was part of the event. and please calm down it’s only a chair. anyhoo Orli looks so fine at this event i hope there’s more to come.


    The (Laura Linney) tribute and ‘The Savages’ were both enjoyable. The Savages is pretty funny.


  • KateFan

    I love it when people get upset at the very mention of Kate’s name. His name is always mentioned in her threads. That’s what happens when you date for a while in Hollywood, you become forever linked. But I’d like to say this to all the people who foam at the mouth over her name being mentioned here:


  • Artemì


  • TheLostGirl


  • cute

    if you bring up the one picture where they are kind of holding hands you can see they both have bandages on their fingers.

  • Nothing but iphone

    orando who? who is that boy?

  • Anon

    To KateFan:


    Oh, sorry. Didn’t mean to make fun of her anorexia. *snort*

  • ann


  • jk


  • jk
  • KateFan

    To Anon 12:57


    I wonder why?

  • no kate

    poor” kate fan” it must be hard to be fan to a talentless anorexic w******. Poor you kate is just a boring actress she was awful in superman. kate is a waste of space. Orlando is way better without that bag of bones.

  • To no kate

    And Orlando is such a great actor. No one has ever described him as talentless, boring or too skinny. Look at all the work he’s getting and he seems so happy lately. His life seems so full as he trolls around Hollywood in dusty sweats being chased by paparazzi, getting into fights with guys while looking like a sky high pill popper. Not to mention getting himself linked to every random actress and model he can find like the Americanized fame whore sellout he is. I bet the Kate haters thought things would change for the BETTER when they broke up. Poor haters you probably jinxed him.

  • hmmmm

    blah blah blah and blah kate is a talentless sl** and you know it. I might like her if she take acting class and eat a cheeseburger i might…..but for now ….she 24 and her career is so empty, she only show her fug face at fashion events where she sometimes wear those horrible fur coats. **** THAT GIRL IS SO CRUEL*** I bet that’s why Orly dump her a$$. Orlando is talented, gorgeous and he loves animal well is almost perfect (ha ha ha).

  • sun

    LOL!!!!!! O is hot , O is talented and O is a gentleman ‘end of this post’.

  • british hottie

    I’m definetely in love with that gorgeous man, he ‘s got such beautiful lips.

  • oooba dooba

    He looks boring (and bored) but presentable. If clothes reflect how we feel sometimes, then I’d say he looks like he’s fulfilling a professional obligation and would really rather be some place else.

    And yes, Kate Bosworth has looked healthier and happier since early spring this year. Whatever type of relationship she and Bloom had, it’s quite clear that it was not a healthy one – at least not for her.

    Didn’t Bloom say he was taking a long vacation after doing his play in London? If so, and combined with the Writer’s Guild strike, I’m not surprised he’s not working. If he wanted to work, he’d be looking at scripts and doing films in England or Europe in general, where strikes in LA mean nothing.

    Kate’s doing okay with work, I guess. It seems she’s focusing on lower bugdet independent films as opposed to mainstream films. Either she’s trying to develop her craft in a low key fashion, or she’s taking what she’s being offered. Her films have not been successful at the box office, with the exception of “Superman Returns.” Bloom will have to take what he’s offered at this point as well. And if he insists on only taking leading man roles, he may be unemployed for a long time…in which case his ‘vacation’ may be quite extended.

  • blooom

    Orlando was about to do Pompei with scar johanson direct by roman polanski, but roman polanski was scared about the strike so he decided to drop the film. So sad because roman is such a good director. I am not worried for orlando career, as I am sure that he will find a good director to work with. He just need a little bit of time for himself. Kate B is happier because she’s got a lot of movies to come, but she is going to loose her smile when they will bombed. We all know that she sucks as an actress….

  • can’t wait…

    I can’t wait , I want to see him in a new film. ’cause i love him he is a good actor, he was great in ned kelly.

  • What’s In A Name?

    He really needs a good new film and a nice girlfriend. All these hookup stories make him seem like a man whore. But I hope he isn’t dating that Miranda chick because her agent keeps talking to the Aussie press about how Miranda and her ex-bf broke up around the same time she started being seen with Orlando like Orlando helped break them up or something. Miranda’s agent btw is the sister of her ex-bf. Too shady.

  • piss off

    I agree with you with #84.
    The whole situation looks shady.
    Sad that hollywood doesn’t have morals so
    luring people away from their boyfriend doesn’t mean anything to them. No one will really care.It will be sad if it turns out to be true because that would mean that Orlando doesn’t live by his religious beliefs or his enviromental beliefs. Please show yourself to be a man of character Orlando. This isn’t what you need now after the accident situation.

    You are right about the sister connection as well. How weird is that?

  • guyana punch

    maybe they are dating and maybe they aren’t. Guess time will tell but it sure is interesting that every time they meet it is documented in the press and it usually starts in OZ first even if the hookup was in the US.

    The agent has been feeding this to the press for a while which is really desperate. You would think that if two people started dating just a few weeks ago you would give them time to build a real relationship and not document every meeting with details in the aussie press. Its pretty well known that she was with her boyfriend until very recently-perhaps a few weeks-so anything with Orlando had to have started just recently as well. Again, if something is the real thing don’t most people say they want some time to figure it out before it is public? It doesn’t add up that every meeting since a dinner in New York has made the papers. Is it all bs and pr or is the agent just not very savvy to know better? I hope Orlando is well aware of what is going on. He claims not to have liked it when this game was played with Kate.

  • just me

    Come on leave the man alone, maybe she just broke up with him before to get with orlandol. You don’t know anything about that situation so stop making judgement out of here. Both orlando and miranda are buddhist so I personaly don’t think that they will do that. You don’t even know if they are together….yes he had a car accident(it was bad enouth for him ) so just get over it and leave him alone.

  • Stella

    I wonder when one of Orlando’s fangirlies are going to make one of those youtube video like that guy did for Britney screaming and crying about LEAVE ORLANDO ALONE JUST LEAVE’EM ALONE! hahaha He doesn’t seem like some little boy that needs coddling I don’t know why his pathetic little fans treat him that way. I don’t care if he is a Buddhist. He drinks, curses, lies etc and is that Buddhist behavior? I don’t doubt he’d take a model from her boyfriend and I don’t doubt that the model would trade up in a heartbeat. Celebrities are some of the most morally compromised people.

  • piss off

    no #87 they said they were still in a relationship just a few weeks ago. It was the first time she was suppose to have had a dinner with Orlando but they said it was just friends.
    If they are buddhist then they should know that the Karma of doing this will bite them in the ass and it won’t last long.
    Orlando never responds to any press but I think this time it really hurts his character and it makes him look like scum who was trying to get her for a long time from her boyfriend. If there is nothing going on he should say so. Sometimes you should defend yourself. He never said anything regarding the accident either and he should talk about that since there are many questions about how he acted.

  • pat

    He surely doesn’t need her help, but I surely don’t need your stupid comment. We don’t give a damn about BritBRIT CRAZY FAN. How do you know that he takes Miranda from her boyfriend? We don’t even fu%%%n know if they are an item. YOU guys are so hilarous. If it’s true, it’s good for them: she is not with her boyfriend anymore so why she should stay alone rather than dating that hot piece.

  • piss off

    #88 that is really an interesting comment since Orlando just recently made a comment that part of the problem with dating as a celebrity is that people are always trying to trade up like buying a new car. Let’s hope that is not what he did here and that he isn’t doing that exact thing he says he hates in others.

  • Stella

    Shut up Pat no one said they are dating people are only referring to the possibility. Get some comprehension skills. And that crazy Britney fan isn’t too far off from those crazy Orlando fans. In fact you seem like someone who could be worthy of a restraining order.

  • pixie

    Stella I hate to say it but I agree with you. I have tried to think the best of Orlando since the accident and write it off as everyone has a bad night and screws up once in a while. If this latest information is true that Miranda left her long term boyfriend to get with him I will have to admit he is just like all the rest. That would mean he was supporting someone else cheating and that he would most likely do it himself since he doesn’t care. There was one interview he gave during the Kate period where he said “I just wouldn’t do that it isn’t my syle’ about all the rumors he was with other women when he was with her.I wonder if that wasn’t true and Kate had good reason to e so insecure. Wasn’t he already flirting with a girl at the club after he was reported to have started dating Miranda? His image has really taken a hit or two this past couple of months.

  • pat

    Stella you don’t have to be so hysterical about my comment:
    1 I’m not an Orlando fan.
    2 you’ve got to admit that your comment was stupid.
    and 3 We still don’t know if Orlando and Miranda are together so for me this story is just Gossip. So you people should give it a rest.

  • pixie

    Pat,I’m sure you can see that it is all adding up, can’t you? Isn’t it just a little bit too obvious that they make a public announcement about a break-up right after the rumors start flying? If it isn’t true that they should make it clear or risk their reputations being slammed.

  • Stella

    God your comprehension skills suck Pat. I was hysterical at all I was condescending and sarcastic. Try and pay attention ok.

    Pixie Orlando had a good run but he can’t hide behind that golden boy image without a golden career. He’s becoming the new Jared Leto.

  • pixie

    The new Jared Leto? That’s interesting I thought they had the same management. Maybe he needs to switch before it is too late.

  • OMG-what is this?

    I just read on x17 that someone said they saw him on ET this past week and he said he didn’t own a car when he was asked if he drove a hybrid. What a stupid answer! He still drives a car every day. He drives the Audi. If he leases it that makes no difference it is what he is driving every day.Why not lease a hybrid, Orli???????

    That is sad sad sad. He is not looking good these days.The cracks are showing in a big way.
    Anyone can see that was a real deceitful way to answer that question. Is that the way he would handle the Miranda rumors?

  • Kelsey

    Orly was such a handsome little dreamboat just a few short years ago now he is coming across as more a Jared Leto type. Jared has been linked to almost every starlet out there and Orlando is quickly catching up. I personally think it’s nasty get a grip on your hormones already. You can say their just rumors but that’s a LOT of women to be linked to and all of them false. But I guess it could be worse, he could be the next Skeet Ulrich. lol

  • Lee Woods


    Cut it out!!

    If you want to move on…then act like it…
    I’m looking at nothing but GLOOM AND DOOM…

    And what are you posing in a chair for as if you’re being interrogated?

    I just don’t get your behavior and mannerisms…

    Ah! I can only shake my head and wish you the best…

    Oh1 By the way, here’s something positive…
    Try doing a comedy…you actually have a good sense of humor and witty…