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Orlando Bloom @ AFI FEST 2007

Orlando Bloom @ AFI FEST 2007

Orlando Bloom attends the AFI FEST 2007 (American Film Institute) presented by Audi held at the Rooftop Village at ArcLight Cinemas on Friday in Hollywood, Calif.

The 30-year-old Pirates of the Caribbean actor paid tribute to actress Laura Linney and attended the advanced screening of The Savages, which stars Linney and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

The Savages is slated to have a limited release on Nov. 28.

20+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom @ the 2007 AFI FEST…

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Photos: Mark Mainz/Michael Buckner/Getty
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  • Lee Woods

    Hold it!!!

    If Orlando and Miranda are hooked up…or even thinking about it…
    What a hypocrite Orlando is…he has passed judgment on Angelina Jolie and has proclaimed that he’s a guy of HONOR…

    I’m about to throw up…WELCOME TO HOLLYWOOD…and skinny models…

    He is so transparent and an image whore…

  • piss off

    to be fair I don’t think he made comments about ms Jolie. That was just someone talking crap and they didn’t know what they were talking about.

    The rest of your post I agree with.

  • Renee

    It’s really disappointing to see him become this Hollywood type, chased by paparazzi and constantly in the tabloids. I don’t understand why he isn’t laying low relaxing in London and looking for work in Europe. He said earlier this year he really wanted to do a cool European film and was meeting with different European directors. What happened to that? It’s really none of my business where he spends his time but it seems like it’s open season on him since returning to LA.

  • poppyseed

    I don’t know if he said anything bad about Anglina Jolie. I think some people were saying that he looked like he was making a negative facial expression when her name came up when he was on a TV show in London. It is highly doubtful it was about her-I think the camera just came to him and a weird moment.

    However, since he and Jennifer do have the same agent I think they are at least somewhat friends.Orlando has always said that since he was raised by his mom and his sister that he has a lot of respect for women and is sensitive to how they are treated, blah, blah, blah,.Too bad it doesn’t seem he is able to live that out.There were always many rumors of him at least flirting with other women while he was with Kate.Was everyone of them lies? Then we see him getting into an argument with a man over some random girl at a club where they say he grabbed the girl ‘inappropiately’ that night. Actually, I’m not sure how you can grab someone you never met appropiately at all but w/e. Then the same night he gets into an accident and leaves two women bleeding in a car because he was said to have been too ‘dazed’ to know what was going on.Now he is said to be going after an underwear model who lo and behold just left her boyfriend the same time she decides to met up with Orli Bloom. I thought all that honor and respect he was suppose to have for women would lead him to be attracted to women with a little more to offer the world than shaking their T&A for mens pleasure. I guess not.

  • Kelly Ann

    He seems like a nice guy just not the Mr. Wonderful that some have made him out to be. It’s not fair to be disappointed in him, be disappointed in yourself for allowing yourself to believe in an image and the hype.

  • poppyseed

    He gladly helped build that image and hype. I assume you mean we should have always just believed he was liar and a hypocrite all along and never believed anything he said about himself in interviews.It was all rubbish?

  • poppyseed

    I forgot to add: Orlando should be very concerned about his image since that is all he has right now. He doesn’t have a lot of work lined up. The only reason he was given leading roles in the past was because the studios knew he would have the young fan base to back him up Now most of those girls are growing up and the new breed of fangirls have their eyes on someone much younger. He is an okay actor but probably not most peoples first choice. If his image goes down the tubes then the studios won’t have any reason to put him before anyone else anymore. I agree that if he is a buddhist then he should start acting like one.His actions do not seem like someone who is spiritual at all. He comes off as a silly playboy still chasing the T&A and has no wits about him. I hope he doesn’t end up like Scott Baio who was also a teen idol and thought everything would go his way and then he ends up some sad 45 year old man afraid of relationships being laughed at on vh1. Pity the fool!

  • Kelly Ann

    I’m sure it wasn’t all rubbish. Like I said he seems like a nice guy but I don’t think you can trust those fawning profiles and carefully managed interviews. Even on talk shows the guests are prepped as to what they will talk about before going on. I think celebrities are very conscious as to how they present themselves and your always going to try and present yourself in the best light but anyone who pays attention to pop culture should know that what you see isn’t always what you get.

  • peace out

    I’m done.

    no more orli fan for me
    too much scumbucket behavior
    it isn’t excusable anymore.

    good luck trying to climb back
    on top, matey

    maybe he is a buddhist like
    puff daddy claims to be a christian :(

    and maybe its the karma that is getting
    him now.

  • ……

    As HE CARE to loose you as a fan poor him is going to be so sad. Miranda is a beautiful girl and i’m pretty sure that he is with her. who would’t want to be with that beautiful woman. YOu are so jealous of her. Go Orlando… and my little finger told me that is going to work again somewhere in 2008 so sad for you.
    How can you even compare Orlando and Jared leto ? GO ORLANDO YOU ARE THE BEST.

  • ness

    I’m also happy for him and Miranda because she’s a cuttie i read an article about her and she seems to be so down to earth. She’s not a stupid bimbo.
    I find that relationship between those two so sweet, they are both buddhist so they are going to practice together “how sweet”. I hope that she’s going to support him with his career. Because he will need her when he will start to work again. Kate was always complaining about him being away.

  • angel

    He so handsome, I wish him all the best with his career: you will get back soon my sweet baby (ha ha hah).

  • hot and hottie

    ┬░ He looks a bit sad, can’t she give him more pleasure with that hot body┬░

  • karma girl

    ***** She left her boyfriend for Orlando B. So what? who wouldn’t, I would *lol* Orlando is such a gorgeous man, I don’t care about all that fuss surrounding that relation and the car accident. Miranda is a lucky girl, but I heard he was with Kate Hudson the other night. Well we will have to wait for more news.

  • Katie

    Well Orlando Bloom is not losing me as fan anytime soon. I’m not going to judge someone over one human mistake . Everyone has a terrible point in their life that they must face and overcome by searching their soul.

    So I can’t and or won’t hate Orlando Bloom because of that.

  • Donzo

    Orlando has lost me as a fan because he went Hollywood, hasn’t improved his acting skills, hasn’t gotten any good films and dates women who happily enjoy using his name for attention and I’m pretty sure he even approves of it. Probably makes a tiny wee wee hard.

  • dis what?

    DONZO we all know that Orlando he’s the best…..and yes you must be jealous because you are alone. Well I do understand, but you don’t have to be so vulgar to express yourself. For me you are just a loser but it’s ok everybody has got the right to post here.

  • Orlando Bust

    Nope Orlando’s the loser. He’s losing fans left and right and I don’t know why it’s not his fault he’s sucky bad actor, oh yeah it is.

  • meline

    Yeah yeah “orlando bust” like you known anything about the film industry. You’re so pathetic.

  • Orlando Busted A$$

    Where did I mention the film industry retardo? I said he’s a sucky bad actor. There are lot of sucky bad actors in the film industry. Hell Paris Hilton gets movies. Orlando will still get movies but he’ll always be a joke with less fans than Paris Hilton.

  • OrliLuvr

    I am a strong and faithful Orlando fan. I wasn’t really into him at the time when he was with Kate, so I can’t say anything. Anyway, I strongly believe he will always be a great guy, and you all who are negative toward him don’t help. Here some of you are, discussing your beliefs on whatever happened, and some could read all that as rumors. He’s my idol, and hero, and I’m proud to support him no matter what. Go Orli!!!

  • !!!!!!!

    “Orlando busted : I would say that you’re beyond pathetic, but can we expect much of a Paris Hilton fan. Orlando is good actor and he doesn’t need a pathetic loser like you to believe so. LOVE YOU ORLANDO.!!!!!!

  • ashley

    he’s just amazing. :D he really is. and people that are saying “he looks pale, sick” etc, have you not put into consideration where hes BEEN the past 6 MONTHS!?

    antarctica isn’t exactly the caribbean, do you really expect him to be bronze and very very happy?

    anyway, tan or not, he’s still goregous. and i LOVE his hair that way. he should keep it short.

  • biba

    this man is so beautiful. look at those eyes .. i love him

  • missbee

    what is wrong with jared leto? i mean, he lost it as an actor (he was the hottest on my so called life), but his band is cool.

  • michiii

    he is so hot and a great actor. he care’s about animals and everyting so the people who are speaking bad about him are just jealous about the attention he is getting.

  • sacha

    I love Orlando Bloom

  • em

    Orlando looks good in this picture as always.

  • nikki

    he is one of the best looking actors around and will be on my hot list for a long time i don’t think he will ever leave. his films are definitely worth watching not just because he is in them and pirates of the caribbean is one of the best films i have ever seen. also he is very caring and does a lot of charity work and recently went to nepal to help a good childrens cause. i love his new hairstyle he looks hot.