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Vanessa's Teddy Bear Business

Vanessa's Teddy Bear Business


Vanessa Hudgens leaves her home in Los Angeles carrying a stuffed animal teddy bear and her iPhone on Friday. The 19-year-old High School Musical star was a little shy but at long last, flashed waiting photographers a peace sign.

After running a few errands, including a stop at her boyfriend Zac Efron‘s house, Vanessa and her mom Gina drove to Anaheim to meet up with her dad Greg and litter sister Stella.

The Hudgens family then spent the evening at the Disneyland theme park, where several young fans recognized the young star as she snacked on a bag of cotton candy. Did anyone spot Vanessa at Disneyland yesterday??

UPDATE: Vanessa‘s carrying around the same teddy bear that she did when she was in Argentina while wearing Zac‘s shirt.

25+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens‘s teddy bear business…

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vanessa hudgens teddy bear 01
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vanessa hudgens teddy bear 03
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vanessa hudgens teddy bear 06
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 07
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vanessa hudgens teddy bear 18
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 19
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 20
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 21
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 22
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 23
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 24
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 25

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643 Responses to “Vanessa's Teddy Bear Business”

  1. 1
    KellyT Says:

    She looks beautiful!

  2. 2
    Franzi Says:

    first! i love you baby v

  3. 3
    boji Says:

    Yay, there goes my baby Vaneessa!

  4. 4
    alexxx22 Says:

    ok girls, is funny to see her drag around a teddy bear, but I seen something that made me almost wet my panties :) , pay attention – Cate Blanchett Can Breast Feed Giorgio Armani . Can you imagine that beeing true?

  5. 5
    xclaudiax Says:

    beautiful as always:)
    gotta love her:)

  6. 6
    emmy Says:

    she looks beautifull:)

  7. 7
    Cassia Efron hudgens Says:

    liiiindaaa a diiiva hudgens
    meuu amoorziiinho
    cuida beeem doo zac para miim.

  8. 8
    emma Says:

    She looks so cute! i love her fashion sense.

  9. 9
    erica Says:

    It’s always great to see Vanessa out and about, especially with her boyfriend or family. Maybe she wants to spend some time with them if she’s planning to move out, but I still think it’s sweet, and the teddy bear looks like something she could have had since she was really young, I have my first stuffed bear still as well. And V looks great as always.

  10. 10
    boji Says:

    She looks soooo cute. Like the look of her hair today.Suits her better. Also like her babydoll top.& she’s all smiley.Notice no smirk.The pic of her with her teddy bear makes her look younger than she is. Still so adorable.

  11. 11
    zac efron 4 ever Says:

    omg iheared she bowkup with zac

  12. 12
    uarecrazy Says:

    Vanessaa looks sleepy, but stil pretty !

  13. 13
    kathastic Says:

    i love her hair like that!
    cute outfit as well

  14. 14
    nickolodeon Says:

    she did not break up, she stil make a stop at zac hse, duh

  15. 15
    Annabel Says:


  16. 16
    nickolodeon Says:

    i;m a girl and i lurve tis girl…..GOD!! SO PRETTY ADORABLE GORGEOUS!!

  17. 17
    areucrazy Says:

    “After running a few errands, including a stop at her boyfriend Zac Efron’s house, Vanessa and her mom Gina drove to Anaheim to meet up with her dad Greg and litter sister Stella. ”


  18. 18
    vanney Says:

    she’s pretty!!

  19. 19
    erica Says:

    She’s wearing the ring…I just thought that I should point that out.

  20. 20
    zanessa Says:

    ohh she’s sooo sweet i love her and zac! her teddy is a candy, so sweet! Vanessa you are the best!

  21. 21
    V's biggest fan Says:

    havent seen pics of her and zac in a while. :(
    and vanessa’s gorgeous as always!!

  22. 22
    myza Says:

    she’s so pretty.
    can i kill her?

  23. 23
    rubyred Says:

    She is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. 24
    areucrazy Says:

    its funny, this girl can melt my heart =)

  25. 25
    mcv Says:

    plis JJ more pics zanessa!!!

  26. 26
    ... Says:

    she’s just not as beautiful as zac. *shrug*

    but who is?

  27. 27
    areucrazy Says:

    i mean knocking on zac door

  28. 28
    zanessa Says:

    JJ thank you soo much for this pictures! You are the Best! At these pictures she look sooooo beautiful!

  29. 29
    hello Says:

    awwwwwwwwwwww that is so cute

    ooooooo zacs house agian

  30. 30
    wow Says:

    Did Zac present this teddy bear to her at Valentine last year? Do you know the episode? How lovely she is! She’s so cute!

  31. 31
    Lilli Says:

    Beautiful Vanessa! Love Zanessa!(L)

  32. 32
    olivia Says:

    she so beautiful ==> :D
    i love you vanessa ^^

    i loveeeee her hair like that !!

  33. 33
    Tooba Says:

    perfect as always……….a drop at zac’s house………..go Zanessa!!!!!!!!!!

  34. 34
    ANNE8 Says:

    lovely vanessa!
    thanks jj!

  35. 35
    go sox Says:

    She looks so pretty just doing her thing! I LOVE her hair straight here…I love her waves too, but sometimes when it’s just loose and down, it overwhelms her petite frame and gorgeous face.! And the plaid baby doll top is so cute….Zac likes plaid too!

  36. 36
    MovieMadness Says:

    What the hell is up with this girl. Everytime I come to this site her pictures and Zac Efrons always have 200+ comments. Sure they’re beautiful people but they haven’t done sh@t besides kiddy High School Musical. Brad and Angelina, I guess I can understand that, however You people are just weird and obsessed.

  37. 37
    flipacoin Says:

    pretty sure she’s still 18 jared ;)

  38. 38
    evelyn Says:

    they are so cute!

    maybe it was her sister’s birthday or something?

    wonder what zac will do for her for her birthday? its coming up!

  39. 39
    cindy Says:

    Vanessa looks so pretty . Glad to hear she spent some time with her family at Disneyland. They all deserve to have a fun day after the day at the gym with the paps. Hopefully they did not follow them too much there. Happy to see V smiling. She really looks good here.

  40. 40
    evelyn Says:

    check out this link ..

    pics of zac too … he has his ring back on!

  41. 41
    go sox Says:

    Hey, MovieMadness…it’s a lot more fun being a fan of Zac and Vanessa! They’re young, talented, and in love. What’s not to like? You obviously don’t know much about them, cause they’ve done a lot more than kiddy HSM, which, BTW, is an adult guilty pleasure too. I agree there are way too many pics, but hey, they’re the IT thing right now. Pretty soon the paparazzi will move on to another hot topic. And I’m sure Zac and Vanessa can’t wait…….

  42. 42
    MOne Says:

    she looks stunning. And.. it’s nice to hear that they had a family day. It must be fun :):)

    i like her teddy bear

  43. 43
    ANNE8 Says:

    how nice of her always spending time with her family
    and zac of course!
    hoping for another zanessa sighting soon jj!

  44. 44
    smdwh Says:

    Love her hair, she always looks great.

  45. 45
    areucrazy Says:

    mean he take off the ring while playing bball

  46. 46
    nm Says:

    she seems so down to earth, from the way she dresses to how she is..she seems so nice,,i want to meet her..
    i have a interview from a magazin, and the person who interview says shes really nice and even more beautiful in real life..XDXD

  47. 47
    go sox Says:

    Hey, Evelyn….what are we gonna do tomorrow with no Pats on???

  48. 48
    _Mari_ Says:

    She looks so pretty! I love her clothes, her hair, her teddy!!
    I love everything about her!…
    oh damn… I think Vanessa might be making me gay! LOL

    Now I want some ZANESSA! please!

  49. 49
    boji Says:

    hi, Go sox. Had a good night’s sleep.? #35 moviemadness,as your moniker suggests,we are not unlike you except that we have the zanessa madness.If you had bothered to read the posts in the previous threads, then, you will understand this craziness, as you call it. So, go read, then judge.

  50. 50
    kate Says:

    love her hair so much !!!!!!!! it’s so beautiful it’s black and straight i love it :D lol

    her face is so pretty omg , i love the smile , this girl is so talented and very very pretty , go baby v !!!

  51. 51
    areucrazy Says:

    47 _Mari_ : 11/10/2007 at 8:48 am
    She looks so pretty! I love her clothes, her hair, her teddy!!
    I love everything about her!…
    oh damn… I think Vanessa might be making me gay! LOL

    Now I want some ZANESSA! please!


    ME TOO >.

  52. 52
    Alma Says:

    I love Vanessa
    She is my idol
    always and forever. i am argentina
    you are looks beautifull in this pics
    kiss :)

  53. 53
    mary Says:

    her hair is long again yay :D( i now , extensions but it looks very good on her)!!!

    agree with 45 :

    she seems soooooooooo nice,,i want to meet her too ,
    i love stella, her sister :D two beautiful girls !!!!

  54. 54
    boji Says:

    Hi,evelyn, Thanks for the link.I always checkout the links.

  55. 55
    go sox Says:

    Hi, boji!! Love sleepin’ in on Saturdays!! What time is it for you?? We Angels don’t ever seem to get any rest, huh?

  56. 56
    areucrazy Says:

    HEY ZAC DID WEAR HiS RING buT TAke iT off later.

  57. 57
    mcv Says:

    hola Alma !! soy tambien soy de Argetina ..

  58. 58
    injila Says:

    awwwww i love her teddy bear! :)

  59. 59
    katie Says:


  60. 60
    Jagoda Says:

    She’s pretty!!
    She looks beautiful!
    LOVE HER !!!

  61. 61
    Mìhh Says:

    She looks absolutely gorgeous!

  62. 62
    katie Says:

    she is so pretty

  63. 63
    evelyn Says:

    gotta love the links!

    no pats go sox! i know! well, its my son’s bday party today, so tomorrow i will spend the day recovering! (and checking just jared of course!)

  64. 64
    areucrazy Says:

    well…so fast so many comments =)

  65. 65
    boji Says:

    It’s 9.55pm Satnight in Malaysia.Suppose, we are her Angels. Lucky girl! She’s really blessed to have so many guardian angels. Am calling it a night.Want to try & get up early tomorrow to catch up with the rest of you. So Night,Night evelyn & Go Sox

  66. 66
    shary Says:

    JJ, she become 19 already? LMAO.
    Okay.. So weird&funny writing 19years old.

  67. 67
    MEREDITH Says:


  68. 68
    Z & V Fan Says:

    I knew I wasn’t crazy. That’s that teddy bear V was carrying around in South America wearing Zac’s shirt. I’m going to guess that it is a gift from him…

  69. 69
    hOLLY Says:

    I wonder what she is doing @ Zac’s house

    somethings we would never know

  70. 70
    Fan_From_Italy Says:

    Really really cute! but she’s 18!

  71. 71
    jeanette Says:

    Wish I could have been at disneyland. Omg I think vah looks so beautiful. They should have had pics with her and her sister. I love seeing them two together. But o well he he thanks jj

  72. 72
    cindy Says:

    Vanessa will be 19 in Dec.

  73. 73
    evelyn Says:

    ok, lets talk about the teddy bear. was she bringing it to zac’s to leave it there? did it make the trip to disneyland or stop at zac’s?

    maybe she wants it there when she sleeps over at zac’s!

  74. 74
    ashley Says:


  75. 75
    evelyn Says:

    ok, sorry .. more questions ..

    what is the deal with the limo driver? driver? not sure what she is getting out of.

    and you can all yell at me over this one … you don’t think she was leaving the teddy bear at zac’s to give it back to him (ie. fight/breakup) do you?

    its my paranoia setting in .. that is why i email you all to set me straight.

  76. 76
    shannon Says:

    she looks preggy in some piccys. bahah. o.O xD

  77. 77
    lilly Says:

    Awww she’s so cute!!

  78. 78
    areucrazy Says:

    limo i think bring her family to disney land. more comfy

  79. 79
    go sox Says:

    G’night, boji! Thanks for your wonderful thoughts!!

    Evelyn, I guess we all need a day to recover on weekends! Especially after kids b-day parties! I remember those days! What do parents do these days for parties anyway??

    I love the teddy bear, but it does make her look really young….not like someone looking for her own place! But I’m sure her teddy will be the first thing that goes with her! Wonder what it’s name is?

  80. 80
    areucrazy Says:

    evelyn. i think she left her teddy in the limo and find zac. she didnt leave the teddy at zac.

  81. 81
    emma Says:

    love the teddy

    hey check out my new video on youtube of the oc –

  82. 82
    Jess Says:

    Aw shes so cute with her teddy

  83. 83
    suzy Says:

    Cute pictures. I wanna go Disneyland

  84. 84
    go sox Says:

    My, my, Evelyn…let’s put that paranoia to rest. Do you really think he’d want a teddy bear back that he gave to her? Girls love stuffed animals…I took a bunch to college too. But I don’t think Zac would want it.. he’s a guy. She probably got the limo to treat her family to a fun day, maybe it was a special occasion. And who knows? Maybe V likes to use teddy as a pillow or something to cuddle with when she naps?

  85. 85
    nickolodeon Says:

    i stil hug my teddy while i am sleeping and i am 21. lol

  86. 86
    go sox Says:

    Hey, Z + V fan, I forgot about that pic of her before! It must be her Zacky Bear then!

  87. 87
    yetski Says:

    Nice to see her out with her Family and of course Zac!!
    Love Zanessa!!!

  88. 88
    Rachel Says:

    love the outfit…she always looks so pretty. btw she is 18 not 19

  89. 89
    zane Says:

    What! I missed Vanessa At Disneyland Theme parks! My husband and I brought our 4 year old daughter there yesterday bec. she has no school and she wants to watch the HSM parade.Oh men,I cant believed we missed her!!!

  90. 90
    vanessafan Says:

    Love her. She looks so adorable and more with her teddy bear.Hopefully we will get more pics of her byherself or with zac.
    Thanks Jared keep posting more please

  91. 91
    rokstur Says:

    Could eveybody stop predicting what is going on in there love life, all the breaking up predictions, are what that start rumors and things like that. STOP making things up if you don’t know what is going on ,just enjoy the pictures and still smile that they are still together and not apart.In my opinion, when you guys keep making perdictions, it could come true so stop.

    wow, that cute.

  92. 92
    sb Says:

    aw she is so cute, love her hair like that, shes looks gorgeous. i love how she goes ‘au natural’ LOL instead of caking on the make-up!!

    HSM3 UPDATE- on E!news they said that ashley said that all the deals were in place or something like that, e!news said that included zac and V. i hope they are right!!!

  93. 93
    Vicky Says:

    Aww she’s so cute!!! LOVE her hair like this, she really suits it.

  94. 94
    Z & V Fan Says:

    Go Sox, as soon as I saw that pic I knew I had seen that bear before. I guess she wanted to cuddle with Zac and she had to settle for the bear instead… :-)

  95. 95
    niamh Says:

    Thankk-god she has her ring on because zac wasnt wearing his in his basketball photos! xx

  96. 96
    zane Says:

    We were there yesterday at Disneyland and found out there will be a taping for ABC Christmas presentation today,Saturday 11-10-07 infront of disney princess catle.That spot was blocked bec they are doing the stage.Too bad our annual pass for Disneyland is not covered for Saturday and Sunday. I have a feeling that maybe Vanessa if she’s being taken by a Limo going to Disneyland she has a guess appearance for todays taping. She might be staying at the Hotel there.

  97. 97
    katie Says:


  98. 98
    jay Says:

    I believe Stella’s B-day is Nov 15. Trip to Disneyland was probably a gift from V.

  99. 99
    nickolodeon Says:

    95 niamh : 11/10/2007 at 9:49 am

    check out post #40 link

  100. 100
    Elisabeth Says:

    Don’t you think that the bear is something between both of them…I mean she has the teddy bear when she leaves her house and after goign at Zac’s home, no more Teddy bear …
    What does that mean ?

  101. 101
    go sox Says:

    Bet on it, Z + V fan! But I’ll bet Zacky Bear is no substitute for the real thing! ;o)

  102. 102
    iane Says:


  103. 103
    zane Says:

    she’s really pretty. I wish I see her yesterday at Disneyland

  104. 104
    Z & V Fan Says:

    Definitely not an adequate substitute, but if that’s all you got, you have to work with it…hahaha. I am sure she will get a hold of the real thing ASAP.

  105. 105
    Jess Says:

    I love her outfit

  106. 106
    amy Says:

    Cute. The teddy bear makes V look more 13 than 19. I wonder what Zanessa did at Zac’s house?

  107. 107
    go sox Says:

    Z + V fan, sometimes I wonder if V purposely gives hints to her fans, like the bear, when she’s not with Zac, to let everyone know things are well, and not to worry. What do you think?

  108. 108
    zanessa forever Says:

    so pretty and gorgeous!

    she is the best!

    i love zanessaa

  109. 109
    katie Says:

    v is so cute! love the teddy bear.

  110. 110
    rosielee9 Says:

    It looks to me like she’s buzzing to get in like that other place she went to the other week, as I can’t imagine that Zac would live somewhere where just anybody could walk into the building.

    Main thing she went to see Zac as well as spending time with her family, and it was nice that people asked for her autograph as well, seems not everyone is holding a certain mistake she made against her.

    Maybe we’ll have some weekend photo’s of her and Zac out and about who know’s.

  111. 111
    go sox Says:

    Zane, what a bummer you missed seeing her! It’s always fun to see famous people in person….it shows how normal they are in real life, and usually how much better looking they are than in pictures! Hard to believe V could get any prettier though…

  112. 112
    rosielee9 Says:

    Thought the teddy looked familiar boy does he travel.

  113. 113
    Z & V Fan Says:

    Go Sox you may have a point. I don’t know if it is intentional but she has acknowledged in an interview that she knows her fans are interested in their relationship. Funny considering that even with the obvious signs (ring, them together, smiling faces), rumors still float around.

  114. 114
    Amor Says:

    she is beautiful!

  115. 115
    Gi Kodály Says:

    I just find it too adorable that V has a teddy bear with her!
    Maybe she just went to Zac’s house to say ‘hi’, you know, because they wouldn’t see each other that day anymore.

  116. 116
    Annie Says:

    since i live in houston, i saw beyonce once. i was so close i could almost touch her

  117. 117
    VT Says:

    she is beautiful :)

    teddy bear very sweet

    thanks jj

  118. 118
    eira Says:

    vanessa is gorgeous.!
    i love her FASHION SENSE!

  119. 119
    mclari Says:

    JJ Cuando pondras fotos de zanessa???

  120. 120
    elissa Says:

    SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!
    She is completely amazing
    LoVE hEr!

  121. 121
    zane Says:

    #111 go sox, I am really feeling not okay since i found out that she was there and I missed her!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant get over it!

  122. 122
    BB V fan Says:

    Gorgeous. As always

  123. 123
    marisol Says:

    she look sad,prero bella como siempre.

  124. 124
    elliott Says:

    looks great.. like always..

  125. 125
    go sox Says:

    Exactly, Z + V fan. It may not be intentional, but I think these hints keep everyone calm. Can you imagine the hysteria if the rings were gone and there were no sightings of them seeing each other?? The paparazzi would be in high gear and the tabloids would be a zoo! That’s why I think it just may be a little intentional….

  126. 126
    Roxy Says:

    love her.. she looks beautiful as awlsys even w/out make up when she just woke up…. it is so sweet to see her holding a teddy bear, i think Zac gave it to her so she can remember him when she is alone…..and it was so sweet to stop over her boyfriend’s to say bye and hten live cuz she knows she will probably not see him for the weekend…. she is amazing!!!!

  127. 127
    go sox Says:

    Nice chatting, everyone! Gotta run, do some errands! I’ll try to imagine how awful it is for Z and V to do the same with cameras snapping every move….cya all lata’

  128. 128
    odaaa Says:

    yeah, i spotted her yeasterday at disneyland

    nah i wish i’m just kidding

  129. 129
    cheryll Says:

    the teddy bear is cute!! and also Vanessa! she is so natural. TC :-)

  130. 130
    Christine x3 Says:

    i love her shes my idol!

  131. 131
    narf Says:

    Hey kellyT congrats on making to first comment.

  132. 132
    bekkah Says:

    she looks so good in these picture’s!!!!!im a huge fan!!!! also i wonder why she is carrying the teddy bear????

  133. 133
    evelyn Says:

    z&v fan – which interview did vanessa acknowledge that in? just curious as i wanted to see if i could find the interview. thanks!

    i am thinking disney is going to make the ‘official’ announcement about the signings at the video release party for hsm2 next monday

  134. 134
    zvkg Says:

    Wow! I love the comments today. Wow! There’s hardly any haters and stupid comments. lol. Thanks guys…and fans.

    And yes, she’s soooo cute. I wish I look like her. *sigh* god must have spent a little more time on Vanessa. *pout* And I really want her necklace and top.

  135. 135
    zvkg Says:

    and the boyfriend cardigan. I want it. Even with my figure, this girl is seriously making me want to wear some skinny jeans. — –;;;

  136. 136
    Spirit Says:

    Okay, before I read everyones comments, I am going to say how so adorable Vanessa looks in these photos. I love the pic of her showing the peace sign. She always looks so vulnerable, I can see why Zac is so protective over her.

  137. 137
    new jersey Says:


  138. 138
    gemma Says:











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  139. 139
    evelyn Says:

    this is a great link!

    click on entertainment, then type in zac vanessa and gives you pics from all their public appearances!

    very cool!!

  140. 140
    hl Says:

    She is beautiful without even trying!! Aww, she brought her teddy bear!

  141. 141
    URSULA Says:




  142. 142
    narf Says:

    To Vanessa from Zac:

  143. 143
    narf Says:

    To Zac from Vanessa:

  144. 144
    narf Says:

    For both of them:

  145. 145
    zvkg Says:

    138 gemma : 11/10/2007 at 10:44 am


    lol, Yvie won’t be up yet. It’s a Saturday here, and it’s only 5:50 AM. hehehe. I’m an early riser, so…Yvie probably won’t be on until later. As for the rest. Maybe that’s the case too.

  146. 146
    dameea Says:

    Gosh I love this girl, seeing her everyday makes my day. I get addicted to her even more. The one reason that I love vanessa is that I love the way she handled things neatly. She is one of the celebrities in Hollywood that to me hasn’t changed a bit despite of all the success of high school musical. She goes with her parents and didn’t even get embarrassed for the world to see, I mean, honestly, if I was her, I would tell my parents to not show their faces when the paps are around, as bad as it sound, I seriously would do that. And seeing her having lunch with her mom and working out with her dad, makes myself thinks that maybe what I was thinking is wrong, she showed me that parents are cool too LOL. I mean, did you guys often see other celebrities with their parents THIS often? Not that I say that it’s bad for the others, but I’m so proud of vanessa. She hasn’t forgotten her parents even though right now all the good things come her way. I mean imagine THIS- she’s rich, in a relationship with one of the HOTTEST guy in Hollywood, a success in her career, famous etc. and she hasn’t even forgotten to spend time with her family and friends. She’s so down to earth. Imagining of all the things that she’s been through this year, I’m glad to say that she deserves this! Like she always says, “EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON”, and I think that this is the reason. That word always came in head and it makes me think what would vanessa do if bad things happens to her. She’s my role-model for sure. She made a mistake; she apologizes, and moves on. She doesn’t care what people think about her and she sticks with her true friends and family. I love her way of handling things. That’s why I wanna wish her good, hope everything comes her way and good luck in all of the things she’s been wishing to do.

    Anyway, seeing her spending time in Disneyland with her family is such a nice thing to do. I can’t explain how much I love v! She’s not even dressed to much diva-like. She carries teddy-bear, brings her family with her and nice to the paps. I totally love her style, cause I mean, look at it, people can actually wear it, not only celebrities. It’s cute and not over-the-top at the same time. She makes people realized that being natural is all it takes. Those teddy-bear is SO cute!! Ugh, I wish I could meet her, but oh well, I live SO far away from her, I live around the world from her!But I’m glad that I can still go online and find updates for her like EVERYDAY! She seems like a very nice, down-to earth girl! Wish her the very best! And hope that there’s a zanessa sighting soon. LoL can’t get enough of them! Totally addicted!

    thanx jj.

  147. 147
    Alessandra Says:

    I LOve HER!

  148. 148
    Spirit Says:

    Narf! OMG! I love Michael Buble!~ and Good Morning Angel! :-D

  149. 149
    zanessa Says:

    Isn’t hsm suppose 2 peform something at disneyland 2day I’m going to disneyland 2day yay

  150. 150
    zvkg Says:

    142 narf : 11/10/2007 at 10:50 am
    To Vanessa from Zac:


    Narf, not Vanessa…but Thanks for the links!! Lovely lovely songs.

  151. 151
    Flávia Says:

    aaaaaaaaa, lidaaaa


  152. 152
    vanessa-h-is-the-best Says:

    I really love vanessa hudgens. she is soo beautiful
    I just hate it that my friends don’t like vanessa hudgens.
    I live in Holland and she isn’t that big of a star here.
    And I hate that.
    My friends don’t liek her and think she’s fake.
    I think she is far from that.
    And this only proves it.
    Many times I’d like to talk about her but can’t because they don’t like her.
    I think she’s really beautiful, sweet, amazing singer, amazing actress and so much more.

    Zac is really a lucky guy

  153. 153
    zvkg Says:

    146 dameea : 11/10/2007 at 10:54 am


    Awwww dameea, that was incredibly sweet. And I totally agree. Even before the you know what, she was always bringing her family w/ her. Like in London, Stella was with her. And in the HSM tour, saw some backstage clips w/ her mom and of course Stella. Love that this girl values family alot and I think that’s one of the things that Zac appreciates about her. I’m gonna refer to your post if people start asking why we like her. hehehe.

  154. 154
    bigfan Says:

    She really looks beautiful! I like her! A good news for you guys: her profile was found on a millionaire dating site last week! “She is very picky about guy,” according to the officials of that site!

  155. 155
    zvkg Says:

    152 vanessa-h-is-the-best : 11/10/2007 at 11:04 am


    well…you can always talk about her here. WE love her too, so we don’t mind if we go on and on about her. lol.

  156. 156
    vanessa-h-is-the-best Says:

    thanx, zvkg

    that’s why I always go here.
    There are so many vanessa-fanns here.
    That’s the reason I love this site

  157. 157
    vanessa-h-is-the-best Says:

    thanx, zvkg

    that’s why I always go here.
    There are so many vanessa-fans here.
    That’s the reason I love this site

  158. 158
    Malia Says:


  159. 159
    JB Says:

    I just wish Zac could have joined them. Can you image that V & Z at Disneyland. The kids would have went crazy. It’s sad that they can’t do normal couple things. :(

  160. 160
    Manda Says:

    Carrying that Miu Miu around is a work-out in itself – no wonder all these Hollywood girls are so skinny. Bags have gotten bigger and heavier as these girls get skinnier.

  161. 161
    narf Says:

    Good morning Spirit & zvkg, glad you like the dedications.

  162. 162
    dameea Says:

    zvkg. thanks.and im glad that everyone here really appreciates her as much as i do. people like her not only because of her totally gawjus,incredibly pretty face but also because of her talent and inner beauty! and yeah, i love that she brings her family first. she brings her family everywhre, even on tour! haha TOTALLY LOVE HER! I would respect her no matter what! thanx agen jj. ur site rox!

  163. 163
    SadieLady Says:


  164. 164
    Spirit Says:

    Good morning Narf, “Everything” is just one of the many songs I dedicate to hubby! It’s wonderful! I hope that you had a pleasant visit with your friends yesterday! :-D

  165. 165
    dameea Says:

    evelyn. thanx for the link. appreciates it!

  166. 166
    bataglio Says:

    dragging a teddy around at 19; she probably still sucks her thumb as well, and a coupla’ other things

    grow up

  167. 167
    jenna Says:

    looking at her makes me want to take a shower

  168. 168
    vanessa-h-is-the-best Says:

    She is so beautiful

  169. 169
    Spirit Says:

    156 vanessa-h-is-the-best : 11/10/2007 at 11:14 am


    Yes, you will find Loyal Vanessa fans here “vanessa-h-is-the-best”… We love her too! And we will always try to protect her in our own small way, by defending her on JJ. :-D

  170. 170
    nickolodeon Says:

    oh no…here comes weirdo O.o

  171. 171
    Malia Says:

    MovieMadness : 11/10/2007 at 8:40 am
    What the hell is up with this girl. Everytime I come to this site her pictures and Zac Efrons always have 200+ comments. Sure they’re beautiful people but they haven’t done sh@t besides kiddy High School Musical. Brad and Angelina, I guess I can understand that, however You people are just weird and obsessed.


    Thirteen – 2002 – Played Noel
    Thunderbirds – 2004 – Played Tintin
    HSM – 2006 – Played Gabriella
    HSM2 – 2007 – Played Gabriella
    HSM3 – 2008 – Will play Gabriella

    Still Standing – 2002 – Played Tiffany
    Robbery Homicide Division – 2002 – Played Nicole at 10
    The Brothers Garcia – 2003 – Played Lindsey
    Quintuplets – 2005 – Played Carmen
    Drake & Josh – 2006 – Played Rebecca
    The Suite Life of Zack & Cody – 2006 – Played Corrie on four episodes

    First Music CD – 2006 – Title “V” [As of August 2007, US Sales 600,000 + copies sold.
    Currently working on second music CD – 2007 – Expected release date early 2008??

  172. 172
    vanessa-h-is-the-best Says:

    It’s so nice to see that there are many more people who think like I do

  173. 173
    Malia Says:

    areucrazy : 11/10/2007 at 8:29 am
    i mean knocking on zac door

    :) :)

  174. 174
    Spirit Says:

    166 bataglio : 11/10/2007 at 11:31 am


    If anyone needs to grow up, maybe it’s you!
    You are not even mature enough to just walk away from a thread about someone you obviously dislike!!!! *rolls eyes*

  175. 175
    bev Says:

    Friend of mine is a stylist and works on the set of movies with many stars. Says the story floating around out in LA is the Vanessa told Zac she’s sick of seeing him with his fat friend from Hairspray, and he needs to cool it or they are through!

    Supposedly she also told him he’s rich enough to spend some of his money. That’s when he went out and bought a new car. Sweet Vanessa? I don’t think so.

  176. 176
    Karen Says:

    Please forgive me if someone has already post this thought but I’m only on number 90 and I don’t want to wait until I’m through all these posts.

    I believe this is a teddy bear Zac gave Vanessa. I think she had it with her in Argentina to have Zac with her, you know it was to represent him so she didn’t feel like he wasn’t there in some way. Remember that interview she did when the cast(except Zac) was touring with HSM and doing the concert thing? She wore a pin on her dress with Zac’s face on it and even showed it on camera because she wanted him represented even if he wasn’t there in the flesh.

    So, my thinking is there must have been something special going on yesterday for the family to have gone to Disneyland together and once again Vanessa wanted Zac represented since he was missing. She seems to me to be that kind of a girl. When I was her age I was like that. She’s with him so much that I think she misses him when they aren’t together. PLus, I think after his workout and whatever else he did yesterday he was just plain tired and that’s why he stayed home. It isn’t very long before he starts filming his movie and it has been said he really throws himself into his movies because he’s one of those people who has to have everything perfect. So, he couldn’t go to Disneyland. Howver, Vanessa stopped by his place to check on him before going out with the family. They both probably just wanted to SEE each other since Zac had been busy all day. When you are young you just have to be able to see and touch each other at some point in the day. LOL Isn’t young love grand?

    Thanks, evelyn, for the pics of Zac with his RING on from yesterday. So, everyone calm down!

  177. 177
    jenna Says:

    V sold 600,000 + copies? lol, that’s even worse then what I thought it did sell. Which is really pathetic considering it’s been out for over a year.

    I’m not at all surprised though because the CD was sucked

  178. 178
    Florencia Says:

    Vanessa siempre tan linda ^^

    Me encanto el osito de peluche ^^

    Grax x las pics !!!!

    Baby v 4 ever !!!!

  179. 179
    nickolodeon Says:

    jeanna how did u know it sucked? did u bought it? why are u bother to come in this thread?

  180. 180
    zvkg Says:

    166 bataglio : 11/10/2007 at 11:31 am
    dragging a teddy around at 19; she probably still sucks her thumb as well, and a coupla’ other things

    grow up


    Maybe you should take your own advice. ^^

  181. 181
    Karen Says:

    I haven’t gotten all the post done yet! I haven’t even gotten to see all the pics but IF she came out of Zac’s without her teddy then she probably left it with him to represent HER since she was going to be away from him. LOL A lot of people say she is fun and spontaneous. Corbin Bleu said she was the most fun girl to be around that he ever knew so I would say just as she carried the teddy around with her in on tour she probably wanted Zac to have something to represent her to him while she was away from him. Like I said, she’s seems that type girl and that would be a fun thing for her to do. I’m sure Zac thought it was funny.

  182. 182
    zvkg Says:

    177 jenna : 11/10/2007 at 11:41 am


    considering there were hardly any promotions from other countries and US, 600,000+ is actually good.

    I’m hopeful that the second album would do well w/ good promotions.

  183. 183
    melissa Says:

    you know what would be great? if zac would have went with vanessa and her family. That would have been so cute!! but V looks great as usual and LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the teddy bear..

  184. 184
    andi Says:

    she looks sooo pretty.
    I luv her style.

    Bbv Rocks!!!!

  185. 185
    XXXX Says:

    175 bev : 11/10/2007 at 11:38 am
    Friend of mine is a stylist and works on the set of movies with many stars. Says the story floating around out in LA is the Vanessa told Zac she’s sick of seeing him with his fat friend from Hairspray, and he needs to cool it or they are through!

    Supposedly she also told him he’s rich enough to spend some of his money. That’s when he went out and bought a new car. Sweet Vanessa? I don’t think so.

    My cousins, uncle, co-worker’s, daughter’s, boyfriend’s lil’, sis, knows the Easter bunny and the story floatin’around, is that he is mad at Santa because, all he got was coal last year! He said that he had been a good bunny all year long, except for the time he cursed at the tooth fairy for putting an IOU under his pillow. He also said Santa was a fat sl*b. Sweet bunny, huh? I don’t think so!

  186. 186
    Marion Says:

    I just love her hair. I don’t like her totally curly locks…
    and yea, she does look very pretty and cute.The clothes aren’t something I can wear but it looks good on her…

  187. 187
    Tree Says:

    I think Vanessa was going to Disneyland for the weekend or at least thru Saturday. They are taping today.I beleive she said previously about sleeping with the teddy bear. So being she was staying over she stopped by to say goodbye to Zac and she brought her bear.

  188. 188
    Chole Says:

    Vanessa will be 19 in December

    i bet the bear is from Zac

  189. 189
    vanessa Says:

    uau,vanessa is so perfect :)
    i love ya,so mtuch.

    sylte,so style :)

  190. 190
    zvkg Says:

    175 bev : 11/10/2007 at 11:38 am


    lol. That’s nice. But as troy pointed this out to me before, don’t take every rumor as a Gospel.

    And even if it was true…oh well. She’s young. I doubt its true though because V isn’t that high maintenance. I mean, look at her parent’s car. If she was that full of herself, she wouldn’t be caught dead riding it, or she would have at least bought them a more expensive car (since she can afford it).

    In the end, we don’t know the whole truth. Only Z and V does and I don’t think they’ll be announcing it to the world.

  191. 191
    Malia Says:

    167 jenna : 11/10/2007 at 11:31 am
    looking at her makes me want to take a shower


  192. 192
    zvkg Says:

    184 XXXX : 11/10/2007 at 11:52 am
    175 bev : 11/10/2007 at 11:38 am
    Friend of mine is a stylist and works on the set of movies with many stars. Says the story floating around out in LA is the Vanessa told Zac she’s sick of seeing him with his fat friend from Hairspray, and he needs to cool it or they are through!

    Supposedly she also told him he’s rich enough to spend some of his money. That’s when he went out and bought a new car. Sweet Vanessa? I don’t think so.

    My cousins, uncle, co-worker’s, daughter’s, boyfriend’s lil’, sis, knows the Easter bunny and the story floatin’around, is that he is mad at Santa because, all he got was coal last year! He said that he had been a good bunny all year long, except for the time he cursed at the tooth fairy for putting an IOU under his pillow. He also said Santa was a fat sl*b. Sweet bunny, huh? I don’t think so!


    Oh gawd!! Your answer is such a classic!! LOOOOVE IT!!!

  193. 193
    White Says:

    #178 & 180 Karen – From your points, I would say the teddy Bear represents for Zac: “Im not there with her but Im always beside her”

  194. 194
    hannah Says:

    COOL, i bet that was fun!love what she’s wearing!

  195. 195
    dameea Says:

    hey bev, i just dont get the fact that why cant people accept that she really IS just a nice girl. tell me, if v is manipulating zac, surely zac will no longer wanna be with her.if a girl did that to her boyfriend, surely he wanted it to be over. i mean, who wud want a gf controlling their life?? NO ONE! and still he obey her rules, as she said or else they’ll be over. but zac is still with her now and looking happy, and why do you think zac falls for her in the first place? because he knows the REAL v, the nice, sweet and honest girl! and do you think v paid all of her HSM co-stars to say good things about her? if you look and search all the interviews about them, they’re all saying the same thing.

    what they say about v:
    zac: she brings sparkles to everything
    corbin: she’s the sweetest girl he’d ever known
    ash: she’s amazing and fun to be around

    so i really hope that the stories in FAKE! obviously..

  196. 196
    nickolodeon Says:

    i love how u guys defending v =) so sweet

  197. 197
    jesseeka Says:

    Maybe Vanessa put the teddy in her bag and brought it up to Zac… I heard he has been stuck in home all day memorizing lines. It’s a possibility. :)

  198. 198
    chris Says:

    i don’t now her but ..oh man ! this girl is so hottt !!

  199. 199
    wasan Says:

    She’s so CUTE..!!

  200. 200
    BECKY Says:

    GO 2 4 the complete list of performers ‘n presenters.

    Check ur local listing 4 channel ‘n time:


  201. 201
    Malia Says:

    175 bev : 11/10/2007 at 11:38 am
    Friend of mine is a stylist and works on the set of movies with many stars. Says the story floating around out in LA is the Vanessa told Zac she’s sick of seeing him with his fat friend from Hairspray, and he needs to cool it or they are through!

    Supposedly she also told him he’s rich enough to spend some of his money. That’s when he went out and bought a new car. Sweet Vanessa? I don’t think so.


  202. 202
    bev Says:

    #184 My my my what a wonderful family you have…..must make you proud. Thanks for sharing. ttyl……or not.

  203. 203
    nickolodeon Says:

    lolz. knew it, rumors >.

  204. 204
    Karen Says:


    Wonderful song choices! I had to take the time to listen to all of them! See, now you’ve put me behind in my reading…

    Did you have a fun night with your friend?

  205. 205
    clara Says:

    She’s adorable and I love her hair in these pictures.

  206. 206
    erica Says:

    152 vanessa-h-is-the-best : 11/10/2007 at 11:04 am
    I really love vanessa hudgens. she is soo beautiful
    I just hate it that my friends don’t like vanessa hudgens.
    I live in Holland and she isn’t that big of a star here.
    And I hate that.
    My friends don’t liek her and think she’s fake.
    I think she is far from that.
    And this only proves it.
    Many times I’d like to talk about her but can’t because they don’t like her.
    I think she’s really beautiful, sweet, amazing singer, amazing actress and so much more.
    Zac is really a lucky guy

    Well, you’re always welcome to talk about BBV here with us, like they say, the more the merrier, and V needs all the support she can get and we are here to give it to her.

    Besides, like some one said, we can just go on and on about her, she’s just that amazing.

  207. 207
    Malia Says:


  208. 208
    XXXX Says:

    201 bev : 11/10/2007 at 12:06 pm
    #184 My my my what a wonderful family you have…..must make you proud. Thanks for sharing. ttyl……or not.


    Not as proud of how you are with yourself for posting slander towards Vanessa, A girl you DO NOT KNOW PERSONALLY, just what’s flaoting around out in LA! ttyl… or not. (we’ll see)

  209. 209
    Tree Says:

    It may have been a present to Stella, however I think this is a promotional thing at Disneyland.That explains the limo. Disney is paying. They are taping for a Christmas Show.

  210. 210
    zvkg Says:

    200 Malia : 11/10/2007 at 12:06 pm


    Wow, that’s a used one? hehehe…you learn something new everyday. Thanks for the info Malia. ^^ Great to know that even though he bought an audi, it was still a used audi. hahaaha. Gotta love this two. I guess these two are thinking waay ahead of their future because they hardly use their money for anything except shopping for clothes (and they’re affordable clothes too). ^^ wow… And the house that V checked out…they’re really not that high cost for someone of her status. I think someone mentioned before that the houses she looked at are actually the low ends in the million dollar housing in LA??

    If I had millions, I’d be splurging it on new house, new car, new clothes, jewelry, travel, etc..etc.

  211. 211
    z Says:

    wow my BBV stunning & pretty as always even w/out make up! V ILOVEYOU EVERYDAY!

  212. 212
    Jess Says:

    Aww, sweet!

  213. 213
    daze Says:

    wahhhhhhhhhhh she is so gorgous thats nice of her to spend a quality time with her family….the teddy bear is so cute did zac her that for valetine..i hope we see zanessa pix i missed seeing them together….

  214. 214
    kathia Says:

    Awesome!!she looks great know, she used to be a little sad, because of the pics, but know shes ok, im glad!!

    jared u’re wrong!shes not 19 yet, only on 14.december!!!

  215. 215
    ujala Says:

    awwwwwwwwwww my god beautiful
    she is awsum i love her
    its sooooo cute
    n vanessa love her necklace i want
    lookin beautiful

  216. 216
    SOPHIE Says:


  217. 217
    ashleytisdale1992 Says:

    who cares about her anymore!Shes more popular from those s k a n k y pix.Forget about that *****!What about the other HSM stars that are working their buts off to get more famous!All she did was take some s k a n k y pix of herself and sent them around the internet on “accident”.Jared get more pix of the others plz!NO OFFENCE TO BABY V LUVRZ

  218. 218
    vancouver Says:

    believe me, people who work in the movie business love to sit around and talk trash about celebrities. that will always be the case in life; if someone is making more money than you or has more fame than you, it makes you feel better to make them look like a horrible person. i mean they can’t possibly be rich and nice, right? it’s called gossip. its an age old tradition and a major sign of insecurity and unhappiness in your own life. if you’ve never been a victim of gossip, count yourself lucky. but don’t think for one minute it isn’t an extremely hurtful pasttime to engage in. so, shame on you, bev, for helping to spread more hate.

  219. 219
    Lo Says:

    Awww she’s beautiful! I hope she had a great time! :D

  220. 220
    bev Says:

    Hey ***, just curious… know them personally….well that explains it then. How nice for you.

    Honey the truth is not slander so please do not arrest me or my friend who just so happens to love Vanessa….or did until she heard about her comment.

  221. 221
    Karen Says:


    How old are your friends, something like 15-17? Trust me, they are just jealous of her and all the things she has. That age can be very cruel because they have very little life experience behind them. It is easy to make sweeping judgments.

    #175–You are so full of it. It was either either on Tyra or Ryan’s radio show that she was talking about how “WE are working on getting him an Audi” when responding about the car. Do you really think this young man was going to keep driving his grandpa’s car and when he did get his own he wasn’t going to get something jazzy? You kind of people crack me up. When has he had time to “hang out” with Nikki other than when he’s been working with her—and that includes all the promotion work for Hairspray? As you can plainly see just from jj—and so many people complain about it too—Zac and Vanessa are pictured every day and many times they are together. I don’t see Nikki in the pics running all over with Zac.

  222. 222
    Tam Says:

    175 bev : 11/10/2007 at 11:38 am
    Friend of mine is a stylist and works on the set of movies with many stars. Says the story floating around out in LA is the Vanessa told Zac she’s sick of seeing him with his fat friend from Hairspray, and he needs to cool it or they are through!

    Supposedly she also told him he’s rich enough to spend some of his money. That’s when he went out and bought a new car. Sweet Vanessa? I don’t think so.

    My cousin’s, uncle. co-worker’s, daughter’s, boyfriend’s lil sis, knows the Easter bunny and the story floatin round, is that he is mad at Santa because, all he got was coal last year! He said that he had been a good bunny all year long, except for the time he cursed at the tooth fairy for putting an IOU under his pillow. He also said Santa was a fat sl*b. Sweet bunny, huh? I don’t think so!

    Gosh i can NOT get over that…

  223. 223
    Malia Says:

    I know a lot of you, even strong supporters of Zac and Vanessa worry when the two are not together for a few minutes. And, I know your intentions are good when you come on here and start throwing out questions about what this or that means. But, when you do this, you send some of the tween-agers into panic mode. Remember, that doesn’t take much.

    Despite their ages, Zac and Vanessa seem to have a very mature relationship. I say that because they haven’t cast aside their regular lives to create a parasitic relationship in which they suck the souls from each other.

    “But let there be spaces in your togetherness and let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another but make not a bond of love: let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.”
    Kahlil Gibran

  224. 224
    Gina Says:

    Vanessa is so cute, as always! Love her hair and the tedybear is cute. Did anyone notice after she went to Zacs house she didnt have the bear anymore? I wonder why! Anyway Vanessa is the CUTEST! Got to Love her.

  225. 225
    Karen Says:


    I don’t know why people think they can just post that kind of stuff and people are going to believe it.

  226. 226
    XXXX Says:

    219 bev : 11/10/2007 at 12:24 pm
    Hey ***, just curious… know them personally….well that explains it then. How nice for you.

    Honey the truth is not slander so please do not arrest me or my friend who just so happens to love Vanessa….or did until she heard about her comment.


    Oh Gaaaa! Too easy… Listen HONEY, I don’t have to know Vanessa personally, to defend her. BECAUSE I DO NOT POST HEARSAY ABOUT ANYONE! or am that gullible to believe a story like that!
    That would only make me look an idiot, huh? Too bad you think different.

  227. 227
    hello Says:

    aww shes sooo beautiful!!!

  228. 228
    zvkg Says:

    216 ashleytisdale1992 : 11/10/2007 at 12:22 pm


    hmmm. You’re contradicting yourself. And please get over that pic, alot of people has. oh, and you clicking and viewing this thread, you’ve just supported V in getting more threads. Next time, instead of clicking and replying here…you should do so in Ashley’s thread instead. More productive that way.

    oh, Vashley BFFs! go go go. (lol)

  229. 229
    keeley Says:

    she actually looks better without makeup.

  230. 230
    Gina Says:

    Love you Vanessa! MORE ZANESSA PLEASE!!

  231. 231
    darren Says:

    i saw her there last night. I was getting off pirates of the caribbean and she was coming up the exit to get on. I did a double take cause i thought she looked familiar.

  232. 232
    luana Says:

    she looks beautifull :)

  233. 233
    boo Says:



  234. 234
    bev Says:

    Hey Karen, you need to take a chill pill. Zac and Vanessa could care less about what you or I post. You are however an excellent defender of their honor. Perhaps you should contemplate law as a career when you grow up. Ciao!

  235. 235
    Karen Says:

    #216—I don’t know where to begin with you. You don’t want to offend any Vanessa fans? Get real, missy. That’s exactly what you want to do or you would not have posted such nasty comments BEFORE you pointed out that you did not want to offend the Vanessa lovers.

    Don’t have any friends, huh? It’s a boring day for you? So, the fastest way to get some notice is to go on a thread like this and bash someone who did absolutely nothing to you but the fact that she is admired and you are not getting any notice just gets in your crawl, doesn’t it?

  236. 236
    Steph Says:

    Bev, same goes for you…. maybe you should think about being a critic because you’re really good at it!!!!!! You and your friend both can be someone like Siskel and Ebert. I can see it now…. Two thumbs downs from the both of you ALL the time, LOL

    Just because Zac or Vanessa may not care about what you and the rest of the fans think, does not mean you can come in here and post awful things about her. Your and your friend is like “blind leading the blind”. Do yourselves a favor and help each other out by being positive instead being down on people and their deeds in “private”. Geez, friends should be building each other up, not condone criticism and self-righteousnes.. LOL Ciao to you :)

  237. 237
    Steph Says:

    Hey Karen and Spirit!!!!! :) Angels are flying!!!

  238. 238
    Karen Says:


    Hit a nerve with you, did I? When I grow up, shows how informed you are about anything on these sites.

  239. 239
    jenny Says:


  240. 240
    vanessa-h-is-the-best Says:

    Karen, they are 12-13
    And they don’t even really know her.
    They think HSM is for really young children.
    I don’t think that.
    And it’s so nice seeiing so much people defending vanessa
    You all are really good fans
    Some people feel better trashing people. It’s really pathetic

  241. 241
    Jagoda Says:

    LOVE HER !!

  242. 242
    XXXX Says:

    233 bev : 11/10/2007 at 12:46 pm
    Hey Karen, you need to take a chill pill. Zac and Vanessa could care less about what you or I post. You are however an excellent defender of their honor. Perhaps you should contemplate law as a career when you grow up. Ciao!


    Oh, HONEY, HONEY, HONEY… You are really great at posting gossip. May I suggest that you should contemplate a career in the tabloids. I mean, you know, since you are so inept as to write about lurid and sensational material about celebrities.

  243. 243
    renan Says:

    vanessa hudgens abala GERAAAAAAAAAAL

  244. 244
    chris Says:

    omg nessa is so cute :D i love the teddy bear
    and im crazy of her hair !! it’s so beautiful , i love the color it’s so black , i love it when it straight and her hair is long again :D yeyyyy

    she’s a beautiful and she looks like a very sweet girl , her little sister stella is very cute too !!!

  245. 245
    susan Says:

    I wonder if he was playing basketball/rehearsing when she went by his place. Maybe she left something there and needed to get it, for her trip to Disneyland.

    Cannot believe the paps followed her all the way to D-land! They are so amazingly tenacious. Hopefully there will be some fan pics popping up of V and family at Disneyland.

  246. 246
    Spirit Says:

    235 Steph : 11/10/2007 at 12:54 pm


    You go tell her Steph! Loved the “blind leading the blind bit”! lol. “NUB” you angel :-D

  247. 247
    bev Says:

    Tell me again Karen what nerve did you hit because I’m feeling no pain at this moment. You are correct about one thing however, I do not know anything about these web-sites and thank goodness for that. I’m leaving now for good….but wait ….I forgot my teddybear, aw shucks better stop by and get it back from Zac. ….Don’t tell Vanessa, she’ll be mad at me. Bye you all.

  248. 248
    kat Says:

    she;s so purty

  249. 249
    misty Says:

    OMG she uses Teddy Bear as Zac’s surrogate? Everytime she went to memorable places without Zac, Vanessa brought Teddy and hugged “him” all the time. Yes, Vanessa is still a little girl, but although she is with her family, she misses her boyfriend so much… lol they are just a-few-hour drive apart and possibly meet again a few hours later.

  250. 250
    VROCKS Says:

    She is SO STYLISH!



  251. 251
    sweet nessa Says:


  252. 252
    Steph Says:

    Bye Bev!!!! If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen!!!! LOL

    Thanks to Karen and *** for taking care of foul smell that was lurking in this site. :)

    It makes me proud of her even more knowing that she spends quality time with her family. And it’s so obvious that she tries really hard to stay grounded by doing things w/them and most specially Stella. Vanessa, btw, looks gorgeous!!!

  253. 253
    susan Says:

    misty, good point, maybe Zac will be joining her at Disneyland today, for whatever HSM event is going on.

  254. 254
    Angelica Says:

    she’s glowing in these pictures! ^_^

  255. 255
    susan Says:

    For those who stress about the rings being on or off, here’s a reminder of what the ring means to Zac, so hopefully there will be less emphasis placed on whether they have their rings on or not:

    “I’m not even going to say who it’s from. This is just a ring from a friend that I got. ‘Commitment’ is way too weird a word for me right now. I’m wearing it for a friend…It is a female friend, but I can’t say who, because then it would be chat-room pandemonium and teenage magazine-hysteria.”

    He makes it sound like they are just friends. I mean, I know they are great friends, but I would think the ring would mean something more. Although they do wear them on the right hand which isn’t the traditional commitment hand, in the US at least.

  256. 256
    coco Says:

    i think she looks good even without make-up

  257. 257
    Spirit Says:

    Hey ZA’s! Guess who’s not parked on the side of the road anymore!!! LMAO!!! *shakes head*

  258. 258
    Steph Says:

    vanessa-h-is-the-best : 11/10/2007 at 12:58 pm
    Karen, they are 12-13
    And they don’t even really know her.
    They think HSM is for really young children.
    I don’t think that.
    And it’s so nice seeiing so much people defending vanessa
    You all are really good fans
    Some people feel better trashing people. It’s really pathetic

    Thank you, more people should be as positive as you :) You’re a breath of fresh air!

  259. 259
    ZashleyFanForever!! Says:

    omg,Vanessa’s shoes rock!! I NEED them!!

  260. 260
    Karen Says:


    See, your friends are just trying to seem grown up and that’s why they don’t want to watch HSM or be associated with it. Many people made it seem like HSM was just a ‘tween movie so because your friends are immature but want to seem grown up they have to try to talk “big”. One of the first things some people do in that situation is say ugly and untrue things about the people involved(such as the actors in HSM).It’s like your friends saying “Well, she is so fake and we—being so much more grown up—are not interested in those people or that movie. To us oldies we can easily see their problems.

    Too bad for them because they are missing some great movies and some very beautiful people. AND I’m talking about the whole cast of HSM.

  261. 261

    Vanessas Cd V sold 600,000


    ASHLEYS cd headstrong sold 900,000


  262. 262
    ely Says:

    260 TISDALENNESSAROCK : 11/10/2007 at 1:29 pm

    wtf??, vanessa is a better singer and performer than ashley , i love them but as a singer i like vanessa , ashley voice look’s like a little girl …and vanessa’s songs are so much better than ashley’s songs

    GO VANESSA lol

  263. 263
    Malia Says:


    What: HSM2 DVD Release gala
    When: Mon Nov 19 8pm – 11pm
    Where: El Capitan Theater
    Created By
    The Wildcats will be attending a red carpet gala for the HSM2 DVD Release

  264. 264
    Karen Says:

    Well, bev, I must have hit something…

  265. 265
    Spirit Says:

    263 Karen : 11/10/2007 at 1:36 pm

    Yes, Karen I do believe so… because she is outta hea’!!! LOL…

  266. 266
    Steph Says:

    Karen and Spirit….”this house is clean”, LOL For now anyway :)

  267. 267
    bee Says:

    girl’s gorgeous. plain && simple.
    she knows what to rock, even it’s just something casual, && she knows how to rock it..

    girl’s got STEEZE.

    && that Miu Miu bag is just.. no words.

    thanks Jared.

  268. 268
    zvkg Says:

    254 susan : 11/10/2007 at 1:18 pm


    Yeah, problem w/ your theory though. Guy friends don’t usually wear a ring that their girl friend gave for along period of time just because their girl friend told them to. And no matter how best of friends you two are, you just don’t do those kind of things.

  269. 269
    susan Says:

    zvkg, maybe Zac will wear it as long as they are friends.

  270. 270
    susan Says:

    zvkg, maybe Zac will wear it as long as they are friends.

  271. 271
    Karen Says:


    He said that about the ring way before he admitted to a relationship with Vanessa. Once their relationship was fact he later said about the ring—don’t have the exact quote—but how it the rings were easier than a tattoo! LOL

  272. 272
    susan Says:

    Malia, thanks for the reminder about HSM2 DVD release party, wish I was closer to Hollywood, I’d go be an onlooker! Definitely going to buy that DVD, too!

  273. 273
    zvkg Says:

    269 susan : 11/10/2007 at 1:46 pm
    zvkg, maybe Zac will wear it as long as they are friends.


    *shakes head* Unbelievable…. I have no words.

  274. 274
    Spirit Says:

    The friend wearing ring theory thing is weird. IMO, we can all agree that Vanessa is just like any other young girl her age right? Why would she ruin her chances of finding love with a boy, if Zac was “just a friend”. You know, going out there and doing girlfriend things wiht a boy that’s “just a friend”. I am sorry, but, these two have been hanging out together so long now, that I will not buy that arguement bit from non-believers.

  275. 275
    Malia Says:


  276. 276
    Karen Says:

    I’m sorry it has taken me sooo long to say hello to all my beloved fellow angels—HELLO! I’ve been so busy reading and doing my job here on the board.

    But I will be away for just a bit—you know, I need to go take that chill pill.

  277. 277
    zvkg Says:

    270 Karen : 11/10/2007 at 1:47 pm

    He said that about the ring way before he admitted to a relationship with Vanessa. Once their relationship was fact he later said about the ring—don’t have the exact quote—but how it the rings were easier than a tattoo! LOL


    tattoo. maybe they should have gotten that one instead. It’d make it more believable for some people like susan who thinks that guy and girl at that age still exchanges friendship rings as a sign of friendship. Even though they’ve admitted to them dating… or the fact that lately, he hasn’t been denying it. But hey, let’s all just believe that it’s for the sake of friendship. cuz you know…best of friends intertwine hands when they go out, frequently sleeps over, and make out at the beach.

  278. 278
    Steph Says:

    Susan, I really didn’t understand your first post…. are you trying to say that they are only friends? So, Zanessa fans can stop putting too much emphasis on the rings? Can you elaborate more on your comment? Just trying to save you from alot of arguments… I guess your first post seems a little ambigious. I’m not being sarcastic, BTW, I’m just trying to understand… Thanks :)

  279. 279
    Nessa Says:

    Thanks for posting but you said shes 19 but she is 18 :)

  280. 280
    sb Says:

    i would just like to thank the likes of karen, steph, malia , XXXX and anyone who is speaking sense!!!!! im guessing you guys are older, well i know karen is anyway, i myself am only a teenager, but i think its great that vanessa has fans of all ages. and im glad some of them have the wisdom and more life experiences to get rid of the haters, responsibly and without resluting to bad language or anything of that sort. people come here to leave encouraging nice comments towards vanessa!!!!

    anyway half of the haters on this site would never have the courage to say what they say if they wernt hiding behind a computer screen because they know at the end of the day it is unneccessary and morally wrong for them to post such horrible comments.

    thanks again to the true vanessa fans who support V 100 per cent always!!

  281. 281
    stephanieP Says:

    jared…newsFLASH..she’s NOT 19 yet.

  282. 282
    stephanieP Says:

    jared…newsFLASH..she’s NOT 19 yet.

  283. 283
    sb Says:

    sorry i 4got zvkg in my #279 post, zvkg you are another also speaking sense!!!

  284. 284
    XXXX Says:

    283 sb : 11/10/2007 at 2:00 pm


    You are very welcome sb! :-D And may I say that, it’s great to be in good company with fellow Vanessa, Zac, and Zanessa fans like yourself!!

  285. 285
    teddy bear Says:

    Seeing her with her teddy bear reminds me so much of when my boyfriend (who is now my husband) gave me a teddy bear as one of my Xmas gifts back when I was in high school. When I left for college, I made sure I had my teddy bear with me for we were going to different colleges. Everyone knew that teddy bear was special to me. When I had to be admitted to the hospital for tonsilitis, without me even asking her, my college roommate brought the teddy bear to the hospital to me knowing it would help make me feel better. I would say that the bear is most likely from Zac, but then everyone already knew that I’m sure.

  286. 286
    zvkg Says:

    284 XXXX : 11/10/2007 at 2:04 pm
    283 sb : 11/10/2007 at 2:00 pm


    You are very welcome sb! And may I say that, it’s great to be in good company with fellow Vanessa, Zac, and Zanessa fans like yourself!!


    here yeh….^_~

  287. 287
    sb Says:

    #284 XXXX- You are very welcome sb! And may I say that, it’s great to be in good company with fellow Vanessa, Zac, and Zanessa fans like yourself!!


    thank you very much!!! without the likes of yourselves and the others i meantioned, this board would be chaos!!!!!!! LOL

  288. 288
    carrie Says:

    I wonder if she got that teddybear from Zac?Or maybe from a family reletive or something,Hey I still have my teddybear!……Oh anyway I love her outfit she looks so pretty I love her some much and I just notice shes waring the ring Zac gave her, yay zanessa!

  289. 289
    Malia Says:


  290. 290
    Karen Says:


    Thank you for your comments. Love to have someone who is so young and yet so mature. You will do well and I’m routing for you! BTW, I’m really OLDER. LOL


    I don’t know if you saw Zac and Vanessa’s Hawaiian vacation pics or not but look at those and tell me they are just friends. It was in Hawaii that they exchanged those ring with each other.

  291. 291
    sb Says:

    thank you karen and oh i really hope you didnt think i was callin you OLD!! i just meant older than me!! lol, thanks again!!

  292. 292
    Steph Says:

    sb – You too are a true Zanessa fan :) It comforts me to know that there are teens out there that seem so sensible, respectful… and well nice :), such as yourself out there. Thanks so much for taking the time to let us know how much you appreciate the fans.

    I think you’ve made a very good point about people hiding behind their computers… it’s easy to be downright mean when you’re not faced in front of an actual person… but to some of these teens or people that are so vulgar, the sad thing is, it’s harder for them to be nice behind the computer. Shows their true character wouldn’t you say?

    Again, thanks and your parents must be so proud of you that they’ve raised someone very respectful and kind :) Looking forward to seeing you here again :)

  293. 293
    Steph Says:

    285 teddy bear : 11/10/2007 at 2:04 pm

    Hi, yeah, I can bet too that it’s from Zac and she’s had it a few years…. it’s so sweet that she’s carrying it around.

  294. 294
    sb Says:

    thank you so much steph, just shows how genuinely nice the true vanessa fans on this board are! and i believe the reason those truly nice people are fans of vanessa because she seems genuinely nice herself. and im so glad you guys are on this board becuase you have the words to say what all vanessa fans feel but sometimes do not now how to say themselves!! like myself at times!! thanks again steph.

  295. 295
    zanessa Says:

    Vanessa is soo pretty i love her

  296. 296
    zvkg Says:

    272 susan : 11/10/2007 at 1:47 pm


    Hey susan, I’m sorry if I sound sarcastic. But I really can’t understand your logic. But yeah…if you want to keep on believing what you want to believe despite the fact that Zac already admitted to them both dating. I’ll respect that.

    Just don’t be surprise if zanessa fans comes out and throw out things to challenge your belief.

  297. 297
    Karen Says:


    No offense taken whatsoever. You get my age you just poke fun at yourself. It makes life a lot easier. And I never want to be demeaning to any younger person on this board—unless you are acting ridiculous. Unfortunately the really horrible and vulgar people on here are usually quite young and immature so we older fans sometimes take them to task and bring them down to earth. When they make such stupid comments they just are so full of themselves and obviously have to respect for other’s failings. They appear to have never done anything wrong or embarrassing. There is nothing I hate worse than the attitude of “I’m better than you” and “I would never do anything like that because I’m so much smarter”. Those people usually show they are not old enough to have done anything stupid because believe me, by the time you get my age you will have done a lot of stupid things. You will also hope that all those stupid things are not exposed. To me, I am like an elephant—I don’t forget things very easily. I have been very hard on myself for past things and so in remembering things so well I don’t want others to have to learn certain lessons the hard way.(Well, that’s a mouthful but I hope you know what I mean.) Anyway, I know it is the way of life to have to learn from your mistakes but many a few will think about something I have said which will make some problem easier to solve and someone will make a better choice in the long run.

  298. 298
    jen Says:

    omg. her hair looks soooooo pretty like that

  299. 299
    wouldn'tUlike2know Says:

    vanessa is 18 NOT 19

  300. 300
    amazing me Says:

    really cute!!!! love it!!! she’s simply adorable…

    by the way… i don’t think she’s moving out though.. remember in an interview while filming HSM2 that she said that she’s kinda scared sleepin’ alone… so i am guessing it just an investment.. wise girl!!! putting hard earned money to good stuff!!!

  301. 301
    sb Says:


    i absoultely could not agree with you more!! i am well aware that many of the haters are YOUNG and extremely immature. i am the oldest child in my family and have 2 younger siblings, with that i feel comes responsiblities, i know that i need to look out for them. though i can be immature sometimes, but that is when i am with my friends having a good time! some of the younger people on this site need to get a grip, and if they are too immature for the likes of this site they should just leave. thanks karen, once again for your wiser than wise words!!!

  302. 302
    Stacy Says:

    HAHAHA I love that she went to Disneyland. I wonder if she gets in for free! haha Vanessa looks great in those pics and I hope she was able to enjoy some of the time at Disneyland without being mobbed the whole time. I bet as long as she didnt go into any stores selling items with her face on them she would be fine because people would not expect to see her there.

  303. 303
    zvkg Says:

    297 Karen : 11/10/2007 at 2:36 pm


    Right you are Karen. No matter how much we people try to stay in the right path. Along the way, there’s always going to be choices where it’s not the right decision. And the best way to handle that, is to get up and learn from them.

    And even if we don’t experience such things…if we’re surrounded by friends and family. We witness such mistakes and we help them. And as true friends and family, we gain experience from their mistakes and also learn from them. And even if we don’t…we get up and try to walk forward again and go on with our lives.

    Life is a long journey. There’s going to be stumble along the way, and as long as you keep your head together w/ friends and love ones around you. You’ll know that you’re never be alone, and the best thing to do, is get up and learn from it.

  304. 304
    Rissa Says:

    i think v and zac are getting better at keeping their relationship more private…that’s probably why there aren’t as many zanessa shots =P i think that’s great for them! i’m glad to see v smiling =)

  305. 305
    Steph Says:

    As far as Ashley selling more CD’s than Vanessa, Good for her!!! I can’t really compare or have them compete, because they’re friends. I know with my friends, I’m happy when they’re doing well, that’s what a true friend is… there’s really no competition among these two for me because they seem to be really good friends, both focused on their individual careers. Which is healthy :) in if of itself.

  306. 306
    sb Says:

    i have listened to both ashleys and vanessas cd and i dont think it would be fair to compare. i think they both are very different genres of music and i enjoy listening to both of them! i dont think there would be a lot of competition between them because they have different styles of music.

  307. 307
    Jennifer Says:

    I love Vanessa she is so perfect. Vanessa is still so beautiful even with no make up. I would love to see some pics of Vanessa and her family at the theme park.

  308. 308
    Malia Says:


  309. 309
    cos Says:

    she is so sweet
    love ya

  310. 310
    baby v and zac lover Says:

    baby v u ROCK dont let anyone get you down and zac loves you tooooooooo so their together

  311. 311
    go sox Says:

    Hi, Angels….Good job chasing the nasty away! It amazes me how people like Bev can write garbage and then buzz off. First of all, I could NEVER imagine why V would say anything like that. Zac only spent time with Nikki while on Hairspray promotional tours. He has never been seen any other time with her. He’s with Vanessa whenever he’s home, and that’s all a girl could ask for. It’s not like he’s flying to NY to be with Nikki. That remark was so ridiculous. As far as him spending his money, well, Zac seems like the type to think about what he’s going to spend it on, and he’s not impulsive. The car was perfect for him, and more than reasonable for him to buy at this point for himself. I doubt that had anything much to do with Vanessa, and I’m highly doubtful she would ever be such a snob to him.

  312. 312
    zvkg Says:

    hey Vanessa lover. Check this out:

    She’s just soo cute and adorable!! ^^

  313. 313
    JUST A FAN Says:

    First she looks just adorable. I’d like to address the people in the last two
    posts that are saying that Z & V are on those dating-millionaire
    sites. Are you kidding me? Mr. & Miss “I don’t talk about my private life”
    would never set up a profile on one of those sites, actually I honestly
    don’t like any celebrity would, but especially these two. As far as the hollywood
    gossip about V being mean-well let’s give Z some credit here, he
    would never put up with a “Mean girl” that would be so hurtful.So
    let’s just say if you saw “Hairspray” probalby the part that Link
    is like Zac is where he sticks up for Tracy and says”Kiss my Ass” that goes for
    you Haters!

  314. 314
    go sox Says:

    I think you’re right, Rissa, about them getting better about staying private. I’m so glad too. Hopefully they’re doing the fun things couples do, walks on the beach, romantic dinners away from LA, maybe?

    sb and Steph, I also like both Ashley and Vanessa’s music, and they are very different. I’ll bet they’re happy as well for each other. People need to stop trying to pit them against each other.

  315. 315
    daisy Says:


  316. 316
    Malia Says:

    :lol: :lol:

  317. 317
    katie Says:

    i love her and i love her hair in the pictures , i love it straight ..she looks so hot and beautiful without make up ,OMG , this girl is always stunning !!!

    I CANT WAIT FOR NeSSa NEW CD too !!!!!

  318. 318
    charlie Says:

    vanessa is 18 not 19 but she looks sexy

  319. 319
    charlie Says:

    vanessa is 18 not 19 but she looks sexy

  320. 320
    Zanessa fan Says:

    GO V- GO V- GO V- GO V!!!!!

  321. 321
    Susanna Says:

    I’d actually like to point out that Vanessa’s CD reached Gold in the United States (over 500,000 albums sold). ashley tisdale only sold 300,000. Most of her sales came in internationally.

    I’d also like to point out that Vanessa wasn’t as well known as ashley was when their CD’s hit stores. ashley had all her Suite Life fans as well as HSM ones, while Vanessa just had HSM. Also, Vanessa’s album was promoted less than ashley’s.

    They had the same number of singles released (4) and ashley had a mini album released before her debut one, prompting more sales. Adding up all those different factors, I’d say their success breaks even. I’d even say Vanessa’s a little further ahead because she did an actual concert tour with the Cheetah Girls.

    And from my own personal opinion, I feel that Vanessa’s album is more real than ashley’s. ashley’s is a little too ‘pop/hip-hop-wanna-sound-sexy-and-mature’ for my taste. Vanessa’s is more her, a mixture of fun, flirty and innocence.

  322. 322
    HAILY Says:

    did u know that v told disney that if zac didnt go to argentina than she wouldnt and then they said ok so i dont know if the bear is like a rep. of zac but it is definity looks like a valentine or first date gift aww love you zanessa and your style

  323. 323
    hi hi (zanessa fan) Says:

    Umm.. 282, SHE IS TURNING 19 NEXT MONTH! THAT’ Y WE CALL HER 19! lol!

  324. 324
    Karen Says:

    I think people don’t realize that Ashley’s CD was re-released and Vanessa’s hasn’t been. Plus, Vanessa’s CD did not really get that much promotion. However, she has said she was more interested in acting rather than singing and she really didn’t know if she would want to go out on the road for concert dates which is required if you plan to have some big singing career. And lastly, I think the fact that Ashley is on a weekly Disney show helps her CD sales a lot. When you see someone on TV every week it makes a different. I mentioned Vanessa AND Corbin’s CD to someone the other night and the person had no idea either one of them even had a CD out. They said they were going to go out and buy one of each. So, promotion means a lot for those people who do not read much or are on the net.

  325. 325
    mactank Says:

    she is cute!!!!

  326. 326
    iloveme Says:

    most of the people here are little kids

  327. 327
    Malia Says:


  328. 328
    angel Says:

    agree with suzanna I feel too that Vanessa’s album is more real than ashley’s. i dont realy like ashley’s music ,she’s too im so sexy look at me ^^ (look at her he said she said video , she try too hard to be hot and sexy), i like vanessa’s cd and music better !
    but im not a hater ^^ i love ashley AND vanessa , :D

    (sorry for my english im from italy)

  329. 329
    Malia Says:

    325 iloveme : 11/10/2007 at 4:12 pm
    most of the people here are little kids


  330. 330
    Malia Says:

    . . . . . Buddha

  331. 331
    wuvzanessa14 Says:

    i am so proud of V for taking her teddy bear out in public!!! props to u V!!! luv ya!!!

  332. 332
    mummy Says:

    i’m too old to be fanatic but who cares… i loe this girl.

  333. 333
    narf Says:

    Karen # 204, I am glad you like the songs.

    And yes thank you, I am still with my friends having a wonderful time.

    Spirit, Hubby sounds incredible, but then again if he has you he must be.

  334. 334
    carrie Says:

    Vanessa looks pregant when she knocks on zac’s door!

  335. 335
    sunshine. Says:

    omfg.she looks gorgeous.

  336. 336
    go sox Says:

    I beg to differ, iloveme. We are definitely not all little kids…know any that quote Buddha like Malia??

  337. 337
    jeanette Says:

    ok i have to admit that vanessa looks really beautiful here

  338. 338
    go sox Says:

    Narf, having fun in Connecticut?? Miss your craziness…fly home soon!!

  339. 339
    Malia Says:

    . . . . . Pasquier Quesnel

  340. 340
    troy Says:

    I overslept today and it was to nice to wake up to see Vanessa’s beautiful face. The bear makes me smile, to the poster who Vanessa to grow up (can’t remember name or post #) lots of of people take things like stuffed animals with them when they’re going somewhere as a security blanket. Because it MEANS something to them. When I was a little kid I had a stuffed dog that saw me through hard times, if he (I refuse thing of him as it) hadn’t fallen apart I definitely would have had him around when was I was Vanessa’s age, hell I would still have him today. It has nothing to do with maturity or its lack.

    Someone said that Vanessa looks vulnerable in these pictures and she does. Jared said she was a bit shy and her smile as she’s getting in the limo looks a bit sheepish. I have a feeling there might be some residual embarrassment on her part because of what happened at the gym. If that’s the case my advice would be don’t worry it will soon be forgotten.

    I know bev said she was leaving for good but on the off chance she’s still lurking I’ll just say so sorry we didn’t buy the garbage you were trying to peddle. Nice try though.

    With a few unfortunate exceptions this has been a good thread lots of love for our girl. That’s always nice to see.

    Does anybody know if my swe-er-Narf is still around?

  341. 341
    crazy Says:

    she’s stunning !!!

  342. 342
    Malia Says:


  343. 343
    Karen Says:

    Just a quick comment to all posters who are not from English speaking countries who post here. Feel free to come and post your support and comments. We understand you just fine. There is not one other language that I could vaguely try to communicate in. So, my hat’s off to anyone who can remotely understand, speak, or write in a second language. You make it so easy for me to get to know you.
    So don’t worry about grammar or if the sentence structure is just perfect.

    NOW, for those of you who come on here not seemingly knowing any other words but profanity, cannot form a complete thought, don’t know how to spell, etc. but have been in an English speaking school past the 8th grade, then why don’t you stay off the site until you can do better. I’m not talking about any of you with dyslexia or learning disabilities. But you who have been in the education system for a while should be able to pick up a dictionary and make sure of the spelling of a word. I have to more often than I’d like. Also, I am not referring to typos of which I make many.

  344. 344
    sb Says:

    im off as its late here. looking forward to a new zanessa thread tomorrow!!!

  345. 345
    Spirit Says:

    Phew! Thank goodness Karen, you excluded the people who make typos… because I am so guilty of that!!! LMAO!

  346. 346
    monster Says:

    Vanessa’s CD was on the Billboard 200 chart for 32 weeks and the last sales figure for her US sales figures was around 512K in the US. THERE ARE NO WEBSITES THAT LIST VANESSA’S WORLDWIDE SALES. She charted in Ireland for 10 weeks or so and she also charted in Brazil for several weeks just to name a few.

    Vanessa has only technically released 2 singles to radio. “Come Back to Me” and “Say Ok.” She didn’t do much promotion for “Say Ok”, besides the video, because she was busy filming HSM2. As a single, “Say Ok” hasn’t be released in several countires yet. Also people need to keep in mind that Vanessa did NO INTERNATIONAL PROMO for her album besides the South American HSM tour. Plus she is on 2 different record companies. In the US she is on Hollywood, but in Brazil for example she is on Hollywood. Which is probably why her singles are not going international as quickly as Ashley’s singles have. Plus her album came out before HSM even aired in some countries. Her record company was depending on her fame from HSM alone. She had no major promo like Ashley had for HSM. Vanessa finally got her first solo cover on a major magazine (besides tween mags) a year after her CD came out.

    Ashley’s CD only charted for around 22 weeks and has sold a little over 300K. Her CD is getting ready to drop off the Billboard 200 chart again unless she can get a hit of of “He Said She Said.” Ashley has technically released 2 singles so far off her album and but she is rumored to be releasing a total of 5 singles off her album. As some people have mentioned Ashley has the fame of the Suite Life, HSM1 and HSM2 for her album sales. Not to mention she has been on several magazine covers. Her album was only released this past Feburary when she was filming HSM2. Plus most of her videos have been released post HSM2.

  347. 347
    monster Says:

    I forgot to mention that she did do a little promo in Japan. Her album did chart there too.

  348. 348
    monster Says:

    I meant to say that in the US she is on Hollywood and in Brazil she is on Universal.

  349. 349
    sophie Says:

    am i right….i read somewhere that zac admitted they were a the august issue of biss i cant find the article anywhere..anyone have a link

  350. 350
    sophie Says:

    sorry mean to say bliss*

  351. 351
    Malia Says:


  352. 352
    go sox Says:

    Have a good night, Angels! I know Zac and Vanessa are in good hands with you watching over!

  353. 353
    jenny Says:

    i’m jumping in now
    i agree with malia
    its impresive how with little promo
    vanessa’ cd went gold and is still doing
    well i know ashley relaunched her cd
    i cant wait for vanessa’ sophmore cd
    i really like her voice and most of her songs
    were really moving and not to mention say ok and lets dance
    are promoted by tv shows like dancing with the stars anad abc’ lincoln heights
    i wish both girls the best
    vanessa’ turning 19 in december why did jj say shes 19
    am i mistaken
    “power to the peaceful”

  354. 354
    Jordyn Says:

    Dont wanna be mean but pic 4..she looks stoned and pregnet..

    she’s still soo cute though carring around a teddy

  355. 355
    erica Says:

    This whole thing about doubting their relationship is weird, I mean, any other actor/actresses, when you ask them if they are involved with their co-worker, they always say “No, we’re just good friends” or “Their like my sister/brother” (including Zac when you ask him about him and Nikki) but whenever someone ask either Zac or Vanessa about their relationship, they always say “I don’t want to talk about my personal life”. It’s so obvious.

    You know what I would like, I would love to see some of these hater go up to Vanessa in real life and say the things they say about her here to her face, especially if Zac or her father is there, and when they do, I would love it if the paparazzi taped it because we could all need a good laugh.

    What really gets me is that I couldn’t buy V’s CD here in Sweden which sucks because I wanted to, but Ashley’s you can (I haven’t though, I’m not that big of a fan of her music, it was to…I dunno, it sounds to much like what #320 Susanna said, ‘pop/hip-hop-wanna-sound-sexy-and-mature’ and it does sound a little like Britney Spears(her voice I mean) listen to ‘He Said, She Said and then at one of BS songs on her third album, whatever it’s called and you’ll hear it, it’s a little scary) I hope that I will be able to get her new CD though.

    And every star out there do care about what their fans think, V didn’t have to come out and apologised but she did anyway, that means that she cares if you hadn’t figured it out.

    I really hope that someday, you know, if I don’t move somewhere else which I want to, Zac and /or Vanessa, or anyone else from HSM will come to Sweden, and I would love to see the HSM on Ice *lol*

  356. 356
    erica Says:

    I’m pretty sure that…well, I’m not but I have seen this been mentioned on other sites who have said that Zac is more popular then Vanessa and that he is more famous blah, blah so he should find someone “better” (which is bull*** as we know)because V have only done HSM 1 and 2 and Zac have done those + Hairspray so far, however, if think of it this way, Zac is a little more then a year older so if V makes a huge/well at least a Hairspray big movie during the next year, she and Zac would be equal on the movie/popularity part.. I know this isn’t really important, it was just something that I though about while brushing my teeth *lol*

  357. 357
    Jamie Says:

    Enough with the teddy bear. I want to see some more dirty photos of Vanessa.

  358. 358
    ellie Says:

    Hey everyone,

    I love waking up in the morning to a new Z or V post. V looks beautiful as usual, I love the teddy bear, you are never too old to have one around.

    Good on you guys for defending our girl so well, guess since its the weekend, haters have more time to post.

    I posted this on the last Z thread but I thought I’d put it up here as well, my little odes to the wonderful ZAs…

    Sound and

    About the
    Girl and Guy
    Ever to
    Live in love

    There is a couple named Zanessa
    And I really must confess-a
    They are lovely and cute
    And sweethearts to boot
    Which makes us fans obsess-a!

  359. 359
    Malia Says:

    355 erica : 11/10/2007 at 6:00 pm
    Vanessa’s Film and Musical Work:
    Thirteen – 2002 – Played Noel
    Thunderbirds – 2004 – Played Tintin
    HSM – 2006 – Played Gabriella
    HSM2 – 2007 – Played Gabriella
    HSM3 – 2008 – Will play Gabriella

    Still Standing – 2002 – Played Tiffany
    Robbery Homicide Division – 2002 – Played Nicole at 10
    The Brothers Garcia – 2003 – Played Lindsey
    Quintuplets – 2005 – Played Carmen
    Drake & Josh – 2006 – Played Rebecca
    The Suite Life of Zack & Cody – 2006 – Played Corrie on four episodes

    First Music CD – 2006 – Title “V”
    Currently working on second music CD – 2007 – Expected release date early 2008??

  360. 360
    Spirit Says:

    Awww.. .Ellie that was just about the cutest thing! Thank you so much for sharing! and Good Morning to you! :-D BTW~ Where are from? I am just asking because it is evening where I am at.

  361. 361
    RACHEL Says:

    um, guys, im really sorry to tell you this, but ashleys DID sell over 700,000 and Vanessas sold over 500,000. Thats only b/c Ashley had more promotion. And Ashley got to make more videos than Nessa. Ness got to make come back to me and say ok. Ash got to make be good to me, he said she said, not like that, and suddenly………………….

    but it doesnt really matter though, b/c they both rock and are amazing talented singers who will both go extremely far in their life.

  362. 362
    LEANNA Says:


  363. 363
    ellie Says:

    Hi Spirit,

    Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    I’m from Australia, it’s almost 10am Sunday morning over here and a sunny 30 degress centigrade. Think Im gonna sit outside with my laptop and enjoy the Zanessa love!

  364. 364
    NOT FAKE, TRUE LOVE :] Says:

    Malia is our home site, or the site the gang usually goes on working for you?(dont wanna give too much info away on here) its not for me. and i cant find anyone on the site thats been subsituting our home site for the past few hrs.(if you know what im saying) haha dont want haters to come on thats why im like trying to not to send out any names of sites.

  365. 365
    genevieve Says:

    oh sorry that was my title name last time, a post from a while ago, and my computer saved it.

  366. 366
    Steph Says:

    thanks Ellie, that’s so sweet of you :)

    Great poem too :)

    Troy, I think narf is visiting a friend of hers in another state… I’m not so sure if it’s a guy or not :wink: maybe you need to make sure :)

  367. 367
    genevieve Says:

    nvm malia i found em :]

  368. 368
    Malia Says:

    356 Jamie : 11/10/2007 at 6:00 pm
    Enough with the teddy bear. I want to see some more dirty photos of Vanessa.


    “Adam and Eve entered the world naked and unashamed – naked and pure-minded. And no descendant of theirs has ever entered it otherwise. All have entered it naked, unashamed, and clean in mind. They entered it modest. They had to acquire immodesty in the soiled mind, there was no other way to get it. …”

    - Mark Twain, Letters from the Earth

  369. 369
    Steph Says:

    Jamie #356, this isn’t the site to feed your disgusting and addicting habit…. So sorry!!!

  370. 370
    kate Says:

    “jamie” u are a PERVE!

    love vanessa hudgens u rock cant wait for her new album. i find it funny reading all the haters comments obviously u like her enough to go and read the article let alone take the time to comment!

    liv in love peoples

  371. 371
    ellie Says:

    Thanks Steph,

    The first poem I came up with becuase I was a little bored and wanted someway to thank all of you that was a little different. You can thank boji for the second one. She requested more poetry on the last thread. Who knows, if I get bored later on today, I might write some more.

  372. 372
    Spirit Says:

    362 ellie : 11/10/2007 at 6:17 pm


    That is so cool! Don’t know why but, I have always wanted to visit Australia, ever since I was just a little girl! hopefully one day soon… :-D

    Oh, and It’s always good to start your day off with a little Zanessa love! :-D

  373. 373
    shelby Says:

    isnt vanessa 18?

  374. 374
    ellie Says:

    Hey Spirit

    You should definitely come visit Australia sometime. Im really biased but its the best holiday destination in the world, especially if you go off the beaten track a bit and visit South Australia (where i’m from)instead of the usual places like Sydney.

  375. 375
    Steph Says:

    Hey my Spirit!!!! How was your day? Going to be at the Bellfry later?

    Kgg!!!!!! Where are all the ZA’s at? Charlie did you get my previous message regarding your gir…. I mean Narf?

  376. 376
    TheLostGirl Says:

    She’s really cool, she looks too much younger than she really is though, its kinda creepy.

  377. 377
    TheLostGirl Says:

    Loves it!

  378. 378
    troy Says:

    Thanks, Steph.

    I knew Narf was visiting a friend. And I’m sure she should she wouldn’t be unfai-er-heh-I mean whoever it is is just a freind. (whew I almost let the cat out of the bag there).

    Isn’t nice that Vanessa and her family got to enjoy a day at the happiest place on Earth, Steph? *Heh, a change of subject so smooth and subtle I’m sure she won’t even notice*

  379. 379
    erica Says:

    #358 Malia

    Thanks Malia, and I knew about that, believe me, I’ve seen and/or heard all oll of it, I’ve been a fan since I saw HSM 1 back in December last year (I know it was late but I don’t own DC so I didn’t see it until they showed it on another channel) I just meant for the future for those who keep saying that V doesn’t work and so on and so forth, which is not true because of she’s working on a second album which to some doesn’t seem to be enough.

    Sorry if I didn’t make much sense, English isn’t my first languish, it’s my second and I do have the tendency to ramble.

    And I’m a Vanessa fan, haha, I even defended her to my mom after she read about the you-know-what in the magazine, my mom was shocked about how angry I got, and my brother nearly cried when I jelled at him when he asked me if he could see the pictures, it was kind of funny but no way I would have let him see them. He’s 15, so believe me, it’s not tat hard to stop someone from seeing the pics, my mom got angry at him as well for asking, he haven’t mentioned them sense, and he he’s a teenage boy, you would think that he if anyone would remember, well, I’m gld that he doesn’t, only proves what I hope everyone will realise soon, that you can move on from this and put it behind you like ‘Zanessa’ have.

    So please, don’t think that I’m a hater, or someone who doesn’t like these two, I’m a huge fan and I adore both of them (Zac and Vanessa) their the best I always wish the best for both of them.


    It’s so unfair though, to see that both Z and V can go out dressed like that, up here in the north it’s freezing, I don’t even want to step outside if I can avoid it, which I could until today, well, with enough warm clothes it went well.

  380. 380
    evelyn Says:

    link to mag. article when zac said they are a couple..

    but also, there is an interview at the mtv movie awards with extra where he pretty much admits they are a couple as well!! tell me if you can’t find the link!

    can anyone tell me where the link is about him having the rings as easier than a tatoo!?

    the rings are committment/relationship rings. clearly. when he made those quotes,as people say, that was before the relationship was out in the open. i would never wear a ring with that much meaning ‘sweetheart’ with a friend!~

  381. 381
    evelyn Says:

    checked over at another site .. i guess vanessa has a new ring on?

  382. 382
    Merelu Says:


  383. 383
    evelyn Says:

    the article when zac admitted they were a couple is at van-ash-bre-nique .. also, there is a video at youtube of a zac interview at the mtv movie awards where he admits he and vanessa are a couple!

    i guess she is not wearing her kuuipo ring when she was with the bear/at disneyland. this per the zanessa celeb source

  384. 384
    Malia Says:


  385. 385
    Malia Says:


  386. 386
    Malia Says:

    382 evelyn : 11/10/2007 at 6:57 pm
    i guess she is not wearing her kuuipo ring when she was with the bear/at disneyland. this per the zanessa celeb source

    :lol: :lol:

  387. 387
    Malia Says:

    379 evelyn : 11/10/2007 at 6:51 pm
    link to mag. article when zac said they are a couple..


  388. 388
    monster Says:

    Can we please stop comparing Ashley and Vanessa all the freaking time!

    The websites that list worldwide numbers are not always accurate. The websites are guessing what people are selling based on their chart positions. And not all countries list the number of albums sold. They will just list the chart position. Only the record companies know how much an album has sold worldwide. The only way the public know is guessing or if their sales are printed in an actual article.

    And not to be mean, but some of Ashley’s sales numbers have been inflated. For example on Wikipedia she ‘apparently’ sold 56K copies in Brazil but the article they cited in portugese says she has only sold 23K. The 56K was referring to one of the HSM soundtracks.

    Even if Vanessa sold half of Ashley’s ‘international’ numbers she would most likely be over 700K. And I would say that Vanessa’s album sales have to be close to 550K in the US now or over. Her album seems to stay close to the bottom of the Billboard 200. Plus I heard a rumor about Vanessa singing on a show in December that could help her album sales too.

    So can we quit with the comparisons! There albums sound completely different. Vanessa released her album with no fame behind her except HSM and she was pratically ignored by Disney until the movie took off. Remember all promotion close and around the time of the HSM release centered around Zac and Ashley. Vanessa’s fame has been skyrocketing lately and I would probably say that her sophomore album is going to do very well!

  389. 389
    nanda Says:

    She Looks Gorgeous!
    Love U Nessa

  390. 390
    rubyred Says:

    Zac Efron Interview with USA TODAY. He talks about his Commitment ring!!
    Posted by hillarybrynne 94 days ago
    Full Story:
    While teen stars crash and burn around him, Zac Efron whistles show tunes and works on his golf game. But can this 19-year-old stay boring enough for Disney? In the new issue of Rolling Stone, the squeaky clean star of High School Musical and Hairspray talks about his newfound fame, that mysterious ring he’s been wearing, and what he really thinks about the I Hate Zac Efron Club. See interview highlights below:

    On why he refused to go on the High School Musical tour:
    “If I had to hear the High School Musical songs anymore, I probably would have jumped off something very tall.”

    On not being allowed to sing in High School Musical:
    “I didn’t even sing on the first album. It wasn’t my voice in the movie. Even though I wanted to do it. So what do you do when the entire cast is supposed to accept an award at the Billboard Awards and your voice is only on the album in a select few lines. I felt extremely guilty.”

    On fame:
    “A lot of problems you see people having in this business is that it becomes about their personal lives and not about their work. Matthew McConaughey has single-handedly funded the tabloid magazines for the past two years now. If he would put on a shirt and just get away from the beach, maybe there would be a few less paparazzi around.”

    On the silver “commitment” ring he wears:
    “I’m not even going to say who it’s from. This is just a ring from a friend that I got. ‘Commitment’ is way too weird a word for me right now. I’m wearing it for a friend…It is a female friend, but I can’t say who, because then it would be chat-room pandemonium and teenage magazine-hysteria.”

    On criticism:
    “I can’t even go on IMDB because I know that so much of it would be negative. It’s just depressing. I know, for instance, at my cousin’s school, there’s a club called the I Hate Zac Efron Club. And I laughed hysterically when I heard that. I laughed because if there are people out there devoted enough to make a club that hates me, I’ve gotta be doing something right.”

  391. 391
    Malia Says:


  392. 392
    Diana hudgens Says:

    Oh my god!
    why can’t you guys just leave my big sis alone?
    Yeah if you paparazzi were so good
    you would know she had a hidden sis!
    you guys just leave her alone!

  393. 393
    Karen Says:


    Who says it isn’t the same ring? It looks like the same ring to me.

    Vanessa’s ring is yellow gold and Zac’s is white gold—some say it is silver. But I see no difference in this ring. And believe me the way people on this board scrutinize that ring I say we would have heard about it by now.

  394. 394
    hi hi (zanessa fan) Says:


  395. 395
    ellie Says:

    Hey Malia,

    I;m the same. After seeing all the pics of them coming out of juice bars, I had to try some and found out that I love smoothies as well. Here in Aus there’s a juice bar franchise named Boost and they make the best smoothies. My favourite has strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, apple juice, strawberry yoghurt and strawberry sorbet, delicious! Damn, now I want one!

  396. 396
    Malia Says:

    389 rubyred : 11/10/2007 at 7:16 pm


  397. 397
    KATRINA Says:

    i luv her style!!!!! SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!

  398. 398
    leilani Says:

    lolz i lovwe this. Shes so great. rofl thats curly teddy from build-a-bear! they dont sell them anymore but i have one.

  399. 399
    Lucy Says:

    um vanessa isnot 19 YET she is on the 14th of december (i am her cousin) and it is stellas 12th birthday on the 14th of novemer so vanessa is still 18 just jared

  400. 400
    didi Says:

    i love her very very much…and i’m from asia. asia people loves her. and she has a lot of suppoters.

  401. 401
    monster Says:

    I remember that she also promoted by using her videos and going on tour with the Cheetah Girls. I was referring more to her international promo. Her sales depended mostly on her fame from HSM in the US. And I hate to say it but touring with the Cheetah Girls isn’t going to help her album sales much promotion wise. The only people going to see the concerts are people that are fans of Vanessa or the Cheetah Girls and already have their albums most likely. And I hate to say it but the Cheetah Girl’s latest album (that isn’t a soundtrack album) isn’t doing too well. Her US album sales came from her success from HSM and the fact that “Come Back to Me” did pretty well on radio.

    Vanessa’s album sold in Europe mainly off the success of “Come Back to Me” in the US. That song stayed on the Eurocharts for 10 weeks, it might have been 11.

    I would like to post something from that explains where their numbers come from. In short…their guessing.


    General Methods
    For albums in Top 40 (So also for first week and highest week data) use their selling data (Thanks!!!). When an album go out from Mediatraffic chart i try to estimate data thanks to some selling data like Soundscan for USA, Musicweek for UK or oricon for Japan.If I have seen ,in previous week, that an album selling for 50% in USA, and this week Soundscan data say 5.000, i estimate the worldwide data in 10.000.for other countries i use the chart and i look if and how much the position increase or decrease.For Xmas time increase all data.For have a comparison sometimes i use expecialy for French Data.

    Pre-2006 albums
    In the lists there are only albums released from the first week charting considered 2006 ( January 14 on Mediatraffic), So there aren’t albums released before that data like James Blunt album that is the album that have sell more copies DURING 2006.

    The first and the second data
    the first data should indicate a “minimun”, the second (at the right) a “maximum” (made adding 7,5% at the first data)

    Japanese Acts
    In the list there aren’t Japanese acts,sorry.

    When we must correct some data
    Sometimes labels release some sales data, when we see, it we compare that data with estimations, usually the two data is really similar, but sometimes the difference is too big. If you have an article released by label with a data really different from my estimations please contact me.

    - Are only ESTIMATIONS not “real” data, is impossible to have the real sales data, so there might be some mistakes.The data want to give a “general” view of the worldwide sales.
    - Double albums are counted as single albums : a double album with a sales data of 1.000.000 simply means that the whole album sold 1.000.000 copies (1.000.000 of cd 1 and 1.000.000 of cd 2).
    - None of the data are “definitive”, all data could be modified.

    To tell you the truth I don’t think Ashley has sold as much as people think she has worldwide. The article cited on wikipedia for her worldwide sales (in portugese) says she has only sold 23K and yet Ashley is listed for 56K.

    And even if Vanessa has sold half of what Ashley has supposedly sold worldwide, I would say that Vanessa has sold a lot more than Ashley worldwide. And that is only half…in some countries they have been evenly matched.

    Keep in mind that Vanessa’s worldwide numbers have not been guessed at. All we know is that she was #199 with 512K sold in September and the following week she was up to #195. I would say that she has to be 530K in the US or over now.

  402. 402
    gabi Says:


  403. 403
    susan Says:

    I wonder if he’s at Disneyland with her today. Would be cool to have a sighting. Last Zanessa sighting was Sunday brunch at Chez Nous six days ago and that one was so brief. Well, they’re all brief but you know what I mean.

  404. 404
    monster Says:

    To tell you the truth I don’t think Ashley has sold as much as people think she has worldwide. The article cited on wikipedia for her worldwide sales (in portugese) says she has only sold 23K and yet Ashley is listed for 56K.


    Ashley has only sold 23K in Brazil not 56K.

  405. 405
    Karen Says:


    No disrespect but what is the big deal with you and some other people on this board about the 18 vs 19 years old? We ALL know she will ACTUALLY be 19 on December 14. We are talking a matter of days here, not a year! Is she going to turn into a pumpkin or ogre when she goes from 18 to 19 so you want to maintain the 18 year old mark so fiercely?

  406. 406
    nickolodeon Says:

    i bet baby v next album wil be more sucessful than the 1st

  407. 407
    troy Says:

    #401 Well said. Brief but to the point and I’m sure Vanessa would be be touched by the senitment. :)

  408. 408
    Lucy Says:

    no i was just saying v dont like being called 19 wen she aint yet

  409. 409
    daze Says:

    hello so is vanessa still in disneyland with her family….

  410. 410
    Malia Says:



  411. 411
    nickolodeon Says:

    410 Yeti : 11/10/2007 at 7:45 pm

    wtf is ur problem?

  412. 412
    ellie Says:

    # 410

    You are obviously a very disturbed individual with a propensity for viewing images which you really shouldn’t. May I suggest you visit a psychiatrist to deal with your issues and your use of crude language. Next time, don’t bother to post at all.

  413. 413
    anne8 Says:

    i totally agree with you 405
    go vanessa!
    cant wait for your 2nd album!

  414. 414
    Spirit Says:

    Excuse me bigfoo…ermm… I mean Yeti, You are very disturbed… Please seek help! :mad:

  415. 415
    KellyT Says:

    410 bye bye

  416. 416
    Fan_From_Italy Says:

    For #327 angel:
    I’m from Italy too!! dalla provincia di Pesaro! ciao! :P

    For #342 Karen:
    thank you!! I try to write in English as best I can and sometimes google helps me (even now)! I hope you understand most of the time!

    ***Vanessa rules***

  417. 417
    Karen Says:

    You guys do know what to do with #410, don’t you? As you can see down in the right lower corner of the message boxes it says “Report Abuse” click that on post #410 and put your name down and email and tell jj that this post is vulgar and insulting and #410 will disappear. But you guys must report this abuse, understand?

  418. 418
    Kat Says:

    I like her bag…and her teddy bear. Cute!

  419. 419
    Spirit Says:

    Karen, Already done!

  420. 420
    ellie Says:

    I’ve reported it as well Karen!

  421. 421
    KellyT Says:

    Me too Karen and Spirit

  422. 422
    robin Says:

    Hello All.

    Karen I reported as well

  423. 423
    Anna Says:

    Guys, this has nothing to do with Vanessas adorable teddy bear, but I feel that it has to be said. If someone doesn’t have the same interests as you (Zanessa, Jashley, etc.) then it doesn’t mean that they are bad or do not like Vanessa. To be honest, I am a Zashley fan, but I am completely obsessed with Vanessa! I have over 74 posters of her on my wall, and I am trying to have over 100 by Christmas!! I’m sure there are some Zikki Zashley fans who hate Vanessa but I know for a fact that there are some people (like me) who truly see the REAL Vanessa. I see the Vanessa who tries hard at everything she does, the vanessa who will do anything to please her fans, the vanessa who has a nice sweet personality, the vanessa who has a heart that will never stop loving. I am a Zashley fan, but I love Vanessa Hudgens just as much. And if you are going to be the person who will start calling me names, then just remember that I said that I love Vanessa. I KNOW Zashley will never happen, but I still support it, like when I supported Vanessa during her rough time.

  424. 424
    Jessica Says:

    Venessa stop hitten up on my man. you just to much of a bouncy boy stealer.get over it!!!!!!!!!!!! TEDDY BEAR HUGGER YOUR CAUGHT

  425. 425
    KellyT Says:

    Anna you are certainly entitled to your opinion, although I don’t understand what you mean that you support something that never happened nor ever will.

  426. 426
    Malia Says:

    Yes, we have proof–words straight from the Zefron’s mouth stating that “Yes, we’re a couple.” Of course, he’s referring to his sweetie Vanessa Hudgens. In Cosmo Girl: “After months of keeping it hush-hush, Hairspray and High School Musical star Zac Efron, 19, couldn’t help spilling the beans to CG about his HSM co-star Vanessa Hudgens.”

    Of course, we all know that the only beans Zac spilled were, “Yes, we’re a couple.” That’s all he’ll say. He still wants to keep the romantic part of their relationship private. He told J-14 back in their October issue, “Yes, we’re a couple.” He went on to say that doesn’t want to talk about his personal life. Same old sweet Zac.

    But of course, we fans already knew they were a couple. After all we had seen the “Making of HSM2 Behind the Scenes.” Then we saw the Hawaii pictures of the two love birds cavorting on the beach, cuddling, kissing and holding hands. Oh, yeah . . . JUST friends.

    But none of the above proof matters. Why? Because Zac is lying. They’re JUST friends. They will always be JUST friends to those people who have a fervent desire for Zac to hook up with another actress with whom he worked in another movie. This obsessive desire for such a scenario to play out in real life prevents them from seeing the romantic relationship between Zac and Vanessa.

    SO GLANCE INTO THE FUTURE . . . Zac and Vanessa have just gotten married.
    “They’re JUST friends. Not really a couple. I had a friend who’s sister married a guy and they were just friends. Happens all the time.”
    “He’s really in love with Miss X. Vanessa JUST made him marry her.”
    “It’ll never work out. They don’t love each other. He’s not smiling at her the way he smiled at Miss X.”
    “She married him for his money. It won’t last. They don’t love each other.”
    ANOTHER GLANCE INTO THE FUTURE . . . Zac and Vanessa’s 50th wedding anniversary and their four kids have finished college and have successful careers.
    “I still say he cares more for Miss X than he does that gold digger.”
    “Can’t you tell they’re JUST friends? Look at the way they act around their kids.”
    “Another ten years and he’ll dump her for Miss X.”
    “They’ll still JUST friends. You’ll never convince me otherwise.”


  427. 427
    may Says:

    Here is my take on V with limited promotions for her 1st album. I think that there were plans to do promotions but after the scandal broke out, they had to re-direct her promotional stunt. Look it – her “Let’s Dance” song is used as a background/theme song for this season’s “Dancing With the Stars”. I thought this is a preliminary promotions. On another thought, I wonder if she will perform her “Let’s Dance” song at the finals of “Dancing with the Stars”.

  428. 428
    Karen Says:

    See THAT #410 is ALLLLL GONE!

  429. 429
    nessilya Says:

    wow……..good girl vanessa…….don’t said a bad word for vanessa
    .love you baby v..

  430. 430
    ellie Says:

    Anna, we’re not going to call you nsmes because you have a different opinion to most of us, after all, the world would be a very boring place if everyone had the same opinion on everything.

    We may not agree with your sentiments, and personally, I can’t understand why people support relationships that do not, or will not ever exist, but I’m glad that at least you are mature enough not to resort to insults to get your point across.

    And, you love V, that has to be a plus in my book!

  431. 431
    ellie Says:


    oops, that should read names, not nsmes

  432. 432
    ... Says:

    Nunca vi tanta ñoñería junta por Dios;

  433. 433
    Anna Says:

    I pretty much mean that I like zashley, even though zanessa is happening. And yes, I really am a zanessa supporter. Its nice to know that there are ppl (ellie, kelly t) who understand thing…..thanxx

  434. 434
    marga Says:


  435. 435
    Steph Says:

    Hey ZA’s and Vanessa Fans… I love that we all support each other through these Zanessa threads!!! :)

    I guess you can say “the freaks come out at night huh?” It was so nice and peaceful earlier w/only a few minor cuts, but wow, another abuse report and then #433… LOL, i’m not even sure what she’s talking about…LOL

    Anyway, have a great night gang!!!! :)

  436. 436
    Karen Says:


    I don’t know why you should be jumped. I understand you’d rather see Zac and Ashley together. Our problem around here is those people who post ugly and insulting things about Vanessa because they don’t like her and Zac together. You are not trying to give far-out excuses why Ashley is really who Zac has a thing for or how much happier he seems to be when he is with her, etc. I really like Ashley myself as an actress, she is lovely. Plus, I think she could really have a great comedic career, one like Sandra Bullock. I laughed so much at that girl in HSM2. She has great timing and can really deliver a line. Every time I hear the line “Oh, we can all hold hands and sing around the campfire some other time…” I just crack up. And her new boyfriend is really cute. She has been with him for since HSM2 was filming and she also went to Hawaii on vacation.

  437. 437
    nikki Says:

    OMG she looks so BEAUTIFUL!!!!! LOVE HER

  438. 438
    boji Says:

    Hi, ellie,go sox,Malia,Karen, zvkg,Troy,zac-fan & the rest of you fans. Had a hard time catching up with the posts & links. As I said am always learning something new on this site.Love the music videos from narf.As usual Karen, you are very wise with yr words. You would have made a very good teacher/counsellor, same goes for you malia. Love yr quotes.You must read alot.xxxx- love yr easter bunny story. Monster,guess what! I went out & bought Vanessa’s gonna play it in my car when I go out.Just abt caught up but I already hv to sign off.Got to give Spike(my pommie) his bath. Angels,You’ve done a mighty fine job. I can’t add more. zvkg- love the video of vanessa.Gosh, am finding it hard to leave but really gotta go.Sorry, if I missed anyone out.My head is full of info.needs rearranging.

  439. 439
    boji Says:

    Hi & bye,spirit. Knew I left someone out.

  440. 440
    Steph Says:

    May #426, you may have a good point :)

  441. 441
    sam Says:

    She looks gorgeous, love the way her hair is styled.

  442. 442
    boji Says:

    There you go, Hi & bye Steph. Have a good night!

  443. 443
    Steph Says:

    HI & bye Boji, miss chatting w/you, hopefully we can chat soon! Have a good one :)

  444. 444
    ellie Says:

    Hi boji, sorry you can’t stay any longer.

    Well, I said I’d try and write some more poems, so here’s two limericks for you all…

    There once was a guy named Zac
    Who thought he’d give acting a whack
    He danced and he sang
    Made our hearts go twang
    And when he flashed that smile we went THWACK!

    There’s a girl called Baby V
    Who’s as cute as cute can be
    She’s gorgeous and smart
    With a very big heart
    And loves the one we call Zac E!

  445. 445
    Zac Fan Says:

    Hi Angels! Wow..just got through reading. As always, you have been fighting the good fight and I feel proud to get to chat with you all. :-)

    Malia – #425 – ROFL…it’s so true…sad, but true.

    Anna – glad you are mature in stating your views and that you do support Vanessa.

    ellie – loved your poems…thanks so much for sharing those!

    KellyT – congrats on being first!

    And, about the teddy bear…I know we really don’t know the story behind it, but I just wanted to say that I could relate to an earlier poster so much…a big brown teddy bear was the first gift given to me by my husband back when we were in high school and I did take it to college with me too since we went to separate schools. And, to this day, I still have that teddy bear. I’m sure that once we have children it will live in their rooms, but it’s something that’s nice and special between us.

    Also, I truly love that V can carry a teddy bear around and Z can sport a ponytail and not care…because you know what is truly attractive? Self-confidence and being yourself and being true to yourself no matter what others think. And, being able to be “silly” and not take yourself too seriously. And, if they don’t take themselves too seriously about their hair or how they look in public or their symbolic jewelry, really, we should try not to take it all too seriously, either. :-) It is so nice to see that in these two…it shows a maturity beyond their years, IMO.

    JJ – as always, nice to see you supporting these two. :-)

  446. 446
    ktt Says:

    Malia—love your comments—first the one over in our back up back up and now this one. do you know where the ZBC club is.

  447. 447
    Zac Fan Says:

    Also wanted to say that I enjoyed the songs, Narf!

  448. 448
    Steph Says:

    Spirit, Angels at the bellfry!!!!! Miss you much girl!!!

  449. 449
    Anna Says:

    i meant to say vanessa supporter not zanessa. I understand why zac loves v soooooo much though. :)

  450. 450
    Z & V Fan Says:

    As for the promotion of V’s first album, if you pay attention to Hollywood Records a/k/a Disney, you would notice that they RARELY do widespread promotion of their artists. Most of the promotion is through their own avenues – Radio Disney, Disney Channel, touring, etc. Therefore mainstream does not pick it up sometimes. Yes Vanessa’s songs have been uses for shows like Lincoln Heights, Desperate Housewives, and Dancing With the Stars – but guess what? ABC and FAM channels are owned by Disney. For the limited advertisement it received, Vanessa’s album did very well. Kudos to her!

    As for her BOYFRIEND Zac, I don’t know what kind of “just friends” some of you have, but I don’t know any people who kiss their “friends” like Zac and Vanessa did in Hawaii. I don’t know of any one that would frequently allow a “friend” to wear their clothes and accessories. I don’t know any “friends” that call each other “baby/babe”. I definitely don’t know any “friends” who wear rings for each other with a word that means “sweetheart/my love” inscribed on it. It just seems unbelievable to me that anyone would think that these two are nothing but pals.

  451. 451
    narf Says:

    Troy darl….., I mean buddy, I am as Steph said, out of town visiting a friend and am now staying another night. I will talk to you tomorrow as Scrabble awaits.

  452. 452
    narf Says:

    By the way swee….er Troy, I still have the teddy bear I got for Christmas when I was 8 months old. :)

  453. 453
    Megan Says:

    hahahaha my friend was at disney at the same time and she was quite mad that she didn’t see her.
    but yay =] v’s so cute.

  454. 454
    troy Says:

    #434 What’s the “stupid attempt” supposed to be be? The fact that Vanessa is carrying a teddy bear or the fact she spent at Disneyland with her family? Since she has already been photographed carrying the same bear in Argentina months before the you-know-what happened, I doubt she gave it any thought this time.

    When are people going accept the possbility that Vanessa is simply living her life the way she always has lived it. That maybe just maybe the you-know-what was the exception and not the rule. That maybe not everything she does is somehow calculated. I don’t get why people seem to think she’s so calculating, in everything I’ve seen and read of her she’s always seemed a little unsophisticated to me. I don’t mean that in a negative sense. It’s one of the things I like about her.

  455. 455
    may Says:

    I remember the picture of V in Argentina when she was carrying that Teddy Bear. I also recall that Stella is holding a similar teddy bear. I’d like to think that Z gave that to her but I doubt it. I think that she bought it in Argentina and bought one for her sister as well.

  456. 456
    troy Says:

    Thanks for getting back to me, hon-Narf. Enjoy you’re Scrabble game. :)

  457. 457
    rokstur Says:

    This is so ramdom,but I have a question for everyone, my niece was wondering. would any of you vote if Zac Efron was raning for president?

  458. 458
    cindy Says:

    Maybe she was carrying the bear out to the car because Stella forgot it. I read somewhere today, that Vanessa and her Mom, met Stella and her Dad at Disneyland.
    Apparently they met up with them there. If they are staying the night, maybe Stella wanted her bear. Just a thought…

  459. 459
    Zac Fan Says:

    #457 rokstur – that’s an interesting question. Well, first, I do vote in every presidential election, so the quick answer is “yes.” :lol: But, I think you might mean would we vote for Zac…while I do adore him and he does seem intelligent and diplomatic, I’d have to say “maybe” because I’d want to hear all the candidates’ platforms as in any election. But, he’s got quite a few years before that would be possible and I hope quite a few more movies too. :-)

  460. 460
    narf Says:

    That’s a very good thought Cindy.

  461. 461
    anna Says:

    umm, steph that was rude. (435) im not a freak. i was just stating my opinion. I said i loved vanessa and that i didnt want to offend anyone. And your the only one who doesnt know what im talking about.

  462. 462
    Lauren!! Says:

    love ya v!

  463. 463
    troy Says:

    #457 That is an interesting question, and I can honestly say without any equivocation whatsoever…. I don’t know. LOL

    Zac seems like a genuinely good guy, smart, intelligent and has great
    taste in women. But it would depend on his stand on the issues if his views were close enough to be in line with mine. Although his strong pro-Vanessa Hudgens stance is definitely a point in his favor. :)

  464. 464
    Zac Fan Says:

    #457 rokstur…just realized that sounded very smart-alecky…sorry about that…didn’t mean it to…just overthinking. I do think it’s an interesting thought though. Thanks for posing the question! :-)

  465. 465
    Steph Says:

    Anna, calm down girl!!! Look, I understand why you’re a little irate right now, but if you look at the posts after you, you can tell that the #’s got all mixed up. Was not talking about you… as a matter of fact, you made alot of sense. So, relax… ok?

  466. 466
    oh! Says:

    thanks jared for those cute pix!
    vanessa’s really beautiful i think~especially with his hot boyfriend zac
    luv 2 c them together

  467. 467
    Hannah Says:

    cool, love her style and her BEAR its so cute!!
    if you have time vist this website!

  468. 468
    zvkg Says:

    hey everyone. ^^ Just got back from treating my little sis for her b-day. (hehehehe…same as Vanessa). Took me by surprise that we already have 400+ post. So, before I go and catch up, I just want to shout out a holler to everyone. ^^

  469. 469
    Zac Fan Says:

    troy – that is a very important stance! ;-) I also like the idea of our prez maybe being able to sing the state of the union to us…that would definitely warrant all that clapping. :lol: And, if it were Zac breaking in to interrupt my favorite tv program, I don’t think I’d mind so much. ;-)

  470. 470
    cindy Says:

    You all have to check out the pictures of Zac and Vanessa on Talk about chemistry between them. These are some of the best photos I have ever seen of them!:) Love the one where they are looking into each others eyes, and the one where Vanessa is blowing Zac a kiss.

  471. 471
    ellie Says:

    # 457

    That is a very interesting question. Since I don’t live in the U.S, I would never get the chance to vote for him anyway. But, I can tell you, with our (Australia)federal election coming up in two weeks, I would vote for Zac over any of the candidates I’ve got to choose from!

  472. 472
    troy Says:

    Zac Fan I like you’re idea of President Efron singing the State of Union address, maybe more people would actually watch them and be better informed about what’s going on in the world.

    I also had this image of Zac singing “Bet On It” before meetings with other world leaders. LOL

  473. 473
    Steph Says:

    Troy and Zac Fan, I like it!!!! And Vanessa as First Lady… Sounds good to me… Maybe we can have a national holidy where we all break out in a song and live in a Musical World for one day.. LOL If only :)

  474. 474
    anna Says:

    Oh, Im sorry Steph. You cant tell about what anyone is saying by a computer. lol.

  475. 475
    rubyred Says:

    144 narf : 11/10/2007 at 10:51 am

    check this one for z and v song

  476. 476
    fee Says:

    she looks cute, i like her hair style

  477. 477
    Steph Says:

    No worries Anna :)

  478. 478
    Megan Says:

    She looks so sweet! Gotta love her :) I hope everything is okay with her? Usually you grab something sentimental when you are having a tough moment :( Love ya Baby V

  479. 479
    go sox Says:

    Hi, ZA’s….I think I had too many margaritas tonight, so don’t mind if I have any typos. But, wow, I just saw those HSM2 pics from the link above….OMG, how sweet were those! Absolutely no chemistry….NOT!!

  480. 480
    Steph Says:

    Zac Fan please bring some Zacaritas to the BELLFRY!!!!!

    Hi Go Sox and Troy!!!!

  481. 481
    troy Says:

    OMG Steph the idea of Vanessa as First Lady can you imagine what that do to the haters? LOL. You do have a mean streak. I love it. LOL

  482. 482
    Zac Fan Says:

    I love that image, Troy! And, Steph, yes, V has such great style and seems to be very sweet and caring about others and gets involved in charity stuff, etc…she’d be a lovely first lady. :-)

    I saw the photos from the links above too – thanks Hannah and cindy! So sweet…love the one with her looking back at him and with her blowing the kiss…but love all of them. Yep, go sox, no chemistry at all…ha! Also, love that video of Zac from Friday…he’s such a sweetie…and that was very cute how he was sitting. LOL.

  483. 483
    Malia Says:

    Red-Carpet DVD Premiere Benefiting Teen Impact Program at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

    WHO: Zac Efron (Troy), Vanessa Hudgens (Gabriella), Ashley Tisdale (Sharpay), Corbin Bleu (Chad), and Monique Coleman (Taylor), along with Kaycee Stroh (Martha), Olesya Rulin (Kelsi), Chris Warren Jr. (Zeke), and Ryne Sanborn (Jason). Other Disney Channel stars in attendance include Adrienne Bailon and Kiely Williams (The Cheetah Girls), Jason Earles and Moises Arias (TV’s Hannah Montana), Jake T. Austin and David Henrie (Wizards of Waverly Place), Meaghan Martin and Ana Maria Perez (of the upcoming Camp Rock)

    WHAT: High School Musical 2: Extended Edition DVD will be screened at a gala, red-carpet benefit for the Teen Impact program at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles honoring Rich Ross, President of Disney Channel, Worldwide, at the historic El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood.

    WHEN: Monday, November 19
    4:00 pm – Press Check-In
    5:00 pm – Red carpet arrivals at the El Capitan Theatre
    6:00 pm – Screening of High School Musical 2

    WHERE: The El Capitan Theatre 6838 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA

    TICKET INFO: For tickets and information please contact Levy, Pazanti & Associates, (310) 201-5033.

  484. 484
    anna Says:

    OMG, if v was first lady, then that would be awesome!! its like, from actress to president!!!! lol.

  485. 485
    zvkg Says:

    wow. just finished reading. And you guys did such a great job. ^^ kudos to everyone. Seems like alot of people is on tonight/morning/afternon. lol

  486. 486
    ellie Says:

    Thanks for posting that Malia. I posted a link in one of the last Zac threads to Vanashbrenique which had the same info, but I’m not sure too many people saw it.

    Crossin’ my fingers and hopin’ for some great photo opportunities. Between this and the AMAs, next week we should have some shiny new Zanessa pics to look at!

  487. 487
    Malia Says:

    444 ellie : 11/10/2007 at 9:27 pm


  488. 488
    go sox Says:

    You guys have gotten us all excited about all the events coming up for Zac and Vanessa. I really hope they actually act like a couple at these events. But I know that’s wishful thinking because they always put the interests of the whole group before themselves. I guess I would just love to see them all dressed up and looking in love….

  489. 489
    narf Says:

    # 475 rubyred, I listen to that song as often as I can. That is a great Z abd V song. Thanks

  490. 490
    ellie Says:

    Aw, thanks Malia!

    I loved writing poetry in high school but I don’t get much time to write it anymore, but Z and V just inspire me! (and no, I didn’t mean for that to rhyme, lol)

  491. 491
    Malia Says:

    470 cindy : 11/10/2007 at 10:26 pm


  492. 492
    Malia Says:



  493. 493
    zanessa110 Says:

    i have a question. the hsm 2 dvd prmiere thingy. will it show it on t.v?

  494. 494
    Malia Says:


  495. 495
    dalia Says:

    Rachel just in case you come here looking for us–

  496. 496
    ellie Says:

    # 493

    I’m not sure its being televised, but I’d guess people from different news networks (especially E) will probably be there, so there should be some footage.

  497. 497
    narf Says:

    Zac Efron for president in 2024! Sounds great to me. My boyf… I mean buddy Troy can write the speeches while Karen handles the press and Steph runs damage control. The rest of us ZA’s can spread out across the country and rustle up the votes.

  498. 498
    jb Says:

    I would vote Zac for president. I bet he would make a good one. Zac can be the new JFK and V can be the new Jackie. The perfect Camelot.

  499. 499
    anne8 Says:

    you guys are so funny
    i love it though
    go zanessa!

  500. 500
    zanessa110 Says:

    wait the hsm 2 dvd premier thingy, when will it show it? yea 500 comments!

  501. 501
    Malia Says:


  502. 502
    evelyn Says:

    hi karen! the info on the ring being different came from ..

  503. 503
    evelyn Says:

    this is link to extra interview where zac pretty much admits he and vanessa are a couple…if you listen closely he sais “i kinda just admitted it right there” or something to that effect

  504. 504
    Malia Says:


  505. 505
    ellie Says:


    I’d guess it would be the day after, so i’d suggest watching E on Tuesday 20th, or if it isn’t on then, should be on Wednesday.

  506. 506
    troy Says:

    And who will be Secretary of State in President Efron’s cabinet why none other then my girlfr-pal Narf! :)

  507. 507
    rokstur Says:

    Zac Fan, Narf, you guys are funny and very intelligent people thanks for the thoughts on my questions.

    VOTE ZAC EFRON FOR PERSIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  508. 508
    evelyn Says:

    malia – that would be SO COOL if you could find that link to the hollywood awards! i love it when zac and/or vanessa admit it. so cute!!

  509. 509
    yay Says:

    Pathetic, maybe you should stop living in Zac’s shadow and find a real life. Good try at getting your innocent image back by carrying a Teddy bear around and looking cute and sweet. Maybe you shouldn’t have taken naked photos of yourself in the first place. You could be so much more Vanessa if you grew up and started acting like a women instead of an idiot.

  510. 510
    Malia Says:


  511. 511
    go sox Says:

    Have you guys seen this pic?

    Hope you can see it….enlarge it!

  512. 512
    hannah Says:

    509 yay, you know whats Pathetic you comeing on a vanessa fan page and saying something as stupid as that,and another thing thats Pathetic you haveing noting better in your life to do then juge vanessa, that’s whats Pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!

  513. 513
    go sox Says:

    Well, yay, I’d say you’re the pathetic one here. She has never lived in his shadow; she is working on her own career. I’m not sure exactly how much more an 18 yr. could have accomplished by this time, but she’s done more than most her age!! The bear is obviously being taken for an overnight with her family, and you must not know girls of that age very well. They’re pretty sentimental about their guys and always carry something with them to feel close when away. Yeah, pics were not a good thing, but hey, I don’t know a single teen who hasn’t done something they regret. And if you give her a chance, after all she is only 18, I think she’ll be an amazing woman….

  514. 514
    troy Says:

    #509 Yeah I’m sure Vanessa was sitting around her house thinking “How I can help my image I know I’ll carry a teddy bear out to the car. Because teddy bears fix everything!” COME ON. You know what I think is really sad that I suspect that if you were to put Vanessa, her parents, and all her reps together I bet none of them think about you know what HALF as much as some of you people do. That is pathetic.

    Sorry gang, I just had to do some house cleaning. Now who should Zac choose as his running mate: Lucas Grabreel or Corbin Bleu?

  515. 515
    KellyT Says:

    How about you Troy!

  516. 516
    ellie Says:

    # 514

    Troy, I’d pick Corbin. Then there could be a cool campaign slogan like ‘Go for the ‘Fro!’

  517. 517
    go sox Says:

    Nice sweep job, Troy. Missing your hon- Narf?

  518. 518
    zvkg Says:

    509 yay : 11/11/2007 at 12:37 am


    Even before the you know what, she’s always been like this. Cute, sweet…with a little bit of a wild side. (which I assure you, many teenagers have) You guys are just seeing the many sides of Vanessa because she’s getting hounded by the paparatzi everyday. But yes…she’s this cute from the very beginning. And under that cute and sweet person, there’s a sexy Vanessa.

    As for being a woman…she’s working on it. She still has many years on her to grow.

  519. 519
    Steph Says:

    Nice one Go Sox and Troy!! :) Yay, should be Boooo, LOL

    I think both could be a running mate!!!

    Hey there Narf! Miss you at the Bellfry, your Boyf or Troy won’t even go there w/out ya :( LOL

  520. 520
    troy Says:

    Thanks for the vote of confidence KellyT, but I’ve been appointed campaign speech writer.

    Thanks for the kind words Sox, you handle a mean broom yourself. And yes, I am missing by bab-Narf. Thanks for asking. :)

  521. 521
    Zac Fan Says:

    Right on hannah, go sox, and troy! I was going to say something but you guys have covered it pretty well. Guess all I have to add is…karma…one day when you are being judged for something you’ve done, I hope you’ll take a moment and recall how harshly you criticized someone else.

    Now, on to more important business…hee…troy, I think either is a great choice…Lucas seems very serious and thoughtful and I think that Corbin has a great heart and has charisma too. :-)

  522. 522
    zvkg Says:

    Zanessa Interview:

    Check out after 2:39. They’re just tooooo cute!! And Vanessa has the cutest voice. And even just listening to their voice, you can hear and feel the chemistry between them. I can really imagine what Zac likes about her. She seems like a fun girl to hang with. ^^ I guess this is why alot of teenage boys are crushing on V.

  523. 523
    go sox Says:

    Ellie, love that, “Go for the Fro”!!

    Hey, Angels, gotta fly upstairs and get to sleep! Stay safe and keep watch….sweet dreams!

  524. 524
    troy Says:

    I’m sorry I haven’t made it to the Belfrey the last couple of nights, Steph, I’ve just been busy is all.

  525. 525
    Spirit Says:

    Night Beautiful Go Sox!!! ;-)

  526. 526
    Emily Says:

    i love her and all, but what is she? 5?

  527. 527
    Malia Says:

    522 zvkg : 11/11/2007 at 12:59 am
    Zanessa Interview:


  528. 528
    ellie Says:

    # 526

    If you love her, you wouldn’t even bother to make a comment like that. Besides, I’m around the same age (Older than V, younger than Z)and I still have a teddy bear. Plus, if you read the rest of the comments, you’d know that a lot of other older posters also have one.

  529. 529
    Malia Says:




  530. 530
    nickolodeon Says:

    i am 21 yrs old, i stil need my teddy . Lol

  531. 531
    troy Says:

    #526 Actually Vanessa is 18 almost 19. That wasn’t a crack about Vanessa carrying the bear was it? Because you know people like take things with them from home if they’re going to be away for a couple of days (which I’m assuming that’s the case here), right? And sometimes that something is from their childhood like a stuffed animal, right? And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, right?

    I’m glad we agree since you love Vanessa and all.

  532. 532
    andi Says:

    she looks so pretty!!
    I love her style.

  533. 533
    daze Says:

    well good nite everyone talk to u guys tomorrow.. I hope theres a pix of zac and vanessa together…

  534. 534
    Steph Says:

    She is unbelievably beautiful, so proud to be a fan :)

  535. 535
    Cherylee Says:

    What bad is that?

  536. 536
    Cherylee Says:

    What bag is that?

  537. 537
    mimi Says:

    pretty girl wit a pretty smile =) gt those sexy look.

  538. 538
    mimi Says:

    Miu Miu Vitello Lux Hobo handbag.

  539. 539
    glendale Says:

    yay! V is so gorgeous!!!

  540. 540
    mimi Says:

    hey ashley bdae (2005) look who;s behind =)

  541. 541
    Dee Says:

    Great eye mimi! :-D

  542. 542
    mimi Says:

    nah its not me =) this webbie tells me

  543. 543
    rc Says:

    First she is just beautiful. I’d like to address a couple of comments
    that were on this and the last post with Zac. Don’t believe that
    Mr. and Miss “I have to keep my private life private” would ever
    put a profile on any dating millionaire site that is just too
    ridictulous. Also to the people that say BBV is rude, let’s give
    Zac a little credit here. Do you honestly think he would be with
    a “Mean” girl like that. We have heard so many post from fans that
    have actully met her and have only said that she is very sweet and
    kind. AS far as Zac is concerned he has chemistry with everyone
    if you watch all his films and tv projects he makes you believe
    that he has feelings for the actress that he is playing against.
    That’s called being a good actor. As we have all read he is one
    charming fun guy (plus he is gorgeous to look at) so of coarse
    he makes friends with all his leading ladies, and you can’t blame
    them for flirting and putting on their best face for him. But
    he chose Vanessa she is the one that connected in a way that I’m
    sure so many have tried to do. They have been together for too
    long to not see each others faults and yet they are still together
    so to all you jealous haters eat your heart out. I hope they can
    survive all this attention and just be happy and in love the
    way you can only be when your as young as they are.

  544. 544
    Vanessa fan Says:

    Omg this is so cute i feel like takeing my teddy bear out and walking around :D she is so drop dead gorgeous! gotta love her! and if u dont ur just jealous because there is absolutly NO reason why u should hate her at all! love you vanessa!
    update alot more pictures of vanessa just jared! thanks!


  545. 545
    bingo Says:

    I can’t believe Zac said what he did about Matthew McConaughey in that Rolling Stone interview. Very rude.

  546. 546
    sophie Says:


    380 evelyn : 11/10/2007 at 6:51 pm

    thanks for the link…heres the link were he said exchanging ringsis much easier than getting tattoos

  547. 547
    Karen Says:

    Does anyone know what “your comment awaiting moderation means”?
    All I said was:


    I am so flattered that you think I can handle the press. Oh, look my head won’t fit through the door…

    And then I asked the same question about what the modeeration means?

  548. 548
    V-fan Says:

    I just want to thank you Guys for supporting our Baby V !
    Because i think she deserved it ,.
    She so talented young lady.

  549. 549
    fabp Says:

    what a natural beauty!
    gorgeous snaps, JJ – thanks a ton!

  550. 550
    fabp Says:

    thanks for your input, 543 rc : 11/11/2007 at 2:49 am

    I’m one of the V-forever-fans that met her in person – she is very down-to-earth and very very nice – seriously, I was a fan before meeting her but afterwards, even more!!!

  551. 551
    boji Says:

    #543 rc, my sentiments exactly.You’ve taken the words right out of my mouth.Thanks for the clarity.

  552. 552
    boji Says:

    Just wanted to say that there is nothing wrong with hanging on to a cuddly toy no matter what age. It’s like a comfort blanket. Some of us may get stuck onto a smelly pillow from childhood. Perfectly normal.It just goes to show how vulnerable Vanessa is and it makes me want to all the more be her guardian angel.

  553. 553
    rosielee9 Says:

    My daughter still has the teddy bear that her aunt brought her for her first xmas when she was only a month old and she’ll soon be 17 years old and as she has said she would’nt part with it for the world, and she has one that I won in a raffle for her again she was only 2years old but again still has it.

    I see nothing wrong in it to keep hold of something that someone special to you has brought for you and lot’s of people do it, so lay off Vanessa.

  554. 554
    hugepleasure Says:

    I’ll give it in V’s post tooooooooooooo… there are new pix of Zac::) and a secret (?) meetng with Kenny!! look people what is he holding…

  555. 555
    rosielee9 Says:

    Tome it seems that Zac has been brought up to be respectful towards women like when he open’s doorsfor Vanessa and looks out for her when they’re out and about and being protective.

    Which I’m sure if your a actress that’s a nice thing in your leading man to not be to full of himself and show you respect as well, and Zac does seem a very friendly guy but he know’s like Vanessa that his heart truly belonmgs to his ‘special someone’ in his own words and no matter who he star’s alonmgside off as I have mentioned before youknow the rumours will start, but Vanessa know’s her man and that’s what count’s.

    Can’t wait to see HSM3 and lookforward to seeing them both in various projects weather together or single I’m sure they’ll both contiune to learn new things but still be their for each otheras any normal couplewould.

  556. 556
    Vanessa-fan Says:

    She is Soo cute with the teddy bear i love her outfit and her style is great ! Luv her Hair Style its pretty !! =) aaW She is visting Zac !!
    xox Zanessa for ever !

  557. 557
    go sox Says:

    rosielee9, I agree Zac is very respectful of women, and it’s obvious he was raised that way. I’ll bet Mrs. Efron is put on a pedestal in a house of men; lucky her! I’m glad to see him protective of Vanessa too, because there are weird people out there! I know they’re both trusting, nice people, but you can never be too safe.

  558. 558
    go sox Says:

    #545 bingo, I don’t think Zac meant to come across as being down on McConaughey. He was trying to say he just didn’t ever want to splash himself or his relationships around. He values those things in his life and he just wants to keep them as private as he can. But I think that’s proven to be pretty tough for him…

  559. 559
    narf Says:

    Hey Steph, I should be able to make it to the belfry tonight.

    Troy, me as Secretary of State? Awe shucks hun…er I mean buddy, thanks for the vote of confidence.

    Karen, of course you can handle the press, look how well you handle everything her.

  560. 560
    go sox Says:

    Hi, Narf! We missed you, especially your, um, swe- troy! Have a safe trip home! Rte. 95 is always a joy….

  561. 561
    paula Says:

    she is really pretty…
    did you say she is wearing zacs t-shirt? if so take a closer look at the straps…

  562. 562
    narf Says:

    Now # 509, How old are you and how exactly are you qualified to tell others how to act like a women?

    I am 32, and still have my teddy bear along with a few other childhood items, but trust me, I am a woman.

    A real woman admits her mistakes and moves on with her life. Oh wait, Vanessa did that. Guess she is a woman after all.

    And an idiot is someone who believes that taking one photo of yourself is a loss of innocence. If you were truely innocent, you would never have even looked at it as it was not meant for public viewing.

  563. 563
    narf Says:

    Hey go sox, yeah that 95 is always a pleasure. LOL

  564. 564
    mimi Says:

    any1 seen tis b4?

  565. 565
    mimi Says:

    perez actually say something nice 2 them

  566. 566
    Andy Says:

    doesn’t this chick have any friends?? cuz she’s never out with them…

  567. 567
    go sox Says:

    Andy, the paparazzi give us only the pics they want us to see. We have no idea what Vanessa does with the rest of her time. So don’t assume anything; I’m sure she does stuff with close friends.

  568. 568
    mimi Says:

    erm, andy, which celeb u see in a pic mostly hanging out wit frens? She does hav fren.

  569. 569
    vanessa-h-is-the-best Says:

    you just have to see this
    It’s soo cute

    Zanessa is so cute. Look at the way they look at each other

  570. 570
    Karen Says:

    Just a quick note to a couple of people since I was unable to post last night because of some kind of glitch either on this site of the computer at work.


    Hope you read this before going to the new thread. I appreciate your kind words and as a matter of fact I have had nursing jobs where I have basically taught and counseled with people. Frankly, I do that now with a couple of my jobs. I started out majoring in Social Sciences many years ago in college. And I do tend to lean towards the counseling and teaching more.


    If you go to the Zac thread where he is at the Hollywood Awards and scan through those post you will find where they are saying something about Vanessa still being his sweetheart or something to that effect.

  571. 571
    Susanna Says:

    I’d just like to point out (for everyone who is still obsessing over you-know-what) that there are so many things a person can do that are ten times worse than posing naked in the privacy of your own home.

    People kill each other. They rape or kidnap innocent kids. They torture each other, simply because they can. People abuse each other every day, either verbally or physically. Everyday, more and more people lie and cheat and steal. Yet these aren’t the things people worry about.

    Instead, they dwell on the one thing that doesn’t hurt anybody. Contrary to popular belief, being naked is not a sin. There is no rule in any religious book that says “Thou shalt not be nakedeth”. And, depending on what religion you believe, the first two people to walk the Earth had no clothes on. Obviously, whatever higher power you believe in did not intend for people to have to wear clothings to cover up their bodies.

    So I say: get over it. With all the crap going on in our world today, a 16 year old girl posing naked should be the least of everyone’s worries.

  572. 572
    bingo Says:

    That’s very hypocritical of Zac to say. Matthew is just living his life. He’s not asking for the attention. That’s like saying to Zac that if he doesn’t want people trying to intrude on his love life, then maybe he shouldn’t be seen out in public with Vanessa.

  573. 573
    rosielee9 Says:

    I think with her teddy that if she was stopping overnight at Disney which would make sense to have a night there with her family if shg was filming the next day that the teddy went to the hotel with Vanessa.

    I’m thinking this becuase when she leaves her home she has the teddy but when she arrive’s at Zack’s she does’nt so just my thought but maybe Vanessa left it in the car while she went and spent sometime with Zac seeings as she would’nt be seeing him on the night and so if Zac brought her the teddy as it seems he did then at least she would have that to cuddle up to on ther night, and by going to see Zac before they went to Disneyland got a bit of loving from her real cutie before leaving.

    I’m a old romantic at heart and to be honest that’s what I’d do, as if you think about it apparently she stay’s at Zac’s quite a bit and that way she has a reminder of him cute.

  574. 574
    BB V fan Says:

    #509 go somewhere else… Here theres no place 4 SUCH JELOUS IDIOTS!!

    And by the way Vanessa is not livin in the shadow of Zac Efron… U didn’t notice that every newspaper U take U can see Vanessa in it?

    Go somewhere where U can play with such children as U.

    OH and the only one who is behaving like a child IS U!

  575. 575
    Dee Says:

    548 Karen : 11/11/2007 at 5:25 am – I got the same thing Karen. All I said was to check out the links on where Vanessa and Zac won The Big Debate.

    Considering what else gets posted here, I’m not sure why our comments are in moderation.

  576. 576
    Steph Says:

    #571 Susanna, Well Said :) I agree with you 100%!

  577. 577
    Rudy Says:

    wow this girl is such a sweetheart! need ZANESSA PICS im dying here gtg and do work bi bi xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  578. 578
    zac-obsessed Says:

    she looks so pretty as usual!!

  579. 579

    The teddy bear must have moved in with Zac.
    Oh, no. Signs of moving in together: she stores her toothbrush in his medicine cabinet, and the bear lives there too.

  580. 580
    RACHEL Says:

    Wow, Susanna (571) I agree with you 110%! That was nicely said and thank you for mentioning that. You are totally right. Vanessa made a mistake, but she apologized. There are worse things then taking naky pix, because everyone does it so it really isn’t that much of a big deal compared to other things. Susanna, your a true Baby V fan!!

  581. 581
    jocelyn Says:

    shes 18 not 19

  582. 582
    Z & V Fan Says:

    Here’s what V was up to at Disneyland yesterday…

  583. 583
    rawrr Says:

    carrying the teddy around doesn’t make you any more innocent vanessa

  584. 584
    troy Says:

    #583 Thank you for that, that was very deep. I just think is so funny that people really seem to think the teddy bear was a calculated move. It just tickles me.

  585. 585
    Fan_From_Italy Says:

    i like the video, but i can’t understand the words of the song… :(

  586. 586
    mimi Says:

    Rawr. can u read ppl minds? how do u know she wanna be innocent. DUH!

  587. 587
    mimi Says:

  588. 588
    bingo Says:

    So the reason she went to Disneyland was for work? That explains alot. I doubt she would go there just to hang out with her family because of all the attention she would attract from her young fans.

  589. 589
    bingo Says:

    And BTW, if that is Vanessa’s bear, it looks like she spends alot of time with it because it’s pretty ratty.

  590. 590
    troy Says:

    %587 No offense but I for one wish you wouldn’t have posted that link, I know I didn’t have to click on it, and I take full responsiblity for that. But its like the forbidden fruit I can’t help going there even though I know I will regret afterwards. God forgive me but I HATE HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE that site.

  591. 591
    mimi Says:

    i post it bcoz i wan some supporters go thr to say something nice :/ i went thr and i got pist off

  592. 592
    troy Says:

    5#91 I figured that was the reason and I did post. Unfortunately “nice” wouldn’t describe what I said because that site doesn’t inspire “nice” feelings where I’m concerned. I’m sorry if it seemed like I was coming down on you.

  593. 593
    mimi Says:

    Vanessa Hudgens in Therapy With ‘Bottom’ Blues?

    Disney diva Vanessa Hudgens may now be a full-fleshed — ahem, full-fledged star, thanks to the recent release of her naughty private-part-parading pics, but Pop Tarts popped the “High School Musical” siren slipping in and out of Burbank Physical Therapy on Wednesday, and this isn’t the first time she’s needed a rough rub this month.

    According to our snitch, the screen stunner has frequented the facility a few times in recent weeks, reportedly seeking someone to work on some strained ligaments in her “lower half.”

    Yet despite all the drama the dancer/singer/actress has endured in recent times, another eyewitness told us that this girl is still as good as gold.

    “Vanessa came in and was all smiles,” said the spy. “She acknowledged everyone in the room and was very, very sweet.”

    And someone else who still thinks the singing siren is sensationally sweet is beau Zac Efron. Despite reports that the two slummed into Splitsville in the wake of her naked photo expose, Pop Tarts partied with the dateless dude at last Monday’s 11th annual Hollywood Film Festival Gala, and while he kept his lips locked about Hudgens, he did say that she was still his same special somebody … awww.

  594. 594
    Zac Fan Says:

    Hear, hear, #571! Very well said!

    #582 – thanks for posting that video…cute.

    #583 – judging and condemning someone you don’t know doesn’t make you any more “innocent” either.

  595. 595
    V-LOYALIST Says:

    Seriously! I can’t get enough of Ms. Gorgeousness!

    Though I miss zacy and them together.. anyway
    JJ Thank you so much for this beautiful pics.

    Hi to ZA and Z & V supporters!

  596. 596
    go sox Says:

    Troy, thanks for telling people how we really feel about that site..

  597. 597
    Karen Says:

    I can’t believe what they allow to be printed at X17. Do they realize that Vanessa is a real person? It’s one thing to be obnoxious if you are writing about a character you don’t like from TV or a movie but this girl is young, she’s just starting out on the road to adulthood, trying to figure out life, and she does one thing that people don’t like and it’s like it is open season on her to shoot her down on sight. ONE THING MIND YOU! And you people who take potshots at her because she has a teddy bear with her are really scraping the bottom the the pit which shows where you are, not Vanessa.

    You know, I have found that plaster-of-Paris saints don’t do me much good. A little pressure comes along, they get hit a little and they crumble and turn to dust because they are just water and plaster. They were a mold and not the real thing. I like flesh and blood saints. The kind who hurt, sometimes bleed when they take a hit, who cry, and maybe feel sorry for themselves for a short time. The ones who pick themselves back up and start moving forward, wipe the muck off of their body, they HEAL, and like a bone that has been broken once it heals it is STRONGER. They usually forgive, put a smile on their face, and BELIEVE things will work out and get better. They have a positive outlook and they give people like me hope that I can do the same when faced with adversities. That type saint is your roll model because the are based in reality. You know they may let you down and make a mistake but they give out something POSITIVE in the end. No matter how hard we try we make mistakes because we are human. After all, we are all made from the dirt, not something divine and infallible.

  598. 598
    go sox Says:

    Wow, Karen, that was beautiful….

  599. 599
    yer momma Says:

    gross i still dont get why people think she is beautiful and zac efron is fuggin ugly i swear people now a days have some bad azz taste in who they should date!

  600. 600
    renan Says:


  601. 601
    go sox Says:

    Hey, yer momma, I can imagine what your taste in guys is….or who you think is beautiful. To each his own….just don’t come here and bad mouth people who think otherwise.

  602. 602
    ck Says:

    Karen, your post was articulate and right on target. Thank you!

    To the Vanessa haters – We WILL continue to expose the stupidity of your comments. If you are going to waste your time on this site, then at least have enough integrity to post comments AFTER you have read all the other posts and have taken the time to consider opinions different from your own.

  603. 603
    go sox Says:

    Thanks for the back-up, ck! :o)

  604. 604
    krys Says:

    btw…ya’ll need to double check ya’lls research. Vanessa is 18!
    just to let ya’ll know.

  605. 605
    el Says:

    she is sooo pretty!

  606. 606
    czar Says:

    just shows that her star will continue to shine brightly amid the scandal.. click the link

  607. 607
    yetski Says:

    I Love her!!!
    Zanessa Is the cutest!!!

  608. 608
    bingo Says:

    606. I dont think that it’s right that her star contiunes to shine BECAUSE OF the scandal. That is something we want to forget about.

  609. 609
    Karen Says:


    You must be a very miserable person to be around. This girl makes one mistake IN YOUR EYES and now you don’t think she is worthy to have something good? By your tone it would seem to me that you are not anywhere near perfect so what should your life be like? Or maybe that is why you are such a pathetic excuse for a person, you have such a miserable life you want everyone who’s life is good to have a bad one like yourself. Until you get over being miserable you will never want anything more for anyone else.

  610. 610
    mimi Says:

    wtf bingo, just one mistake, u brain doesnt go anywhr just stick to the negative 1. pathetic

  611. 611
    bingo Says:

    Excuse you. To clarify my comment- I don’t think that people should keep bringing the whole picture scandal up. It’s over and done with, but for some reason people keep bringing it up. We cant tell everyone to stop talking about it, and then post a link to something that is directly related to it. People should be recognizing her for her achievements, and not the scandal. I dont understand how my belief of that makes me a “pathetic excuse for a person”. Maybe you should drop the ignorance and start relalizing that there are other people in this forum who might have an opinion other than yours.

  612. 612
    Karen Says:


    Are you REALLY serious or is it your need for attention that would make you disregard all common sense and post such a stupid comment? Or do you just secretly delight in trying to stir up something? I’m pretty sure it is one of those things. Because if it isn’t you are really a sorry excuse for a human being. With your tone it is easy to see that you would be one miserable person to be around. Could you possibly have any friends? How could you since you would never be able to wish them the best because you apparently think a person who commits one mistake IN YOU EYES is unworthy of anything good. AND I’m sure being human they could not go for long before they would do something less than perfect. And being so obviously less than perfect yourself—because no perfect person would wish anybody less than great things to happen in their life—what kind of existance do you rate? Maybe that is the problem, you have such a miserable and negative life you can’t possibly think of anyone else having something good. You will never have anything good until you get away from such a negative way of thinking. You need to have positive thoughts and wish people the best before you can have the best come into your life. You need to learn to forgive.

  613. 613
    czar Says:

    bingo, with all due respect, it just means that people don’t really care about the scandal, that the voters looked beyond that and saw talent that’s why she will continue to be famous. it doesnt mean that she became famous BECAUSE of the photos. geez. why the negativity?

  614. 614
    bingo Says:

    Karen, I wrote not one negative word if you even bothered to read what I wrote. I have forgiven and I have FORGOTTEN the scandal. I recognize her for her ACHIEVEMENTS. How is that negative? I guess for you, ignorance is bliss.

    Czar, I never said that I thought that she became famous because of the photos, I was a little irritated that the link suggests that she did. Anything relating to the scandal should be forgotten.

  615. 615
    czar Says:

    bingo, i see your point. but i just posted the link for the haters to accept the fact that v is here to stay and will remain strong. at the end of the day, we just all share this common love for our girl v and that’s all that matters. sorry for the misunderstanding.

    but i’m with you.. i like v too, and what happened in the past should stay in the past.

  616. 616
    bingo Says:

    Czar, thanks for realizing what I was trying to convey. I am glad that we can come to common ground and I too am sorry for the misunderstanding.

  617. 617
    Karen Says:


    [I don't think it right that her star continues to shine BECAUSE of the scandal. That is something we want to forget about]

    If I misunderstood your post I am sorry. But to read the first sentence of your comment makes it sound like just because of the scandal you think she doesn’t have the right for her star to continue to shine. It didn’t seem that you had forgiven and forgotten the unfortunate episode but that you were objecting to her continued success mearly because of the scandal.

    Sorry about the double type post but it had been nearly an hour and the first post had not appeared and I thought I had forgotten to click on submit as I was in a hurry here at work. After nearly an hour when I posted again I was only more upset at what I thought you were saying.

  618. 618
    V-LOYALIST Says:

    316 Malia : 11/10/2007 at 3:42 pm


    Zac likes to yak
    Unfortunately, Zac Efron is off the market! But the HSM2 heartthrob won’t be dishing any intimate details about his gf, Vanessa Anne Hudgens, anytime soon. “We’re a couple,” he admits. “Other than that, I really don’t talk about my personal life.”

    BOYFRIEND MATERIAL: “I’m old-fashioned at heart. I love the way Hairspray shows how innocent dating was in the ‘60s, when making out and going steady meant so much more than they do now. I’d like to think I’m like that now.”
    Malia.. so late for this.. I think this is the post u mentioned, I saw u post this 10/2 and actually saved it, usually do for some unforgettable stuff of them from other supporter, also i know post coming from you i will never go wrong…

  619. 619
    V-LOYALIST Says:

    Idk.. i’m in my 30′s but like Ms. Gorgeousness who is turning 19 and loves teddy bear.. i myself have a fave stuff toy, a small cute yellow color penguin that i hug every night to bed…and dont need to be a kid to have one..

    in one interview in 2006 for HSM1 promo she was asked about this..

    Q: You are doing the second movie. How long are you willing to play high schoolers? Do you want to do it as long as you can?

    “Vanessa Anne Hudgens: I think you just stay young as long as you can; I will be young at heart until the day I die.”

  620. 620
    Elisabeth Says:

    Please JJ more Zanessa sightings, it’s been a long time …

  621. 621
    Zaira Vanessa Says:

    Hey Jared Vanessa is still 18 not 19.LOL…^_^..She looks like a baby..Cute!!!

  622. 622
    Paula Says:

    and, does not matter what it happens !♥

    you it will be always diva number 1



  623. 623
    iman Says:

    i have that same bear. its from build a bear. i got one for v-tines day. aww but mine isnt BUTT NAKED. zac should buy her bear some clothes.

  624. 624
    zac-obsessed Says:

    aww she looks so cute and young
    and ive just noticed that its the same teddy she took on tour with her and i think zac gave her that one so obviosly coz its the same one he gave her this one too!!!!:)
    i soooo wish i was her for many reasons

  625. 625
    zacherys girl Says:

    she looks sleepy

    i dont love her
    but i dont hate her
    i think i like her
    he he

  626. 626
    Jule Says:

    she looks sooooooo cute!!! i love her!!!! zanessa 4-ever!!!!

  627. 627
    Jule Says:

    she looks sooooooo cute!!! i love her!!!! zanessa 4-ever!!!!

  628. 628
    Bonjour Says:

    I still like her casual sense of style…
    although, i’ve noticed she has a small
    face. making her look young still.

  629. 629
    Kaitlyn Says:

    i think its kind of strange that an 18 year old girl is carrying around a teddy bear.
    it seems that ever since the controversy she always tries to look cute and innocent.

    it gets on my nerves a little. :/
    youre not two,, hon.

  630. 630
    jenny Says:

    where can i get a teddy bear like that??? it’s so cute and vanessa looks really cute carrying it around!!!!!!!!!!

  631. 631
    sofi Says:

    i love baby v!!!!!! she is the best!!!
    i’am from argentina and i remember when she came and had that teddy bear!! and want her here again, and with zac!!! lol

  632. 632
    Sandra Says:

    She is very Beautiful

  633. 633
    katy Says:

    how cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    love her cutie styleee :D

  634. 634
    Baby V fan ^^ Says:

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww !!!
    how cute!
    love her!! (LL)

  635. 635
    taaah Says:

    fofa demais cara!

  636. 636
    euzashleyforeverfuckavanessa Says:

    perfect *-*

  637. 637
    kETLIN Says:

    Beautifull Photos !


  638. 638
    ana maria cruz Says:

    they are a sweet guy`s

  639. 639
    balinda Says:

    She looks really pretty there. I don’t get why she walks around with a teddy bear…but I like her outfit and hair (x

  640. 640
    georgia Says:

    hi baby v i luv your teddy its so cute i want one i think the pics of u with your teddy r soooooo sweet i luv your teddy soooooo much i`m your biggest fan i luv ya baby v

  641. 641
    elizabeth Says:

    Hi Girls!!! Could someone tell me where to find vanessas teddy bear??
    I want it!!!!!!!!!!!!
    = )

  642. 642
    elizabeth Says:

    HOw can I finde Vanessas teddy?? I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!

    = )

  643. 643
    lisa Says:

    i love her bear it is just like my bear

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