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Vanessa's Teddy Bear Business

Vanessa's Teddy Bear Business


Vanessa Hudgens leaves her home in Los Angeles carrying a stuffed animal teddy bear and her iPhone on Friday. The 19-year-old High School Musical star was a little shy but at long last, flashed waiting photographers a peace sign.

After running a few errands, including a stop at her boyfriend Zac Efron‘s house, Vanessa and her mom Gina drove to Anaheim to meet up with her dad Greg and litter sister Stella.

The Hudgens family then spent the evening at the Disneyland theme park, where several young fans recognized the young star as she snacked on a bag of cotton candy. Did anyone spot Vanessa at Disneyland yesterday??

UPDATE: Vanessa‘s carrying around the same teddy bear that she did when she was in Argentina while wearing Zac‘s shirt.

25+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens‘s teddy bear business…

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vanessa hudgens teddy bear 01
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 02
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 03
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 04
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 05
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 06
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 07
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 08
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 09
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 10
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 11
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 12
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 13
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 14
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 15
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 16
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 17
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 18
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 19
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 20
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 21
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 22
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 23
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 24
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 25

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  • areucrazy

    47 _Mari_ : 11/10/2007 at 8:48 am
    She looks so pretty! I love her clothes, her hair, her teddy!!
    I love everything about her!…
    oh damn… I think Vanessa might be making me gay! LOL

    Now I want some ZANESSA! please!


    ME TOO >.

  • Alma

    I love Vanessa
    She is my idol
    always and forever. i am argentina
    you are looks beautifull in this pics
    kiss :)

  • mary

    her hair is long again yay :D( i now , extensions but it looks very good on her)!!!

    agree with 45 :

    she seems soooooooooo nice,,i want to meet her too ,
    i love stella, her sister :D two beautiful girls !!!!

  • boji

    Hi,evelyn, Thanks for the link.I always checkout the links.

  • go sox

    Hi, boji!! Love sleepin’ in on Saturdays!! What time is it for you?? We Angels don’t ever seem to get any rest, huh?

  • areucrazy

    HEY ZAC DID WEAR HiS RING buT TAke iT off later.

  • mcv

    hola Alma !! soy tambien soy de Argetina ..

  • injila

    awwwww i love her teddy bear! :)

  • katie


  • Jagoda

    She’s pretty!!
    She looks beautiful!
    LOVE HER !!!

  • Mìhh

    She looks absolutely gorgeous!

  • katie

    she is so pretty

  • evelyn

    gotta love the links!

    no pats go sox! i know! well, its my son’s bday party today, so tomorrow i will spend the day recovering! (and checking just jared of course!)

  • areucrazy

    well…so fast so many comments =)

  • boji

    It’s 9.55pm Satnight in Malaysia.Suppose, we are her Angels. Lucky girl! She’s really blessed to have so many guardian angels. Am calling it a night.Want to try & get up early tomorrow to catch up with the rest of you. So Night,Night evelyn & Go Sox

  • shary

    JJ, she become 19 already? LMAO.
    Okay.. So weird&funny writing 19years old.



  • Z & V Fan

    I knew I wasn’t crazy. That’s that teddy bear V was carrying around in South America wearing Zac’s shirt. I’m going to guess that it is a gift from him…

  • hOLLY

    I wonder what she is doing @ Zac’s house

    somethings we would never know

  • Fan_From_Italy

    Really really cute! but she’s 18!

  • jeanette

    Wish I could have been at disneyland. Omg I think vah looks so beautiful. They should have had pics with her and her sister. I love seeing them two together. But o well he he thanks jj

  • cindy

    Vanessa will be 19 in Dec.

  • evelyn

    ok, lets talk about the teddy bear. was she bringing it to zac’s to leave it there? did it make the trip to disneyland or stop at zac’s?

    maybe she wants it there when she sleeps over at zac’s!

  • ashley


  • evelyn

    ok, sorry .. more questions ..

    what is the deal with the limo driver? driver? not sure what she is getting out of.

    and you can all yell at me over this one … you don’t think she was leaving the teddy bear at zac’s to give it back to him (ie. fight/breakup) do you?

    its my paranoia setting in .. that is why i email you all to set me straight.

  • shannon

    she looks preggy in some piccys. bahah. o.O xD

  • lilly

    Awww she’s so cute!!

  • areucrazy

    limo i think bring her family to disney land. more comfy

  • go sox

    G’night, boji! Thanks for your wonderful thoughts!!

    Evelyn, I guess we all need a day to recover on weekends! Especially after kids b-day parties! I remember those days! What do parents do these days for parties anyway??

    I love the teddy bear, but it does make her look really young….not like someone looking for her own place! But I’m sure her teddy will be the first thing that goes with her! Wonder what it’s name is?

  • areucrazy

    evelyn. i think she left her teddy in the limo and find zac. she didnt leave the teddy at zac.

  • emma

    love the teddy

    hey check out my new video on youtube of the oc –

  • Jess

    Aw shes so cute with her teddy

  • suzy

    Cute pictures. I wanna go Disneyland

  • go sox

    My, my, Evelyn…let’s put that paranoia to rest. Do you really think he’d want a teddy bear back that he gave to her? Girls love stuffed animals…I took a bunch to college too. But I don’t think Zac would want it.. he’s a guy. She probably got the limo to treat her family to a fun day, maybe it was a special occasion. And who knows? Maybe V likes to use teddy as a pillow or something to cuddle with when she naps?

  • nickolodeon

    i stil hug my teddy while i am sleeping and i am 21. lol

  • go sox

    Hey, Z + V fan, I forgot about that pic of her before! It must be her Zacky Bear then!

  • yetski

    Nice to see her out with her Family and of course Zac!!
    Love Zanessa!!!

  • Rachel

    love the outfit…she always looks so pretty. btw she is 18 not 19

  • zane

    What! I missed Vanessa At Disneyland Theme parks! My husband and I brought our 4 year old daughter there yesterday bec. she has no school and she wants to watch the HSM parade.Oh men,I cant believed we missed her!!!

  • vanessafan

    Love her. She looks so adorable and more with her teddy bear.Hopefully we will get more pics of her byherself or with zac.
    Thanks Jared keep posting more please

  • rokstur

    Could eveybody stop predicting what is going on in there love life, all the breaking up predictions, are what that start rumors and things like that. STOP making things up if you don’t know what is going on ,just enjoy the pictures and still smile that they are still together and not apart.In my opinion, when you guys keep making perdictions, it could come true so stop.

    wow, that cute.

  • sb

    aw she is so cute, love her hair like that, shes looks gorgeous. i love how she goes ‘au natural’ LOL instead of caking on the make-up!!

    HSM3 UPDATE- on E!news they said that ashley said that all the deals were in place or something like that, e!news said that included zac and V. i hope they are right!!!

  • Vicky

    Aww she’s so cute!!! LOVE her hair like this, she really suits it.

  • Z & V Fan

    Go Sox, as soon as I saw that pic I knew I had seen that bear before. I guess she wanted to cuddle with Zac and she had to settle for the bear instead… :-)

  • niamh

    Thankk-god she has her ring on because zac wasnt wearing his in his basketball photos! xx

  • zane

    We were there yesterday at Disneyland and found out there will be a taping for ABC Christmas presentation today,Saturday 11-10-07 infront of disney princess catle.That spot was blocked bec they are doing the stage.Too bad our annual pass for Disneyland is not covered for Saturday and Sunday. I have a feeling that maybe Vanessa if she’s being taken by a Limo going to Disneyland she has a guess appearance for todays taping. She might be staying at the Hotel there.

  • katie


  • jay

    I believe Stella’s B-day is Nov 15. Trip to Disneyland was probably a gift from V.

  • nickolodeon

    95 niamh : 11/10/2007 at 9:49 am

    check out post #40 link

  • Elisabeth

    Don’t you think that the bear is something between both of them…I mean she has the teddy bear when she leaves her house and after goign at Zac’s home, no more Teddy bear …
    What does that mean ?