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Vanessa's Teddy Bear Business

Vanessa's Teddy Bear Business


Vanessa Hudgens leaves her home in Los Angeles carrying a stuffed animal teddy bear and her iPhone on Friday. The 19-year-old High School Musical star was a little shy but at long last, flashed waiting photographers a peace sign.

After running a few errands, including a stop at her boyfriend Zac Efron‘s house, Vanessa and her mom Gina drove to Anaheim to meet up with her dad Greg and litter sister Stella.

The Hudgens family then spent the evening at the Disneyland theme park, where several young fans recognized the young star as she snacked on a bag of cotton candy. Did anyone spot Vanessa at Disneyland yesterday??

UPDATE: Vanessa‘s carrying around the same teddy bear that she did when she was in Argentina while wearing Zac‘s shirt.

25+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens‘s teddy bear business…

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vanessa hudgens teddy bear 01
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 02
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 03
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 04
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 05
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 06
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 07
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 08
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 09
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 10
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 11
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 12
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 13
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 14
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 15
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 16
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 17
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 18
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 19
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 20
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 21
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 22
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 23
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 24
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 25

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  • go sox

    Bet on it, Z + V fan! But I’ll bet Zacky Bear is no substitute for the real thing! ;o)

  • iane


  • zane

    she’s really pretty. I wish I see her yesterday at Disneyland

  • Z & V Fan

    Definitely not an adequate substitute, but if that’s all you got, you have to work with it…hahaha. I am sure she will get a hold of the real thing ASAP.

  • Jess

    I love her outfit

  • amy

    Cute. The teddy bear makes V look more 13 than 19. I wonder what Zanessa did at Zac’s house?

  • go sox

    Z + V fan, sometimes I wonder if V purposely gives hints to her fans, like the bear, when she’s not with Zac, to let everyone know things are well, and not to worry. What do you think?

  • zanessa forever

    so pretty and gorgeous!

    she is the best!

    i love zanessaa

  • katie

    v is so cute! love the teddy bear.

  • rosielee9

    It looks to me like she’s buzzing to get in like that other place she went to the other week, as I can’t imagine that Zac would live somewhere where just anybody could walk into the building.

    Main thing she went to see Zac as well as spending time with her family, and it was nice that people asked for her autograph as well, seems not everyone is holding a certain mistake she made against her.

    Maybe we’ll have some weekend photo’s of her and Zac out and about who know’s.

  • go sox

    Zane, what a bummer you missed seeing her! It’s always fun to see famous people in person….it shows how normal they are in real life, and usually how much better looking they are than in pictures! Hard to believe V could get any prettier though…

  • rosielee9

    Thought the teddy looked familiar boy does he travel.

  • Z & V Fan

    Go Sox you may have a point. I don’t know if it is intentional but she has acknowledged in an interview that she knows her fans are interested in their relationship. Funny considering that even with the obvious signs (ring, them together, smiling faces), rumors still float around.

  • Amor

    she is beautiful!

  • Gi Kodály

    I just find it too adorable that V has a teddy bear with her!
    Maybe she just went to Zac’s house to say ‘hi’, you know, because they wouldn’t see each other that day anymore.

  • Annie

    since i live in houston, i saw beyonce once. i was so close i could almost touch her

  • VT

    she is beautiful :)

    teddy bear very sweet

    thanks jj

  • eira

    vanessa is gorgeous.!
    i love her FASHION SENSE!

  • mclari

    JJ Cuando pondras fotos de zanessa???

  • elissa

    SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!
    She is completely amazing
    LoVE hEr!

  • zane

    #111 go sox, I am really feeling not okay since i found out that she was there and I missed her!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant get over it!

  • BB V fan

    Gorgeous. As always

  • marisol

    she look sad,prero bella como siempre.

  • elliott

    looks great.. like always..

  • go sox

    Exactly, Z + V fan. It may not be intentional, but I think these hints keep everyone calm. Can you imagine the hysteria if the rings were gone and there were no sightings of them seeing each other?? The paparazzi would be in high gear and the tabloids would be a zoo! That’s why I think it just may be a little intentional….

  • Roxy

    love her.. she looks beautiful as awlsys even w/out make up when she just woke up…. it is so sweet to see her holding a teddy bear, i think Zac gave it to her so she can remember him when she is alone…..and it was so sweet to stop over her boyfriend’s to say bye and hten live cuz she knows she will probably not see him for the weekend…. she is amazing!!!!

  • go sox

    Nice chatting, everyone! Gotta run, do some errands! I’ll try to imagine how awful it is for Z and V to do the same with cameras snapping every move….cya all lata’

  • odaaa

    yeah, i spotted her yeasterday at disneyland

    nah i wish i’m just kidding

  • cheryll

    the teddy bear is cute!! and also Vanessa! she is so natural. TC :-)

  • Christine x3

    i love her shes my idol!

  • narf

    Hey kellyT congrats on making to first comment.

  • bekkah

    she looks so good in these picture’s!!!!!im a huge fan!!!! also i wonder why she is carrying the teddy bear????

  • evelyn

    z&v fan – which interview did vanessa acknowledge that in? just curious as i wanted to see if i could find the interview. thanks!

    i am thinking disney is going to make the ‘official’ announcement about the signings at the video release party for hsm2 next monday

  • zvkg

    Wow! I love the comments today. Wow! There’s hardly any haters and stupid comments. lol. Thanks guys…and fans.

    And yes, she’s soooo cute. I wish I look like her. *sigh* god must have spent a little more time on Vanessa. *pout* And I really want her necklace and top.

  • zvkg

    and the boyfriend cardigan. I want it. Even with my figure, this girl is seriously making me want to wear some skinny jeans. — –;;;

  • Spirit

    Okay, before I read everyones comments, I am going to say how so adorable Vanessa looks in these photos. I love the pic of her showing the peace sign. She always looks so vulnerable, I can see why Zac is so protective over her.

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  • evelyn

    this is a great link!

    click on entertainment, then type in zac vanessa and gives you pics from all their public appearances!

    very cool!!

  • hl

    She is beautiful without even trying!! Aww, she brought her teddy bear!

  • http://yahoo URSULA




  • narf
  • narf
  • narf
  • zvkg

    138 gemma : 11/10/2007 at 10:44 am


    lol, Yvie won’t be up yet. It’s a Saturday here, and it’s only 5:50 AM. hehehe. I’m an early riser, so…Yvie probably won’t be on until later. As for the rest. Maybe that’s the case too.

  • dameea

    Gosh I love this girl, seeing her everyday makes my day. I get addicted to her even more. The one reason that I love vanessa is that I love the way she handled things neatly. She is one of the celebrities in Hollywood that to me hasn’t changed a bit despite of all the success of high school musical. She goes with her parents and didn’t even get embarrassed for the world to see, I mean, honestly, if I was her, I would tell my parents to not show their faces when the paps are around, as bad as it sound, I seriously would do that. And seeing her having lunch with her mom and working out with her dad, makes myself thinks that maybe what I was thinking is wrong, she showed me that parents are cool too LOL. I mean, did you guys often see other celebrities with their parents THIS often? Not that I say that it’s bad for the others, but I’m so proud of vanessa. She hasn’t forgotten her parents even though right now all the good things come her way. I mean imagine THIS- she’s rich, in a relationship with one of the HOTTEST guy in Hollywood, a success in her career, famous etc. and she hasn’t even forgotten to spend time with her family and friends. She’s so down to earth. Imagining of all the things that she’s been through this year, I’m glad to say that she deserves this! Like she always says, “EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON”, and I think that this is the reason. That word always came in head and it makes me think what would vanessa do if bad things happens to her. She’s my role-model for sure. She made a mistake; she apologizes, and moves on. She doesn’t care what people think about her and she sticks with her true friends and family. I love her way of handling things. That’s why I wanna wish her good, hope everything comes her way and good luck in all of the things she’s been wishing to do.

    Anyway, seeing her spending time in Disneyland with her family is such a nice thing to do. I can’t explain how much I love v! She’s not even dressed to much diva-like. She carries teddy-bear, brings her family with her and nice to the paps. I totally love her style, cause I mean, look at it, people can actually wear it, not only celebrities. It’s cute and not over-the-top at the same time. She makes people realized that being natural is all it takes. Those teddy-bear is SO cute!! Ugh, I wish I could meet her, but oh well, I live SO far away from her, I live around the world from her!But I’m glad that I can still go online and find updates for her like EVERYDAY! She seems like a very nice, down-to earth girl! Wish her the very best! And hope that there’s a zanessa sighting soon. LoL can’t get enough of them! Totally addicted!

    thanx jj.

  • Alessandra

    I LOve HER!

  • Spirit

    Narf! OMG! I love Michael Buble!~ and Good Morning Angel! :-D

  • zanessa

    Isn’t hsm suppose 2 peform something at disneyland 2day I’m going to disneyland 2day yay

  • zvkg

    142 narf : 11/10/2007 at 10:50 am
    To Vanessa from Zac:


    Narf, not Vanessa…but Thanks for the links!! Lovely lovely songs.