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Vanessa's Teddy Bear Business

Vanessa's Teddy Bear Business


Vanessa Hudgens leaves her home in Los Angeles carrying a stuffed animal teddy bear and her iPhone on Friday. The 19-year-old High School Musical star was a little shy but at long last, flashed waiting photographers a peace sign.

After running a few errands, including a stop at her boyfriend Zac Efron‘s house, Vanessa and her mom Gina drove to Anaheim to meet up with her dad Greg and litter sister Stella.

The Hudgens family then spent the evening at the Disneyland theme park, where several young fans recognized the young star as she snacked on a bag of cotton candy. Did anyone spot Vanessa at Disneyland yesterday??

UPDATE: Vanessa‘s carrying around the same teddy bear that she did when she was in Argentina while wearing Zac‘s shirt.

25+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens‘s teddy bear business…

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vanessa hudgens teddy bear 01
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 02
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 03
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 04
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 05
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 06
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 07
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 08
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 09
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 10
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 11
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 12
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 13
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 14
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 15
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 16
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 17
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 18
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 19
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 20
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 21
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 22
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 23
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 24
vanessa hudgens teddy bear 25

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  • sweet nessa


  • Steph

    Bye Bev!!!! If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen!!!! LOL

    Thanks to Karen and xxx for taking care of foul smell that was lurking in this site. :)

    It makes me proud of her even more knowing that she spends quality time with her family. And it’s so obvious that she tries really hard to stay grounded by doing things w/them and most specially Stella. Vanessa, btw, looks gorgeous!!!

  • susan

    misty, good point, maybe Zac will be joining her at Disneyland today, for whatever HSM event is going on.

  • Angelica

    she’s glowing in these pictures! ^_^

  • susan

    For those who stress about the rings being on or off, here’s a reminder of what the ring means to Zac, so hopefully there will be less emphasis placed on whether they have their rings on or not:

    “I’m not even going to say who it’s from. This is just a ring from a friend that I got. ‘Commitment’ is way too weird a word for me right now. I’m wearing it for a friend…It is a female friend, but I can’t say who, because then it would be chat-room pandemonium and teenage magazine-hysteria.”

    He makes it sound like they are just friends. I mean, I know they are great friends, but I would think the ring would mean something more. Although they do wear them on the right hand which isn’t the traditional commitment hand, in the US at least.

  • coco

    i think she looks good even without make-up

  • Spirit

    Hey ZA’s! Guess who’s not parked on the side of the road anymore!!! LMAO!!! *shakes head*

  • Steph

    vanessa-h-is-the-best : 11/10/2007 at 12:58 pm
    Karen, they are 12-13
    And they don’t even really know her.
    They think HSM is for really young children.
    I don’t think that.
    And it’s so nice seeiing so much people defending vanessa
    You all are really good fans
    Some people feel better trashing people. It’s really pathetic

    Thank you, more people should be as positive as you :) You’re a breath of fresh air!

  • ZashleyFanForever!!

    omg,Vanessa’s shoes rock!! I NEED them!!

  • Karen


    See, your friends are just trying to seem grown up and that’s why they don’t want to watch HSM or be associated with it. Many people made it seem like HSM was just a ‘tween movie so because your friends are immature but want to seem grown up they have to try to talk “big”. One of the first things some people do in that situation is say ugly and untrue things about the people involved(such as the actors in HSM).It’s like your friends saying “Well, she is so fake and we—being so much more grown up—are not interested in those people or that movie. To us oldies we can easily see their problems.

    Too bad for them because they are missing some great movies and some very beautiful people. AND I’m talking about the whole cast of HSM.


    Vanessas Cd V sold 600,000


    ASHLEYS cd headstrong sold 900,000


  • ely

    260 TISDALENNESSAROCK : 11/10/2007 at 1:29 pm

    wtf??, vanessa is a better singer and performer than ashley , i love them but as a singer i like vanessa , ashley voice look’s like a little girl …and vanessa’s songs are so much better than ashley’s songs

    GO VANESSA lol

  • Malia


    What: HSM2 DVD Release gala
    When: Mon Nov 19 8pm – 11pm
    Where: El Capitan Theater
    Created By
    The Wildcats will be attending a red carpet gala for the HSM2 DVD Release

  • Karen

    Well, bev, I must have hit something…

  • Spirit

    263 Karen : 11/10/2007 at 1:36 pm

    Yes, Karen I do believe so… because she is outta hea’!!! LOL…

  • Steph

    Karen and Spirit….”this house is clean”, LOL For now anyway :)

  • bee

    girl’s gorgeous. plain && simple.
    she knows what to rock, even it’s just something casual, && she knows how to rock it..

    girl’s got STEEZE.

    && that Miu Miu bag is just.. no words.

    thanks Jared.

  • zvkg

    254 susan : 11/10/2007 at 1:18 pm


    Yeah, problem w/ your theory though. Guy friends don’t usually wear a ring that their girl friend gave for along period of time just because their girl friend told them to. And no matter how best of friends you two are, you just don’t do those kind of things.

  • susan

    zvkg, maybe Zac will wear it as long as they are friends.

  • susan

    zvkg, maybe Zac will wear it as long as they are friends.

  • Karen


    He said that about the ring way before he admitted to a relationship with Vanessa. Once their relationship was fact he later said about the ring—don’t have the exact quote—but how it the rings were easier than a tattoo! LOL

  • susan

    Malia, thanks for the reminder about HSM2 DVD release party, wish I was closer to Hollywood, I’d go be an onlooker! Definitely going to buy that DVD, too!

  • zvkg

    269 susan : 11/10/2007 at 1:46 pm
    zvkg, maybe Zac will wear it as long as they are friends.


    *shakes head* Unbelievable…. I have no words.

  • Spirit

    The friend wearing ring theory thing is weird. IMO, we can all agree that Vanessa is just like any other young girl her age right? Why would she ruin her chances of finding love with a boy, if Zac was “just a friend”. You know, going out there and doing girlfriend things wiht a boy that’s “just a friend”. I am sorry, but, these two have been hanging out together so long now, that I will not buy that arguement bit from non-believers.

  • Malia


  • Karen

    I’m sorry it has taken me sooo long to say hello to all my beloved fellow angels—HELLO! I’ve been so busy reading and doing my job here on the board.

    But I will be away for just a bit—you know, I need to go take that chill pill.

  • zvkg

    270 Karen : 11/10/2007 at 1:47 pm

    He said that about the ring way before he admitted to a relationship with Vanessa. Once their relationship was fact he later said about the ring—don’t have the exact quote—but how it the rings were easier than a tattoo! LOL


    tattoo. maybe they should have gotten that one instead. It’d make it more believable for some people like susan who thinks that guy and girl at that age still exchanges friendship rings as a sign of friendship. Even though they’ve admitted to them dating… or the fact that lately, he hasn’t been denying it. But hey, let’s all just believe that it’s for the sake of friendship. cuz you know…best of friends intertwine hands when they go out, frequently sleeps over, and make out at the beach.

  • Steph

    Susan, I really didn’t understand your first post…. are you trying to say that they are only friends? So, Zanessa fans can stop putting too much emphasis on the rings? Can you elaborate more on your comment? Just trying to save you from alot of arguments… I guess your first post seems a little ambigious. I’m not being sarcastic, BTW, I’m just trying to understand… Thanks :)

  • Nessa

    Thanks for posting but you said shes 19 but she is 18 :)

  • sb

    i would just like to thank the likes of karen, steph, malia , XXXX and anyone who is speaking sense!!!!! im guessing you guys are older, well i know karen is anyway, i myself am only a teenager, but i think its great that vanessa has fans of all ages. and im glad some of them have the wisdom and more life experiences to get rid of the haters, responsibly and without resluting to bad language or anything of that sort. people come here to leave encouraging nice comments towards vanessa!!!!

    anyway half of the haters on this site would never have the courage to say what they say if they wernt hiding behind a computer screen because they know at the end of the day it is unneccessary and morally wrong for them to post such horrible comments.

    thanks again to the true vanessa fans who support V 100 per cent always!!

  • stephanieP

    jared…newsFLASH..she’s NOT 19 yet.

  • stephanieP

    jared…newsFLASH..she’s NOT 19 yet.

  • sb

    sorry i 4got zvkg in my #279 post, zvkg you are another also speaking sense!!!

  • XXXX

    283 sb : 11/10/2007 at 2:00 pm


    You are very welcome sb! :-D And may I say that, it’s great to be in good company with fellow Vanessa, Zac, and Zanessa fans like yourself!!

  • teddy bear

    Seeing her with her teddy bear reminds me so much of when my boyfriend (who is now my husband) gave me a teddy bear as one of my Xmas gifts back when I was in high school. When I left for college, I made sure I had my teddy bear with me for we were going to different colleges. Everyone knew that teddy bear was special to me. When I had to be admitted to the hospital for tonsilitis, without me even asking her, my college roommate brought the teddy bear to the hospital to me knowing it would help make me feel better. I would say that the bear is most likely from Zac, but then everyone already knew that I’m sure.

  • zvkg

    284 XXXX : 11/10/2007 at 2:04 pm
    283 sb : 11/10/2007 at 2:00 pm


    You are very welcome sb! And may I say that, it’s great to be in good company with fellow Vanessa, Zac, and Zanessa fans like yourself!!


    here yeh….^_~

  • sb

    #284 XXXX- You are very welcome sb! And may I say that, it’s great to be in good company with fellow Vanessa, Zac, and Zanessa fans like yourself!!


    thank you very much!!! without the likes of yourselves and the others i meantioned, this board would be chaos!!!!!!! LOL

  • carrie

    I wonder if she got that teddybear from Zac?Or maybe from a family reletive or something,Hey I still have my teddybear!……Oh anyway I love her outfit she looks so pretty I love her some much and I just notice shes waring the ring Zac gave her, yay zanessa!

  • Malia


  • Karen


    Thank you for your comments. Love to have someone who is so young and yet so mature. You will do well and I’m routing for you! BTW, I’m really OLDER. LOL


    I don’t know if you saw Zac and Vanessa’s Hawaiian vacation pics or not but look at those and tell me they are just friends. It was in Hawaii that they exchanged those ring with each other.

  • sb

    thank you karen and oh i really hope you didnt think i was callin you OLD!! i just meant older than me!! lol, thanks again!!

  • Steph

    sb – You too are a true Zanessa fan :) It comforts me to know that there are teens out there that seem so sensible, respectful… and well nice :), such as yourself out there. Thanks so much for taking the time to let us know how much you appreciate the fans.

    I think you’ve made a very good point about people hiding behind their computers… it’s easy to be downright mean when you’re not faced in front of an actual person… but to some of these teens or people that are so vulgar, the sad thing is, it’s harder for them to be nice behind the computer. Shows their true character wouldn’t you say?

    Again, thanks and your parents must be so proud of you that they’ve raised someone very respectful and kind :) Looking forward to seeing you here again :)

  • Steph

    285 teddy bear : 11/10/2007 at 2:04 pm

    Hi, yeah, I can bet too that it’s from Zac and she’s had it a few years…. it’s so sweet that she’s carrying it around.

  • sb

    thank you so much steph, just shows how genuinely nice the true vanessa fans on this board are! and i believe the reason those truly nice people are fans of vanessa because she seems genuinely nice herself. and im so glad you guys are on this board becuase you have the words to say what all vanessa fans feel but sometimes do not now how to say themselves!! like myself at times!! thanks again steph.

  • zanessa

    Vanessa is soo pretty i love her

  • zvkg

    272 susan : 11/10/2007 at 1:47 pm


    Hey susan, I’m sorry if I sound sarcastic. But I really can’t understand your logic. But yeah…if you want to keep on believing what you want to believe despite the fact that Zac already admitted to them both dating. I’ll respect that.

    Just don’t be surprise if zanessa fans comes out and throw out things to challenge your belief.

  • Karen


    No offense taken whatsoever. You get my age you just poke fun at yourself. It makes life a lot easier. And I never want to be demeaning to any younger person on this board—unless you are acting ridiculous. Unfortunately the really horrible and vulgar people on here are usually quite young and immature so we older fans sometimes take them to task and bring them down to earth. When they make such stupid comments they just are so full of themselves and obviously have to respect for other’s failings. They appear to have never done anything wrong or embarrassing. There is nothing I hate worse than the attitude of “I’m better than you” and “I would never do anything like that because I’m so much smarter”. Those people usually show they are not old enough to have done anything stupid because believe me, by the time you get my age you will have done a lot of stupid things. You will also hope that all those stupid things are not exposed. To me, I am like an elephant—I don’t forget things very easily. I have been very hard on myself for past things and so in remembering things so well I don’t want others to have to learn certain lessons the hard way.(Well, that’s a mouthful but I hope you know what I mean.) Anyway, I know it is the way of life to have to learn from your mistakes but many a few will think about something I have said which will make some problem easier to solve and someone will make a better choice in the long run.

  • jen

    omg. her hair looks soooooo pretty like that

  • wouldn’tUlike2know

    vanessa is 18 NOT 19

  • amazing me

    really cute!!!! love it!!! she’s simply adorable…

    by the way… i don’t think she’s moving out though.. remember in an interview while filming HSM2 that she said that she’s kinda scared sleepin’ alone… so i am guessing it just an investment.. wise girl!!! putting hard earned money to good stuff!!!