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Rihanna Performs @ "Wetten, Dass?"

Rihanna Performs @

Rihanna (in DSquared2) performs her hit single “Don’t Stop the Music” during the live-broadcast of German TV show ‘Wetten, dass…?’ at Leipzig Messehalle on Saturday in Leipzig, Germany.

Watch the video below of Rihanna‘s performance!

15+ pictures inside of Rihanna‘s Wetten, Dass…? performance…

Rihanna performs “Don’t Stop the Music” @ Wetten, Dass…?

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Photos: Ralph Orlowski/Getty
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  • [~Famous~]

    that number 2 slot’s looking good on her.

    B better beware.

  • ana


  • eva

    Super performance!!!!!! I like Rihanna’s new single :) . Justjared, girls, did you knew that today is Callista’s birthday ( Calista Flockhart), she’s turning 43 today. I am sorry to say this about her, especially because is her birthday and she should be happy, but after seeing the latest photos of her attending some awards dining in Beverli Hills, believe me that I felt pity for her. After all she made millions of dollar, but she can’t afford or she dont want to use some cosmetics to make herself look decent. Calista is a real skeleton, the clothes don’t go around her forms anymore, the clothes hand on the skeleton, Calista. Since she started dating Harrison Ford her life went just straight down.

  • madlen161

    Hey, I’m from Germany and I can’t believe that there is a post at JJ about a performance in our greatest TV-show!
    I really like the new single!

  • Jessica

    Rihanna sounds great singing live!

  • BEY rocks!

    The WIG has to go..but at least it covers her 4head somewhat!
    And, we dont have 2 see her full fledge wide nose, cuz she’s sideways. Thank gawd 4 small favors.

  • Courtney

    I love her! She’s very talented and beautiful.

  • koko

    It seems the German audience wasn’t feeling Rihanna too much..When the presenter introduced her,the applause was so so, or it looked like they gave a fair share of clapping to follow the crew’s green light. And Rihanna didn’t look pleased either, like she wasn’t enjoying the song for lack of support from the audience. I’ve heard crowds go wilder on a tv sets for other artists.

  • beatrice

    LOVE this music!
    Rihanna rockssss!

  • lauren conrad rocks


  • ashley


  • coletteflavie

    Something wrong with her forehead . Is she alien ?

  • Alice

    She is a beautiful woman. Is she still single now? Why I still see her profile on the celebrity and millionaire dating site named She has several recent pics and many people viewed her. What is she looking for?

  • Ram

    She’s gorgeous! i love her!

  • lola

    Bey-fans get so threatened by this pretty, talented girl! Beyonce’s doing fine, don’t worry about her! And rihanna is doing her thing-looking gorgeous, singing well live(YES, she’s singing live, she has back up tracks but you can hear when her live voice is singing)and breaking pretty boys hearts around the globe!

  • lauren

    It’s so TIRED hearing you fat hags in front of your monitors trying to tear down this girl’s looks. She’s modeling on milan runways and a covergirl spokesman and covergirl for teen vogue and seventeen magazine next month-jealous heffas!

  • sarai

    LOVE HER! Now if she can just reunite with our troubled little Shia, the world will be right.

  • riri!

    She looks and sounds great! go riri!

  • lizaloo

    I love her style. She is always on point. I like that song too.

  • lizaloo

    beyrocks-you sound like you are a racist aryan supremist. Making fun of the girl’s nose? Classy. She’s got a beautiful face, please post your picture so we can see what true beauty is.

  • natal

    That was a really good performance! She’s sings well live. She always is on point with her style too. Very pretty.

  • celia

    beyrocks-OH, please don’t lecture rihanna on bad wigs when beyonce is always wearing the most ridiculous, lovely locks ever! Rihanna’s hairstyles look much more fashion forward and she doesn’t look like a beauty pageant from 1987.

  • kim

    she pretty

  • melissa

    I think she is beautiful…but I believe she has no talent. All her songs are blah. Nothing more than Britney when she started. Some pop for teenagers…certainely not the greatest.

  • melissa

    Lizaloo, you sound completely crazy!!!! Where did you see that Beyrocks was racist? Now is it because he dared criticizing a black woman physically? In that case, I would also say that you are pathetic darling :)

  • brit

    I love rihanna. She’s gorgeous and talented. That was a great performance but if you look at her eyes it looks like she’s kind of sad.

    and she is NOT dating josh hartnett.

  • lizaloo


    hmmmm what did she complain about? wig, wide nose, high forehead.

    Ethnocentric beauty standards she’s comparing Rih too? CHECK!

  • lani

    I think she looks sad too! She needs to hook it up back with shia pet, keep him out of trouble and stuff.

  • rachel

    She’s very talented and beautiful. Yeah, I hate her. :)

  • sara

    I like this song but I REALLY hope her next single is “Let Me Get That.” Great song and Justin TImberlake is on it! She needs a fast song for her next single, and that song is better than please don’t stop the music.

  • brit

    you are soo right lani…. love those two1

  • Blake

    She’s the ugliest woman I ever seen. I don’t even think she’s a woman. She MUST be an ALIEN, that only explain it. Her forehead even bigger than UFO spaceship. Wow. Anyway, sucky performance. The girl has no talents, she just like Britney when Britney first came out, except Britney actually can dance. Forehead Rihanna just sucks as a whole.

  • blakeisjealous

    hahah, yeah, she’s a real dog blake. Whatever. She’s a gorgeous girl with alot of class and style. She’s got a great voice too-britney only relied on her stripping skills to get famous.

  • jillybean

    I wish she was with shia too still-they enhanced eachother. Now he’s getting arrested and she’s getting linked to douches like josh “i look like dj from the roseanne show” hartnett.

  • johanna

    que purty mijita!

  • hehe

    I don’t think the audience did not like her…it’s just that this show is probably not the greatest target group for Rihanna…mostly older people..although it’s a family show..but the audience at the show is mostly older…

    anyway…the best part was Celine Dion..she had to gurgle My heart will go on :-) hilarious

    youtube com/ watch?v=Mp0qUUAOC48

  • hehe

    P.S. Did anybody notice Nolin from MTV’s Dancelife during Rihanna’s show???? You clearly can see him at the end when she is talkting to Thomas Gottschalk the showmaster

  • ……


  • Lucky

    This song rocks! I am her big fan! It is said she is single now! Her profile was found on miilioanire dating site last week! She appears to have a major crush on wealthy young men!

  • Sophie

    I’m from Germany and I don’t watch the TV-Show yesterday because we were visit.But I like her new single…=)

  • karma girl

    That dress rocks, RIhanna is glowing, what a pretty girl!!!

  • thelostgirl

    She looks amazing

  • Orin

    I -H-A-T-E- HER! she isn’t beautiful and specially not a talent girl at all!

    Also, Rihanna stupid. in her last CD album she sung about ‘Unfaithful’ (and she suppost to be ‘Good’, “right”?) and now her new CD album called ‘Good girl gone bad’? WTF?!

    boooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Rihanna!

  • cate

    love this girl-she looks great here.

  • dookie

    I love her album-every song is good on it. I like h er dress. Lemme Get That should be her next single though.

  • Isa

    oh, she sounds good live :D

  • konogrl

    why did her and shia la beouf break up? i bet they would have been the cutest couple. i’m glad she’s not with josh hartnett-he’s so old.

  • nonab

    very pretty girl.

  • Rainman

    Why does this have to be about B and riri all the time? If we are really truthful about this there is no comparison with these two.

    For one riri has and will never reach that level of success, why? because she has not the talent, she is OK on her own level but when it comes down to really singing a song she does not have it, she sang a song, when singing one song she is OK but to add more than one her voice is not there period………Read all of them reviews she did’nt get them for nothing….

    When riri performs in concert she can’t carry a song no longer than the alloted time of the song on her CD. She has been trained to sing the song like it is on the CD and nothing else, you’ve seen her in concert.

    Now Beyonce, Mary, Jill Scott, India and the others who can really sing; they can while singing a song, stop, talk to the audience and then go back to the spot where they stopped and continue with a tone, harmony and rhythm and finish the song like nothing never happen and they ask the audience to sing also and address the crowd with stuff like It’s nice to be in what ever country they are in and continue to sing.

    With riri she does address the crowd, with a sing or it’s nice to be here in what ever country and then goes on with the song never no good interaction. SO STOP WITH ALL THIS B COMPARISON IT’S NOT ABOUT B IT’S ABOUT TALENT……

    Riri has very minimal talent, if she was not who she was and was put on that show, she would’ve been off I will give her at least the second try out..American Idol

    This is not hating this is a FACT…..

  • Vare

    Relax guys,

    If people want to like Rhianna, daughter of Worf or Beyowulf let them. I enjoy them both immensely. Both are beautiful and talented. Let them have their limelight. Rhianna should dance more though. She’s an incedible dancer.