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Two Lovers For Joaquin Phoenix

Two Lovers For Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix smokes a cigarette and reads over some notes on the set of his latest film Two Lovers in New York City on Friday.

The 33-year-old actor must like working with director James Gray. The pair previously collaborated on The Yards and We Own the Night, and now they’re to team up for a third time for this new drama.

A recent sighting of Joaquin and costar Vanessa Shaw was made at Brighton Beach, New York.

10+ pictures inside of Joaquin Phoenix on the set of Two Lovers

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two lovers joaquin phoenix 01
two lovers joaquin phoenix 02
two lovers joaquin phoenix 03
two lovers joaquin phoenix 04
two lovers joaquin phoenix 05
two lovers joaquin phoenix 06
two lovers joaquin phoenix 07
two lovers joaquin phoenix 08
two lovers joaquin phoenix 09
two lovers joaquin phoenix 10

Photos: Grant/Anderson/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Annabel

    First..his hair looks abit like jude law’s

  • yea

    Joaquin Phoenix is sooooo cute! I like him! I am his huge fan! It seems he is single again! His profile was found on millionaire dating site last week.

  • heather

    Do you guys find him sexy? I don’t know what is all the fuzz about him. I don’t fancy him.

  • KrungKrung

    he’s a very good actor, he’s not very good looking though but i dunno, there’s something about him that attracts me, hmmmm?

  • Jamie

    He was so hot in To Die For.

  • Jamie

    #4 It’s his eyes.

  • Regina

    It’s spelt Vinessa. :) Anyway, isn’t Gwyneth Paltrow in this? But she’s filming that Spain thing…

  • V

    Good actor!

  • vicky

    He looks awful.I can’t stand him or his attitude

  • K.K

    i think there is something attractive about him too. I like him;)

  • oscars’ fishnets

    i went to high school with Vinessa Shaw!!!

    and? i know..

  • awaw

    LOVE JOAQUIN !!!!!

  • Sandra
  • Liz

    Ooh yeaaahh! If only he was single again…. We can just dream

  • cristina

    He is so talented, loved him in Walk the Line. He has that moody, bad boy with a big heart down to a science, it’s what makes him so sexy. He is probably the best actor in hollywood today.

  • viki

    he is hot!and a good actor…

  • anon

    #2 yea—you are lying.

  • anonymous

    even if he is really dating someone…it will not last so dream on girls!!!!

  • Jade

    Love Joaquin!! He’s a wonderful actor.I’m waiting for him to get the acting awards he deserves.

  • Sofia_Rocket

    He should do better than act in a second-rate film with a trivial plot! I wonder why they didn’t let him act King Herod in the new historical film…he could do a perfect Herod IMO :).

  • shouldbebetter

    He was hot two years ago but not anymore. He looks like an old man now.

  • Jelly

    Isn’t that Topaz in the pea jacket in the third picture? I’ve always thought she was very pretty.

  • Liz

    Topaz is the past Jelly! It’s Vinessa Shaw, she plays in the movie

  • Paulina

    Why does he constantly try to fight the hot ? Well it isn’t working .. I’d still do him, cancer stick, bad attitude, extra weight and all.

  • anja

    Brilliant actor. Where is his Oscar?? I have said it before in previous threads…sorry to be repetitive…but I think Joaquin, Ryan Gosling and Eric Bana are the big 3 actors of their generation. They are in a league of their own.

  • Lily james

    F@cking hot.

  • Jelly

    The person in the pea coat is NOT Vinessa. There are many bystanders in the third picture. The woman in the pea coat looks remarkably like Topaz Page-Green.

  • Ashbash

    Maybe Topaz is stalking him. Who would wanna let that go?

  • Whatever

    who gives a sh*t on who else is in the photograph…is there anyone else in the photograph? all i see is that fine a*s talented man smoking his cig and pimping the aviators.

  • Jules

    I love it, 29! Love him in the aviators as well. There are other pretty faces in Hollywood, but Joaquin is SEXY–something entirely different. One interviewer said in person, “he oozes sexual charisma.” Damn. But all that’s secondary, he is the single most brilliant, naturally gifted, and hardest working actor we have today. He’s amazing in We Own the Night.

  • Amber

    Isn’t the girl in the pea coat the same girl in the other shots? Looks like Vinessa Shaw to me. I love her. She is so incredibly beautiful and underated. Looks like her to me, doesn’t really look like Topaz, but who knows? And who cares.

  • anonymous

    yes, amber you are correct…jelly you are wrong…that IS Vinessa Shaw..NOT toapz…she is of the past. If you look at the pictures on getty images you will see that he is being photographed filming a scene with this women who is listed as Vinessa Shaw.

  • Phyl

    Joaquin is one, if not the number one actor of his generation. He is hot, hot, hot, no matter what he is wearing but the aviator sunglasses look fab on him. Yes, his eyes are the best. But let’s go deeper than his sexy looks, he is a warm, loving, caring, sensitive and most of all, talented young man. He WILL get that Oscar. His “quirky” personality and lack of being impressed with himself are what makes him so adored to his fans, his true fans who accept him for exactly who and what he is. Ya gotta love him! I only wish two things of him other than his winning his well deserved Oscar, well… really three things. 1) He stop smoking so he can live a long and happy life and not have to explain to his children why is dying of enphasima and has a disgusting cough, 2) He stop making negative political statements..we have to be united in this country and support our president so as not look bad in the eyes of other countries, and lastly, that he limit his “f” words in public and be a gentleman in front of women. He should show he has class, and guys who have class do not swear in front of women, especially those interviewing him. Other than those three “cosmetic” changes, he is the world’s most desirable man.

  • Poppie

    You know what #33, I agree but he is a big boy & he’s not out to impress, I would stand beside him whether he is wearing his old green & red hoodie & old boots or his sexy aviators etc, he is one gorgeous amazing caring talented actor who I agree is the best there is past & present. He has no idea how beautiful he is, just look at the posts, even though at times the nasties come in, mostly people admire him. I worry now about posting on blogs about him because he did comment in an interview about how sick he thinks it is that people talk about others this way, but I for one can’t help myself, he is in our faces & what a pleasure that is, I want him to to act forever so that I can always admire this wonderful man & BTW I love most of the posts on here so far, most everyone seems to love him or admire him, such a great change towards this amazing man. & yes he is HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!!!

  • V

    Hi there, Poppie dear! Any news from ITF? I miss you guys so much. And Poppie, regarding your post, how would you know that he’s a “big boy?” Naughty girl.

  • Poppie

    G’day V, no idea who I am talking to but I obviously know you. I have no idea whats happened to ITF,I miss everyone terribly too, I hope they are all OK. I have contact with a very special friend I met through ITF on private email, she knows nothing either, I have been posting on another lovely site that I have been a member of for some time, its less known & I would prefer not to post it on here but great girls & they love candids haha!! Maybe you might remember my mentioning a particular site sometimes & thanking them for things. (put your thinking cap on!!!) Oh….on the big boy issue…thats my secret hahaha!!!!

  • gaelle

    I WANT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Poppie

    But you can’t, HE’S MINE HAHAHAHA!!!!!!

  • Glou

    Sorry ladies, he’s to his girlfriend!

  • Snoopy

    Is there anyone in Hollywood that does not smoke besides Jennifer Garner? It is so disgusting, they should outlaw it worldwide? Smokers are losers, sorry.

  • anonymous

    glou…girlfriend won’t last long…trust me on this one!

  • Amber

    Which girlfriend? He’s got, like, ten.

  • anonymous

    has anyone else heard of joaquin being at the georgia o’ keefe exhibit with this cookie girl?…T&M people have mentioned it but then again those people are crazy….I too was under the impression that he has like ten girlfriends…or at least it wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

  • Amber

    I have a feeling it’s BS yet again 43, but who knows. I’m starting to ignore those “I know someone who saw someone who was taking a cab coming from an event where Joaquin was with a lady who for some reason is IMPOSSIBLE TO DESCRIBE” sightings.

  • Liz

    Can you tell us more about this, please? When was it and where? Thanks

  • crackmedown

    It was at an exhibition this WE and the girl was Vinessa Shaw

  • anonymous

    I don’t see him like this! It’s sure that he has a girlfriend but one!

  • amanda

    I heard that too, Poppie. I am finding it takes too much time and I rather spend it on other more useful things and I can see why he finds it the way he is. I am not saying you but others spend so much time analyzing his life, girlfriends etc. and I think I am tired of this blog shit too… I rather just watch his movies and not partake in any of this as I get tired of it… I have never seen your name on here, so you are probably not a regular. He is very hot though and I agree with you…

  • Evie

    ditto Amanda, I agree with you there. Hi Poppie… I have said it before but I am really going to stop looking at this crap as I have better things to do…

  • Amber

    46, How do you know is was Vinessa Shaw?