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Sarah Michelle Gellar - "Maxim" December 2007

Sarah Michelle Gellar -

Sarah Michelle Gellar strikes a sexy pose in a lace bra, high-waisted pants, red suspenders and fingerless gloves on the December issue of Maxim.

The 30-year-old actress tells Maxim that girls are no holds barred when it comes to fighting: “Chicks are dirty — hair pulling, scratching. Guys have guy codes. They don’t sucker-punch. They don’t punch in certain areas. Anything goes in chick fights. But if anything ever goes down, I think I’ll be OK. I’m pretty scrappy.”

Our readers have been asking us to get you on the cover for years. Why now? Lots of things. I’m 30, and I’m promoting a bunch of different kinds of movies. I like to shake things up every once in a while. It’s good to leave people wanting more, but I don’t want to leave them waiting too long or they’ll lose interest. Besides, how could I not do a Maxim shoot when I have a movie coming out in which I play a porn star?

Exactly. In Southland Tales, you’re a porn star who is trying to get her own reality show. It’s quite a departure from Buffy. I ran the gamut in the films I made this year. When you think about who should play a porn star, don’t I just pop into your mind? The character I play is sort of Arianna Huffington meets Jenna Jameson.

SMG‘s issue of Maxim hits newsstands everywhere next Tuesday, Nov. 20.

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Photos: Nino Munoz
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  • elyy

    she is wonderful ! Sarah Michelle Gellar is gorgeous ! I love her.

  • elyy

    first! by the way ;) she’s amazing ;)

  • eva

    Girls, don’t you find that she is overreacting??? I mean, wearing just a BRA on a magazine cover, I dont like it :( . It is Maxim, ok but she’s not a playboy model, she’s an actress … she should act as one. I was such a big fan of Buffy, but thsi cover I don’t like it. She could had done some tight dress and still looking sexy, but this is way 2 much. Right now I prefer Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, they way they dressed as bridesmaids. The wedding was in Cabo, Mexic. . The twins look great, sweet.

  • chrissi

    she looks hott!!! seriously i love this woman, cant wait til the mag comes out so i can see more

  • jennifer

    it’s about time she has appeared in a magazine! she looks gorgeous.

  • elyy

    well eva, I think the way she’s dressed is nothing like Britney, Paris, or Lindsay! I think she’s sexy, and not slutty. You’re right, she an actress, but if she wants to look sexy on a magazine cover, well it works! She is. I don’t think she’s overreacting, and you’re right she’s not a playboy model, but I don’t think she’s acting like one. Also, you cannot compare SMG to the Oslen’s sisters, they’re different people, and by the way, I think SMG is much better dressed than those girls.
    Go here, and you’ll see she’s a fashionista :

    And no, this cover is not too much. She’s beautiful and sexy.

  • eva

    elyy you are right…. Sarah know how to dress on the Red Carpet, and we can not even THINK to compare her outfits with the ones the Olsen twin wear, I was just wanted to say that for me it is a first to see Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen dressed decent (by decent I mean not clothes you find in the trash) :) , but you are right elyy

  • eva

    sorry, I was writing fast… and made many mistakes while writing :) :)

  • Ross

    Sarah Michelle Gellar is way classier than Angelina, Paris, Britney, Mary, Ashley Kate, Lindsay, and all those girls whore. Anyway, finally! I’ve been waiting for some new Sarah photoshoot and now she’s got one! On the cover of Maxim! YES! And she looks absolutely sexy and hot there. Bout time! Personally, I think she is underrated, than all those whore I mentioned above.

  • jerzeegirl

    I think she looks really sexy. She took a risk and it paid off. As long as she not driving drunk or falling out of a car without any panties…it’s a good cover!!

  • Rogue


  • thelostgirl

    How desperate!

  • erica

    I love her, she’s amazing and beautiful.I’ve been a fan since I saw ‘BtVS’ for the first time.

  • mel

    She is gorgeous! I’ve always love SMG, It’s great to see new stuff from her!

  • ~*~Get Real~*~

    wonder whats up with the BUFFY IS BACK! in red????

  • http://justjared star

    love the buffster she looks as good as ever

  • jojo

    hehe yeah. But oh god, did(do) I MISS Buffy!!
    She looks great!

  • http://justjared star

    she loks great. miss her on the screen. glad i have the dvd’s of buffy and more.

  • Tracy

    “Woman of the Year”? For having two films in the dumping zone on the calendar that we already know suck?

    Career’s not going so well huh, Sarah? Notice when she was at the top of her game she wasn’t desperate enough to pose for Maxim. She’s over.

  • Ally

    Love this cover!
    Sarah is so sexy…she´s definitely the woman of the year!
    Fuck the haters!

  • Laura Lily

    I love the cover! SMG looks fabulously sexy.

  • first?

    Sara looks beautiful! I love her, I am her big fan! Just a question about her: Is she single now? I saw her profile on a millionaire dating site called last week! Who knows?

  • marine

    elle est trop belle

  • Steph

    Buffy!!!!!!! She looks good :)

  • Melissa

    Why is she even in the magazine? We haven’t seen or heard from her in years and the last thing she did that was good was Buffy the Vampire Slayer like 8 years ago. LoL she needs to dress like a whore so that maybe people will care…

  • nando

    Very nice!!! LOL!

  • MsM

    she looks amazing. I’ve loved her since BtVS and I think she has so much class.
    I love how she isn’t always partying and how much effort she puts to her marrige with Freddie

  • Conqueror

    She’s so HOT’ When i saw the pics inside the mag, i was really excited.Love you girl :)

  • onursmg

    yummy! :D she’s so sexy.i wonder her Krysta NOW role in Southland Tales, for now we should check these pics…

  • Spirit

    It’s great to see Sarah again. I think she looks lovely. I can’t wait to see her in Southland tales.

  • stella

    i love her. shes beautiful!

  • Regina

    Careers that bad, huh Sarah?

  • mactank

    omg! i like Sarah..

  • Maz

    “Yay, I’m 30 and now desperate enough to exploit myself for some pervert’s attention!”

    I guess you get to the point where you HAVE to be in your underwear to get on the cover of a magazine.

    Go Buffy! So empowered!

  • Lila

    this is not classy at all more like desperate to seek attention.

  • Jo

    She’s Gorgeous !!!! Go Sarah you rock !!!

  • Natalie


    lol sorry i just had to..

    she looks so amazing!

  • lycantara

    eff you guys that don’t like her. those of us that love her and have been her fans since btvs don’t give a flying sh*t what you have to say about her.

    in my humble opinion i think she looks lovely and sexy, smg has always done eveything with class

  • Maz


    Fair enough you’re a fan. But I don’t think the criticisms here (well, most of them anyway) are aimed at her, but what she’s doing, or rather how this industry is making her feel so that she thinks she needs to do something like this to revive her career.

    I think she was a great role model for heaps of young girls when she was ‘Buffy’. That’s why it sux to see her in ‘Maxim’. She’s still got her youth and her looks, and she’s a good actress! – surely her agent/ manager should be able to get her roles playing strong, independent, kickass women, rather than playing a p%$n star where the avenues available to promote her movie are in magazines like Maxim.

    That’s all.

  • RIC


  • MJBK

    What young actress in Hollywood HASN’T done a lingerie photoshoot of some sort? Seriously, it goes with the ‘de rigeur’ territory of having a film/TV career. Sarah has done many of them, although most have been fairly tame compared to those of other female stars.

  • Maz

    MJBK : 11/12/2007 at 2:39 pm

    What young actress in Hollywood HASN’T done a lingerie photoshoot of some sort? Seriously, it goes with the ‘de rigeur’ territory of having a film/TV career.


    That’s just great.

    Marilyn Monroe shot to stardom by doing a Playboy spread in the 60′s. Good to know Hollywood still has the same mentality in the 21st century.

  • Bonjour

    I never thought Sara Michelle Gellar would even be on a Maxim, Since she’s so out of the public nowadays.

  • french max

    I looooooove her. She is such a great actess. And she is really beautiful on those pics! It’s the first time she poses like this, and I don’t regret to have waited!!!

  • Lulu

    She did this photoshoot because she plays a pornstar in Southland Tales.

  • kd

    Still pissed she left Buffy. Glad her movie career has gone nowhere.

  • Lulu

    ^^I always wonder how far can human stupidity can go. Pretty far as i can see.

  • kerstin

    Can’t stand her. And she has an ugly nose. Just my opinion.

  • brunettefury

    Sarah has done racier shoots, so the “cry for attention” business is pretty stupid. She’s also had photos of her in her bra…honestly, it’s not like she’s buck naked. A picture of a female in a bra is just about as “slutty” as a female at the beach in a swimsuit top.

    Anyway, she looks amazing and it’s classy without being trashy. Maxim usually goes a different route. I’m sure she thought about this long and hard before doing it, she was probably expecting some of the idiotic responses that have been posted. She’s still relevant and her career is fine as far as next year goes. She’s got some films coming out that are pretty good and do stretch her talents.

    She obviously feels more comfortable and confident about her body and is doing this for a reason (i.e. promotion for Southland Tales in which she plays a porn star). Maxim’s been trying to get her on the cover for a while and she finally agreed which is probably why they gave her two covers and woman of the year.

  • Courtney