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Vanessa Hudgens: It's Christmas Time!

Vanessa Hudgens: It's Christmas Time!

What time is it? Christmas time!

Vanessa Hudgens (in bebe) was at Disneyland on Saturday to film a Christmas segment for Disney.

Vanessa, Ashley Tisdale, Monique Coleman, Corbin Bleu and other High School Musical stars performed a Christmas version of the hit song “What Time Is It?” from High School Musical 2.

The Disney special is scheduled to air Christmas morning on ABC during the Walt Disney World Christmas parade. But watch the preview video below!

And yes, Zac Efron was MIA.

Vanessa Hudgens sings “What Time Is It?”
with her High School Musical 2 castmates
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vanessa hudgens christmas time 01
vanessa hudgens christmas time 02
vanessa hudgens christmas time 03

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  • zvkg

    She looks really good. ^^

    And don’t look now. V’s biggest fan, Regina is on the loose. ^^

  • fabp

    fab! thanks JJ

  • Thelostgirl

    Wow, I thought she got fired?

  • ilovevanessahudgens

    woahh theyre hott. vanessa looks amazing, as for ashley well thaat dress really doesnt suit herr. vanessa looks great though!

  • Yvie

    Hey zvkg! Great to see you in a new thread so fast! We gotta start the momentum on a positive note so that the rest of the “ZA Angels” have something to build on.

  • dalia

    Yeah Z was at a meeting with Kenny Ortega. Vanessa looks great!!

  • zvkg

    hahaha. hi Yvie. entering some database, and while it’s loading up…I visit JJ to pass the time.

    hehehe, honestly, that girl always goes on to Z, V, and ZV threads. Not once does she let them slip. So of course..being a fan, can’t help but notice that. So my conclusion…she’s a fan. Hateful post, but a fan nonetheless.

  • susan

    WHAT? OMG Vanessa was at Disneyland with Ashley and the gang? Alert the media!!!!!

    JUST KIDDING just jared, but you’re a little late to the party on this one. Were you combing thru Zac’s comment section from Saturday and came across all this news? Glad we could be of service.

    Have a great day!

  • Vivian

    O cool i love her. She lookd pretty.

  • Vivian

    ^lookd is looks

  • Mikaela


  • zane

    love Vanessa’s outfit. They are !all look great!!!!

  • zvkg

    4 Thelostgirl : 11/12/2007 at 3:49 pm


    no. She wasn’t fired because she wasn’t an employee of Disney in the first place. Besides, Disney already made a statement that they’ll stand by her. What happened to ‘you know what’ was a stupid thing that a stupid ex-bf/friend did for money. She shouldn’t be held accountable for something that was suppoced to be for private viewing eyes only. And, she apologized (even though I believe she shouldn’t have but kudos to her for doing so).

  • Corii

    love the christmas version!
    and I LOVE VANESSA DRESS! its soo pretty ^^
    and she sang really well.

  • Yvie

    zvkg, I have to agree. Regina is addicted to and is a closet fan of Z, V, ZA and A. I mean why else would she spend so much time posting on them.

  • vico

    she’s so pretty!!! i love her!!!

  • suzy

    Love the Video Vanessa looks great and so does Olesya and Monique looks good. My favourate picture is this one.

  • Malia

    Regina, dear, get your mind out of the gutter. If you don’t like Vanessa, you don’t need to stop here. Sounds like you belong at Perez Hilton or TMZ. They welcome people with dirty minds.

  • ilovevanessahudgens

    what does MIA mean?

  • ???


  • zvkg

    9 susan : 11/12/2007 at 3:55 pm


    lol. what do you expect? As much as we love JJ, Just Jared is a net tabloid. So, if he expects and wants great hits…he needs to put up a story that would sensationalize the fans to come and hit the thread. like that *coughvanessacoughzaccoughnikkicough* thread. *shakes head*

  • Not a fan

    Has she fixed her nails since her teddy bear outing? Nice of her to acknowledge the girl behind her, such a nice person that Vanessa!

  • ANNE

    What does MIA mean?

  • Malia

    Thelostgirl : 11/12/2007 at 3:49 pm
    Wow, I thought she got fired?


  • suzy

    MIA means missing in action

  • Malia

    24 ANNE : 11/12/2007 at 4:03 pm
    What does MIA mean?


  • Yvie

    Hi Malia! *waves*

    MIA means missing in action

  • momo

    you’re the best jared! zanessa rocks!

  • fabp

    vanessa-loyalists – GATHER IN ARMS!!!

  • go sox

    Good job, Malia. I reported her too….it’s fine to post opinions but that’s just insulting and unnecessary.

    So happy seeing the group together again! Just wish they were all there…;o)

  • daze

    wahhhhhh she look so gorgoues i like her dress that s my favorit color

  • suzy

    Vanessa has her own page on now.

  • JXY

    Y do they say that zac is MIA again?

  • Jana

    What is the meaning of “Yes, Zac Efron was MIA”??

    I wait for Zanessa pics….

  • dalia

    Yeah this is old news, we all pretty much covered this topic yesterday–now we need a Zanessa sighting jj!!
    Hey Malia have you been to the site ( the back up one )?
    Our home is still under construction. I’m getting worried.

  • Yvie

    Hello go sox! *waves*

    It’s still early. I’m sure the rest of the “ZA Angels” will be arriving shortly. I’ve decided to exchange my angel wings for faerie ones though because I might want to zap a few non-fans for misbehaving. *LOL*

  • sam

    Vanessa looks gorgeous, it’s an outfit only few people could pull off I feel but she has it nailed down! Love it.

  • zvkg

    25 Malia : 11/12/2007 at 4:04 pm


    lol. calm down Malia. There’s actually alot of kids that believes those tabloid lies. My niece who’s in the 3rd grade looooves her, but she believes that she got fired by Disney. I kept telling her that she’s not, but she keeps insisting that she was. She even showed me an article on the net that she read it from. Still trying to assure her that she’s not, but I hardly see her.

    So yeah…it’s up to us to educate these kids.

  • Moni

    are u guys happy??!! u got ur vanessa sighting!!

  • becky

    ^huh? anyone could wear a dress like that and look as good as she does..anyway she looks pretty..i love ashleys dress too =]

  • Malia

    I think they all looked good in their Christmas colors. And Corbin with Christmas pins on his jacket. Vanessa, Mo and Ashley all had on nice dresses. Go Wildcats!!!

    Oh . . . Boomshakalaka!! That was for Zac.

  • Steph

    Hey everyone!!! Yvie, singe it girl!!!! Go get ‘em, LOL

    She lookes terrific, the whole cast does!!! Can’t wait for HSM3.

    BTW, that dress is so pretty, the green looks good on her.

    ****For all of those that are calling inappropriate names… all I can say is, it takes one to know one, right??!?!?? Otherwise, please refrain and keep your evil thoughts to yourself. Thanks :)

  • daze

    i just wanted to ask who is quiting hsm3 and not joining the cast…he said that he read it in the tabloid

  • Becky


    I’m so excited for Christmas!

    This is my favorite time of year!

  • zanessa

    Omg I was here it was so cool 2 bad zac wasn’t there

  • lp

    I have a question (and I am sure like every other comment I make there will be people will get p***** at what I say so if I make anybody mad then I apologize from the beginning) here is my question why isn’t Zac there and please don’t tell me because he had a meeting with Kenny Ortega (because I am sure that meeting could have been postponed)? Before I have people calling me a hater I do like Vanessa’s dress though (no I haven’t become a fan just really like the dress and it looks very nice on her).

  • Louisa

    Ashley looks fabulous lol.

  • Ariana.S

    WHERES ZAC???? i love vanessaaa

  • gigii

    Yeeah, that’s was so cutee ! I loved..
    but zac didn’t go…Okz, yeah ?
    Vanessa and Ash was so cutee ! adorable !’
    lovee yaa !
    Thank’s JJ, okz ?

    Brasil, kisses, :)

  • zanessa

    Now we need zanessa pics