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Angelina Jolie Pens 'Economist' Article

Angelina Jolie Pens 'Economist' Article

Angelina Jolie has penned an article for The Economist, a London-based weekly international news and business publication.

According to Britain’s The Guardian, Angie‘s article will be published tomorrow in the Economist‘s annual spin-off issue, The World in 2008. Angie‘s piece covers the “accountability for the atrocities in Darfur” and her photo byline describes her as a “goodwill ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.”

Angelina Jolie: Hollywood actress, UN goodwill ambassador, mother-of-four and now author for The Economist!

UPDATE: Here are some quotes:

– “Accountability is perhaps the only force powerful enough to break the cycle of violence and retribution that marks so many conflicts.”
– “I hope that the Sudanese government will hand over the government minister and the Janjaweed militia leader who have been indicted for war crimes (by the International Criminal Court in The Hague), and that the teenager I met in Chad will get the trial he seeks.”
– “I hope that those responsible for the atrocities in Darfur will be held to account, not only for that young man’s sake, but for the world’s.”

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    Good for Angie!

    It will almost be interesting to see what kind of twist the “unique contributors” from NL put on this. Anytime I see one of their essays circulated, it is a good laugh. A laugh directed towards the so called writers that is.

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    Wow! Angelina I am so proud to be your fan. God Bless you and your family. Thank you JJ for posting this thread.

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    I think Angelina should get a Phd in a university somewhere and stop acting. It’s clear how much she wants to show her intellectuality to the UN.

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    She’s definitely not living the Hollywood lifestyle like many others who seem to only be interested in playing & partying. Angelina doesn’t have time for all that garbage. She’s making worthwhile contributions to charities, heavily involved in the UN and penning pieces for The Economist! Way to go Angie.

  • He-who-shall-not-be-named

    I think Angelina should get a Phd in a university somewhere and stop acting. It’s clear how much she wants to show her intellectuality to the UN. DRum roll for all her philantrophic deeds though!

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    WOW!! Great news!! You go Angie!! Thanks Jared!!

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    bla bla bla wow, angelina is so wonderful bla bla bal, she helps bla bla bla, she donates bla bla bla

    bla bla bla wow, angelina is so wonderful bla bla bal, she helps bla bla bla, she donates bla bla bla

    bla bla bla wow, angelina is so wonderful bla bla bal, she helps bla bla bla, she donates bla bla bla

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    YOU GO GIRL! That’s great. I’m so proud to be a fan, she and Brad are nothing if not inspiring.

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    I am so proud of my girl Angie! Keep on being who you are Angie, there are millions and millions that admire and respect you and the great work you do.

    Thanks Jared for the new thread.

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    I root for for the Jolie-Pitts, I want the best in the world for her and Brad. Angelina is one of the most humble human being, when she could take the example of the other celebrities to spend money on stupid things, Angie is choosing to help the poor, to give them a reason to hope for a better future. Angelina is a great mother, great actress, great wife (even if she’s not married to Brad,they act as a family). Now something funny about Angelina, she had some outfit problems on the Red Carpet of ‘Beowulf’, to cut it short I will just say that HER PANTS BROKE…. and BRAT was trying to cover the CRACK with his hands :)

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    He-who-shall-not-be-named : 11/13/2007 at 1:42 pm
    I think Angelina should get a Phd in a university somewhere and stop acting. It’s clear how much she wants to show her intellectuality to the UN.
    Sorry but intellectuality is not a word. Intellect would be the proper word for the sentence you have composed. In order to get a PhD one needs to have earned a Bachelors first. I disagree that she wants to “show she is intelligent.” Your actions, demeanor, verbal and non-verbal communication usually are enough to indicate how intelligent or ignorant you are. Angie has clearly demonstrated how intelligent she is.

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    This lady is so amazing,love you angelina.

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    Shes more in to it (UNHCR numbers)…then most of the economist:)))

    if “the economist” is publishing her article its because it as something wordy to say

    Go AJ;)

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    I will look to see if the magazine is out on the stands here at the end of the week.

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  • juju

    I was wondering if it is the same she article she wrote for the Washington Post or if it is onother one?

    Justice for Darfur

    By Angelina Jolie
    Wednesday, February 28, 2007; Page A19

    BAHAI, Chad — Here, at this refugee camp on the border of Sudan, nothing separates us from Darfur but a small stretch of desert and a line on a map. All the same, it’s a line I can’t cross. As a representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, I have traveled into Darfur before, and I had hoped to return. But the UNHCR has told me that this camp, Oure Cassoni, is as close as I can get.

    Sticking to this side of the Sudanese border is supposed to keep me safe. By every measure — killings, rapes, the burning and looting of villages — the violence in Darfur has increased since my last visit, in 2004. The death toll has passed 200,000; in four years of fighting, Janjaweed militia members have driven 2.5 million people from their homes, including the 26,000 refugees crowded into Oure Cassoni.Attacks on aid workers are rising, another reason I was told to stay out of Darfur. By drawing attention to their heroic work — their efforts to keep refugees alive, to keep camps like this one from being consumed by chaos and fear — I would put them at greater risk.

    I’ve seen how aid workers and nongovernmental organizations make a difference to people struggling for survival. I can see on workers’ faces the toll their efforts have taken. Sitting among them, I’m amazed by their bravery and resilience. But humanitarian relief alone will never be enough.

    Until the killers and their sponsors are prosecuted and punished, violence will continue on a massive scale. Ending it may well require military action. But accountability can also come from international tribunals, measuring the perpetrators against international standards of justice.

    Accountability is a powerful force. It has the potential to change behavior — to check aggression by those who are used to acting with impunity. Luis Moreno-Ocampo, chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), has said that genocide is not a crime of passion; it is a calculated offense. He’s right. When crimes against humanity are punished consistently and severely, the killers’ calculus will change.

    On Monday I asked a group of refugees about their needs. Better tents, said one; better access to medical facilities, said another. Then a teenage boy raised his hand and said, with powerful simplicity, “Nous voulons une épreuve.” We want a trial. He is why I am encouraged by the ICC’s announcement yesterday that it will prosecute a former Sudanese minister of state and a Janjaweed leader on charges of crimes against humanity.

    Some critics of the ICC have said indictments could make the situation worse. The threat of prosecution gives the accused a reason to keep fighting, they argue. Sudanese officials have echoed this argument, saying that the ICC’s involvement, and the implication of their own eventual prosecution, is why they have refused to allow U.N. peacekeepers into Darfur.

    It is not clear, though, why we should take Khartoum at its word. And the notion that the threat of ICC indictments has somehow exacerbated the problem doesn’t make sense, given the history of the conflict. Khartoum’s claims aside, would we in America ever accept the logic that we shouldn’t prosecute murderers because the threat of prosecution might provoke them to continue killing?

    When I was in Chad in June 2004, refugees told me about systematic attacks on their villages. It was estimated then that more than 1,000 people were dying each week.

    In October 2004 I visited West Darfur, where I heard horrific stories, including accounts of gang-rapes of mothers and their children. By that time, the UNHCR estimated, 1.6 million people had been displaced in the three provinces of Darfur and 200,000 others had fled to Chad.

    It wasn’t until June 2005 that the ICC began to investigate. By then the campaign of violence was well underway.

    As the prosecutions unfold, I hope the international community will intervene, right away, to protect the people of Darfur and prevent further violence. The refugees don’t need more resolutions or statements of concern. They need follow-through on past promises of action.

    There has been a groundswell of public support for action. People may disagree on how to intervene — airstrikes, sending troops, sanctions, divestment — but we all should agree that the slaughter must be stopped and the perpetrators brought to justice.

    In my five years with UNHCR, I have visited more than 20 refugee camps in Sierra Leone, Congo, Kosovo and elsewhere. I have met families uprooted by conflict and lobbied governments to help them. Years later, I have found myself at the same camps, hearing the same stories and seeing the same lack of clean water, medicine, security and hope.

    It has become clear to me that there will be no enduring peace without justice. History shows that there will be another Darfur, another exodus, in a vicious cycle of bloodshed and retribution. But an international court finally exists. It will be as strong as the support we give it. This might be the moment we stop the cycle of violence and end our tolerance for crimes against humanity.

    What the worst people in the world fear most is justice. That’s what we should deliver.

    The writer is a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees.

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    I read about this article in the previous thread and I have to say that this is truly noteworthy. I know the general press won’t pick it up; it’ll probably just become another internet blurb but I gotta say how impressed I am. I truly think that she has a great intellectual mind and props to her late mom because she truly raised a very respectable and admirable human being in Angelina. I hope she keeps up the good work. :-)

    Jolie-Pitts rock!

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