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Angelina Jolie Talks Beowulf, Motherhood and More

Angelina Jolie Talks Beowulf, Motherhood and More

Check out this brand new interview with Angelina Jolie promoting her newest film Beowulf. Watch her as she talks about the film, motherhood, her co-stars and more.

Angie discusses the beauty of her character as Grendel’s mother (Crispin Glover plays Grendel).

“So I thought it was all really sexy,” she said. “And I loved that there’s this transition that she’s not really beautiful. She can morph into what other people perceive as beauty but she is this other creature.”

Peep the galaxy backdrop. Hot, huh?

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  • anustin


  • anustin

    ma beauty.

  • angel

    beautuiful,man i have to go to work

  • (LOVE- J )

    I love this woman!!

  • anustin

    gorgeous to the max!

  • Mr and Mrs Smith

    Another thread Jared? Wow, thanks. :)

  • ???

    so she get naked in her movies and on this cartoon then band her kids to not look at it ummmmm let me see why you don’t act like a decent mother at first ? and don’t do it all for your kids ?? ohh but what im saying here an attention whore will stay it and will be forever .

  • soopx

    Love angelina thank you jared.

  • Lady G

    Saw bits and pieces of this interview on AMC and TNT channels.

    Thanks Jared for the new thread.

  • eva

    She has super powers… just a few months ago she was kind of skinny (and is perfectly fine considering that she gave birth and also Angelina is not parenting 1 child, she’s more into ”crowd control” with all the kids), and now as if she snapped her fingers and the Beauty Goddess is back to being a drop down gorgeous. I said a few times about what did happen on the Red Carpet at the premiere of ‘Beowulf’ in London ( the fact that ANGELINA’s PANTS BROKE, but I am not so sure anymore… I seen some comments that could be the zipper in the back… but still, take a look, I am balancing betwen thinking that her pants really broke leaving Angie with a nice CRACK , also as if having the pants problem would had not been enough, Angelina also got a chewing gum sticked to her High Heels. I so root for her, Angelina is the best

  • spunky

    Hi BAMPZS fans…..Jared thanx for the new thread.

  • thats_right


  • soopx

    I’m sorry jared about the double post.

  • pinoy

    Good luck on your movie. The schedule for the 1st day showing here in the Philippines is today Nov. 14.

  • Lady G

    10 eva : 11/13/2007 at 6:24 pm


    Stop the freaking spamming!

  • jewel

    love it!

  • bdj

    Thanks for the video and thread Just Jared. I am looking forward to seeing the Movie. Crispin Glover is a strange, creepy actor. I like many of the roles he play. AJ is always the best. Peace to all.

  • Anonymous

    “Will Angie Lose Zahara?
    The birth family of Angelina Jolie’s daughter wants her to bring Zahara home to Ethiopia”

    Go to perez to see In touch cover.

  • Narf

    hate her. how old is she 45? she looks that old.

  • oh

    Has the movie opened anywhere?

  • Lady G

    18 Anonymous : 11/13/2007 at 6:30 pm



    Another tabloid totting idiot. It’s people like you that is wrong with the world.

  • pinoy

    20 oh

    it will be openeed today in the philippines

  • pink_tulips


  • guli

    JARED…Thank youuuu :-)

    Awwwwww, she is absolutely wonderful :-)

  • Ariana.S

    good intervieww

  • http://Justjared susieqt

    Love Angie. That’s why we are all here. :-)

  • briseis

    Wow, three threads one after the other … you really rock, Jared!

    Thank you so much.

    Sigh, Angie is really something, isn’t she? Beauty, sexiness and brains, what a lethal combination. No wonder Brad fell for her and pursued her all over the world and wouldn’t let her go. Can you blame him, knowing what he was putting up with before?

  • Lmao

    eva this video is from a few years ago when she was heavier. she didnt snap her fingers and gain weight.

  • Mr and Mrs Smith

    18 Anonymous : 11/13/2007 at 6:30 pm

    “Will Angie Lose Zahara?
    The birth family of Angelina Jolie’s daughter wants her to bring Zahara home to Ethiopia”

    Oh boy. Here we go again. I guess break-up and weddings was not enough this week. :roll:

  • bdj

    21 Lady G
    Too true. If trolls aren’t pimping tabs then they are pimping web sites that pimp tabs. Sells must be down and they are trolling the blogs for discussion and hits. Pretty sad. Good thing BP and AJ know their truth and their family. If they are not recycling the triangle, who will take lonesome Jen in for Thanksgiving, then they are creating drama around the Jolie-Pitt family. Meanwhile, the Jolie-Pitts keep on loving and living their lives. I wish them all the best.

  • Ameena

    Another new thread, Thanks Jared for the video, Angie is so beautiful. OK. BRB, got a lot of catching up to do.

    *WAVING* to Missouri Fan.

  • http://Justjared susieqt

    Can’t wait to see this movie. Thanks again, JJ. :-)

  • anustin

    you should hate the 39 yrs.old ugly duckling.ya know!

  • Here’s The Deal

    7 ??? : 11/13/2007 at 6:22 pm

    Oh, come on! The one thing that you can’t btich at Angie about is her parenting. She is one of, if not THE, “most decent” celebrity moms there is.

  • guli

    ROTFLMAO—Ohhhh this is tooo funny.
    Oh cr@p I need to stop laughing…..
    OK, so let me get this sraight ‘Anonymous’ from an ‘Anonymous’ source got this from an ‘Anonymous insider’ who was the “Anonymously not unavailable good friend’ Anonymous, are you god darn sh*tting me ??????….ROTFLMAO :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • think positive!

    15 Lady G : 11/13/2007 at 6:27 pm

    10 eva : 11/13/2007 at 6:24 pm

    Stop the freaking spamming!
    Thanks for that!!

    In touch recycled a story from 2005? Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!


    Loonies, all of you should read the whole thing at Perez. The story makes sense.

    They don’t want to take zahara from angelina, they just want to met her.

    Her family says that her daughter was raped and later had some kind of breakdown and run away, her grandmother took care of the baby for a little bit but then they took her to the adoption agency and told them the mother of the baby was death.

    baby z looks exactly like her bio mama, they have pics.

  • eva

    Lmao …. I meant that she looks healthier on the Red Carpet, not in the movie.
    Lady G – be serious, I am not spamming!!!!!! You could say that I spam if all I would say is: Go Angelina and then I drop the link.
    The time that takes me to write the comment I could instead make 20 spam comments, but I prefer to have the RESPECT for justjared and for the readers. So please think over your opinion, this is not spamming.
    And, have you even seen the post that I related 2? spam would be to lye 2 you and make you visit the website…. I DO NOT want you to visit the website if you are NOT interested to the subject BUT if you do want to read more and comment on what I said in my posts then you are welcomed and I thank you, and something more, on 7gfb you will NEVER see a post like ”Will Angie Lose Zahara’. We write (we are 7 girl friends) because we enjoy it, because we love gossip and ONLY the TRUTH.
    You can check the traffic stats and you will see that we are NOT doing it for the money, we make like $0,10 a day, 7gfb has just a few hundreds visitors a day (compared to justjared who has half a million).
    So Lady G, I respect your opinion, I give you credit for part of what you said but you 2 have to agree that I am not spamming. I seen so many spamming on justjared and I hope their blogs or websites fail, myself I am putting work, time and respect. Thank you very much.

  • questions

    These tabloids go to damn far, why is this the worlds bizness.

  • Interesting

    In Touchs story is long and says that the family lied, the adoption agency didn’t do a good job and angie could or could not take z to meet her bio family.

    The family is happy that baby z was adopted by rich people who are giving her a good life but want to see her

  • oh

    Stop hijacking Angie’s movie thread with tabloid stories. People stop getting distracted!!!!!

  • Lmao

    36 you are the loony. Even if the story is true In touch is using those poor african people and Angelina to make money. They probably paid those people ten bucks for the story. they will make much more than what they paid that poor family.

  • Yep

    someone posted In Touch’s article here.

    If it’s not true I’m sure Cindy will say something, but I got the feeling that this one is true.

  • think positive!

    Can we NOT discuss whatever the hell that piece of trash says?? Early last year the tabs had the exact same story. They had a supposed mother and a grandmother. It was full of crap then and it’s full of cr*p now no matter what it says. MOVE ON!!!!

  • guli

    #37—and what the heck was you post about????? We all know Lady G and you come here with this fake name yet again and expect to foll whom???????? Whatever…

    OK, I bought my OC13 DVD which cam out today. so I’ll watch it tnight :-)

  • spunky

    Has OutofTouch really lose their mind i didn’t even bother to look at that artical because it would be a waist of time, my time first of all the first thing Angie said about Zee was that besides being really sick when they got her that her parents died from Aids and now all of a sudden the raised from the dead and want her back com’on this rag is really going out of line and needs to be shut down i really hope Brad and Angie sue its really sick talking abut one’s child this way its so wrong on so many levels. :(

  • funny

    In Touch making sure it does not get sue

    Quote. “Zahara and the woman who CLAIMS to be her birth mother.”

  • oh

    Stop tabloid articles. Promote Angie’s movies!!! Tabloids are liars!!!

  • Besane

    Since hubby takes me to violent films with a lot of killing which I usually can’t watch, I wasn’t going to actually see this to tell you the truth, but NOW I want to see Beowulf LOL! Serioiusly when hubby dragged me to see Gladiator, I probably missed 2/3 of it since I was hiding behind my coat! Great and honest interview Angie as always.

    As for the Economist article it is great—I just pray she doesn’t get mixed up with those crazy non-human Janjaweeds.

  • eva

    44- guli. I don’t know Lady G , she accused me that I spam… and I don’t . I just wanted to explain it. that is all