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Britney's Boys Hang With K-Fed's Mom

Britney's Boys Hang With K-Fed's Mom

Britney Spears‘ sons — Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 14 months — look the happiest they’ve ever been with their grandmother, Kevin Federline‘s mom.

Life & Style published this photo of the trio’s family bonding.

And if you haven’t already, check out the real choreography to Britney‘s VMAs Performance below! It’s a side-by-side comparison of Brit’s choroegraphy to the real choreo.

The real choreography to Britney Spears‘ VMAs performance
(A side-by-side comparison)
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74 Responses to “Britney's Boys Hang With K-Fed's Mom”

  1. 1
    lili Says:

    aww its so nice to see them smiling after the hell they have been trough. sean is handsome and jayden is so cute but yet silly!

  2. 2
    julie Says:

    What’s wrong with the other kids eye. And why is KFED prostituting these kids.

  3. 3
    Daisy Says:

    those poor babies. they’re parents are both ********
    so sad :-(

  4. 4
    sofia Says:

    they’re so cute
    just like mom

  5. 5
    emmie Says:

    awww! they are so cute!!! Its good to see them smiling and having some fun!

  6. 6
    Here's The Deal Says:

    If Jayden was a little older, those two could pass for twins.

  7. 7
    cudahy Says:

    look at thoses boo boos….they so cute

  8. 8
    Not Impressed Says:

    How cute.. now that’s how I wish we could always see these babies look.. happy and carefree!

  9. 9
    daria Says:


  10. 10
    kim Says:

    OMG what happend to Jaydens eye!

  11. 11
    eva Says:

    They look so happy with the grandma!!!!!!!!!! Britney is such an IDIOT for not knowing to keep her mother close, to learn from her how to take care of her 2 beautiful kids. I am sorry for the boys, I just feel like they will not be happy by the side of Kevin (who knows what HO Kevin was as GF)… and by the side if Britney lets not even talk about…. she’s not fit to be a mother. Of course that she could learn how to be a parent… and the everything would fix… but Brit Brit does not want to be a mother, that is the problem, she wants to drink and party all day long.

  12. 12
    Chris Rice Says:

    They look like they have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, especially the younger boy. He has all the physical earmarks.

  13. 13
    Bale Says:

    So, is K-fed selling private pictures to gossip mags now? Eww

    Btw, Jayden had pink eye.

  14. 14
    sophia Says:

    Honestly, the younger one has to have fetal alcohol or a mild case of down syndrome……call me crazy, but as cute as these kids are, you have to admit, the younger one doesn’t “look right”…she kept HIM out of the public eye for over 9 months, maybe this is the reason why!!

  15. 15
    sophia Says:

    Honestly, the younger one has to have fetal alcohol or a mild case of down syndrome……call me crazy, but as cute as these kids are, you have to admit, the younger one doesn’t “look right”…she kept HIM out of the public eye for over 9 months, maybe this is the reason why!!

  16. 16
    Paula Says:

    To me the youngest looks to have some sort of eye infection which was stated already or a case of Downs

  17. 17
    Thelostgirl Says:

    Oh. Wow. I. Continue. To. Be. Flabbergasted!!!!!!

  18. 18
    Kaylita Says:

    They are such cute kids, hopefully they can live stable lives. JJ looks so hilarious here. It made me smile.

  19. 19
    Thelostgirl Says:

    Weird, the kids look happy here, but they never do with her :(

  20. 20
    hotbitch Says:

    She said that the boys gave her pink eye. I’m not sure how long it’s supposed to last but that was several weeks ago already. Also, I think Sean is a lot cuter than Jayden. I won’t say that he has a birth defect but he definitely looks different.

  21. 21
    [~InFamous~] Says:

    those kids definitely look special-ed.

  22. 22
    suzy Says:

    they look happy for once

  23. 23
    Lillianne Says:

    You can’t have a “mild case of Down Syndrome.” You either have the gene or you don’t. And he doesn’t.

    They both seem to be cheerful, happy little guys when they aren’t being carted around in the backseat of a car.

  24. 24
    remember da truth Says:

    Cruel, rude, senseless people!!!!
    They do not look ‘special-ed’ at all — they look like normal kids at that age! So one has a swollen eye, kids get into things all the time and pink eye was NOT several weeks ago. Brit’s antics are so many and continuous it seems a lot of time has passed. No doubt she wasn’t treating her kids’ health, either, as she was NEVER seen taking them to the doctor.

    This is the happiest — and well-rested — they have ever looked. Sean always looked like he was on the verge of tears before. Now he is a relaxed little boy.

  25. 25
    remember da truth Says:

    Don’t diss K-Fed as a father — he’s many things, but a bad father he has NEVER been shown to be. Even while angry at him, Shar Jackson had to admit that he was a great father to her two kids.
    He hasn’t pimped the kids out before, and he is nowhere near this photo, so I doubt he is now. He has too much riding on it, and he seems to have a lot more sense than Britney where that is concerned.

  26. 26
    Leonie Says:

    ahw they are sooooooooooooooooooooo cute! especially sean p.
    hopefully everything goes well now that they are growing up so fast! and wow, didn’t know that brit was so off the choreography, the real one looks cool tho, too bad she didn’t keep up, but better next time right?

  27. 27
    kira Says:

    As an older mother, I only hope Britney Spears wakes up before it is too late! Time between birth and 10 years of age goes quickly and it’s a “blink of the eye” after that age and, especially, with boys.

    Children love and adore their grandparents providing they are decent and nurturing adults. I question how effective Mrs. Federline was in raising her own children, however, when I reflect on the public image of Kevin Federline….unemployed and with four children under the age of five years and the first two born out of wedlock. One can imagine the whole lot is enjoying the “child slave labor money”, i.e. Britney’s and living high on the hog these days! Shar Jackson needs to stay out of another woman and mother’s business!

    Britney needs to pull her life together via psychotherapy (away from the entire Los Angeles basin and the lowly paparazzi), get those children back, and be the most effective mother she can possibly be….motherhood is a 100+% commitment!

  28. 28
    Sarah Says:

  29. 29
    tatum Says:

    it is great to see them happy they NEVER look this happy with brit

  30. 30
    nadine Says:

    I agree!I’ve never seen them smiling while they were with Brit Brit!

  31. 31
    Lexyane Says:

    c’mon Jayden has Pink eyed!!!!!!

    Get a ******* life haters!

    Hope your baby will be such a dumbass just like you!!!!!

    Give this girl and her babies a break!

    Are you with her and them everytime to know they are not happy with them??

    15min of pics in a day, don’t make you know her!!!!!

    Kevin is such a dumbass!Need money maybe?

  32. 32
    Lexyane Says:

    “with her” and not “with them”

    Sean is the most beautiful little boy in hollywood!
    He gonna date Suri!

  33. 33
    NO LOVE Says:

    OH WOW, SOOOO…they only look retarded when they’re with the mother….wow, sh!tney sure puts them through hell!!

    TEAM K-FED!!!

  34. 34
    Azaiya Says:

    What do you mean Shar Jackson needs to stay out of her business? Shar isn’t in her business. All she said was Kevin was a good father to HER kids. What’s wrong with that? Britney never said that Kevin wasn’t a good father. And even if Shar was ‘in her business’, I think Shar has more of a right to be than you do! Lol! Britney is (was) the stepmother of her children, so of course Shar would have a right to know what kind of person Britney was if her kids were going to be spending time with her.

    And as for the photo, who cares if Kevin sent it in? If I had children and the father behaved in the way we see Britney does, and in the way Kevin alleges she did in private, I’d do anything in my power to make sure they saw as little of him as possible while he screwed his life and career up. The courts don’t take full custody of such young children away from their mother without a damn good reason. This is all HER fault. It’s not his fault, it’s not his family’s or her family’s, and it’s not the media’s – it’s HERS.

    Britney just needs to grow the hell up. Enough with the excuses, enough with the crap. Grow. Up. Take care of your kids.

  35. 35
    kim Says:

    Bless their hearts, they actually look happy. Britney is missing out on so much with them, and she doesn’t give a flip. Too bad her children are missing out too.

  36. 36
    vickie Says:

    He has to sell the pictures to make some kind of money!!

  37. 37
    bean Says:

    is it just me or does one of the kids look… developmentally challenged?

  38. 38
    Alison Says:

    Aww! It is so nice indeed to see them smiling and happy (and looking clean!). Pity they have not had more of this in their lives. I hope they are not too scarred by the actions of their stupid mother.

  39. 39
    Rose Says:

    I agree they never looked so happy with Britney!!!!It is great to see them happy, happy,and happy!!!!Yeah!!

  40. 40
    He-who-shall-not-be-named Says:

    remember Chucky, anyone? Brit’s boy are as cute as Chucky!

  41. 41
    Rose Says:

    Oh, they are darling little boys so cute!!!Grandma sure seems so happy to have so time with them.

  42. 42
    angelina is a slut Says:

    good to see them SMILING.

  43. 43
    paigee. Says:

    the reason she did such a bad job, was because her heel broke at the beginning and she was just trying not to show it.

  44. 44
    omar Says:

    is jayden alcohol affected? his face appears to look like he is.

  45. 45
    omar Says:

    was jayden alcohol/drug affected? his face appears to look as though he was.

  46. 46
    jaxon Says:

    This is the first time I’ve seen those children happy and animated. Usually I’ve just seen them trapped and crying in the backseat of her car. I’ll never forget that picture of them holding hands and comforting each other while they cried. So sad, so very sad that their mother cares nothing for but herself.

  47. 47
    steven Says:

    aw haha they are pretty cute, they both have britney’s face

  48. 48
    Agreed Says:

    I have to agree with Sophia, small fry is not cute at all! Something looks wrong with that kid! I hope it’s just a case of fugly!

  49. 49
    1starwars111 Says:

    They are sooooooooooo CUTE!:)

  50. 50
    memed Says:

    I just wish that Britney was able to dance like the girl in the real choreography !!!

  51. 51
    haha Says:

    it’s kind of sad to see these two kids with a mother who has more than enough money to take care of them properly without working but she can’t even do that. Britney is such a loser.

  52. 52
    09 Says:

    I didnt want to comment, but they dont look good. The kids eyes is infected. They look miserable. You really missed that one Just Jared.

  53. 53
    lost cause Says:

    the 1st son looks ok even cute,the 2nd one looks exactly like brit,but seems to have a weird look, he’s not as cute. her practice round was better than what she came out and did,plus a bonus, she was covered up, thank gawd,,except for her porkyfied thighs,and we didnt have to see her tight weaved scalp.

    so I guess the people who were saying her dance routine got changed up at the last minute was mistaken,,plus she had to many drugs before she appeared live ,,and yal know thats what it was,,the gurl was high ,stoned,,

    she looks like cr.a.p- either way now. she needs to loose the weave & seek counseling and keep her sh^t private,,enough with the attention seeking.

  54. 54
    anna Says:

    Jayden is not happy in this pic.

  55. 55
    britney cant drive Says:

    notice the ciggy. yuck.

  56. 56
    holly Says:

    i don’t care how they got that photo…all i know is that that is the FIRST time i have eve seen those children actually looking happy!

  57. 57
    Children are gifts Says:

    They look so happy .Thank God they are free from their deadbeat mom. Sean is cuter than his brother he look a lot like his father.Jayden is sick something is not right with that child.she will regret big time the way she is treating these boys esp JJ she never spent anytime with him to bond with him.Those boys will despise her when they are old enough to understand.Good to see their grandmom giving them some motherly love.

  58. 58
    Susan Says:

    Awww, such cute little boy’s. It’s such a shame. Britney has 2 kid’s and could seem, at times, to care less for them and fight for them and people like my husband and I crave so badly to have just 1 child and will never be blessed with our own. Wake up Britney and realize what you have before those little boy’s grown into men and resent the hell out of you!

  59. 59
    blueangel Says:

    I agree. The younger one does look like he has FAS.

  60. 60
    Jess Says:


  61. 61
    Gimmemore Says:

    This was there birthday party! All children are happy at there own party! Sean and Jayden are so cute and any one of you who are picking fun really needs to evaluate your level of maturity. Children are not asked to be born, they only ask for love. I am sure they looked that happy at the party Britney had for them, but there is a difference here Brintey did not sell the pics like Kevin or his mother did. Another money scam, and from what I hear Kevin’s porn flic girlfriend is the one who spreaded the pink eye.

  62. 62
    pit Says:

    SO CUTE!!! They’re smiling & happy with their grandma.
    Never see them happy like that with their mom.

  63. 63
    WhateverWitch Says:

    Britney and Kevin have some ugly kids.. Poor Jayden, looks like Dannielynn. I bet Brit used drugs with him, like Anna did with Dannielynn.

    The only reason they are smiling are cause they aren’t with Britney and to the person who said K-Fed is pimping out his kids, he hasn’t been hogging the camera spotlight with those kids like Britney has, putting them out there, every time she needs to get high off some caffeine from Starbucks.

  64. 64
    cantaloupe Says:

    First of all, that’s NOT BRITNEY in the practice video. That is her “stand in” who SHOULD have stood in during the actual performance. First of all, the practice video proves that Britney’s poor performance wasn’t due to some last minute changes in the choreography. Second, it’s obvious that she is stoned out of her mind–the kinds of mistakes she’s making, the lethargy, those are stoned mistakes and not broken heel mistakes. It’s easy to see when you compare her to someone who is taking the job seriously and WORKING at it.

    It’s obvious that she has no professionalism left. Just check out a video of her previous MTV performances. At least the girl cared about how she performed. She was working it in those earlier performances, but in this last one she is obviously completed disinterested, and the sad part is that she probably really thought she was going to do well.

  65. 65
    Smally Says:

    Sean is cute and has been from birth. Jayden was hidden for months and you can see why. He is not cute at all. Poor kid.

  66. 66
    Smally Says:

    If Britney has money Kevin has money. He has custody of their kids and that means child support. He doesn’t need to sell pictures. Britney doesn’t sell pictures of them because all she can think about is herself. She only wants pictures of HER out there. The selfish, dumb b.i.t.c.h.

  67. 67
    georgette Says:

    Don’t u you touch britney! (lol)
    were u guys with her in her house when she was taking care of them lovingly?. she paused her personnal carreer for them.

    kevin is a ******* ******* running after money. that’s why he pretended he wanted the kids, how he throwed **** on her during the divorce was disgusting. Now poor britney is lonely, seperated from her beloved childern. And Kevie’s mother just uses the situation to bring part of brit’s spotlight on her. she want to act like a celeb with her sunglasses! piuke!

  68. 68
    Oh please... Says:

    SP and JJ are so cute!!! This is the cutest photo I have ever seen of SP. Well, it’s the first I’ve seen of him smiling. JJ is hamming it up for the camera lol

    What is Brit thinking not putting them first?!?! Shame on her.

  69. 69
    Kaiserin Says:

    It’s a miracle, those children are actually SMILING! I have never seen them happy with their mother…they always look tired, disheveled, and miserable with Shiatney. It’s nice to see them enjoying their lives and having a good time, instead of being carted around like sacks of potatoes for photo ops with their crappy, abusive and neglectful sack of crap mother. I think K-Fed is a GOOD dad, and I think he is really trying, unlike their mother. I just wish people would lay off him. He may not have been perfect when married to Unfitney, but who could blame him? I bet she was a holy terror to live with, she seems like the clingy, whiny, needy, emotionally unstable, manipulative type, and no man wants to deal with that! I don’t blame him for trying to escape her clutches! But, his marriage to Brit aside, I think he IS a good dad, and that he truly loves his kids and is concerned about their welfare. I think that JJ has FAS, he looks retarded, poor thing. Any mother who would drink while pregnant is no mother at all, and should have their kids IMMEDIATELY taken away. Besides, remember how Brit tried to “prove” she wasn’t pregnant with JJ by drinking like, 5 Cosmopolitans in one night? Yeah, she WAS PREGNANT, and I’m sure she knew it, but she never wanted the second kid, so she drank and smoked as much as she wanted. Yup, she’s a stellar mother, isn’t she? TEAM K-FED!

  70. 70
    Kaiserin Says:

    Oh Gimmemore, PUH-LEEZE! Brit is ALWAYS exposing her kids to the paps, so please do not act like K-Fed is so evil for MAYBE selling these pics. After all, we have no proof that he even DID sell them. Someone could have taken them and sold them! And if he did, who cares? It’s the first pics anyone has ever seen of the kids while they are in his care. Seems like he is way more concerned about his children than Britney is, or ever could be. At least they are happy with him. In all the thousands of pics of Brit with them, I have NOT ONCE seen those kids looking happy, smiling, or even really responding to their mother. In every pic she is holding them, they are pushing away from her and trying to get down. They look miserable with her, but in the ONE set of pics from K-Fed, they are happy and smiling. Remember the pics of Brit pulling them around in the wagon? She wasn’t even looking at them, or interacting with them in any way…it was like pulling a cart full of inanimate objects, for all the concern and love she showed them! Just photo ops to convince gullible idiots that she actually gives a crap about those kids, when it is blatantly obvious that she does not. They have outlived their usefulness to her, and she wants to dump them, just like she did with her Chihuahuas. You don’t see them around any more….now do you? Anyone who thinks this neglectful waste of oxygen is a good mother is an idiot, and anyone who defends her is just as disgusting as she is, because you are condoning child abuse, neglect, and endangerment, just because you like some crappy, washed-up, talentless pop has-been! Jeez, people, get a clue! TEAM K-FED!

  71. 71
    Kaiserin Says:

    Oh noes georgette! How DARE anyone BUT a celeb wear sunglasses, especially when they are *gasp*, OUT IN THE SUN! Those posers! Man, K-Fed’s mom must be a horrible person, to wear sunglasses, since they are only allowed on celebtards! God, do you even read what you post, because I think you might be the new contender for the dumbest post of the month! Congrats!

  72. 72
    diidii Says:

    I hate u britney!!!

  73. 73
    chuckberry Says:

    They are innocent little children indeed! Poor little dudes though, they didn’t ask to have a basketcase druggie/nympho for a mother. The youngest child almost certainly has FAS to some degree. Is it really that far-fetched to think that Britney was sipping the ouzo while preggers? FAS is one of the most common (and most preventable may I add) forms of mental retardation in children. A pediatrician would almost certainly agree…

  74. 74
    giselbertg Says:

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