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Chelsy Davy's Post-Breakup Life

Chelsy Davy's Post-Breakup Life

Chelsy Davy takes her mind off of things and attends lectures at Leeds University in West Yorkshire, England on Tuesday.

Chelsy, 22, has reportedly been dealing with her break up with Prince Harry. Tabloid reports say she dumped Prince Harry after she found secret texts to another woman on his cell phone but the pair have been in touch with each other the past few days.

Chelsy was – and still is – the love of his life,” said a friend of the 23-year-old Prince.

10+ pictures inside of Chelsy coping with post-breakup life…

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Photos: Big Pictures/Bauer-Griffin
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  • hANNAH


  • h

    LEEDS universtiy… is surprisingly in LEEDS jj- not london…..
    don’t know if i believe the reports of break up though… its happened a thousand times…. and we must all remember will and kate…. *I’m from the UK- this story is on all our newspapers front pages atm…lol*

  • eva

    Is she sick? she seams to be. About being sick, KYLIE MINOGUE fears the CANCER returned :( :( God I hope and pray this wont happen. I am big fan of Kylie and I want her to be safe and healthy.

  • raye

    Sorry to say this, I didnt know she is ugly. Kate Middleton is also so ordinary looking. I dont understand why William and Harry cant get the more gorgeous girls, afterall they are rich not so bad looking princes of Britain.

    Why do they settle for less?

  • hey

    Leeds University in NOT in London. London is in the South of England wheread Leeds is in the North.

  • chrissypoo

    yeh she is definitely no beauty. only thing that’s going for her is her daddy’s money and their slave colony in zimbabwe

  • Rita

    Um, hello, the girl just went through a break-up.. and does she have to worry about looking good for pap cameras??? I’d feel like shit, and not want to care, so who cares if she looks bad, she looks like any other woman who went through a very bad break up.

  • gossip

    that b*%tch is fug! Harry can do much better.

  • Orange Clockwork

    She looks like a monkey.

  • wtf

    who FCKING cares? people breaks up, blah… blah… it’s life… hey fugly & rich brat… do yourself a favor & do something worthwhile…

  • me

    She’s tooooooooogood for him anyways!!!!!!!!!:)

  • FCOL!!!!!


  • cristina

    They’ll get back together, their love is genuine.

  • hmm.

    Not really believing the break up rumors. Remember Will and Kate…. she could use a bit of make up though.

  • Jess

    Looks are not everything. She seems like a nice person no matter how she looks.

  • Suz

    OMG … Leeds is not agreeing with her at all … she looks dreadful! lol

  • Helena

    #4 Raye. It’s not always about looks.

  • cudahy

    damn!!! she looks like shit…but thats what a break up will do ta ya

  • sandie

    Fugly! Well he is not so hot anyway…

  • Zanessa Forever

    I feel sorry for her. .

  • sofia

    She looks miserable…But then, we all go through breakups and we’ve probably all experienced what she’s going through right now. She’ll get over it.

  • Mediterranean

    To Jared,

    Leeds is a city in West Yorkshire, England. It’s in north of London.

    Surely, she would not care and try to look beautiful after her break-up like Kate. She is a beautiful young lady. Yes, she is a rich girl and intelligent also.

    The life must be horrible in Leeds for her after her beautiful Africa. She might be going back to Africa for Christmas break and never come back.

    I wish the best to her.

  • Ha!

    Yes, she looks like she’s been crying and her eyes are puffy, but she’s pretty much always fug. She must have a great personality.

  • Me

    Um shes too pretty 4 him anyway!

  • Jekka

    To #10, shes actually doing a post graduate law degree, so that fug & rich brat is doing more than you ever will.

  • Merv

    She is slightly more attractive than Harry Windsor but then even a baboon’s ar$$ is compared to the good for nothing privileged ones. Their mother brought a level of reality and compassion into their lives but with her gone there’s little hope.

  • gogi

    She is ugly.

  • Natalie

    Yikes, what happened to her? She used to be really pretty… but hey I guess thats what happens when you go through a break up, you look terrible haha. Anyways i wish her happiness whatever she does

  • Nony

    As some people have already pointed out, Leeds is not in London, it´s a city on it´s own and it´s in the North of England. Who writes these pieces? I think both Harry and Chelsy are far too young to have a long lasitng relationship anyway, so who cares if they break up??

  • mee


  • Leeds girl

    When will americans learn some geography!!! London is not the only city in England and suprising Leeds is no where near London being some 250 miles away in the north of England – its like saying the University of New York is in California!!!! how bloody thick!

  • Helen

    Leeds University in London…lmao

  • Just Jared

    Thanks for the London correction, everyone!

  • benix


    why are you so jealous

  • Jekka

    Wow, some people just need to chillax about the whole London mix up. Honest mistake, no need to get defensive.

  • Jekka

    P.S. It’s actually more like saying San Jose State University is in Los Angeles. If you weren’t from the States, you could easily mess it up.

  • Mediterranean

    to people who think that she is rich and stupid,

    She graduated from University of Cape Town (you know where it is, do you?) with a degree in Economics in November 2006. She has taken up a low post-graduate at the University of Leeds instead of Bristol.

    As you read, she is not stupid at all, she is very smart! She is rich, likes to have fun, blond and smart! Now who is the loser?

  • lily


  • Tony the tiger

    She isn’t ugly—she just doesn’t have any makeup or lipstick on.

    It is Prince Harry who is fugly. They should pass a law prohibiting red heads from breeding so we can rid ourselves of them in one or two generations. Redheads are always the fugliest people in the class.

  • anna

    harry is to much for her:)

  • wtf

    jekka…sure… her intellect is as impressive as her existence… with all that money, she surely can “do” a post grad law or any degree… just pay her way… look at W. Bush… yah, Bush surely went to Yale & got his MBA based on his academic competency… ppplease… i do have & seek a meaningful life… thanks for being obtuse & vacuous…

  • Jane Doe

    Break up or no I don’t think she was ever a beauty.

  • Pallas

    HolyCrap!Fugly bitch!Trying to gain sympathy fromthe public,why,cant she afford Sunglasses or shades tocover her fugly face??What a lousy
    drama queen!peace out!Get lost girl!

  • Mia

    Sorry but, Chelsy is not what you’d call a looker. I guess breeding was all that counted. Yikes…..

  • PP

    She looks like she’s 35, not 22!!

  • CM

    she may not be gorgeous but let’s all remember that Harry is a wranger, red nut, red head! he is lucky to have a girl!

  • SnarkMeister

    He’s an ugly royal and she’s an ugly nobody. Not sayin’ it’s fair but an ugly royal can pretty much have whatever he wants in the world and an ugly nobody can’t. And dumb ugly nobody’s usually turn into lonely dumb ugly nobody’s real quick. She’ll regret it….

  • mel

    I feel so sorry for chelsy i was a huge huge fan of the couple and wished they had a full relaitionship but if the text thingy is true then i think chelsy did the right thing and i’m glad to see chelsy trying to take her mind of things

  • Bea

    We have only her side of the story (by her friends).
    That Harry dumped her is more likely.
    This girl has some weird face but beautiful eyes, that’s all. She seems always angry and upset. Now she’s afraid to study in Leeds and hates cold in England. WOW what strong person she is! Didn’t she spend few years in England before?
    Sorry dear, daddy’s money won’t help you in Leeds, and no Mugabe’s friend in there eider.

  • bataglio