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Hugh Shows Off Heroic Bod

Hugh Shows Off Heroic Bod

Hugh Jackman shows off his perfectly sculpted torso during a family-bonding day down under at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia on Tuesday.

The 39-year-old Wolverine star showed off his heroic bod while at the beach with his wife Deborra-Lee Furness and their two children — Oscar, 7, and Ava, 2.

20+ pictures inside of Hugh Jackman‘s taut torso…

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hugh jackman torso 01
hugh jackman torso 02
hugh jackman torso 03
hugh jackman torso 04
hugh jackman torso 05
hugh jackman torso 06
hugh jackman torso 07
hugh jackman torso 08
hugh jackman torso 09
hugh jackman torso 10
hugh jackman torso 11
hugh jackman torso 12
hugh jackman torso 13
hugh jackman torso 14
hugh jackman torso 15
hugh jackman torso 16
hugh jackman torso 17
hugh jackman torso 18
hugh jackman torso 19
hugh jackman torso 20

Photos: David G Morgan/Bauer-Griffin
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  • blackfriday1978

    The first…. good looking family

  • juany

    hola saludos desde chile¡¡¡¡¡

  • ohmy

    The only time we see him is shirtless!

  • eva

    justjared great said ‘Heroic Body’ :) , does anyone know if the are making a sequel for ‘X-Men’? I can’t wait to see Hugh back on the big screen. I so love the photo of him playing in the water with his daughter. I am sure that many of you girls (and guys) did not had such a great father, to spend so much quality time with his family. The only one that I can compare Hugh 2 is Brad Pitt, I mean as being a father and spending the time with the family. Do you remember the photos of Brad when they had the birthday party for Maddox? Brad even had the military make-up and everything… and he made the best birthday party for his son, Maddox. So I ask you, how many of you had a family as the one Hugh Jackman or Brad Pitt have? sadly not many. If I talked about Brad Pitt, then to show you even more what a great guy he is…. Angelina’s pants broke and her prince Brad was there 2 help and keep his hand over the crack. So the situation was saved by Brad.

  • depeche

    i just can get enough:-)

  • BigFoot

    Hey, did he get that fur from Vanessa?

  • Jake Rox

    He’s so hot, but there is something about his midsection that is a little weird. Amazing pecs and arms and face. Hugh, you’re the best. (And when the hell are you gonna come out??!)

  • hf

    # 4 – Hugh has been filming “Australia” with director Baz Luhrmann and Nicole Kidman since late April to be finished this month. Then in December/January he starts on “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” – release date May 1, 2009.

  • Tony the tiger

    He is FAT!!! F-A-T FAT!!! Still I would tap that.

  • stefanie

    He’s FAT?!?!?!?! You are #$()*&# NUTS!!!!
    That is PERFECTION, Mr. Tiger. That’s what a MAN looks like, not some little twit!!!!

    More Jared, more pics of Mr. Jackman!!!! Yummy!

  • dqui

    no sorry do not like the bod, too big and hairy!

    Oh and to Eva, Number 4, I have a better dad than brad pitt, my dad gave me a stable life and kept me in one school, then took me travelling when school had finished for the summer!!!!

  • RIC


  • 87aaa

    is he morphing into a real wolverine. Too hairy and bulky! Slim down man. An dwho is that blonde lady with him, his mom?

  • angelina_mmm

    Mr Mom :)

  • michelle

    Ok Jared, you’ve convinced me, I’m moving to Australia!

  • ra

    Hugh is my idea of the perfect man. Deb and the kids are so lucky.

  • Didi

    3 ohmy : 11/13/2007 at 3:50 pm

    The only time we see him is shirtless!


    Hugh Jackman should only ever be shirtless, in fact, it should actually be made illegal for him to wear clothes, full stop.

  • HF

    He’s been filming a movie in Australia since April and on his time off he hits the beach with the family when he doesn’t have other commitments. And he IS filming “Wolverine” right after he finishes his current movie so that’s why there’s the “morphinng into Wolverine” look.

  • blueangel

    Perfectly scrupted body? You ARE kidding, right?

  • blueangel

    Perfectly scrulpted body? You ARE kidding, right?

  • lh

    blueangel — having a spelling problem are you?? Try the dictionary.

    And yes, to many of us, Hugh does have a perfectly SCULPTED torso.

  • wolfpup

    He’s perfect! This is what a real man looks like.

  • Patty

    “Hugh Jackman should only ever be shirtless, in fact, it should actually be made illegal for him to wear clothes, full stop”

    I totally join there ^_^!!! Hugh is utterly hot and loves spending time with his children! He’s awesome! God bless that family!

  • Davilyn

    As to why he is always being photographed shirtless? Well, he grew up on the beaches of Sydney and is a self-proclaimed water baby and apparently, the beach is where he likes to spend a good deal of his time off. Besides, if you were a guy and had THAT body, would you go to the beach and cover yourself up? And I suppose if he frequented clubs and hung out with other celebs doing God knows what, he could be photographed engaged in other “activities” as well. But no, he just hangs with the wife and kids. He has said that as a celebrity, he’s a bore. I disagree. He is unique, his own person and doesn’t give in to the phoniness and excess of the celebrity life just because it might up his “profile” a bit. He stays true to himself. A quality that is very rare these days, whether famous or not. Good boy, Hugh.

  • common sense wtf

    His body is weird.
    He has bulked up but no definition . Where are the abs?

  • Kitty Kat

    #25 “Where are the abs?”

    I was wondering that myself. Some of the fansites have some older pictures of Hugh, and his abs didn’t seem to have much definition then either.

    Maybe they figure Wolverine is all arms and claws and doesn’t need abs.

  • Daniela

    Actually he had a few abs about 4 weeks ago. Compare some older pics to those ones here.

    But what would he do without a beach? ^^

  • http://deleted flower

    He is perfect!!! he is so lovely in this pictures,they are a real family like the rest of us.His body is to die for!!!OMG!!!his wife is sooooo lucky, he is so hot!!!!I wish I were his wife,jajaja…

  • Mallory

    Whether it’s his usual slim build or his more muscled build as now, Hugh IS perfect. Just because Hugh isn’t a mass of shaved/waxed lumps of flesh, some say he has no “definition”. ???? He looks terrific and fit and toned and obviously works on his entire body, not just his abs. Anyone looking at this man’s well-developed pelvic girdle, flat abdomen, nice deep chest, and well-shaped legs and arms should be able to tell that without the man having to look like some sort of gym-addicted freak. If he looked like those painfully washboarded men who are so “cut” it looks like it hurts, it wouldn’t look natural. Since Hugh is maintaining his current physique for the upcoming Wolverine film, and Logan/Wolverine has to look as though he is built that way naturally and not like he spends hours at the gym each day, he’s doing everything right, IMHO. But the most attractive thing about this man is his happy disposition and his obvious closeness with his family. That’s sexy no matter what one’s bodily appearance. :-)

  • DeeDee

    I absolutely agree with Mallory. And thanks a lot fot he pics JJ!! I love Hugh!

  • Davilyn

    Not that I thought there was anything wrong with his body, as I much prefer a “natural” look as opposed to the artifice of the “cut” look (same thing with women; fake boobies, shot up lips and carved up faces will never beat natural aging beauty. Never). But you pointed out something Mallory that I had not thought of before. You’re absolutley right in that the Wolverine has to look as though that body is natural and not something developed in a modern gym. Very astute observation. Thank you.

  • Daniela

    same her! ^^

  • http://deleted flower

    I agree with all of you!:)

  • Erin

    he is so hot! i love how he always wears those soulfire t-shirts, supporting aussie designers! i just bought the stereo shirt from their website,

  • http://none reen

    Mate…he’s an Aussie aka normal bloke
    ‘nough said!

  • http://none reen

    Everyday normal Aussie bloke – ‘nough said!

  • ADAM

    keep them a cum’in……………lol

    yellllll !!!

  • Not all that

    Stephanie #10 if you think this is perfection you must be surrounded by lard asses all your life or you never get out much.

    what pecs? what abs? wtf

  • http://yahoo rob

    he has no great definition .. he doesnt look that good at all !!!!

  • arsh

    Find The complete Workout of Hugh Jackman with detaled exercises and reps
    hope you like it :)