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Rihanna: For the Last Time, I am Not Dating Josh Hartnett

Rihanna: For the Last Time, I am Not Dating Josh Hartnett

For the millionth time, Rihanna squashes rumors that she’s dating actor Josh Harnett.

This is the fake quote Rihanna supposedly gave at the World Music Awards in Monte Carlo last weekend: “I would be lying if I told you [Josh and I] were not more than just friends. I have so fallen for him, he is lovely. He is so hot and he is really sweet to me. When we hang out it feels right – even though it’s still pretty new.”

Rihanna says, “That is completely incorrect. People quote me on things that I never said. That quote is not a real quote. It’s not right at all.”

Here’s the real translation: Rihanna‘s still single, guys! There’s hope for you yet!

Rihanna: I am not dating Josh Hartnett!!!!!
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  • winki

    I am sorry but she is not sexy at all. Talanted? yes

  • jayjay

    That Quote was for Josh Hartnett Not Shia Lebebouf!

  • jayjay

    LOL you just changed your whole Post and Put Josh Hartnett in! Are you still asleep?

  • eva

    Wait 1 minute….. what is she talking about??? we all know that she’s not dating Shia, and also we all know that she made out and spent the night with Jonathan Rhys… Anyway, I like her live performances, she knows how to set on fire the crown… and she better continue do it if she wants to last in this business. Rihanna and the fashion, don’t really go together, on the Red Carpet the is really killing it with elegant outfits… but on stage, oh God. Talking about fashion, Ali Larter wore an outfit…. that will make your heart cry for not having it. . This actress will be the next Angelina Jolie, for sure.

  • eva

    sorry girls, I meant Josn Hartnett NOT Jonathan Rhys

  • Sara

    I knew it! That quote didnt sound like her at all.

  • julie

    Blah blah blah, she is a liar.

  • bey is talented

    Josh has already denied dating her. There were many reasons,to many wiggy changes,not enough wigs with bangs to cover her 4head. Weave,lots of weave, was a big issue. Most important reason was her WIDE NOSE. She needs to get work done, the plastic kind before she ever thinks she can challenge Bey.

  • AGREE !

    winki : 11/13/2007 at 9:10 am
    I am sorry but she is not sexy at all. Talanted? yes


    I wouldn’t even give her that !

    She has zero talent ! she’s just a lucky girl, just like Cassie – with a certain physique who was lucky enough to be born in a period that allows trash and mediocrity to be masterly marketable to be sold to the masses as the it thing as they don’t know what good music with great melody and great voice means these days. 15 years ago, she would have failed between the Aaliyah, En Vogue, SWV, TLC, Maria, Whitney and all the real talents.

    I hate Britney who is in the same league but she on the other hand has charisma, dance to compensate her weak voice. Too bad that she went nuts.

  • viki

    she looks really cute here

  • Pikes

    Whatever, Anything to get some press!

  • um

    wide nose is right and she’s fake as he11!

  • ri-ri

    “um” your a loser so I won’t even pay attention to you today. Rihanna is so sweet .
    Maybe johsh refused to take a shower….

  • Rih

    Rihanna is so sweet
    She is one of the prettiest girls in the world, definately.
    Ppl are starting to make up things about her, just because she’s famous now! Poor Rih!

  • A.

    Of course she isn’t dating Josh, Gemma Ward is!!!!! You guys are slooow

  • Sasha

    who cares?!?

  • YOO

    movies??? fashion line?!?!?!? HAHAHHA
    wtf? RIHANNA CNT FRKN ACTTTT! and she has a stylists… shes not frkn gwen steffani she has no style of her own!
    did u see her in bring it on ( the one with hjayden panettiere) FAKER THAN FAKEEE!

  • lola

    You bitter heffas, always saying she’s ugly and talentless-she’s just laughing at you in her christian louboutin thigh high boots right now! She’s hot, talented, and she’s getting linked with everyone cause the media can’t get enough of her.

  • nina

    I knew she was dating that meth face! She’s so pretty in the interview.

  • teamshia

    aw, now she can go make up with shia now and they can make that sweet love……

  • okeygirl

    I’m glad cause josh is too old for her and he’s a big slut.

  • yo yoo

    um, if freaking amanda bynes and kathy lee gifford can have their own fashion lines, of course rihanna can! She definitely has a better fashion image than amanda!

  • nadia

    LOVE HER!! She’s at the top of her game right now, that’s why people are totally fabricating things about her. And the mainstream media LOVES to link her with white boys-who wants to bet 5 bucks they try to set her up with someone like chris evans next? the hot piece from gossip girl?

  • ceecee

    she is so beautiful it’s not fair. And then rich on top of it. ugh.

  • ceecee

    oh and yeah-she needs to hook it back up with shia and save him from becoming another young hollywood douche drinking redbulltinis with the likes of brandon davis. you can do it riri!you can save my boy!

  • chucknorris

    Not sexy at all? Like your bf(or mine) wouldn’t bang her in a ny minute if he could!LOL

  • parisneh

    She’s so pretty and poised-I’m always suprised when you hear such vitrol from posters about her. I get if you don’t like her or her looks aren’t your cup of tea, but you guys sound seriously petty trying to talk about her nose or looks, like you guys are total beauty queens.

  • beyrih

    Glad she’s not with him-she can do better! She’s pretty and so famous-she could totally upgrade from josh!

  • He-who-shall-not-be-named

    Of course Rihanna would be extremely pretty with a horde of make-up, hair and stylist following her. Do u think she would look like that if she was still her regular person in Barbados? 4 yrs ago she had never touched a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes!

    Anyway, i think Rihanna is getting caught in the Hollywood rules. What happened to all her innoccent interviews and pledging to stay close to her roots? She figured how to make more money is more important after all. Showing more skin, and talking about boyz to get more attention!! I bet that quote was true, but maybe she learnt that Josh wasn’t that into her and she shamefully denies it, look at her face. It’s horrible acting!

  • pelon1

    Good she’s not dating him she can do so much better. I wish her luck with the acting thing and fashion line I think she’s going to do it. She’s 19 and has already accomplished alot. I love her latest album, hope she’s dating Shia Labeouf they would be so cute together. And people stop hating on the girl it’s not her fault that she is so talented and drop dead georgous!!

  • Souhila

    She’s sooo wrong if she’s not dating him …the guy is an exquise mix of hotness and sweetness !

  • lola

    hewhoshallnotbenamed-you just made my point. She WAS a normal girl in Barbados, and still producers vacationing took one look at her and knew she was going to be a star. As a NORMAL girl she still stood out.

    And she did a makeup-free photoshoot for People magazine this year-looked beautiful as ever. She’s 19 with pretty skin and features-it’s not too hard to realize she’s a natural beauty.

    And give me a break about her saying that quote-that quote wreaks of fakeness-it sounds like something a crazy 78 year old English woman would say, not a 19 year old pop star who is always keeping her romantic life away from the public spotlight. She doesn’t need dumb I-luv-josh quotes to keep her in the spotlight-the girls in the news daily for simply SHOPPING and looking good!

  • shianna?

    Come on shianna, give us a sequel-a sequel that we actually get to see with our own eyes.

  • the_original_nika

    some of of ya are crazy about shianna, so what if their not dating. Its their lives, not yours, they decide who they wanna date or not. Nothing you people will make a difference.

  • lornaloo

    YES-she’s not dating that tool! She deserves someone way cuter and less used.

    I get why people like her and shia too-obviously they don’t think they can influence their lives, they are just saying they think they are cute together. Probably cause they are both young and stuff.

  • heidiho

    Rihanna looks very tired in that video, almost sad. Or maybe she’s annoyed always having to say she is not dating josh hartnett. Rihanna needs a vacation I think-Jay-Z’s working her too hard!

  • laceymae

    She is awesome, I knew she would have never said anything so dumb as that quote.

  • siss

    I love shianna, what of it? Of course they have their own lives, doesn’t mean I can’t be nosey and do some voodoo to make them rehook it up!

  • surgeon

    her nose needs work,just sayin.

  • okei

    And by surgeon, you mean jealous heffa?

  • sara

    I know this is completely irrational, but I hope she ends up back with shia too.

  • nelly

    I like her hair.

  • kanoe

    she’s real beauty!

  • vanessa

    I KNEW IT! that quote was soo fake. josh is cute but i dont think they match at all. loves rihanna!!

  • Sophie

    i dont want her to be with josh, he deserves someone better! i knew josh is not dating her, rihanna is just not his type! josh is too hot for her

  • fernanda

    rihanna is famous for being a boyfriend stealer. she probably tried to steal josh from gemma ward but unfortunately josh didn’t care bout this alien. gemma ward is classier than her! her face does look a bit sad in the interview though she disguised it with laugh. what’s wrong ri? you couldn’t snatch josh right? you can continue dreaming about snatching other’s boyfriend. slut.

  • Carol

    wowwww….she can do better! so she is amazing! claps x Rihanna!
    Its obvious that Josh isnt date her…..he is dating me!

  • nke

    whatever…josh is one of the hottest guys in the world so if she didn’t date him, too bad for her. JOSH soooo HOT…for her.

  • kanoe

    she’s not josh’s type? Oh please-that skank’s only “type” is a willing participant with the right genitals.

  • tumi

    “I am sorry but she is not sexy at all. Talanted? yes”

    She needs a nose job big time,she really looks black here without the heavy makeup and i think her beauty is exaggerated. This woman is the most vapid manufactured artist in the last 3 years, have you seen her live performances, she does not have powerful vocal chords and she is so rigid on stage. She is a mediocre artist, by the way her album is not raelly selling as expected this is proof where substance defeats hype. She is too over exposed, an this does not guarantee record sales. People buy quality music not garbage (hits of the moment). To top it all she does not have charisma and lacks intellect. I do not really undestand what is the hype about this woman when the music industry was blessed to with artists like lauryn hill before. These overated strippers with no talent really piss me off.