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Hayden Christensen @ 'Awake' Premiere

Hayden Christensen @ 'Awake' Premiere

Hayden Christensen cleans up well for the New York premiere of his new movie Awake presented by The New York Observer at NYC’s Chelsea West Cinema on Wednesday.

Awake is a psychological thriller that tells the story of a man (Christensen) who suffers “anesthetic awareness” and finds himself awake and aware, but paralyzed, during heart surgery. His young wife (Alba) must wrestle with her own demons as a drama unfolds around them.

Peep these two new clips of Awake from IESB here and here.

15+ pictures inside of Hayden Christensen and the rest of the cast @ the NY premiere of Awake

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hayden christensen awake premiere 01
hayden christensen awake premiere 02
hayden christensen awake premiere 03
hayden christensen awake premiere 04
hayden christensen awake premiere 05
hayden christensen awake premiere 06
hayden christensen awake premiere 07
hayden christensen awake premiere 08
hayden christensen awake premiere 09
hayden christensen awake premiere 10
hayden christensen awake premiere 11
hayden christensen awake premiere 12
hayden christensen awake premiere 13
hayden christensen awake premiere 14
hayden christensen awake premiere 15
hayden christensen awake premiere 16
hayden christensen awake premiere 17

Photos: Stephen Lovekin/Getty
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  • Larz

    he is gorgeous

  • lauren

    omg!! he is sooo gorgeous

  • lisa

    ugh, he looks beautiful & gorgeous! ;D

  • rock

    OMG, he is so cuuute!

  • destiny

    he’s cute but he needs to change his shoes lol

  • Sanjuanpuma

    OMG! Now that’s HOT!

  • hydnfn4evr

    sooo hot!!

  • M

    he is hottt!!!


  • fan007

    He is cute! JUst curious.. is he single now?

  • linda

    i think he’s still dating rachel bilson

  • Karmakey

    OMG!!! He’s gorgeous. Hot, hot hot!

  • stace

    He does nothing for me. I really don’t like him and Rachel together, JMO.

  • tcl

    DAMN YOU HAYDEN, You’re now into this Hollywood crap!

  • lulu

    Too bad Jessica & Hayden are not dating in real life. They definitely have chemistry together while Hayden’s other pairings never seem to generate as much heat….

    Jessica & Hayden are a great match physically, they look like they belong together – it’s almost too much hotness in a couple to be allowed, though ;)

  • Sanjuanpuma

    People complain he’s not in the media enough. He comes to his movie premiere and, happens to be w/ Rachel. BFD! So, what this makes him now a media wh*re? I hardly think not! Geez! Hayden looks happy. Isn’t that is what is important?!

  • lulu

    so Rachel is there to promote “Jumper” which will premiere in February. Who cares if she is there or not?

    Hayden and Rachel are only friends. If they were a couple, she wouldn’t have come to the premiere since Hayden isn’t one to exploit his private life for public fodder.

    BTW, Rachel has a right to promote their upcoming film together, if she wants….

  • scarlett

    he’s gorgeous and he’s definitely dating Rachel! :O

  • Gina r.

    If Rachel was there to promote Jumper you would think Sam Jackson and Jamie Bell would also be there doing the same thing…this is there coming out as an offical couple. It’s pretty obvious people. Good grief…

  • ruse

    @ lulu

    Thats becoz HC had never ever been have a “good taste” in women. All of his manufactured fling/s are all second-rate. Hienna Miller anyone?!

  • Irishdreams

    Not sure but who is the woman in the yellow dress..she looks great next to hayden..I wondered if she was his actual g/f heard he dated a woman outside of the acting circle..I agree the red shoes have to go..And I too don’t think Hayden and Rachel date I think they are just friends and you can offere anyone you know to go to a premier if they come they come if not then don’t who knows maybe he offered Natalie Portman or others to go to the opening it’s a matter if they can actually go..

    He is good looking..again I love the lady in yellow I still think if she isn’t a relative of Lena’s she might actually be Hayden’s g/f

  • Sue

    @ lulu:

    Lol, you don’t promote your upcoming film together on the premiere of another movie. Rachel is there to support Hayden – not “Jumper”.

    Now give us some nice pics already!

  • tintin

    @ # 17

    Of course they were “supposed” to be dating UNTIL Jumper would hit the screen early next year. So just hang in there…

  • Sanjuanpuma

    That girl in the yellow dress is, difiantly beautiful! It could be Lena Olin’s daughter though too. The girl in the yellow dress and, Hayden height are better well matched. LOL!

  • hydnfn4evr

    the girl in the yellow dress is Harvey Weinstiens girlfriend actually

  • Sanjuanpuma

    @ #24. Poor girl! LOL!!

  • lala

    The woman in yellow is Harvey Weinstein’s date. Just face it – Hayden brought his entire family and Rachel. There is no way to deny that she is there as his date.

  • Sanjuanpuma

    @ 26. Like duh? Of course Hayden is there w/ Rachel. Both look smoking HOT!! I was complementing the gal in the yellow too! I’m just complimentary like that!

  • Joy

    hayden is Beautiful(:

  • seir

    Does anyone notice that Hayden looks like Spencer Pratt while Bilson looks like Vanessa-slut Hudgens… YUCKS!

  • Katie

    uggh, I just got really turned-off that you said Hayden looks the guy from The Hills .
    Because Spencer just makes me want to vomit in my mouth sometimes!

  • Sanjuanpuma

    Oh my Gah! Spencer Pratt looks like sh*t! Hayden does not look like Spencer! No! Rachel does not look like Vanessa either. She looks absoultly beautiful tonight. She kind of reminds me of a young Crystal Gale.

  • fritz

    @ # 29

    That was such a pity for them but you soo cracked me up there huh; so hurray for the Spencer Pratt & Vanessa Hudgens LOOKALIKES!

  • renz

    Hayden & Bilson probably got a booze from that another wannabee couple; Jake & Reese when they came out. So hold onto your seats as they might as well pull out some puking stunts anytime right now and this Awake premiere is just the signal…

  • Rae

    I just don’t find Hayden hot. He looks 15 to me. The woman standing next to him in yellow looks gorgeous. Jessica’s outfit is awful. Lena looks beautiful.

  • Blubarton

    Eeek looking a little rough around the edges.

    He used to be sooooo beautiful. Think he needs to lay off the ciggies for a bit!

  • Blubarton

    Eeek looking a little rough around the edges.

    He used to be sooooo beautiful. Think he needs to lay off the ciggies for a bit!

  • sammy

    who wrote that he should change his shoes doesn’t know shit about style. Their not red their brown and if you ever left your small hick town you would know that in europe, the fashion capitals of the world wear brown instead of black shoes with suits, and since his suit was probably made in Paris or Milan it stands to reason that he would follow their style, and not hick-villes.

  • skye

    @ He used to be sooooo beautiful.

    Not anymore. Probably becoz of his constant pint-head companion nowadays. Her homeliness just clearly rubs him off! Tsk…

  • kae

    OMG, could the man get any better looking?!

  • Jack

    Hayden is my cuzen

  • Jess

    Damn, he looks fine!

  • annoyed

    I tried hard looking at him as a handsome young man, but sorry, I do not see him as handsome. I don’t know why, he just lacks the cool vibe. Didn’t he have a BF? It was really well-known in Hollywood. Hmm, another friend of Dorothy. When will FOD actors come out of closet, I wonder? Perhaps like their 80s, they’ll admit, “Oh, okay, so I’m gay. But back then…,” Hollywood is Hollywood. 50 years ago, it was just the same. James Dean and Montgomery Clift never said in public that they were gay. Ok, so we exactly don’t know Dean was gay, but he’s def. bisexual. And Clift was gay. They’re two of my fav actors though. Very cool actors with strong coolness vibe!



  • sam

    Hayden is gorgeous! Thanks Jared

  • nancy001

    He is a cuttie! I am his big fan! He is single now! His profile was found on wealthy men personals site “Wealthy” last week! Good luck to his search!

  • Melis

    So Hot !!!!!!!!

  • Tc

    Is Hayden straight? Always heard he is bi. Wish he and Alba would have gotten together….they’d make a stunning couple…the paps would be happy.

  • the_boyfriend


  • lauren

    damnn hayden looks hot as hell

  • gilmore_fan

    Hayden certainly looks hotter when he doesn’t have the OC midget gnome with him. What a grief!