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Jake Gyllenhaal is Plaid to Meet You

Jake Gyllenhaal is Plaid to Meet You

A solo Jake Gyllenhaal strolls down an alley near Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and picks up his car at a parking garage Wednesday evening.

Jakey G. was casually dressed as always, looking outdoorsy in his plaid buttondown, jeans, and black shoes. Are those… Uggs? Clogs? Slippers?

Jake and Rendition hook-up Reese Witherspoon headed north to California’s wine country this past weekend, staying at the Carneros Inn in the Napa Valley.

Viva Gyllenspoon!

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Photos: Mike/Fame Pictures
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  • dd


  • sarah


  • Vanessa Hudgens

    Uggs! i love uggs, and got many when a friend of mine went to australia…

  • Nikki


  • Jessica

    Hello I’m Jake Gyllenhaal and I’m plaid to meet you. Haha I can’t get enough of that title. Lovin the uggs, they are on my christmas wishlist.

  • Anonymous

    Despite what he is wearing, he looks pretty hot in this pic!

  • Amanda

    They look like wool clog/slippers to me…

  • Mary

    Not my type.

  • malaina

    Those arent Uggs. they are like Amanda says wool clogs. I used to have a pair just like those. I’d know them anywhere.

  • Halli

    Jake Gyllenhaal. So hot. Want to touch the hiney.

  • krungkrung

    ohmigod, i love me some papa Jake, he’s gorgeous y’all.

  • ad2121


  • mika

    He certainly looks hotter when he doesn’t have the old gnome with him.

  • H

    Jake does look so much hotter without Reese. I don’t know what it is- I love Reese and Jake separately but together there’s just something so off about them

  • Alice

    you are so handsome. Did you ever posted your profile on a celebrity and millionaire dating site called ‘searching millionaire dot com’. I saw your profile there few weeks ago.

  • dani

    Alice i doubt he posted his profile there. Also, i agree with everyone who said that he looks hot in this set of pics!

  • thelostgirl

    Yummy, but my word there is no real story her ”he walks down an alley”’?!? WTF. whateva… any excuse to stare at him, I guess ;)

  • thelostgirl

    Yummy ;)

  • jgfan

    so much hotter without the CHIN. I love the jeans!! I hope Jake and Natalie get together. How perfect would they be? I agree that there is something so off about him being with RW!!

  • Anon

    Awwww! Don’t be harsh on them Reese is kinda needy right now and Jakey is seeing about her “needs” LOL!!! I cannot wait for him to do…the movie…with Natalie.I saw her on TRL and she said she’s married to Toby Maguire and Jakey “takes care ” of her when he goes to prison. Damn he is so hot. Makes Matt Damon look like an ass. And I like Matt Damon, but Jake is by far the sexiest.

  • Nicky

    “I don’t know what it is- I love Reese and Jake separately but together there’s just something so off about them”

    They are trying too hard to sell the showmance.

  • TS

    Jake is the best, period. No contest, imo.

  • Jim

    The clothing is quite different from his usual. I would guess she is now telling him what to wear. This figures since if he is going to be her toyboy and sup at her table he has to do what she wants. She’ll have him eating nothing but veggies like she does, plus Indian and Vietnamese cuisine, and he’d better like it or get fired. And she’s got so much dough, he wouldn’t want that, would he? Right before our eyes, he’s getting a makeover from a gal no less.

  • Jim

    Showmance. Great word. Fits most Hollywood stuff to a T. You don’t have to go public to have sex with someone; just a bed and a room. But if you want the public to talk and fantasize about you, you need to be involved in a showmance. A showmance could be defined as a phony romance for profit and exposure. Probably has little to do with sex per se.

  • Jake Rox

    Love the chest hair, Jake! Yummers! We miss your body.

  • Nono

    Jim, those are clothes Jake has worn many times before in old pictures. You can see him in that shirt in pictures from years back. The jeans he had worn a lot a couple of years ago. I know this because it has been mentioned on a few of his fan sites. They have also shown the pics of him cleary wearing that shirt and those jeans. So no they are not new and have nothing to do with being Reese’s boytoy. But I am sure you know that already.

    The tired and boring comments about a “showmance” between Jake and Reese doesn’t mean their relationship is actually fake.

  • mila

    Nono I agree!

  • the cold troof

    Think of all the minds and hearts he would open if Fake Witherspoon came out. Poor guy is feeling more and more trapped by these denials.

  • the cold troof

    Think of all the minds and hearts he would open if Fake Witherspoon came out. Poor guy is feeling more and more trapped by these denials.

  • marcella

    JAKE is absolutely HOT! The people´s guys are totally blind!

  • Jim

    Nono, you are naive. Showmance is a marvelous word and very accurate too. Money is what makes Hollyweird go round if you haven’t figured that out yet. [You probably think love and sex motivates it but that shows how confused you are]. So when actors make a public display of their “love” for each other and smooch in public, etc., etc., you have to understand that they are doing it for the publicity that will up their income in various ways. They aren’t smooching just to make you envious or happy or whatever. Wise up.

  • Nono

    Jim, I an not naive. I know about showmances and since I don’t actually know Jake or Reese I don’t know if they are real or not. Unlike you, I make no claims on them. You just seem to have a weird agenda.

  • Jim

    I don’t know them either and don’t know anymore than you do about what they do in bed, if they get into bed. I merely said that when two actors make a public matter of their relationship it has to be essentially for some pecuniary profit. Actors don’t display themselves before the public except for money. Now on to money. I was checking how much Jake’s movies have made. Proof was a poof: cost 20 million to make and took in 14 million world wide. Jarhead did better: cost 72 million to make and took in 97 million world wide, but that isn’t any big amount by Hollyweird standards. Brokeback was cheap to make and was quite profitable. Zodiac cost 65 million to make and took in 84 million; again not much by Hollyw. standards. And Rendition has made only 14 million so far. No word on what it cost, but I would imagine more than that. So however much of a celebrity Jake is I imagine he is not regarded as a big money maker in Hollywood. Now Dan Radcliffe at 18 years of age IS a big moneymaker. That is why he is getting something like 25 million dollars for each of his next two movies. Jake got 3 million for Jarhead. Some difference. Perhaps Jake needs a little wizardry in his future.

  • marcella

    Jim, maybe Jake doesn´t like to do blockbuster! I heard he said someone had to get money with TDAT and it´s not him.
    It´d be more easy to him to do onlymovies like these after 2004 perhaps he ´ll do it still! He put risk with BBM !
    About Daniel Radcliffe, only time ´ll show us as his career can be! Maybe any actor did the same as Harry Potter. See 007 ! Daniel Craig will get 60 million for the next! I like him but, in my opionion, other actors could do better… Sometimes the actor must obey his agent…


    i love jake sosososososososososososo