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Justin Chatwin Joins 'Dragonball' Movie

Justin Chatwin Joins 'Dragonball' Movie

Japanese manga phenomenon Dragonball Ball Z is coming to the bigscreen, per Variety.

Justin Chatwin (War of the Worlds) and James Marsters (Buffy, Angel) have joined the cast and will begin shooting later this month.

Chatwin, 25, will star as Goku, a powerful warrior who protects the Earth from an endless stream of rogues bent on dominating the universe and controlling the mystical objects from which the film takes its name. He has already begun training with 87Eleven, the stunt performance company behind the action sequences in The Matrix, The Bourne Supremacy, Mr. & Mrs. Smith and 300.

Marsters, 45, is onboard as the film’s villain, demon king Piccolo.

Dragon Ball Z:The Movie is set for a worldwide Aug. 15 release.

DO YOU THINK Twentieth Century Fox made good casting choices — YAY or NAY?

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  • marykate



  • marykate


  • miks


  • Vivi

    A movie… can be interesting I guess.. Will it have Vegeta?

  • Naomi

    WHAT?!!! not dbz! why hollywood, why????

  • yuki

    what?? I can’t imagine Dragon Ball is coming into big screen. Dragon Ball was my fave cartoon.

  • Fan_From_Italy

    A movie?? Dragonball movie?? I really love Dragonball, I watch it every day, but I can’t imagin a movie!

  • Tracy


    I have no idea what Dragonball is, but now I’ll have to go see it.

  • tessa

    WHAT?! haha.. This will be the next “Transformers”

  • Rita

    Americans making Dragonball?? NO friggin’ way… I can already predict some horrible Japanese-to-English translations on the way.

  • Gina

    This is seriously going to Ruin dbz forever… T_T what a shame… I used to LOVE that show..

  • ~*~Get Real~*~


  • Eric

    Well, if it’s anything like the anime, there will be a lot of constipated looking charging up moves. How are they gonna do the hair!!! It’s not gonna work.

  • Eric

    Well, if it’s anything like the anime, there will be a lot of constipated looking charging up moves. How are they gonna do the hair!!! It’s not gonna work.

  • sheccid

    i love it dragon ball the best manga

  • Angie

    you can’t have a American dragon ball…. they fucked it up enough with the theme song let alone the dialog when they translated it! and as much as i love james but i must say LMFAO if they have him as Piccolo and the dude from WOTW can’t pull of being goku! and as Vivi says above i wounder if they will include vegeta i can’t imagine someone playing vegeta

  • Tim

    haha wow i have a ball feeling about this.

  • gambit

    i didn’t know piccolo was a demon king and villain, i thought he was mostly good, but I haven’t watched in years.

  • shan

    this would only work with an Asian cast

  • [~Famous~]

    LOL @ 19

    None of characters are Asian… LOL Sooooo why would it only work w/ an Asian cast?

  • MovieMadness

    oh hell no. they should have gotten somone older and cooler to play Goku. who the hell is that kid and how stupid will he look with spiked hair.

  • alexandria

    i LOOOOOOOOVE dragon ball z, and i dont think you can cast it too wrong…if their doing the voices. having it be a live movie with people is just going to mess it up. if they do the movie it should be ANIMATION!!!!

  • Jerome

    hahahaha wow…I’m a former DBZ fan and I want to see how they are going to do this with the “kamehaha” or whatever hahahahahaha hopefully it won’t be cheesy!


    I love Justin Chatwin. He’s still underrated, but he can act, he’s quite handsome, and has the most soulful eyes. I have to admit though, he does have some feminine side, but I’m sure he’s gonna make it. He looked awfully cute in War of the Worlds and was incredible in Invinsible. One of my fav movies of the year. I recommend it to anyone!

  • April

    I think its absolutely ridiculous how a JAPANESE manga with JAPANESE characters are being cast by WHITE BOYS. Are there going to be ANY Asian Americans in this film?!

    Once again our Asian American men are getting screwed by the media.

  • Passing Through

    I don’t have the slightest idea what Dragonball is…but, let’s ask the important questions: Is my Spike gonna get nekkid? If so, it’s GREAT CASTING…if not…it’s still great casting…I just won’t be as enthusiastic about his new gig…

  • jen

    I LOVE SPIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Spirit

    I just hope we get shirtless Spike! It’s been a long time coming!!!

  • Cynthia

    Okay, is Justin Chatwin going to be Goku as a kid? Goku is supposed to be tall and muscular. James Marsters is Piccolo, shouldn’t Piccolo be tall like the cartoon character as well. I heard Tom Welling auditioned for the Goku role. I hope they make him grown up Goku because he has the height and the physique for that cartoon character.

  • fand

    hay no ma no entiendo lo que dice que lo tradusca alguien xD

  • Kate

    How can you make Piccolo white. He should be played by Samuel L Jackson and no one else! That dude is not Goku, either.

  • david

    seriously people all your just bitching about the hair or that the cast don’t look like the characters.people if they took all the elments (ex. the unproportional hair) it would just look retarded man this is just another transformers live movie bitching syndrom

  • Marivic

    man, some of these comments are crackin me up! XD

  • kfag

    HECK YES! I freaking love it!

  • Vivian

    Noooooo… this is so disappointing to see my childhood fave get whored by hollywood. XD

    Seriously, GOKU IS F-ING ASIAN. I won’t even be picky, give me a chinese, japanese, korean actor, anyone to play Goku.

  • muvee

    I love Dragonball. I watched Goku grew from a cheeky kid, to be the strongest & the nicest hero out there, till the final chapter where he’s already a grandfather & living his life to the fullest.

    I agree with #31 Kate, Samuel L Jackson should be perfect as Piccolo. To answer #18 Gambit, Piccolo was an enemy at first but later in Goku’s life, he will be a mentor & a best friend to Goku’s kid.

    Hollywood, please don’t messed up the story, or else you’ll be like destroying one of my best childhood’s memory.

  • Hot lipz

    How can they make a Dragonball Z movie that doesn’t even take place in the drangonball z timeline if Demon King Piccolo is the villian. Since the demon king Piccolo saga is the last of the original Dragonball series. This movie will just piss off pure DBZ fans and probly make tons of money just like Transformers did. That movie fit no where in any of the universe’s and had no plot but lots of great special effects. And this will be the same. I think all the human characters should be played by japanese actors since demon king Piccolo and Goku are aliens they can get away with it.

  • tlb

    I am so disappointed. I love DBZ. Why didn’t they cast any japanese actors, I think that would’ve been a better choice. This movie is going to be a huge disappointment. I can feel it–why screw a classic–so sad

  • GCAt

    Well it’s about time they have set an official date. This movie has been in the making for sooooo long. Hopefully the movie is decent. And like others are saying…will Vegeta be there? Althought I doubt it, since Picoolo is the villain. I wonder if this is the beginning to start a sort of DBZ trilogy or something? Maybe the sequel will have Vegeta as the villain?

  • valski

    at least get an asian guy to be goku. that would work muuuch better.

  • Sam

    justin is cute but why would you have a non-asian cast playing in a japanese movie where all the main characters are asian?

    it’s definitely going to be a flop.

  • MJBK

    The movie is entitled “Dragonball” and is based on the original manga, NOT not the later anime “Dragonball Z”. The manga’s creator has said his characters were not specifically Asian. Piccolo is a demon, for heaven’s sake. And I wouldn’t describe Goku–who will be about age 18 in the film–as being exactly human, either. Producer Stephen Chow and director James Wong certainly had no reservations about casting non-Asians, so why should anybody else?

  • winnie

    Yes, Yes, Yes . . . sign me up . . definitely gonna watch this movie. Love Spike, and the other guy looks absolutely delicious as well!!!

  • http://yahoo selena


  • H8tr

    Once again Asians are getting screwed up the as* and not properly being reprented by the WHITE MEDIA!!! boycot this film immediately! !!!!

  • mikethetank

    omfg thay are going to run the best manga ever into the ground

    and who thay have playing the parts look nothing like the cartoon

    for good sake goku is like 6 3 that kids like 5 9 wtf

    but i will say i love spike my fave show of all times

    but i still think this is bad casting

  • jodi

    I was starting to lose faith but thank god they have Spike oops i mean James. Really great actor – loved him in Buffy.

  • Aurelio

    :D I CANT BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :) :p :D

  • vicky

    I love that they are making a dragon ball movie I originally thought it would be a DBZ movie but i think this will be better because we’ll get to see Goku young. I am in a love hate relationship with the casting though I love Justin Chatwin as Goku cause he is hot and has that Goku like grin. I also like James marsters as king piccolo (not piccolo but king piccolo). I found out that they have casted emmy rossum as bulma and Jamie chung as Chi-chi. I think those casting suck emmy is way too innocent and sophistocated looking to be bulma we need someone feisty. Jamie Chung is too skanky and old looking to be Chi-chi. I’m not sure why people are bitching about not having an all asian cast. Goku isn’t really even asian he is an alien so he has a different ethnicity all together besides many of the other character will be asian. If you wan’t an all japanese cast go to Japan and convince them to make a movie dragon ball movie. Whoa mine was longer than anyone elses :)

  • Dylen

    Cast sucks ass… come on!!!! a white dude as goku??!!?!? and a no name actor too! terrible.. still a die hard dbz fan though although i think this sucks!